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Outing to buy snacks for Cambodia trip…

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Today is the Independence Day, my sister needs to work, and my dad already went out earlier. So, left me alone in the home. A great surprise to me instead, electricity blackout on the National Day! Really something to be shame of…so it’s time to go out, to leave the hot and quiet home…

IOI is the destination, because it has

– cinema for us to watch movie.

– supermarket for us to purchase snacks to be brought for Cambodia trip.

– pharmacy for us to purchase some necessities for travel.

There are quite a lot of people today, because it’s public holiday. We had dinner ar BarBQ Plaza Restaurant. This is the first time I had my meal in the restaurant which has its own mascot. Pretty weird, huh…it’s a Thai restaurant but the design of it does not reflect Thai essence, probably due to modernism which is an international style. So, we ordered a supreme mix steamboat. The soup is delicious…yummy…meal ended with a cup of vanilla ice cream…nice!



Next, time for movie after a two-hours long lunch just now. We watched Phua Chu Kang, The Movie. Of course, it is a very hilarious show, thanks to the main actor, Gurmit Singh. The great thing about him is that he spoke so many languages in the film, English, Mandarin, Hokkien and even Cantonese. That’s the advantage of living in Singapore or Malaysia. Multi-racial and multi-dialect. Very funny movie indeed, laughters are heard many times during the movie, which some are from me of course…haha…out of 10 points, this movie which is filmed mainly in Kuala Lumpur deserves 7.4.


Okay, time for the main objective of the day; to buy snacks for Cambodia trip this following Thursday. We desperately needs a lot of snacks to provide us energy, or even as replacement for lunch or dinner. We might not cope well with Cambodian food, so we had to buy quite a lot of snacks. Before we left, we also took some time to buy some necessities of travel on Guardian and Watson pharmacies. Ohh, Caring pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the mall we did not enter. If do, then we entered all the pharmacies of the mall….


Quiet Merdeka Day…

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It’s a very quiet Merdeka Day. Usually, we living in Kuala Lumpur would heard jets flying, and performing proudly on the sky, with those loud noises. Since the celebration was held in a stadium this year, Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, hence there would be no outdoor performance. Everything is toned down.

Performance for 53rd Merdeka celebration in Putra Stadium (TheStarOnline)

Yesterday night, after I have watched a movie ‘Adventure of the King’ starred by Richie Ren and Barbie Hsu, which is a quite humourous movie to watch, especially the addition of Law Kar Ying in the film. He acted as royal historian, responsible in recording the emperor’s deeds when he was out of the palace. Very funny acting by him. He is always funny even facing his own fiery wife, Liza Wang. Not really a movie review here, because I have nothing much to say. Worth watching, deserves 6.8 out of 10 points from my perspectives.

So, we went home around 2am. Since there is no fireworks for this year’s National Day, hence it would be very usual in KL. No traffic jams, no grand-scale countdown. From this morning’s news, I saw that not many people wondering around Dataran  Merdeka last night to celebrate the countdown of National Day. The only unusual thing is that Petronas Twin Towers which usually switches off lights by 12am, but yesterday’s night, switches off by 2am, extended 2 hours to commemorate the celebration.

People wondering around Dataran Merdeka during Merdeka Eve night. (TheStarOnline)

Everything is quiet. It’s just a public holiday when many people enjoyed, not really a patriotic day. Of course, the patriotic month has not ended yet, since it will until September 16, Malaysia Day. This time, Malaysia Day would be a public holiday. Good….Today is also the last day of August, which marks the end of third quarter of the year…so fast!

Happy 53rd Independence Day to Malaysia!

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Tick, tock, tick, tock….

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Merdeka!

It’s the 53rd independence day for Malaysia, my nation!

But it’s very usual not only for me, but for many Malaysians for this year,

Malay are tired of fasting, so no grand celebration this year at Dataran Merdeka, KLCC, Bukit Bintang, the three hotspots in Kuala Lumpur for mega-scale celebration.

Chinese and Indians have to cope to the current situation, so enjoying themselves individually or with gang of friends, maybe it’s time to relax, I should too!

Even yesterday, the Merdeka Eve, have to stay in campus till night for night class of calculations, those mathematics that caused me headache…This year, I don’t feel any ‘Merdeka’ feeling at all….not to say that I’m not patriotic, but I still love the country!


Anyway, wishing every Malaysians Happy National Day!

China dominated World Championship 2010

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Rushing to my sister’s home just to catch the final match of men doubles between my nation, Malaysia represented by world number one, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong against China’s Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun. Very disappointing!

Why? Because Malaysia always don’t have the chance to win in BWF World Championship! It is already very difficult to get into final for at least a match, and this time Malaysia did it. However, their journey to success in the championship ended just now terribly with poor performance by the Malaysian pair.

Unlike yesterday when they battled it all out to march into final today, defeating many professional opponents previously, but not the same for this time, up against China’s best men doubles pair, Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong made so many mistakes just now, until the point that I do not want to watch it anymore. Not to say that I do not support Malaysia, but they really bring us all down. We knew they tried their best, but mistakes overwhelmed them, pressure as well! Winning the first game, but lost the last two (21-18, 18-21, 14-21)! So, answer is lost! Haih…

Maybe it is not the time for Malaysia to win! China dominated the championship by winning all five finals, men single, men doubles, women single, women doubles and mixed doubles. Clearly visible that China is forever the strongest country in badminton. Unstoppable, and inevitable! It is so hard to break their Great Wall in badminton world.

Malaysia team don’t give up! Malaysia should train more new players to replace the current ones, as the current ones are getting older! New fresh players needed to be trained by now, so that they can follow the footstep of their seniors or even can do better! Malaysia still has some power in badminton world!

Malaysia into the final!

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Finally, Malaysia is into the final of men doubles match of the recent BWF World Badminton Championship 2010 held in Paris, France, represented by world number one, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong.

After dinner, we took a time to sit down, relaxing in the living room to watch the live broadcast of the match, despite the incomplete assignment. Have been very chill and relaxing this weekend, despite there are models to be done for design submission on following Monday. This is totally different with previous weekend, when I need to complete all drawings in 3 A2 boards.

Back to the match, it is an exciting men doubles semi final between Koo Kien Keat, Tan Boon Heong from Malaysia against Guo Xhendong, Xu Chen from China. Both are strong and experienced teams in badminton. It depends on luck sometimes, and of course, the most important strength, attacking and defensing skills.

It is nice to see men doubles match, because it is fast, quick, breathtaking with no boring moments, because four men would be running around the court, saving the shuttercock, defensing and attacking opponents. Malaysian team won in rubber game, 21-14, 21-18. Malaysian pairs had an easy first game, but then having slight difficulties on the second one, losing behind at first. However, they striked back to win at most exciting moments, cheered by all the audiences in the stadium. They had good performance today, but with some mistakes too, that can be forgiven, since they won the game…haha…hope to see the same or even better performance from them tomorrow!

Now, they are the only pair, the only one representing Malaysia in the final of BWF World Championship. It is always very hard for Malaysia to get into final of this one. Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia (world number one) lost tragically to Taufik Hidayat  from Indonesia in quarter final yesterday, which similarly goes to the superpower, Lin Dan from China. Wishing Malaysian team good luck and all the best for final tomorrow! Must watch! Support! Malaysia Boleh! If they won it, then it would be a good present to celebrate Malaysia 53rd independence day! Every Malaysian would be delighted to see that!

New Guangzhou East Tower unveiled

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Few years back, there is a large masterplan surfaced for Guangzhou new Central Business District. Typical with other Chinese cities, Guangzhou will have new bright linear axis of main commercial area, running through the former tallest building in the city, CITIC Plaza (391m) , current tallest building in the city, Guangzhou International Finance Center (or commonly known as Guangzhou West Tower, 440m), till the Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower (618m) across the Pearl River.

The development also includes many other notable office buildings along the axis as well as new Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid and new Guangdong Museum by Rocco Yim. This large-scale development coincides with the Asian Games to be held at the last quarter of the year 2010 in the city.

At the beginning of the masterplan, it is decided for a twin towers to be built in the middle of the axis, namely Guangzhou West and East Tower. Both have the same design and height. However, only one was able to be built, which is Guangzhou West Tower (Guangzhou International Finance Center), a tall 440m skyscraper which is waiting for opening for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, alongside with the early-mentioned Guangzhou TV Tower.

Finally, this year, the idea of having the twin for it is realized, but with different design and height. This new one would be much taller, 530m with 118 floors. Located just at the side of the Guangzhou International Finance Center divided by the main axis, this tower would be pretty much complement to the new skyline of the city despite the difference in design and height.

The building would be named temporary as Chow Tai Fook Centre, designed by famous architecture firm, Kohn Pedersen Fox, expected to be completed by 2016. A very simple, little-bit-out-of-a-box design, but still yet interesting enough for the city. I like the simplicity of the facades, along with the stepping in of the tower as it rises that provide side spaces for landscaping, recreation as well as for mechanical lighting towards the upper portion of the tower. In current design of buildings, it is often to see facade with steel and glass, and it is seldom to see facade with glass, steel, wood and stone! And this is the design, under construction currently!

A short description of the tower taken from

Chow Tai Fook Centre, a 398,000 square-meter mixed-use building is located across from Guangzhou West Tower in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District. It is linked to public rail through underground connections at the basement levels and to nearby buildings through a network of second level pedestrian bridges. The building will be 530 meters tall.


The tower houses 208,720 square meters of office, 74,260 square meters of residential, and 45,924 square meters of hotel program. A tiered podium with spiraling roof terraces houses hotel function program as well as 46,596 square meters of retail.

The design of Chow Tai Fook Centre’s tower is derived from its multiple uses – the building steps to accommodate the changing floorplates of each program type – but also from the nearby Guangzhou West Tower and Guangzhou TV Tower. The chiseled setbacks are sculpted to acknowledge the various heights of nearby towers. The overall effect of the tower, which is located on the southwest corner of the site, is of a crystalline form ascending to the sky. This formal vocabulary extends to the podium, which rises from the base of the tower and steps up towards its center where a large skylight brings natural light into the retail arcades.


At the ground floor, dedicated drop-off areas serve individual programs. At the South and West, the tower is ringed by office drop-offs offering direct access to the office lobby and lifts. The service apartment drop-off is also at the south of the site facing the dedicated green area. North of the office lobby, a dedicated retail drop-off links to the primary retail atrium that runs East-West and divides the retail and hotel/office program areas. At the Southeast, a dedicated hotel drop-off serves both hotel visitors and function guests. It is covered and inboard of the access road offering a discrete and luxurious entrance experience.

The tower’s façade is designed to emphasize its verticality. Long strips of stone extend from the tower base and wrap around the building’s chiseled setbacks. The podium has a similarly tiered chiseled form. Its façade, which is a combination of glass, wood and stone, wraps from the tower and offers ample terraces for restaurants and cafes. A large roof deck above the hotel function area can serve as an outdoor banquet area.

The building will employ a number of energy efficient tools in order to reduce its environmental footprint. These include the use of high-efficiency chillers, façade materials with good thermal properties, and heat recovery from the water cooled chiller condensers.

There are so many highrise projects going on in China, marking the tremendous growth of the nation in economy. Besides than this structure, there is also supertall projects under construction in other cities like Shanghai Center, Pingan International Finance Center, etc.

Singapore 2010 YOG officially closed yesterday

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Ohh, it’s over? Yes, it is…the inaugural Singapore 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games is officially closed yesterday, and I don’t even know that…

I just realized it today…yesterday’s night was the fantastic closing ceremony held at the same venue, The Float at Marina Bay. After 13 days of excellent sportsmanship, the inaugural games finally came to an end. The next Youth Olympic Games of summer version would be held at Nanjing, China by 2014.

It’s nice to see that Malaysian team came back with at least two silver medals. In any Olympic-related event, like the previous Beijing 2008, Malaysia only able to grab silver, not more than that, not even a gold. How disappointing!…I don’t know who had put Malaysia into the medal table, but I do appreciate their effort on it.

I did not watch the closing ceremony, because I don’t even know it’s yesterday, and I am very tired yesterday after many hours of completing assignment for submission. Today, will catch back on some sports, like the current BWF World Badminton Championship 2010. Go forward, Malaysia depends on you (Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat, Tan Boon Heong) on this championship! Let’s award the nation with some achievement for this upcoming independence celebration!