What a shocking news! MJ died….

The King of Pop or supposingly the King of Music that no one will forget, Michael Jackson just passed away this early morning (Friday – Malaysian time) meaning Thursday evening (USA time).


He dies at the age of 50+, leaving behind three children and has married twice. His death is a surprise since he didn’t show any symptoms lately on his health.

It is believed that he suffered heart failure in his home at Los Angeles and was sent to hospital with no breathing in ambulance. The hospital he was admitted which is UCLA Medical Centre is now fully packed with people and media.

He is a super famous singer that no one in this world (probably) will not recognize him. He reached his super famous period during 1980s. However, he is faced wth several scandals cases and side effects from plastic surgeries he undergoes.

He planned to have a world tour began from London to Asia, possibly including my home city too, Kuala Lumpur, beginning next month which we will never see again. Miss his song…long time didn’t hear his pop songs anymore…

Now, many people all around the world are expressing condolences to this pop star that will be never forgotten…This post is specially for him and for me to express condolences to him and his family. May you rest in peace, your music will never dies from our hearts…


1 thought on “What a shocking news! MJ died….

  1. In our darkest hour, In my deepest despair
    Will you still care?, Will you be there?
    In my trials, And my tribulations
    Through our doubts, And frustrations
    In my violence, In my turbulence
    Through my fear, And my confessions
    In my anguish and my pain
    Through my joy and my sorrow
    In the promise of another tomorrow
    Ill never let you part
    For youre always in my heart.

    We’ll always be there Michael, true fans never ever forget you!

    There are two kinds of people in this world: Michael Jackson fans and losers.
    – Seth Green

    ( ( ` * • . ¸( ` * •. ¸ ¸ .• * ´ )¸ . • * ´ ) )
    «´`•.*MICHAEL JACKSON*.•´`»
    ( ( ¸ . • * ´( ¸ . •* ´ ` *• . ¸ )` * • . ¸ ) )

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