The last post of year 2009

This is the 280th post in my blog, and it marks the end of year 2009, becoming the last post of the year, before 2009 ends…can’t believe that I have written 280 posts in just one year and three months…around four years later, my blog would have over 1 000 posts…crazy, isn’t it? haha…

tonight, will be night of countdown, in all places around the world…tic, tac, tic, tac…10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,….Happy New Year! Everyone would be like going crazy and scream Happy New Year for every year countdown night…it’s fun and enjoyable anyway…fireworks are another attraction in new year countdown besides than concerts attended by famous artists…fireworks will be displayed as usual at famous landmarks around the world like Victoria Harbour Bridge (Sydney), Singapore Bay, Taipei 101 (Taipei), Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur), Space Needle (Seattle), whole city of Hong Kong (with laser lighting display too), etc…


In KL, just like usual, there will be concerts and fireworks at Dataran Merdeka (mainly Malays), Bukit Bintang area (mainly Chinese) and KLCC area (mainly Malays), Genting Highlands (mainly Chinese), and many other places. Gigantic fireworks will be seen and heard from the area of Petronas Twin Towers, world tallest twin buildings lighted up brightly with awesome lighting.


Surely crowded and jams in KL tonight. roads closed, blocked, and narrower due to capacity of people on the areas, causing it to be very difficult for cars to even move an inch…Some decided to stay indoor, in the house, warm with family, and watching tv programme on new year countdown too…Planning to watch Taipei 101 New Year 2010 Fireworks tonight, since the news mentioned that it will be great and record-breaking…anticipating for it! KLCC fireworks is the best in KL area but still not as good and creative as Taipei 101, despite shorter duration of fireworks at Taipei 101…time is not the matter, it is the style of fireworks that matters…

Expecting these for new year fireworks, hoping for better fireworks display!


I like to see fireworks, how creative fireworks are displayed, and the synchronisation with music and background…simply love it, but kinda polluting the environment and wasting money too…anyway, this event is only once a year, why not have a blast and everyone enjoy!


What I have done in the year…love 2009!

Eehh…2009 almost coming to an end, one year almost gone…2009 seems to be a normal year for a normal people like me, studying at this age in university, has completed and passed Semester 1 and 2 of my Year One study in architecture course for this year. Hence, will be proceeding to Year 2 next year, and yes, time for us to be considered as seniors to Year 1 and Foundation students. Proceeding to Year 2 means harder assignments ahead, busier life and more hectic schedule. Anyway, I will not give up, and just continue with efforts…this year, have completed those ‘really’ architecture projects in my study like construction models, project for the client, etc…

Around beginning of year 2009, has achieved one of my wishes which is to have a trip at Beijing, China. Still feel happy now eventhough I have been to Beijing for almost a year. I really enjoyed my moments there which is unforgettable, and bought some unique souvenirs back like model of Beijing National Stadium, key chains and many others which are my favourites. Hence, by now, there are more collections of models in my room; Beijing National Stadium, Taipei 101, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center (built by myself), Great Wall of China, etc.

Games I have played throughout the year? Mmm…this year, I did not play the only online game I played, Runescape much, because it is sometimes boring to do the same thing all over again in the limited game for the free players, like me. Aah…only play when there are special events which are Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Christmas event is the best and most enjoyable to play.

Since now, I’m kinda addicted to Facebook like many others, I frequently played games from there, like the most famous one, Restaurant City, reaching a very high level but still uncomparable to my other friends which their points are sky-reaching. Aahh, this year, The Sims 3 is released, and bought it to play…addicted for first two weeks, kinda excited on the new upgrades to the games which is cool and amazing, but gets bored after that, now the game is being abandoned by me…

This year is the first year I started to drive, after passing the driving test and obtaining the license, my dad has bought a car, new Proton Saga, black in colour for me, so that it will be more convenient for me to go for study. Thanks again, to my lovely dad. Kinda nervous when driving for first few times, especially during raining, and during long travel. Now, get used to it already, and so fast started to find that driving is boring….nice to be fetched rather than drive by ownself…haha

In the whole year, focused on my study and on this blog, of course. I have concentrated a lot and put a lot of effort on this blog, making it as great as possible, as successful as it can be…thanks to all readers from all around the world…have written so many number of posts, around 200 for this year…totalling almost over 280 by now…when I looked back on all the posts I have written…wow…I did so much on this blog…hope this blog stays forever on internet and on everybody’s heart/mind…

Thank God there is no serious problems to me this year…being healthy all the year, with only illness like cough only. This year, also witnessed the marriage of my eldest sister….very busy on that period of time, helping my sister on this,and that (those kind of preparation), but still happy of such a great event…first time sitting on VIP table during wedding dinner is cool…haha…then, my sister gets pregnant and it is baby boy in there…how lovely…next month, January 2010, will be seeing my new nephew…love to play with baby, not when he/she cries…haha

It seems that I am writing an essay with eight paragraphs here…sorry for so many sentences here, but there are actually many things happened, involving me, throughout the year, but these are not very important…if I continue writing, I might be able to create a novel here…haha…just give a smile as 2009 ends, and be happy as a new year is coming soon, 2010!

The three pictures below are for the great year 2009!


Recalling 2009…Welcoming 2010

Year 2009 now almost coming to an end, to those who have followed the progress of my blog should feel familiar with the title of this post…haha, yes…because around 1 year ago, at the same time, I have created a post with the same title, only with difference in years…

Time flies, everyone will be getting one year older after the new year. Yeah, it’s new year 2010, first year of the 2010’s decade. The whole year, 365 days of year 2009 finally came to an end, which is also the end of 2000’s decade.  Many things have happened throughout the year.

Here, mentioned are the top 10 significant events that occured throughout the whole year, in my opinion:

1 – Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is taking office officially on January 2009 as the President of the United States of America. This is significant in history as he is the first African-American President of USA, the first black-skin president living in the White House. Cool, isn’t it, but his popularity went down, decreasing as nothing much have been done on economic recovery and climate change issues.

2 – Outbreak of H1N1 virus.

This virus, newly identified, previously known as swine flu originated from Mexico and United States before it spread to the whole world in an alarming rate, which caused World Health Organization (WHO) to declare pandemic at international level. Till now, the flu still exists and spreading. The current record showing over 12 000 confirmed deaths due to H1N1 and over 1 million confirmed cases detected. This virus has lead to stricter examination at airports, schools, offices, etc.

3 – Kaohsiung 2009 World Games

The World Games is the second largest international games in the world, just behind the Olympic, though it is not as celebrating as Commonwealth or Asian Games. It is still an international event, and this year, hosted in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The main stadium, World Games Stadium is the main attraction of the game, designed by Tadao Ando, and is the first solar-powered stadium in the world. China teams have also decided not to attend athletes parade during opening ceremony as China always opposes Taiwan, claiming Taiwan is part of China.

4 – Death of Michael Jackson

The sudden death of the King of Pop has shocked the world, especially to his fans. Died due to cardiac arrest in his home, the news have stunt the world with the loss of a great people, as many said that he is a legend. His upcoming concerts at London which have all the tickets sold out have to be cancelled, eventhough he had even attended the rehearsal of the concerts.

5 – Longest total solar eclipse in 21st century

22nd of July is a day for all observants, for all astronomic-based people, as people in part of Asia and Pacific Ocean have the opportunity to witness the longest total solar eclipse in 21st century that lasted for 6 minutes and 38.8 seconds. The usual bright morning with Sun is covered fully by the moon, causing the Earth to turn into darkness in few places. Incredible sight.

6 – Summer Olympic 2016 to be held at Rio de Janeiro

2nd of October 2009 is the time for the host city of Summer Olympic Games, the world largest sporting event to be announced. Four finalized applicants, Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro went into the process of voting, and finally, the unexpected Rio de Janeiro emerged as the winner. People are celebrating all around the beautiful city, knowing that they were able to bring Olympic to their home city in 2016. The most surprising is that Chicago, a very potential city, with support by President Barack Obama got eliminated in the first round.

7 – Typhoons


Every year, there will be surely natural disasters striking on our Earth, and leaving thousand of people dying and suffering. May God bless all of them…Two famous typhoons, Typhoon Morakot that struck Taiwan, leaving 500 deaths and many injuries and destruction of houses. Villages are flattened and there is one whole hotel building collapsed due to the worst flooding in Taiwan in half a century. Another one, Typhoon Ketsana, that struck Phillipines, which caused the government to declare state of emergency after serious destruction to the city area as well.

8 – Earthquakes


Earthquakes seem like very usual, always happening on Earth every year. This year, year 2009, saw two great earthquakes. The 8.3 magnitude earthquake that struck area of Samoan Islands, caused giant tsunami to the islands in the affected area, devastating buildings and beaches. Few people are killed by this disaster. On the next day (less than 24 hours in between), another earthquake measuring 7.6 struck at coast of Sumatra, Indonesia causing serious damage to the areas nearby like Padang. Over 1000 people were killed.

9 – United Nation Climate Change Conference


Many leaders of countries around the world are invited to participate on this conference, organized to deal with the world environment and climate issues. Nothing much has been done, and the conference seems to be a failure. Only reports are produced, but not much actions are done to save the Earth from further destruction. Public outcry was getting more immense, and demonstrations occured, pointing on leaders of giant countries like USA and China, the two largest carbon-emitting countries.

10 – Gaza War

I just realized that there was this war, happening between Israel and Gaza. The war occured in the beginning of the year, explosions and bombing are frightening, as war is horrible forever. Nothing much to explain on this war, started out by human themselves, due to selfish and greedy intentions. Wake up, people…we have to worry more on our Earth rather than fighting between same species.

Ahhh, in Malaysia, my country, many news were heard throughout the year too, inauguration of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia, death of politician Teoh Beng Hock, visit to Malaysia by China’s President Hu Jin Tao, and many others.

Huh, a brand new year ahead, 2010….proclaimed by United Nations as the International Year of Biodiversity. We will see many important events held in 2010, Winter Olympic and Paralympic at Canada, Shanghai World Expo, Commonwealth Games at New Delhi, Asian Games at Guangzhou, FIFA World Cup at South Africa, the first Youth Olympic Games at Singapore (mainly sporting events). Year 2010 is kinda Year of Sports.


Hoping for the best in year 2010, as I’m continuing my study as the Year 2 student in Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture, in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Life will be getting more crazy next year, as more assignments will be definitely killing me, but life has to go on too. Wishing everyone reading this blog, Happy New Year 2010! Warm wishes to all, may you have a prosperous year ahead!

Skyline of my home city, Kuala Lumpur

It’s been long time I didn’t write a post on this blog regarding city skyline. Now, it’s time for me to do so…

I live near Kuala Lumpur, hence I have a lot of opportunities to take a look at skyline of the city, at least once in a week. I am usually excited when I’m on a highway at a certain height which allows me to take a view of the overall KL city in a short period of time, hoping that there would be traffic jam on the highway so I can have longer time exploring the skyline of the city…haha

KL is definitely not having the best skyline in the world or either in Asia, but it is kinda awesome to me and many other people too. KL ranks No.8 in the World Best Skylines list (behind Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Asian cities listed below) created by DiSerio after certain measurements, observations, calculations, and decisions which are kinda precise, as this is a very subjective matter. KL ranks No.5 in Asian Best Skylines too (behind Hong Kong (1), Shanghai (2), Singapore (3), Tokyo (4) )

Every city has their different styles, different architecture, different landmarks and different skylines, of course. Skyline is the one that separate one city from the others based on outlook appearance. It is always nice, cool and amazing to view skyline of a respective city, and compares it with others. A fun and enjoyable things to do especially when you are free, to check on each cities’ skyline by going there yourself or just by searching for pictures from internet.

KL does not have a lot of highrise buildings, hence it is not too dense, allowing for tall buildings to soar out, above the others easily, and stand as great landmarks, that add points for it in the ranking. Because of houses around KL are mainly one or two-storeys high, which is very low in height, the city area, crowded with mainly over 30-storeys buildings allowing them to stand above the rest, signifying the city area and its skyline.

The two landmarks of the city play very important role in beautifying the skyline of the city, the world tallest twin buildings, Petronas Twin Towers and the world fifth tallest telecommunication tower, Kuala Lumpur Tower. The two landmarks are symbols of the city, heart of the city’s skyline. Without these two landmarks, KL will not be on this ranking, to be honest.

Currently, KL has over around 250 buildings (a building should be 90m and higher based on regulations), but it seems that from the skyscraperpage site, many buildings built in KL are not listed there, hence it seems that KL should be now having over 300. Currently, there are 10 buildings in KL over 200 metres in height, which is a great achievement. Development are still visible on construction of buildings and accomplishment of building projects around KL area, eventhough it is in steady and slow rate (at least better than nothing). Around 5 to 10 buildings over 200m are in construction now, and over 30 other building projects are under construction currently.

I have found these amazing pictures showing the beautiful skyline of Kuala Lumpur, taken by professional photographers. These pictures do not belong to me, how nice if I owned these lovely pictures.

Nice, isn’t it? Great, isn’t it? KL is still a developing city in a developing country of Malaysia. Hence, the pictures you see above will not reflect the reality one after few more years, or even by now, because these pictures are not the latest. Some tall buildings have been built, and many modern glass buildings have been constructed or under-construction especially around KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre).

Great thanks to all who contributed to these fantastic photographs…love KL!

Pavillion KL…

The site of the complex, is previously the site for a very famous secondary school in Kuala Lumpur, called as Bukit Bintang Girl School. It is located in a strategic location, in the most happening area of Kuala Lumpur, called as Golden Triangle, area full of malls, cafes, clubs, pubs, tourist attractions, streets, etc.

Pavillion KL, no one in KL or even in Malaysia that does not recognize this name. When we heard of it, the first thing in our mind is ‘expensive’, those shop outlets in there are definitely for the rich and high-class people. Even if we went there, we will just leave empty-handed. We do not even dare to enter any shops, we just look from outside…

The complex consists of a mall, two residential buildings and one office tower. The two residential buildings which are the tallest of the complex have just completed in construction. The two towers definitely change the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, especially when viewed from Cheras. I have been seeing the process from design proposal, then construction till completion of this complex for years, so fast it has been completed…

Because it is located quite at a very front location, outshining other shorter buildings at the back, making both buildings to appear taller. Actually, the height of both towers are around 150 till 200 metres only, but when viewed from far, seems to be over 200 metres. It is definitely a nice location to let the two buildings outshine the others.

The architecture seems unique to Kuala Lumpur, since KL has not much buildings with this kind of architecture, modernism, but is not unique for me. Anyway, both towers stand proudly in the city of KL. I can feel many lines from the two towers, notice those frames giving appearance of heavy line works. I prefer the buildings to be painted white rather than this grey brownish colour, but at least better than the Berjaya Times Square’s lousy red brownish colour which makes Times Square looks old.

Just went to Pavillion KL recently, and managed to take some photographs of Pavillion KL with two residential buildings behind. Others would think that I am a foreigner, coming to KL, and amazed by the buildings there. Haha…whatever..I won’t feel boring looking at the same buildings in KL, especially the Petronas Twin Towers.

Before the construction, when the proposal is out:

After the complex is completed: (My own pictures)

Interior looks of the mall:

What do you think of the architecture of this complex, especially those who have been to this place before???…at least it is much better than the others, which mainly have been built between 1980s and 1990s, which modernism is not introduced yet in such a small city of KL. Now, it seems developing at a steady rate, but surely lose out to cities in China, our development pace is like a mouse (still can run) but the pace in China is like lighting…crazy, uncomparable…

Found one picture showing part of the skyline of KL showing the Pavillion KL buildings:

Why is it so hard to find the latest pictures of skyline of Kuala Lumpur…seems that one day, I should take a new photo of it…will be posting amazing pictures of KL skyline in the next post, obtained from internet by professional photographers…

Taipei 101 plans for the largest new year fireworks in history

The current world tallest completed building, Taipei 101, will have fireworks display to celebrate new year again, which has become a tradition for the megastructure. This new year 2010, Taipei 101 plans for the largest, grandest and most spectacular new year fireworks in its history.


Taipei 101 is completed in 2004, and has its’ first opening and new year fireworks on new year 2005. Same goes to 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, which fireworks are seen better than the previous years with more styles, more colours and more creativity, eventhough still in duration of 188 seconds.


Little descriptions of the planned fireworks display to celebrate the new year 2010 at Taipei 101:

  • 22 000 number of fireworks, largest in history, increase of 6 600 over last year.
  • 1 700 number of fireworks will go off simultaneously, never attempted before, truly spectacular sight.
  • first time firing of fireworks at various angles of 180, 90, 45 and 30 degrees from the tower.
  • two fireworks layers to cover the diverse angles.
  • 3-inch barrel fireworks allows further range and a larger scale.
  • brand new moving fireworks, combination fireworks and new dazzling colours, utilized for fire wheel fireworks, drifting star fireworks and bouquet shower fireworks, challenging limit of low altitude combination fireworks.
  • First layer: Pili Flashing Fireworks.
  • Second layer: Parade Bouquet – flying fireworks, visual effects of moving, running and dancing.
  • New design: Bouquet Fireworks, ignited horizontally at 180 degree to create feeling that the building is blossoming in brilliant colours.
  • combination of candle lights and fire wheels will be used for the first time, form fiery network of flames, with the rotating fire wheel shuttling in between.
  • Taipei 101 will be given a fiery golden crown.
  • large bore fireworks installed on the upper and lower deck platform of observatory, so the visitors can experience the power of the fireworks.


Great after knowing all these facts on the upcoming fireworks show of Taipei 101, let’s wait and check out the fireworks on new year eve night. Expected to be great, awesome, amazing, fantastic and marvelous!

The day after christmas…

This year, the day after Christmas, which is Boxing Day, is a usual day, and it falls on Saturday. School kids are still in holiday, while some working parents will take leaves today, or even work till afternoon today only. It’s time for rest after one day of fun and enjoyment yesterday.

This does not happen to the tsunami victims exactly five years ago. 26th December 2004 is a date marked in history for the most horrible tsunami disaster ever recorded, and among the greatest disaster struck in history, that took over 230 000 lives, caused serious destruction to areas on its path, and caused the entire planet to vibrate as much as 1cm. The earthquake that triggered the tsunami at the Indian Ocean had a magnitude between 9.1 to 9.3.



Besides than sacrificing the over 230 000 innocent lives, terrifying the survived victims and eyewitnesses, the disaster also saddened over 1 billion people around the world. It just puts the whole world in despair, sadness and frightened, including me myself, which is living in safe area of a country (Malaysia) that is involved in this tsunami.


Now, on this day, prayers around the world have blessing ceremonies, for the deceased. It has been five years, almost all the people has started out their new life, the affected areas have been cleared, and upgraded with new buildings and structures with better stability. Five years gone, but the painful memory still lies unforgotten in my mind and everyone else minds. Hopes everything will be fine and okay by now. May God bless all…