The elder generation gets older, and the young ones are not us anymore

It’s Friday night after work! Cool…After the annoying traffic congestion and downpour, I’m finally back home. But then, not long after that, I have to be out to attend my cousin’s son one-month old celebration. If possible, I would not miss any gathering like this as this is the only opportunity I can see most of my relatives whom some I have not seen for such a long time. It’s very seldom for such gathering unless there is a big occasion. And the most important thing is that it’s always great to catch up back with your uncles and aunties, and cousins.

Relatives from my father’s side isn’t much. It’s like almost none. Both my grandparents had passed away and my dad had only a younger brother who isn’t married. Luckily, me and my sisters still have a lot of relatives, thanks to my mother’s side. First of all, I has a lot of uncles and aunties, thus a lot of cousins too. All of them are older than me, as my mother is the youngest among her siblings. So, for all the time, I find myself being the youngest and I’m comfortable with that position all that long. But then, from just now during the buffet dinner with my relatives again after not seeing for such a long time, I find something very different.

I’m no longer in the younger generation. Most in the same generation as mine were already married while some others already found their companion. Some even had children already, whom eventually would call me uncle. So now, after a bit of calculation, I find myself already being uncle to 10 persons, and soon uncle to 11 persons (one even older than me). I couldn’t admit I’m in younger generation already. It’s now my cousin’s and my eldest sister’s kids that formed the younger generation, while I get advanced to the middle generation. That gives another meaning; I’m getting old too. Ehh, wait…I am only 20 now (would turn 21 in few more days only). Okay…okay la…I will take it. I am now an elder to so many people already.

So just now, I saw a few things. My uncles and aunties were getting much older, getting around within themselves with a lot of topics to talk and trying to engage with us. My generation; my cousins would just be focusing on their companion, taking a look over what’s their kids are doing, silently looking at phones and a bit of chit-chat. The younger generation; running around, playing with each other like there is no tomorrow. Few decades later, it would be our turn to be in the position of the elder generation…it’s like a cycle, from generation to generation. Time flies…sometimes, I would just wish to return to my childhood years when there are still so many years to come.


China is to build new world’s tallest building in 90 days? Wow! This is madness.

Yes, yes….It’s no joke. A company called ‘Broad Sustainable Building’ has announced to the media and public that it is going to build the new world tallest building, 10 metres higher than the current world tallest, Burj Khalifa which is also the current world tallest man made structure ever erected. And a much crazier thing about the plan is that the new world tallest building would be built in only 90 days! That is what I call total ‘madness’. Can they really do it?


(Image source:

Here is an article I have read regarding the news to build the new world tallest building at China in only 90 days. There are many news spreading about it, and it’s not a rumour as confirmed. Here it is below, obtained from the following source:

China has embraced the challenge of putting up the world’s tallest building in only 90 days. The 838-meter skyscraper, dubbed Sky City, is set to house 17,400 people as well as a hotel, a hospital, several schools, offices and apartments. Construction workers from the Broad Sustainable Building company are expected to build at a rate if five stories a day to meet the deadline. To speed the process up, they will reportedly use the ‘prefabrication’ technique in which blocks of the building are constructed offsite and then pieced together. 

The skyscraper, located in Hunan Province’s capital Changsha, will feature over 100 high-speed elevators, and is expected to be able to withstand a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. When completed, the building will be 10 meters taller than the Dubai landmark Burj Khalifa, the world’s current tallest building, which took five years to build. China’s Sky City is set to cost half as much as the Burj – about $630 million. China-based Broad Sustainable Building will employ several thousand workers for the ambitious project. The company has already built 16 structures in China, including a 30-story hotel constructed in 15 days.


(Image source:–just-THREE-MONTHS.html)

What do you think of this project? I find it too ambitious, and that the city, Changsha (which is much less popular than other famous growing cities in China)’s economy does not need such a tall and huge building. It is quite inappropriate to build it. I think the aim is just to challenge something without thinking of its impact and that this new building would gives not much benefit. Building the 220-storey building in 90 days? Seriously? I am questioning its stability and strength. Really, China don’t need to do this to show off. And furthermore, it’s not a distinctive or appealing design. It’s only a very plain and massive building.

I have also read some news that this project has been approved by the government, and the construction would probably commence by December, and according to the crazy schedule, the tower would be completed by March 2013. If this thing really gets a go, then Burj Khalifa will lost its title of world tallest very soon, which is quite unexpected. I thought earlier that the iconic Burj Khalifa would at least stays with the title for a decade. Now, China pose a challenge. If this Sky City One project really is to get built, then I would get myself updated over its construction progress, and anticipating for its completion. A crazy idea to a crazy building with a crazy record of 90-days time frame for completion. Usually, it would gets at least five years to get such a tall and massive building like this done.

What an exhausting week…oh, next week is my 21st birthday!

This last week of November isn’t easy to go through. Luckily, tomorrow is already Friday and there goes the end of the month. I have been waiting for the weekend for so long, and it’s coming soon. After this weekend, my 21st birthday is going to be just around the corner. No big or grand birthday party is going to be held (it’s usual for people to celebrate their 21st birthday big) but not me as the recent passing away of my grandma does not allow for celebration in a year according to Chinese belief. Okay…even a small birthday treat would be fine for me.

Let’s talk on things happening this week to me then. Don’t go that far yet to what’s up for next week. I just tried my best to enjoy my last weekend as I already knew it’s going to be hard time finishing everything in one or the most, two days as deadline is coming up for one of my projects. Even staying back till night isn’t enough as I get ‘more’ than that in return (something else that I find it disturbing and interrupting my mind whole night long). But I just get too tired without much energy left, and so I had a good sleep on Monday’s night (without thinking much more, my brain can’t afford to do that), even when the deadline is on Tuesday.

Luckily, I still able to meet my deadline, and so beginning Wednesday, I can start to relax a bit after a very tiring Monday and Tuesday. Even that, I still find myself quite exhausted and I am already feeling very sleeping when the clock only shows 9pm every night. So, recently, I tend to sleep very early, but still find I’m lacking of sufficient rest. Ahh…great, tomorrow is finally Friday, and after work, I had to attend a buffet dinner organized in conjunction of my cousin’s son reaching one month old. After that, I’m gonna put myself into energetic and good mood for the weekend and to be going through my humble birthday happily despite not being celebrated big.

Ahh, the Malaysia’s My Astro on Demand Favourites Awards is going to be held this weekend and I learnt from news that around 15 TVB artists would attend this annual awards presentation. Well, that 15 artists are certainly going to receive award respectively already. I’m not able to get any tickets or watch it live, but I will update the results over here after the show which is seen also as an early indication of the big winners on upcoming much prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards. Okay…that’s it for now. It’s not Friday’s night yet. I have to get to bed early as tomorrow is still a working day.

Hong Kong Open 2012: Malaysia in two finals, but lost out both to China.

Lee Chong Wei is back in action after his wedding with Wong Mew Choo early this month. Hong Kong Open 2012 is his first outing after getting a long break in preparation for his wedding, and he haven’t even had the time for honeymoon with his newly-wed wife. Perhaps he is already absent from training for quite some time, and hence his performance dropped slightly as seen from his game in the final match against Chen Long just now at the Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2012 that concluded few hours ago.


(Image source:

And so, he lost out unexpectedly to Chen Long in two straight games. I have watched a bit of the match and it’ quite a neck-to-neck game but luck seems to go on Chen Long’s side. In previous meetings, Lee Chong Wei won the most. But on this meeting, he lost it, and that made Chen Long to became so joyous and happy to have defeated the current world ranked number one men single player. There is a saying that once a badminton player gets married, his quality of play would drop as time goes. One of the best examples for that would be Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia. He had won Athens 2004 Olympic Games, but after he got married, he is not much seen again in finals of many tournaments due to poor performance. So, it seems to be the same pattern to Chong Wei for now.

Or maybe it’s not. Let’s hope it’s not so that Malaysia still stands a chance for a gold medal in men single badminton in future Asian Games or Olympic Games. Lee Chong Wei has to get back on ground for intensive training so that his solid performance returns. It is quite unlikely that Chen Long can beat him, and he had done it today, and so there must be something wrong on Malaysian side. Congratulation to Chen Long. He seems to perform better and better in tournaments, and he is seen as a great replacement to China once Lin Dan retired. But wait, where is Lin Dan on this championship? Perhaps he is still enjoying married life as he was also just getting married few months ago.

Okay, fine…Chong Wei lost the final this time. We still have the men doubles from Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. But who are their opponents? Ahh! China again, by Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng. Another very strong opponent, which I already expected that it must be a tough match for this Malaysian pair whom have not won any title for such a long time already. Pity them. Their performance just went downhill in recent years and it’s so disappointing. Their superb style of play back in 2006-2008 just gone, and no where to be found! As predicted, they lost out to the much better China’s team in two straight games as well. They did take lead in middle of games but still gets defeated in the end. Anyway, without the presence of Malaysia’s team, it would be all China vs. China in all the five finals today at Hong Kong Open 2012. That would be quite boring. But now the result seems to make not much difference, as China won all the five finals, which again indicating their supremacy over this sport.

KL voted by CNN as 4th best shopping city in the world

Not long after gaining a very impressive standing as the second best shopping city in Asia (behind Hong Kong) at Global Shopper Index announced not long ago, my capital, Kuala Lumpur is making another breakthrough. Recently, KL is voted as 4th best shopping city in the world (not only in Asia) by CNN, the famous US news channel and network. And this time on this list, KL is ahead of Hong Kong, but still second best in Asia (Tokyo is leading). Well, KL at least beats off Bangkok, Manila and even Singapore (sorry) to get to the top of this ranking in South East Asia region.

Congratulation to my lovely city of KL! Eventhough I have to admit that KL is still far behind from becoming a truly developed city with high quality of living, but the city is now making a good progress to achieve that goal. With construction of the new MRT in and around the city (the on-going construction is contributing quite a mess to the city currently), recent completion and opening of air-conditioned pedestrian bridge connecting major places in Bukit Bintang and KLCC as well as the establishment of BBKLCC (Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur City Centre) as the premier shopping destination in the capital, KL is certainly doing great with visible development to attract more tourists and to gain further international fame and recognition. And this ranking the most recent proof to what KL had achieved so far.


(Image source:

It is no doubt that KL offers wonderful shopping experience to visitors. There is already over 10 shopping malls in BBKLCC region alone, and not mention some other famous malls not that far away too. The most distinguished malls would be Pavilion KL (very modern with beautiful decoration during festive season), Berjaya Times Square (huge mall with an indoor theme park), Suria KLCC (right below the iconic Petronas Twin Towers), Starhill Gallery (a very high class and distinctive mall from its outside to interior as well). Public transportation is good in that area with high number of tourists and locals too eventhough their service can be quite bad sometimes. Furthermore, the variety of delicious food offered here would treats well to the shoppers when they are hungry in the middle of shopping spree.

I realize there is quite a huge criticism over that list and some said its quite inaccurate. Well, different people offers different opinions. However, I believe that those people who made up the list from CNN must be in professional capability and had did out thorough observations in many categories to sort out the ranking. And I’m quite surprised also to see the list where KL gets such a high spot. Hmm…KL is really improving, and I do hope that the city would excels in other categories too. After writing for so much, I realized only now that I have not even list down that particular ranking provided by CNN. Here it is:

1 – New York, United States of America.

2 – Tokyo, Japan.

3 – London, United Kingdom.

4 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5 – Paris, France.

6 – Hong Kong, China.

7 – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

8 – Vienna, Austria.

9 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

10 – Madrid, Spain.

Well, you can check out the analysis of how these cities are being selected in few categories with points allocated. Here is the source: Well, you may give your comment over the list at here too. Hmm…KL can still improves on this ranking, and let’s see whether it can goes up to top 3 soon. I think more decorations (especially during festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New Year) should be provided not only in malls but also along shopping streets and roads to enhance the atmosphere. Public facilities is of course a priority too. Some kind of public street art would be a great addition to ‘wow’ visitors too. KL has the potential to offer the most convenient and best shopping style and experience to locals and tourists around the world. BBKLCC rocks!

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SSSS started to get boring, TC is doing well so far.

You must be questioning what is ‘SSSS’ and ‘TC’. SSSS stands for ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’ and TC stands for ‘The Confidant’. Both are the two anniversary dramas for TVB this year released at the month of the company’s 45th anniversary celebration before the awards ceremony in the middle of December. Since the title of the dramas is quite long and there is no point of writing it again and again, so I will just shorten it as ‘SSSS’ and ‘TC’. Easy…

I have been looking forward to ‘TC’ months before its release. Hence, before that, I have nothing else to watch from TVB dramas and so I decided to watch ‘SSSS’ as well. SSSS started off very well with a highly potential background of a family with three wives (later four) set in Hong Kong many decades ago when it is still under British sovereignty. We get to see quite a number of intense moments, some interesting social issues raised, matters within the huge family itself, and also some highly controversial intimate scenes. Wow…this is good, and so I continued until after Episode 10 when my perception towards the series changed.

The series is going downhill. There isn’t any fuss going around from this drama as the story progresses. Hence, the drama fails to retain the higher number of audiences as seen on its first two weeks, looking from the tv rating report. The drama feels like there isn’t ‘drama’ in it at all. Everything is just plain and boring. I feel like dropping it off my watch list now, but then since I watched over half of the whole 40-episodes long series, I don’t wish to give up in the middle of it. Furthermore, there isn’t any breakthrough from several notable casts from this drama, particularly over the hot favourite for TV Queen (best actress) this year, Tavia Yeung. Her portrayal is ordinary so far, and that is not enough to make her to win this award for the year.

Luckily, there is still TC that saves the day. Eventhough there is still nothing much extreme or climatic going on from the drama, but it has a certain quality that put its way far above SSSS. Budget plays a role here. With the filming taking place at Hengdian World Studio where a whole replica of Forbidden City is built, things get truly formal and above rank, accompanied with amazing costumes and headdress for that Chinese dynasty where the story sets. The presence of the group of eunuchs with interesting collaborations and dramas gives a new breath to dramas set in palace background where only scheming between concubines is the only issue.

Power Chan did exceptionally amazing as Sam Shun in TC. His expression and interesting way of talking steals the show. For me, he is certainly going to win Best Supporting Actor this year. Sorry to Koo Ming Wah as So Gay in ‘Divas in Distress’ whom is seen as hot favourite earlier. Wayne Lai, as usual delivered a very solid performance and I find he is more suitable in historical-period dramas like this one, or earlier in Rosy Business and No Regrets. So, he still stays competitive on his run for Best Actor this year (he had won it twice in 2009 and 2010).


(Image source:

The character that I like the most as of current from TC must be the Empress Dowager Cixi, a very influential figure in China’s history. This highly important character is portrayed by the veteran actress, Michelle Yim who turned out to be one of my favourite TVB actresses too. She looks impressive (and so much younger) with the make-up, headdress and costumes on, and that really makes her looking like a true royal figure. Doesn’t believe that she is 57, by looking from her appearance in this drama. I really enjoyed her performance in the drama. Eventhough there isn’t any extravagant expression from her (there shouldn’t be as a royal figure like her should hold up her emotion in those situations), and Michelle did that extremely well. I believe not many can do that kind of acting and that Michelle’s acting from that particular aspect is outstanding.

There is one very memorable scene at the ending of Episode 14 when she walks off the room in sudden after a very powerful slight expression, with such a hard feeling of loneliness concealed within herself. I don’t wish to explain more on that particular scene. You have to watch it yourself. There is no line spoken from her at that moment at all, but the highlight is definitely on her. It’s such an amazing scene. The impact is great with her performance in TC particularly from that scene. I’m looking forward to more breakthrough and impressive stuff from her so that she stands well in the race for TV Queen this year (eventhough she won it before back in 2008, but I hope she win again…ahh, the current one person one vote system isn’t in favour of her). I also wish the story to go more dramatic and exciting as it progresses. Currently, TC has a high chance of winning Best Series too.

Yesterday’s TVB 45th Anniversary Gala Show 2012 is so boring!

TVB’s annual anniversary gala is the only chance every year to see most of  TVB artists gathering together to celebrate TVB’s birthday with multiple performances, competitions and lucky draws. I have been watching its gala show every year since 2008 and I was quite excited yesterday after I reached home from work yesterday’s evening. The TVB 45th Anniversary Gala Show was broadcast live yesterday’s night. But after watching the show in two and a half hours, I am seriously disappointed.

The show was so flat and plain boring. The first few minutes showing the clip introducing the height TVB had achieved so far is quite impressive and that is an obvious sign to show to TVB’s other rising competitors at Hong Kong how successful and experienced they are. Next, as usual, we see all the attending artists lined up in front to greet TV audiences, together with the welcoming of the same usual emcees of the night, four big brothers and sisters (Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan) and several others. Then, the show officially started. Before that, a drum and dance performance by famous artists is delivered at TVB’s studio city. It’s a good start…Sir Run Run Shaw (the founder of TVB) isn’t present. He is too old, not able to make it to the show probably.


(Image source:

Next, we have several artists singing some very famous theme songs from dramas in 1980s to recent years. Some songs are really classic. Then, things started to get boring. The acrobatic performance by the females over the net is nothing! Only very little stunt is performed from this segment, particularly from Kate Tsui whom is in highlight on this show, indicating that she had a big chance of winning on the upcoming anniversary awards. Where is Tavia and Michelle, the two other strong competitors for best actress this year? Really, there is nothing interesting at all from this lengthy show!

There is definitely a segment for the Fuk Luk Sau (three Gods); Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen and Johnson Lee. And it is disappointing that they didn’t really provide us any entertainment or funny stuff this time as I’m expecting hilarious things from them. Even the part of parody to the two anniversary dramas, ‘The Confidant’ and ‘Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles’ is unappealing. Well, I do still had a little laugh over the four actors (Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, and Michael Tse) acting as four wives based on ‘Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles’ drama. That is the only funny thing I saw from the whole show.

Even the sketch this year isn’t entertaining or funny. The idea of having a baby care center with Eric Tsang portraying as the nanny to babies (Moses Chan and King Kong) with dramas between them should be interesting. The way they tried to put things to make us laugh is too brainless and plain in the end. Eric Tsang is as usual throwing those powder stuff or liquid, bullying and acting real harsh to other artists (poor King Kong and Moses Chan). Nothing special. Then, for the audiences (us), we don’t really care who wins at the several lucky draws from this show. There is too much of things exaggerated from that part which I find it quite annoying. This year’s gala show emphasizes a lot on introducing new young artists, rather than treating the show as a true celebration of what TVB had achieved so far. A big letdown. A poor show.