Election fever continues…

Told you earlier in my previous post that this new post is going to be about the upcoming Malaysia’s 13th general election as well. But I couldn’t believe that this post comes so fast. It’s only an hour difference between the publishing of this and the previous post. So, I see this one as a continuation from my previous topic…eeh, it’s basically the same topic; GE13. Nothing else that overwhelms my thought recently.


general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201

On this last week before the election, we would see final and much harder campaigning with candidates or even party members who are not contesting going up to stage for political talks everywhere in housing areas. There are a lot in my area. There is at least one in every single day now onwards. But I wouldn’t go for any of them. It’s hot outside, and nowadays it rains too. I better stay at home. But from what I heard and see from Facebook nowadays, a lot of people posted images of turnouts to BN’s talks and PR’s talks. I was very happy to look at all that which show very well that more people are receiving bigger support this time. Some BN’s events had a lot of people attending too, but the reason is because there are free stuff to be given out to the people present. Who wouldn’t want to go then? Haha…

Well, I expect political speech to focus more on what they could deliver to benefit the society and the country. But in reality, it turns out that campaigning nowadays only concentrated on insulting the opponents with bad remarks and disrespectful claims. Be polite and respect the others too and don’t go over the limit. It’s crossing the boundary. By the way, Barisan Nasional (BN) is the king now in crossing the boundary. I thought I can finally see things not related to the election in websites I am used to browse through every night. But then, I am surprised. There are advertisements all over in many webpages promoting BN. And those ads are even in interactive mode. I wonder how much the party spent on advertising through world wide internet. It must be very costly for doing that, and what they are using; the people’s money. Ohh..God! I’m seeing Datuk Seri Najib’s face in Youtube now…it’s too much!

Then, I am individually ‘attacked’ too. I received phone message persuading me to vote for BN almost everyday. And sometimes, there are two or more messages of this kind sent to my phone in a single day alone. Are you that desperate to win votes? You have certainly gone too far, and I can assure you that such effort would easily backfires! And that’s what I’m hoping for actually. It’s really annoying receiving those messages (some even sent very early in the morning that wakes me up) and disturbing. I have previously replied back to them requesting them not to send anymore. No positive feedback. It keeps on coming and coming. I’m sick of it already. Enough is enough!

Besides than the already popular ‘Satu Malaysia’ slogan long time ago, now there came another slogan by BN; Sayangi Selangor, Yakini BN (Love Selangor, Trust BN). I heard this everyday from radio stations, saw it from my phone messages everyday and else where too, and so, similar effect applies to me; sickening! And it didn’t comes only in slogan. There’s a whole song for it. Oh…my God. We have had ‘Satu Malaysia’ song, then ‘I Am For You’ song, and now ‘Sayangi Selangor’. The melodies of these songs are quite beautiful, but they are for me used in wrong purpose or direction. Too much. Absolutely too much. Totally disgusting. ‘Ubah’ slogan by DAP one of opposition pact PR) is so much more simple yet symbolic. And Datuk Seri Najib said it’s only a gimmick for attention. Then, your ‘Satu Malaysia’, ‘Sayangi Selangor, Yakini BN’ are not?! Funny…

And he said that BN is very much confident and expected it to win two-third majority on this upcoming general election. Why are you so sure? I don’t think so, looking from current political atmosphere. They might even lose the majority this time, paving way for opposition pact to rise to power for the first time in history of Malaysia. Unless… they are playing some ‘tricks’ behind, then they can be assured to win. Ahh..aaa…Stop to all that shit! No. No. No. Be clean, free and fair on this 13th General Election which is now just around the corner!

general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201





Election fever intensifies as it is now less than a week left to GE13

general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201

Election fever would be in the highest ever momentum by this week as the voting for Malaysia 13th General Election would take place by this Sunday, 5th May 2013. This is believed to be the most anticipated election for the country as it would be a very narrow fight between the ruling coalition (BN) and opposition pact (PR). Ever since BN won the previous election in 2008 with a slight majority while losing out five states (later four) and two-third majority, the opposition pact had been growing steadily. And that has become a serious challenge to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister. Hence, it will be a neck-to-neck fight this time.

Banners and flags had all been placed in any place possible, particularly along roads to schools in each areas where polling would be held as the last call or advertising to Malaysians before they arrived into respective school compound to cast their vote on the ballot paper. Malaysians in oversea had also been given opportunity for postal voting yesterday. And today, there had been numerous complaints informed (definitely this is not going to be reported in local medias) that several ballot papers contained unwanted dirty marks over on BN’s box in the ballot paper. Oh…is that considered a free and fair election? Those ballot papers can be easily manipulated to be in favour to the current ruling coalition. That’s cheating! And it should be stopped once and for all!

Well, if BN heard of this issue, then they would just say that it’s rumour and it’s not true. Very much predictable response from them. This is frustrating and it’s an obvious sign that our election is still not free, fair and clean as demanded by Bersih group which had held quite a number of protests and demonstrations in previous years. Then, I heard from many others that most of BN votes came from people who worked under government like teachers, authority bodies, and governmental organizations. A reminder please; you shouldn’t be afraid of your government, as you can freely choose based on your thoughts without any worry of losing your job. If it’s true that you will lose your job once you have voted for the opposition, then it’s evidence that this government can no longer be needed. It’s a dirty one.

Most of BN votes also came from people in villages, mostly from elderly people. To be honest, this group of people are very much satisfied over little things or allowance given to them (like RM500 from BR1M, etc) and are shallow-minded. They prefer to continue the current lifestyle without realizing the need to change the current government. I couldn’t say their thinking is wrong, but they should really think of their future generation and choose wisely. Many votes to BN also came from family members, relatives and close friends to the political parties under BN; UMNO, MCA and MIC. This is very much expected. But please don’t get influenced by the ‘linked’ relationship. Think wisely and individually to make your own stand. Many BN votes also came from foreigners whom got their IC free from the government which made them eligible to vote. And I mean, they are a LOT in numbers. Wait…they are not qualified to vote to decide the future of Malaysia!

But my emphasis here would be that most BN votes also come from the ‘phantom voters’. These reports had been found so far; a same person carrying several identities allowed to vote, and all the votes coincidentally goes to the same party (you know which). Then, another one involving people who have died could still vote with their names not removed in Election Commission. Then, comes another one of a same person’s name duplicated into several more as a trick to repeat the votes in favour of a similar party (you know which too). And as usual, the commission denied all that. It’s all only rumours. Ahhh…For me, I think it’s partly reality and partly fake. So, I open this up for you to think and see.

general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201

Hmm…since this is the last week before the general election, I would be updating my blog here frequently with majority of the posts touching on this very much anticipated event in the history of Malaysia. My next post is very much expected to be about GE13 also!

Attended a campaign-in-dinner just now…

For those who have read or follow my blog particular in these two months, you should have known already which side I’m supporting for this upcoming general election of Malaysia. Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition had been given over 55 years of mandate to govern the country and it’s very much obvious that they didn’t deliver or perform well over that lengthy period, accompanied with corruption, dirty plots and many other negative issues. And now they see ‘Ubah!’ (means ‘change’ in Malay), a popular slogan by opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat as only a gimmick for attention, while not realizing many Malaysians are now taking it seriously. And… I’m looking forward to that ‘change’!

Hmmm…but then, I went to a dinner organized by MCA (the Chinese party under the ruling coalition BN) just now. Is it that I have changed my mind…so quickly? The answer is not. My stand remains the same. Me and my family went to the dinner for only one reason; it’s free of charge. Yes, it’s free. The party organized a 60-table dinner treat to people in an air-conditioned restaurant (BN is rich) so that they can take the opportunity to gather a lot people to influence their minds by showing clips of all the good things MCA had done to the party, and all the bad things the opposition did. Ahh…it’s suffering for me listening and watching all that. It’s like being put up obviously to brainwash us. And it’s all played out so damn loud and annoying. We were given BN flags and some papers too.

Well, I think it’s very easy to brainwash the mind of every aunties and uncles present. So, I think their campaigning like this works quite successful too (only to them, but they are the majority at the place…I think there is less than 10 people in 20s there including me and my sister). Furthermore, the meal provided didn’t cost us anything. And, it’s a great meal; expensive food are served. It’s like we were attending a wedding dinner, but what’s different now is that we don’t need to give angpow, didn’t recognize anyone in the same table or even in other tables, and have to listen to all those ‘shit’. And the worst thing is that there is this segment that requires everyone of us to stand up and sing the song of ‘Satu Malaysia’ while carrying the BN flag. Yeehhh… Can I just ignore that part and continue eating? Too bad…nope…I still had to join them, if not, everyone would be watching you then.

After the very much expected campaigning talks by the MCA people that waste a lot of time, the dinner that took almost 4 hours (imagine that) ended with lucky draw. A lot of electrical items were given out with the biggest prize being an LCD television. We didn’t win anything. Eventhough we are supporting the opposition, but we didn’t feel anything wrong or guilty going to the dinner organized by BN. Why? Because the dinner is at the cost of the people’s money too. So, we deserve to have that too. Thanks for the free dinner of the night, but still, on 5th May, we will choose the side that is truly benefiting the country and its people for the next 5 years. In the end, still a big ‘NO’ to BN! Sorry…

Beautiful and stunning images of KL skyline

In my previous post, I have highlighted on skyscrapers present in Kuala Lumpur, the city I’m living in for the past 21 years since I was born. I took architecture study and now I am in the architecture career. Hence, looking at buildings in the city and how great the city’s skyline is are my interest. Sometimes, I would find some time to search for some impressive images of the skyline of KL. I myself didn’t have the passion to take amazing photographs and I’m not a professional in such area. But if I am given the opportunity, I would love to have a day of break, then exploring around the city to find great angles or locations to capture the city’s skyline at its best.

But for now, I would like to share here some stunning images of my city’s skyline to my blog readers. These images are taken by others who are kind to share it out in skyscrapercity forum. A picture tells a thousand words. This is in fact true. So, less words here and let’s enjoy the visuals. (Click on it for larger and for much breathtaking effect)









My everyday’s view to the city can never be better than those seen in photographs above. Well, I think there is heavy editing works to make it to look more fantastic. Eventhough KL is still lacking behind in terms of skyline quality compared to bigger cities like Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai or Chicago, but I am still proud of living in this city that does not only provides an impressive skyline, but also iconic for its multi-cultural architecture found in traditional and modern buildings in the city. I believe, to further boost the ranking of KL in terms of skyline, it has to have more magnificent-looking buildings, more highrises, and better urban planning and management.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web.)

Kuala Lumpur’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings in 2013

It is usual for me to update the list of world’s top 10 tallest buildings for like once in a year. However, I find myself not doing that to another list that I believed I have created quite a long time; top 10 tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur. KL, my home city, is the capital of Malaysia and is the home to world’s tallest twin buildings and other astonishing skyscrapers or highrises. The city which is not too dense allow ‘breathing’ or free spaces for greeneries and also gives opportunity for buildings to rise and soar to the sky prominently.

According to Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Kuala Lumpur is ranked no.10 in the list of world’s tallest urban agglomeration. KL is also ranked no.8 in the famous Diserio’s ranking in the list of world’s best skylines, defeating many other much famous or bigger cities around the world. Besides than that, the city had also achieved quite an impressive ranking in many other similar lists related to tall buildings available in the respective city. So, I’m a bit proud of my own city, eventhough there is still a lot of improvement needed for KL to become truly one of the top. (Click on images below for larger and much stunning view)


In recent years, there are quite a number of prominent developments in the city, with some projected to go beyond 200 metres in height when built which would be a great addition to the magnificent skyline of KL. Hence, I believe I should post up the latest list of top ten tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur in year 2013. The previous list I have previously produced back several years ago should be ignored already. Here it is, the latest list in order: (Before scrolling down, if you are a Malaysian, try to guess which buildings in KL made it to the list as one of the tallest in the city. And check how many you have guess correctly).

1. Petronas Tower 1 – 452 metres. 88 floors. Completed in 1998. Former world’s tallest building to architectural top, and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings together with Petronas Tower 2.

2. Petronas Tower 2 – 452 metres. 88 floors. Completed in 1998. Former world’s tallest building to architectural top, and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings together with Petronas Tower 1.


3. Menara Telekom – 310 metres. 55 floors. Completed in 2001. It was the world’s tallest building constructed in year 2001.


4. Carigali Headquarters Tower – 267 metres. 58 floors. Completed in 2011. Also known as Petronas Tower 3.


5. Menara Maybank – 244 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 1988. It was once the country’s tallest building before the construction of Petronas Twin Towers.


6. Vista Tower – 238 metres. 62 floors. Completed in 1994. Formerly known as Empire Tower.


7. Menara Felda – 216 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 2012.


8. Menara Maxis – 212 metres. 49 floors. Completed in 1998.


9. Menara Am Bank – 210 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 1998.


10. The Troika Tower 3 – 204 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 2010. Current tallest residential building in KL and in Malaysia too.


There are four more buildings that reach over 200 metres in height respectively too that I wish to mention here as an extension to the list. That means now KL had 14 buildings beyond 200 metres in height. Quite impressive, eventhough this doesn’t match to the record of bigger cities like Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai and Dubai.

11. Berjaya Times Square Tower 1 – 203 metres. 48 floors. Completed in 2003.

12. Berjaya Times Square Tower 2 – 203 metres. 48 floors. Completed in 2003.


13. K Residence – 202 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 2008. It was once the tallest residential building in KL before being overtaken by The Troika Tower 3.


14. Lot G Office Tower A – 200 metres. 37 floors. Completed in 2013.


By end of this year, there would be another building joining the list of top 10, kicking The Troika Tower 3 out of the ranking. The building is KKR2 Tower which is projected to be completed by end of this year. The building under construction now is at its final stage and has topped out to its final height of 210 metres. Once built, it would be in the top 10 list, putting the number of buildings in Kuala Lumpur that reach over 200 metres in height to 15 in total.


Also not to miss out is the KL Tower. It is one of the tallest towers (telecommunication and observation) in the world with a height of 421 metres. Currently, it is seventh tallest tower in the world. Together with Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower has been a very prominent landmark in the city.


And that is going to further increase tremendously in the second half of the current decade when Malaysia is getting nearer to Vision 2020 as there are currently many constructions and proposal of future projects underway in the city. Great! Looking forward to see more of not only mere tall buildings, but also fantastically-looking skyscrapers in the city.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

Happy Earth Day!

It’s all about the upcoming general election in Malaysia and its political campaigning nowadays…I’m a bit sick of it already eventhough the polling date is still quite far from now. Let us take a break away from those political fuss or craziness! Election fever, please gets off for a moment. It’s Earth Day today!



(Image source: http://www.umass.edu/livesustainably/sites/default/files/u7/Earthday2013_logo_small.jpg. Image is edited by having the background now in black colour)

Do you know how I realize that today is the annually-celebrated Earth Day? Thanks to the beautiful interactive Google Doodle today that reminds me of this day! Go and check it out before it goes off. Without it, I myself also wouldn’t know that today is the Earth Day. I have to say that Earth Day is not much celebrated or heavily emphasized in every parts of the world as compared to the Earth Hour. Earth Hour only takes off in an hour, but this global event received much higher attention and popularity than Earth Day.

But anyway, both carries similar objective, which is to create awareness among people to love and care for the Earth in various possible efforts through individual, societal, government or NGO contributions. Stop polluting or damaging the environment! The beautiful mother nature in our lovely planet is fragile and needs our attention. A little action in our everyday’s life could prevent the Earth from further deterioration or even worse, destruction. Recycling, reusing, car-pooling, switching off unnecessary water or electricity usage, using public transport, cycling, and many more could help save the environment. It’s also for the sake of our future generation.

Don’t be selfish. Let’s do things that benefit not only us but also the planet. It’s a win-win situation. In Malaysia now, I don’t think people is looking on this matter of Earth Day celebration. Many will just forget about it. None of my family members knows that today is the Earth Day. Hmm..quite disappointing. Every Malaysians now is overwhelmed by political thoughts and emotions. It’s BN, DAP, PKR, and PAS everywhere now in my country, battling it all out through their various campaigns in hope to win big in the upcoming general election on 5th May 2013. Ahhh…even now I’m going off topic automatically…Oppss…sorry…

Happy Earth Day! Let’s commit ourselves to protect and love our planet Earth in every way possible not only on this day but is from this day onwards!



(Image source: http://wetlandscenter.fhsu.edu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Earth-Day-2013.jpg)

It’s all about politics nowadays…particularly today!

Election fever everywhere!



(Image source: http://cdnbm.malaysia-chronicle.com/media/k2/items/cache/fa76b7b03994907a9599a8861f06aa94_XL.jpg)

How my day today turned out to be very much related to politics;

1. As soon as I got out not far from my house to work, I saw huge increase of flags and banners of different political parties as well as addition of banners or posters of independent candidates (there would be three independent candidates contesting in my area this time…too much) everywhere. And some is blocking my sight on the roads which can be quite dangerous. Hang or place your stuff properly, please.

2. Still in my journey to work while stopping at a junction, I saw a huge balloon carrying the name of ‘Pakatan Rakyat’ up on the sky. What a great way of advertising! I have never seen something like this in previous general election. So much more creative than those typical mess-up flags and banners. Nice and pleasant looking! There is something up in the air…

3. Everyone in my office is talking about this upcoming general election. The attention is also on social networking sites with many clips, images or sources shared recently which most topics are politically motivated. Some are very interesting and gets me laughing, but it’s true. Social media is now a very important tool for influencing mindset of youngsters to determine the future of Malaysia.

4. After work, I went home and my dad came home early too. He went out for jogging and he is stopped by a man in a car. A stranger. A robber? Luckily, it’s not.  Ohh, it’s someone (I forgot his name…it’s not important anyway) who would be contesting in this general election in our zone from BN. And he is asking my dad for direction to a road near our home. And before he was off to go, he asked my dad to remember his name and vote for him. Hmmm…

5. While we were having dinner outside, we were interrupted by sound of amplifier highlighting on issues by the opposition pact (Pakatan Rakyat) installed on a car which was going round and round through the housing areas. We tried to hear from the place we ate but we couldn’t listen much. This is the first time I got to see campaigning like this too. But I understand why it didn’t turn out to be louder as not to strongly disturb or offence people in their homes.

6. While we were going back home after dinner, there is serious traffic congestion which is very unusual. What is happening? Oohh, there is a gathering or talk by DAP on a field, and it’s quite crowded. People were seen waving DAP flags too. While not far from there, there is also campaigning by the independent candidate, Jenice Lee and BN candidate, but they seems to have receive not much attention. This must be an indication of the result for the upcoming election of our area. Wonderful atmosphere outside. Campaigning everywhere.

7. Reached home. It’s night already. I thought everything would be settled. Then, when I go online, I saw a collection of advertising by Barisan Nasional as part of their campaigning effort recently posted by someone through social networking site and I am speechless. Their advertising is too much of insulting and sending false message, but it will not really works to people who can think wisely. Dumb and idiotic campaigning that will even make more people to hate you. Stop the nonsense. Oh..please, human don’t do this. Unless you are not. Sorry for being harsh, but it’s my honest words.

Out of all these points, you should have known what I’m choosing for in this upcoming general election. Too bad, I couldn’t vote this time eventhough I have reached over 21 years of age. Reason; I registered late. I should register earlier. Nevermind, I hope others would think and choose wisely too. Change for the betterment of Malaysia. Remember, our future generation is much more valuable than RM500 (the amount given by BN through many BR1M programmes that only works for short term benefit.) What we are looking for is long-term benefit to everyone and to the beloved country!

Make the right choice on 5th May 2013!