Merry Christmas everyone! Have a great holiday season!

I would like to take this opportunity on the day of the Christmas eve itself to wish everyone a wonderful and joyful Merry Christmas!

There’s not much of Xmas atmosphere outdoor here in Malaysia (as it is super hot and humid outside) and that’s why people are flocking to air-conditioned malls for shopping and to take hundreds of pictures of beautiful and extravagant Xmas decorations in them.

To get to a cooler place to immerse myself into a more Xmas feel this time of the year, I went up to Genting Highlands yesterday for a day trip. A good decision because it’s the best place to feel a little cooler (temperature around 20 degree or less which is good enough to experience ‘winter’ in Malaysia) up on a hill. On the other hand, it is also a bad decision as the crowd is super massive over there during the weekend (heavy traffic congestion on both ways) and I lost money at the casino (always losing money at Genting).

What should be done in Christmas is to forget those bad stuff and just live our life with positive mind! I am enjoying my slightly longer holiday weekend break now (putting aside my stress and my work stuff for a moment), and then work for three days and then another long weekend break (coming New Year holiday) comes. Hurray!

Last but not least, I would like to wish to you a Merry Christmas once again! Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas! Have an awesome one this year!

This year’s Christmas falls on Monday. That’s great as it has turned our weekend a day longer, giving us more opportunities to go for a longer continuous break or a quick vacation. Same goes to the New Year’s Day next week that is also going to be observed on Monday.

Christmas in Malaysia is nothing besides than seeing the extravagant Christmas decorations in major shopping malls in the country. Visiting these malls is the only way to bring Christmas feel to the table too as they are air-conditioned (hence feeling like being in winter and away from the outside heat). There are also various spots to take lovely pictures with the decorations, Christmas music filling the air, and End Year Sale (shopping time!).

(Christmas decorations in Pavilion KL mall’s main atrium this year. This is one of the malls in KL that is spending a lot on decorations annually)

Christmas in Malaysia is more commercialized rather than religiously celebrated as Malaysia is a country with Muslim-majority, I’m not being racist here but I’m trying to send out a message on this festive season that peace and unity should come above all. That is integral to maintain the harmonious state of the nation that comprises of people of various races and religions. There is no place for extremist views. I felt angered and disappointed over incidents such as the ‘Muslim-only launderette’, ‘protest over just a cross sign in Muslim neighbourhood’, and ‘protest over Christian sculptures in a public park’ that happened in Malaysia in recent years. Where is the respect? I believe all religions promote peace and respect. There should never be a thinking that one religion is above another.

Alright. Let’s not destroy the festive mood. How will you be celebrating the day? For Malaysians, we would just be visiting the malls. But for my family, we didn’t even plan to do so as those places are going to be very crowded and traffic congestion is also imminent. We will try to avoid that by staying indoor for most of the day but that’s going to be boring. Hmm…we still don’t have plan for the day. I think we will sort it out and we are still going to enjoy the day!

For all Christians who are celebrating, have a wonderful Christmas! May your wishes come true and may you receive the Christmas presents that you long desire! Have an awesome day with your family and friends! Merry Christmas!

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Christmas decorations from my office to shopping malls…they are everywhere!

Today is a lazy Friday for all of us in the office today as we were all excited not about the works, but about the office’s Christmas party in the afternoon. Our meeting room had been temporarily converted to a giant dining room where all the food and drink were served. Our Christmas gifts were all exhibited below the Christmas tree in the office’s lobby area awaiting for us to unwrap respectively after a gift exchange.


I’m quite happy that I received a cap from one of my colleagues. Grateful for that, and really very full after the meal that made me getting more lazy after that. And later in the evening, I had a banquet dinner to attend in conjunction with my cousin’s wedding.

The banquet dinner was held at Bukit Bintang area. To go there, I had to take a long walk from my office to Avenue K, and then to Suria KLCC and later Pavilion KL before reaching the restaurant. I walked for over 45 minutes and I passed through 3 shopping malls at once. What’s better than having this opportunity to snap some photos of the various Christmas decorations in these malls.

Avenue K


Simple yet elegant Christmas decoration in the much smaller mall of Avenue K. Toys of adorable bears on top of the stalls selling Christmas items that are designed to mimic snowy formation.

Suria KLCC



The decoration inside the mall is too colourful and distracting. However, the very huge and tall Christmas tree outside the mall facing the KLCC Park overwhelmed me. At night, it would be very beautiful.

Pavilion KL




You will notice that there would be an event to promote at the base level of the atrium in Pavilion KL mall (shown above) for the upcoming film ‘Ip Man 3’ with the leading actor, Donnie Yen going to make an appearance. However, I couldn’t manage to wait for his arrival since I have to get to my cousin’s wedding dinner. Also do take note that the sparkling Christmas tree in the mall is also Asia’s tallest Christmas tree made of crystals (by Svarovski).

Ahh…I’m already in Christmas mood, and above all, holiday mood! Can’t wait for my vacation to Singapore next week but I’m having huge worry now of the predicted traffic crawls along the expressways connecting both Malaysia and Singapore. It’s already been reported in news recently that the traffic congestion is very terrible in these days already. Couldn’t imagine what would happen on the day we would depart to Singapore when it is a public holiday and is a Christmas Eve day. Should be stuck there for over 5 hours. Agghh…please…I don’t want to waste my precious ‘holiday’ time like that. Let’s hope everything would turns out smooth and well for this upcoming trip.

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Let’s have a great Christmas this year!

Merry Christmas, girls and boys!


Today is already the Christmas Eve!!! It’s feeling great just by listening to some very popular classical Christmas songs these few nights. I’m not a Christian but I would still loved to be soaked into X’mas atmosphere, thanks to those lovely songs and amazing X’mas decorations in major shopping malls in my country to lift up the X’mas mood. Christmas is not very much celebrated traditionally here but we all would certainly enjoy the public holiday from this lovely festival. And with a day of leave applied on this Friday, that actually makes my Christmas holiday much better as the break continues till end of this weekend.

If you are unsure of what to plan with your family or friends on this Christmas break, then you may simply spend these awesome days like me; sitting comfortably at home and enjoying the ‘Home Alone’ film franchise. Remember the movie that tells about a kid being mistakenly left at home alone after his whole family went out for vacation. And the boy has to set up various booby traps at home against house intruders. It was very fun watching it when I was still a small kid. Now, despite I’m already 23, I still enjoyed the movie very much. A classic Christmas movie, of which its success led to multiple sequels, expanding the film franchise into 5 movies.


Christmas isn’t only about partying all night long with your friends or colleagues. Sometimes, it is also great just to spend the time warmly with your friends and foremost, family. Nevertheless, I do hope you have a great Christmas! For kids out there, I hope you do get lovely presents. If you unfortunately didn’t get any, don’t be sad. Take my sincere blessing and X’mas greeting as a special gift to you eventhough we may be thousand miles apart and that you don’t know me.


Last but not least, I would like to wish everyone a joyous Christmas! Merry X’mas and Happy Holiday! One last week to go before we say goodbye to year 2014 too!


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Done my year-end shopping and, 2014 Christmas decorations in Pavilion KL.

It’s a boring Sunday and everybody is at home. So, I have an idea. Let’s go out for year-end shopping at KL! It has been ages since I last went for a shopping spree. Shop first this year before waiting for my year-end bonus to compensate my spending today. First choice of shopping destination; H&M in Lot 10 mall. Always my favourite since its opening two years ago. Was quite surprised today that all entry points to parking at Pavilion KL mall nearby were closed except one and dozens of cars were lining up to enter. We skipped that and managed to find parking at Starhill Gallery fortunately.

As expected, there is a LOT of people there. People including us also purposely went there to check out the Christmas decorations particularly in Pavilion KL, one of the most premier shopping malls in KL, and it never fails to impress us with amazing decorations for festivals like Christmas, Chinese New Year or Hari Raya every year. This year’s X’mas decorations in the mall is themed ‘Christmas Magnificence’.

What’s interesting of the decorations this year in Pavilion KL is that those Santa Claus, snowmen, and elves displayed were animatronic. They moved, and that triggered more excitement especially for the kids. I remember there was a carousel last year for kids to enjoy. This year, it’s replaced with a small ferris wheel in the mall. The biggest thing would be a huge red X’mas tree in the middle of the atrium that makes up as a Santa Claus too. Creative. Pictures below:












KL couldn’t escape from Christmas atmosphere too eventhough there is no winter here! Countdown: about ten more days to Christmas!

In Malaysia, we do have X’mas atmosphere too! Merry Christmas!

I am living in Malaysia, a country with tropical climate of which the four seasons don’t exist. I can say it’s good but we will never have the opportunity to enjoy winter or get a chance to play with real snow here (unless you are in the Snow World theme park at Genting Highlands). However, I’m lucky enough to have gone to other countries to experience what is it like to be in winter season. It is fun if that is only for a few days and not for long. Back to here, I have to say that Christmas celebration in Malaysia will never be awesome cool or ‘complete’.


To compensate that and to further add joyous festive mood on this Xmas season in Malaysia at the end of the year, we have major shopping malls particularly in Kuala Lumpur beautifully decorated annually for this festival. Our malls here tend to willingly spend a lot on this not only as a mean of celebration but also most importantly is to boost their image and to attract more visitors to come and shop. And one of the most striking shall be none other than the Christmas decorations in Pavilion KL. It never disappoints me every year. I had been there last week, and here are some of the photos I took.




My two baby nephews enjoyed it. At this time of the year, the main entrance and the central atrium of the mall will be ‘permanently’ crowded with visitors taking pictures and fascinated by the wonderful Christmas decorations and set-ups. Pavilion KL had the theme ‘Christmas Wonders’ this year. Well, there many other shopping malls that you can visit to check out their amazing Xmas decorations too in different themes like Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, Suria KLCC, Berjaya Times Square, etc. Not long after, all that will have to be replaced with Chinese New Year decorations.

It’s going to be Christmas Day soon, and hence I take this opportunity to send my early Christmas greeting to all who are celebrating this spectacular occasion! Have a wonderful Christmas and happy holiday!


Also not to forget that there is actually a Chinese festival today before the Christmas. It’s the Winter Solstice or known as ‘Dongzhi Festival’ among the Chinese. Happy Winter Solstice too!

Then, new year celebration would be just around the corner!

Merry Christmas!

Ho…ho…ho…Santa Claus is coming to town!


Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holiday! How do you spend your Christmas eve? Partying like there is no tomorrow, hanging out with friends for movies, going out for drinks, or just stay comfortably at home with family? Let us all treat this Christmas joyfully and enjoy the best out of this festive night no matter where you are. Put away your work, and it’s now still not too late to plan what to do tonight with your family or friends. Well, perhaps we should even celebrate more since we just got over the predicted doomsday safely on last Friday, 21st December 2012. Haha…a bigger reason to celebrate.

Kids, are you waiting for your present? Waiting for Santa Claus, dreaming that he will be here tonight? Eventhough Santa Claus is something not real (sorry kids, face the truth), but there must be someone in your life who can gives you countless happiness just like Santa Claus. Anyone can be a Santa Claus to you. If I’m making you smile  and in happy mood now, I am your Santa Claus too. Hohoho…Jingle bells, jingle bells…jingle all the ways! But sorry, I don’t have any present for you.

This year, I didn’t get to go to any shopping malls nearby where Christmas decoration is prominent like Pavilion KL, Midvalley, Berjaya Times Square, etc. Too bad in Malaysia, there would be no real Christmas tree, no real snow, and no real snowman in Malaysia. We are in hot and humid climate every year. And so, we have to depend on decorations to mark this festive season. I have to say that the effort put on decorating the famous malls particularly in KL region really elevates the Xmas atmosphere and brilliant with different themes applied every year. Without those, Christmas would be totally nothing in Malaysia. Hmm, I can say I’m lucky enough to have seen snow and experience winter season overseas but for just a short while. For me, I prefer to celebrate Christmas in winter, while lighting fireplace at home to enjoy the maximum comfort and warmth. That would be lovely… Nevertheless, my Christmas mood is still activated now…


Last but not least,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

And a Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy!


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