7 wonders of china…

feel interesting in this topic..so this post is about it…

everybody knew the seven wonders of the world already..but did anyone recognize the seven wonders of china…China, as everyone knew, is a country full of history, heritage, and culture, so it wouldn’t be surprised to have its won seven wonders…

the first one listed under seven wonders of china is of course the Great Wall of China. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World too. Stretching over 4000miles, it is the only man-made structure on earth that is able to be seen from the moon.It is located in Beijing, the capital city of China.

next, is the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace of the China emperors of dynasties. It is the biggest ancient palace in the world. Stretching over seven million square feet and containing over 10 000 rooms, it is built over 500 years in Beijing, China to represent Chinese political power.


next, is the Terracotta Warriors discovered and unearthed some of it in year 1974. Now, it had became a place of museum that store all these oxidising terracottas. Nearby is where the unearthed Tomb of the Qin Emperor. For now, much of the mystery are unsolved. It is located at Xian, Shaanxi, China. The terrracotta warriors are believed to guard the Qin’s tomb.


next, is the Hanging Monastery located at Mount hengshan, Shaanxi, China. Built over 1400 years ago on the side of the steep cliff with only wooden beams, the structure is strong enough to even withstand massive earthquake in year 1303.

next, is the Leshan Buddha statue located at Leshan, Sichuan, China. The largest Buddha statue in the world, it is carved out by Buddhist monks over 1000 years ago which took over 90 years to complete. It stands over 233 feet high and 90 feet wide.


next, is the Mount Wudang, at Wudang, Hubei, China. The slopes of Mount Wudang are adorned with spectacular temples, palaces and bridges. The tranquil town of Wudang is the home to the Great Hall, one of the sacred sites of China. It is also known for the origin of the chinese kungfu like Tai Chi and Wudang Kung Fu.


finally, the last seven wonders of china is Shi Bao Zhai Temple, located at Yangtze River. It stands 12-storeys high and is attached to a cliff without a single nail. The special thing about this temple is its windows, which allow the wind to be absorbed during inclement weather to prevent any damage.


wow…all look fantastic..nothing more to say…since i am very interested in architecture…here i present my own seven wonders of beijing in modern engineering marvels!!! feel free to comment…will be going to beijing by next year Chinese New Year..really excited!

first of all, the Beijing National Stadium, commonly known as the Bird Nest stadium, is the largest steel construction in the world. It can hold capacity of 80 000 people. It had hosted before the grand opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games as the main spot. It is in the Olympic Green, Beijing, China.


the second one, would be the cubic structure next to the bird nest stadium, the Beijing National Aquatics Center which is commonly known as Water Cube. The form of this structure is simple but yet looks interesting with its bubble typed facades.It is located in Olympic Green, Beijing too.


the third structure would be the CCTV Headquarters Tower, it stands tall in 234m height with 55 floors. It is located in the central Business District of Beijing, China. And again, quite a simple and geometric form, but how the architect transforms it into this kind of form is really marvelous. this tower will be completed by the end of year 2008, which means this year end.


the fourth one, will be the new Beijing International Airport. It is the largest airport terminal in the world and among the busiest in the world too. Designed based on the legendary dragon concept, tihs structure does not only looks big, but spectacular too.


the fifth one, would be the Beijing CCTV Tower. This is a TV tower and don’t mistaken it with the above CCTV Headquarters. This tower is the tallest structure in Beijing and was built in year 1992. With a height of 405m and and observation deck at 238m, this tower is remarkable and stands on its own.


the sixth one would be the Beijing National Theatre which is located at Beijing, of course. The form of this structure looks like an egg and it is the largest indoor theatre in the world. It is surrounded by a man-made lake and can be reached through an underground tunnel.


finally, the seventh one would be the China World Trade Center Tower 3, which is nearing completion by this year, year 2008. Located in the Central Business District, this tower stands at a height of 330m, with 74 floors. It will be part of the China World Trade Center that looks similar with the New York World Trade Center.


that’s it for today…uum…if it is engineering marvels for the whole china, then it will be a lot..like CRH Train, Shanghai World Financial Center, Jin Mao Tower, Two International Finance Centre, Oriental Pearl Tower, and many more!!!



wonder why i said amazing in my title..today go online and check on the newly opened Atlantis Hotel in The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a total seven stars hotel, same number of stars with Burj al Arab, but will be more grand and expensive than the Burj al Arab…

the opening ceremony in 20th November 2008 costs about 20 million US Dollar and its fireworks already 8 million US Dollar…too crazy…seven times more fireworks than the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games…

the fireworks are all over the Palm Island, following the pattern of the beautifully manmade island..lasted about 15 minutes actually..

the video below shows the most focused 5 minutes of fireworks on the opening ceremony of Atlantis Hotel, The Palm..great video..not by me…i am not there…how good if i was there…i love fireworks…

Enjoy…among the greatest fireworks display i ever seen….and wasteful of money actually..especially during the current global economic and financial crisis..nevermind..just a grand celebration!

huh..yesterday usual became unusual…

see the title..u might feel curious about it, right? haha…

yesterday actually just stay at home, then suddenly go to NiuXehSui, at Ara Damansara…there looks modern..but the only one thing bad about this place is that it is too far…




a lot of kiosks selling stuff, quite a good design to the restaurants and cafe there…at there, i can feel a little bit like in Disneyland bcoz now is christmas festive season…

not much people there, juz wonder around and ‘discover’,….quite tired actually…

then moved on to Mid Valley Megamall with The Gardens…wah..very tired already…before we go back, uui…somebody is singing on the top floor…we moved up…

wao..today is the official opening of the Redbox at the Gardens, the artists invited to perform are Nicholas Teo, Z Chen, Fish Leong and Michael Wong(Kuang Liang). Nicholas Teo is the first, we missed it…when we moved up, it is already Z Chen turn…


sorry, picture quite blur..this is Z Chen..quite far from him..need to zoom..zoom..zoom…that’s why so blur..taken by my lousy 2.0 megapixel phone camera…

really a lot of people here..some yelling…the fans…not me arr…

then it is Fish Leong turn, the cousin of Z Chen,


side view..sorry….being pushed until the side…haiz…she looks beautiful…

then, Kuang Liang(Michael Wong) turn…


blur..sorry…then we went to the backstage where the artists will be going through…haha..and take pictures time!


uui..who is he? He is the MC for that day..Nicholas (Yung Shu Wai)..he is also DJ of MYFM and in the programme “U R In The Air” aired at Astro Wah Lai Toi..he was so serious and well-ready look to go on stage…i think he got little nervous actually…

actually dun have pictures of artists going here..got only video…

video of fish leong going backstage after singing…

video of fish leong leaving the area as soon as she finished singing…

video of Michael Wong went on backstage with a smile looking at us…

that’s it for the day at Mid Valley, went home have dinner with my family…then very tired..sleep…

today almost whole day worked with my dad..so tired…nevermind..train my strength and muscles lah..

boring holiday…

what to do in these holiday…

1. playing Runescape…congratz to myself for getting level 70 combat at last…as well as total level of 700…a great milestone achieved for me…really hard work to achieve this…

2. watching tv..all the ‘watched-before’ shows…TVB 41st anniversary Gala Show is really hilarious…and fun…

3. waiting to go learn driving so that i can have my own car and go to my university by myself..no need to depend on others…

4. waiting for my upcoming birthday..4th december….haha…waiting for surprise sctually…wah..17 years old already…

5. and thats it..holiday till after chinese new year..still got long long way to go…haha..after that, my architectural science year one comes!

last day of my semester two…

huh..today the beginning of the new week..as well as the end of my semester two studying in limkokwing university….

today…go to uni very early to print stuff ..a lot of papers for the compilation into a portfolio for design 2….quite beautiful but some technical wrong to the margin…nvm… luckily go early to print shop, if not need to queue up very long…

juz submit design 2 and drawing 2 portfolios and that’s it…finished!!!

then go back to my dad office…help my dad do works..a lot of things to do…luckily completed ..but very tired at the end..still got some energy to write this blog now…haha

latest updates: winners of TVB 41st Annivessary Awards 2008.

萬千光輝演藝大獎 : 秦 沛
Lifetime Achievement Honour Award: Paul Chun
Presenter: Leung Nai Pang

最佳男主角 : 夏 雨
Best Actor: Ha Yu (Moonlight Resonance)
Presenter: Louise Lee

最佳女主角 : 米 雪
Best Actress: Michelle Yim (Moonlight Resonance)
Presenter: Adam Cheng, Michael Lai, Bak Biu

最佳劇集: 溏心風暴之家好月圓
Best Series: Moonlight Resonance
Presenter: Ching Siu Tung

最佳男配角: 黎耀祥
Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai (Catch Me Now)
Presenter: Karena Lam

最佳女配角: 楊 怡
Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)
Presenter: Anthony Wong

我最喜愛的電視男角色: 林 峯
Most Favorited Male: Raymond Lam (Moonlight Resonance)
Presenter: Dicky Cheung

我最喜愛的電視女角色: 李司棋
Most Favorited Female: Louise Lee (Moonlight Resonance)
Presenters: Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam

最具欣賞價值大獎: 合晒合尺
Most Appreciated Value Program: The Art of Cantonese Opera

最佳綜藝資訊節目- 了解·關懷一百萬人的故事
Best Variety Show: The Story of A Million People
Presenter: David Lu

最佳節目主持 – 蘇施黃
Best Host – So Sze Wong
Presenter: Ivan Ho

tvb.com人氣大獎 – 林 峯
tvb.com Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Presenter: So Sze Wong

飛躍進步女藝員 – 胡定欣
Most Improved Female: Nancy Wu
Presenter: Athena Chu, Francis Ng

飛躍進步男藝員 – 王祖藍
Most Improved Male: Wong Cho Lam
Presenter: Athena Chu, Francis Ng

時尚魅力大獎 – 胡杏兒
Fashion Attraction Award: Myolie Wu
Presenter: Flora Cheung

The current list above meets all my predictions for those important awards…those winners really deserved those awards…congratz to the winners especially Ha Yu and Michelle Yim!

yesterday shocking, today boring

on last thursday, we have put all our models and presentation boards in the class, and then the lecturers locked the room…next day(means yesterday), when i entered, oh my god! almost all the boards are gone down to floor and osme models are broken…including mine!!!

it is believed that somebody had broken in through the old useless lock into the room to destroy our models…our lecturers think that it might be someone from the class that did not complete his work and jealous looking at all his classmates’ masterpiece…

that time when i found out my model is damaged, i was shocked…and of course sad…more than 10 hours i spent on it, and it is crushed!…quickly made some last repair to it and the trees have to be removed from the model…ended up still not nice..haiz!!!wat to do! the lecturers then told me it’s okay…then okay lah…pity other more damaged models….

that kind of people really……nothing more to say…really uncivilized!!! hope u get it!!!

then go eat at Secret Recipe nearby, so expensive leh…two people eating costs over RM65…really bankcrupt leh…

today, very boring..the semester almost end…need to finish my design 2 portfolio…almost done..left printing only…one more folio..the drawing one….

tonight is the TVB 41st Annivessary Awards Presentation leh…want to watch it live..but dun have..too bad, didn’t subscribe to Astro on Demand…hope to know the results as fast as possible..a little bit nervous…coz I am a TVB fans too…can be said like that…. hope the results will be almost the same with what i am expected….