What a shame, what a joy!

Another weekend, another badminton tournament…the Yonex Sunrise Malaysia Grand Prix Gold 2009, it is the first time Malaysia hosts this Yonex Sunrise grand Prix Championship…and it is a success one…

The final has just ended, and I will be surely in front of TV…first two matches (mixed doubles and women single), it is pretty boring because China over China also…First match of the mixed doubles only with score 5 – 5 (first game) as Zhao Yun Lei injured herself and the match retired…Ends up Zheng Bo and Ma Jin won with no happy feeling…winning without a single sweat…Yun Lei cried but holding back her tears while her partner Xu Chen looked disappointing.

Next, on women single we saw Wang ShiXian from China won over Wang Xin from China as well (21 – 16, 18 – 21, 21 – 10)..a nice game to watch too…anyway, both from China, nothing exciting much…

Next, the men doubles, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong from Malaysia, the favourited won over another Malaysian pair, Gan Teik Chai and tan Bin Shen (21 – 11, 21 – 13) in two easy games…the latter needs to improve a lot on their skill and performances, anyway, they are still new here, the junior level compared to senior, Koo and Tan who are full of experience.

Next, the women doubles, this is the match that I said a shame….the world number one, Chin Eei Hui and Wong Pei Tty from Malaysia lost terribly to China’s Ma Jin and Wang XiaoLi (21 – 9, 21 – 11). Both played a very bad games and need twork hard to improve, I think the Malaysian pair need to be scold for this, such a terrible game…Pei Tty always play not over net while Eei Hui always play out! Horrible! The home crowd came to silence during the games…world number one lost to someone with no ranking, shame!

Finally, the men single which we will always see world number one Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia against Chen Long from China…the final awaited match came with crowd cheering and supporting…It is predicted, Chong Wei won (21 – 16, 21 – 9)…Chen Long can be trained to a another player like Lin Dan in the future…anyway, he got a lesson from master of badminton, Chong Wei today…and it’s a joy he won again!

The tournament ended with China winning three matches, Malaysia in two matches, other countries??? all are eliminated…these two countries are forever aong the best in badminton especially China…Anyway, Lin Dan didn’t come for this tournament, if not it will be a hard game for Chong Wei…Anyway, Malaysia is still good in badminton…Congratz!


What a shocking news! MJ died….

The King of Pop or supposingly the King of Music that no one will forget, Michael Jackson just passed away this early morning (Friday – Malaysian time) meaning Thursday evening (USA time).


He dies at the age of 50+, leaving behind three children and has married twice. His death is a surprise since he didn’t show any symptoms lately on his health.

It is believed that he suffered heart failure in his home at Los Angeles and was sent to hospital with no breathing in ambulance. The hospital he was admitted which is UCLA Medical Centre is now fully packed with people and media.

He is a super famous singer that no one in this world (probably) will not recognize him. He reached his super famous period during 1980s. However, he is faced wth several scandals cases and side effects from plastic surgeries he undergoes.

He planned to have a world tour began from London to Asia, possibly including my home city too, Kuala Lumpur, beginning next month which we will never see again. Miss his song…long time didn’t hear his pop songs anymore…

Now, many people all around the world are expressing condolences to this pop star that will be never forgotten…This post is specially for him and for me to express condolences to him and his family. May you rest in peace, your music will never dies from our hearts…

Current Top 10 World Tallest Buildings (2009, including Topped Out)

I have remembered that I have created a post of world top ten world tallest buildings, but that one is for year 2008, and that post really gets a lot of attention from readers..

It’s now time for a new one, since half of year 2009 has gone…the list below is official after a lot of studies have been done on it based on Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Emporis, Skyscraperpage, etc.

The list below does not include TV tower, masts, pylons, etc, only occupied buildings are included. This list includes topped out buildings too, which are in a great number this year. Topped out buildings means buildings that have their construction almost coming to an end and buildings that have reached the planned height during construction.

Now, let’s don’t waste time and now let’s see the list:

(Rank – Name, Height, Functional floors, City, Country)

1 – Burj Dubai, 818m, 162 floors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (topped out, scheduled for completion end of 2009)

2 – Taipei 101, 509m, 101 floors, Taipei, Taiwan. (Built)

3 – Shanghai World Financial Center, 492m, 101 floors, Shanghai, China. (Built)

4 – International Commerce Centre, 484 – 490m (not finalized yet), 118 floors, Hong Kong, China. (Topped out, scheduled for completion early 2010, part of the building has been opened for business)

5 and 6 – Petronas Twin Towers, 452m, 88 floors, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Built)

7 – Nanjing Greenland Financial Center, 450m, 88 floors, Nanjing, China. (Topped out, scheduled for completion this year)

8 – Sears Tower (name to be changed to Willis Tower in near future), 442m, 108 floors, Chicago, United States of America. (Built)

9 – Guangzhou International Finance Center, 438 – 440m (not finalized yet), 103 floors, Guangzhou, China. (Topped out, scheduled for completion this year)

10 – Jin Mao Tower, 421m, 88 floors, Shanghai, China. (Built)

— Additional two buildings below for top 12 since both exceeds 400m in height —

11 – Two International Finance Centre, 415m, 88 floors, Hong Kong, China. (Built)

12 – Trump International Hotel and Tower, 415m, 96 floors, Chicago, United States of America. (Built)

Which buildings are your favourites? Which buildings have you seen or even enter before? For me, I have seen 4 out of 12 buildings shown above (Taipei 101, Petronas Twin Towers – which I see almost everyday, Two International Finance Centre). You?

Finally reached the highest level…

Haha..been playing Restaurant City from Facebook for over a month, and now I have reached Level 27, the maximum level of the games. Yeay! Have been opening this games almost everyday, everytime to feed the workers….

Actually for those who doesn’t know this game..It is actually a game on how you manage the restaurant, upgrading dishes’ levels, earning money, decorate your restaurant, feeding your workers or letting them for rest, trading ingredients, answering daily food quiz, and many more…

It is quite an addictive game…and those playing will desperately want to level up to the highest level, and i did it…okay, now onwards i will not open this game so frequently already, because now I find it boring…haha…

there is still points added even at the maximum level, eventhough I have reached level 27, i am still ranked the 10th place in my friends’ list, because there are many others continue playing…the number one spot in my friends’ list is over 500 000 points, and I am now only have 250 000 points, but both oso level 27 (maximum)….

maybe now should check out on the other games, since Facebook, my current favourite site is full of games! Gaming during holiday is fun!

Happy Father’s Day!

Simple but meaningful, wishes all the dads in ths world, Happy Father’s Day, especially to my dad…

It is true that Father’s Day is not as special as Mother’s Day, to be honest, father is second behind (mother is the first)…since now I only have my dad, then he is the first in my beloved list…no special present for him, since he doesn’t want to, just bought a concert ticket for him as he wished to watch it.

Again, Happy Father’s Day!

Malaysia won two matches…

Djarum Indonesia Open 2009 Badminton Championship just ended…badminton tournaments will always have my eyes towards the TV on live coverage of final and sometimes even semifinals…

and today, is the final of Indonesia Open 2009, out of the five matches, two will have Malaysia team in; women doubles, Chin Eei Hui and Wong Pei Tty against Cheng Shu and Zhao Yunlie from China…honestly, both pairs are very weak in performance, but luckily, Malaysia team won, 21 – 16, 21 – 16 in just two straight game. Ohh…the whole crowd is ‘boo-ing’ Malaysia since there are some bad political feeling towards Malaysia. They blamed Malaysia for stealing islands belonging to them. Huh…shouldn’t they include political feeling into sporting spirit? Honestly, Malaysia helped them a lot too, like in the current serious case of haze and forest fire…They just destroy all the sports feeling!!! for goodness sake….!

Next, is the men single between Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei (world number one) against Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia. More noise and ‘boo-ing’ is expected to be heard..what a noise…Luckily it does not disrupt Chong Wei from winning in two straight games (21 – 9, 21 – 14) in a solid performance. No one will ever beat him, to be honest except Lin Dan from China. Malaysia won, they ‘boo’ again..who cares lah….

The most important thing is that we won two out of five matches…haha….and Indonesia, empty-handed…poor but deserving…

Architectural Revolution…

The field of architecture has been developing in a certain manner over period of times. What I know is that as soon as people develop, the world develops and the field of architecture develops as well too…

Honestly, there is no such thing as architect thousand years back, this field has not been introduced yet even after the construction of settlements and buildings.

Few thousand years ago, people gathered and form civilizations, those famous like in Egypt, China, etc…they created settlements, and it is the job of the head of villager or settlements to plan the area. Design? No…whatever…this is their response. Design is no important by that time…

Civilizations developed too, they build large and magnificent structures, particularly temples, sacred places, tombs, palaces, etc…Even the construction of these structures are supervised by intellectual people, those knowledgable, like philosopher, priest, warrior, and engineer..Do you know that the profession of engineer came earlier to this world than architect?

Those famous structures are like:

Great Pyramid of Giza (over 5000 years ago) – former world tallest structure.

Parthenon (over 2000 years ago)

Great Wall of China (over 2000 years ago) – world greatest construction.

Tomb of First Emperor (not excavated yet) and Terracotta Warriors (over 2000 years ago)

Colosseum (over 1900 years ago)

Time develops…more and more new materials are produced, more and more new constructing systems are found, more and more people are equipped with knowledge, settlements became giant urban areas, became an area with city , city center, commercial area, trading and port area, etc…Of course, no highrise will be seen yet…however, the profession of architect started to be introduced…

Famous structures are like:

Hagia Sophia (over 1400 years ago)

Borobudur (over 1100 years ago)

Angkor Wat (over 700 years ago) – world largest temple.

Forbidden City (over 600 years ago) – world largest palace.

Taj Mahal (over 300 years ago)

Industrial Revolution arrived…more and more commercial structures are erected…new technology invented day by day, the revolution began fromn Europe and spread to the whole world…

Crystal Palace (over 150 years ago) – destroyed by fire.

Eiffel Tower (over 110 years) – former world tallest structure.

After that, era of skyscrapers began…people started to build highrises, meeting the demand for more working space on a small area in dense city like Chicago and New York City. Taller and taller, reaching for the sky, and so the term of skyscraper is created. Technology did not limit the height of structures.

Chryler Building – former world tallest building, first structure exceeds 300m height.

Empire State Building – former world tallest building for over 40 years, 381m.

Sears Tower – former world tallest building, 442m.

Now comes the era of modernization, which I think began around twenty years back…everything starts to get modern, striking look, and globalized outcome.

Petronas Twin Towers – world tallest twin buildings, 452m height.

Taipei 101 – current world tallest completed building, 509m height.

And now as well as the upcoming near future, maybe between now till 2030, those impossible designs will come to reality, drawings will come to built forms. There will be no more limit to world of architecture that beautifies the world…

Beijing National Stadium – ‘Bird Nest’ Stadium

Burj Dubai – world tallest man made structure, 818m height.

Palm Islands, World Islands,Universe Islands – world largest group of man-made islands.

Hydropolis – world first underwater luxury hotel, planned.

And many more, especially at Dubai, Shanghai, etc…