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Full winner list for the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards, and my quick opinions for some categories.

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The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards was held yesterday to honor the best of Hong Kong films in 2017. I was very free on the Sunday’s evening and so I watched the whole awards ceremony which lasted for almost 4 hours (definitely overrun). I am not interested in most parts of the ceremony because I actually didn’t watch any of the nominated films (no love to Hong Kong films last year, I only watched very few but not the nominated ones). I am only excited and curious on who will win the best actor and actress this time. Here below is the full list of winners and nominees along with my comments in several categories:

Best Film from Mainland and Taiwan
The Great Buddha (Taiwan) (WINNER)
The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful (Taiwan)
Youth (China)
Duckweed (China)
Wolf Warrior 2 (China)

Best New Director
Kearen Pang — 29+1 (WINNER)
Jonathan Li — The Brink
Chapman To — The Empty Hands
Derek Hui — This Is Not What I Expected
Chan Tai-lee — Tomorrow Is Another Day

Opinion: I think this category should be removed because it is way too early to reward first-time director. There can be many other ways to reward first-time director rather than an award immediately.

Best Visual Effects
Henri Wong, Eric Xu — Wu Kong (WINNER)
Park Young-soo, Kim Wook — Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back
Jang Seong-ho, Park Young-soo, Son Oh-young — The Thousand Faces of Dunjia
Yee Kwok-leung, Chui Tak-piu, Jules Lin, Loki Ho — Shock Wave
Victor Wong, Eman Tse — The Founding of an Army

Opinion: When you do a movie about the mythical Monkey King legend and you place in heavy amount of CGI, you will win. The quality of visual effects in Asia is still quite far behind compared to Hollywood production. Every CGI scenes look fake especially in these kind of fantasy movies.

Best Sound Design
Kinson Tsang, George Lee — Paradox (WINNER)
Tu Du-chih, Wu Shu-yao — Our Time Will Come
Kinson Tsang, Yiu Chun-hin — Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back
Nip Kei-wing, Ip Siu-kei — Shock Wave
Hao Gang, Wang Chong — Wu Kong

Best Original Film Song
“An Unheard Melody” — Concerto of the Bully (WINNER)
Composer: Peter Kam
Lyrics: Keith Chan Siu-kei
Performer: Ronald Cheng
“Fake a Smile (For Hector)” — 29+1
Composer: Subyub Lee
Lyrics: Subyub Lee
Performer: Subyub Lee
“Flowers in Blossom” — Love Education
Composer: Kay Huang
Lyrics: Lam Kwun-fan
Performer: Sitar Tan
“Jeung Seung Si Sau” — Vampire Cleanup Department
Composer: ToNick
Lyrics: Leung Pak-kin, Gingerlemon Cola
Performer: ToNick
“When I Love You” — This Is Not What I Expected
Composer: Chan Kwong-wing
Lyrics: Han Han
Performer: Cheer Chen

Best Original Film Score
Joe Hisaishi — Our Time Will Come (WINNER)
Wong Ngai-lun, Janet Yung — 29+1
Peter Kam — Concerto of the Bully
Veronica Lee — The Empty Hands
Kay Huang — Love Education

Best Action Choreography
Sammo Hung — Paradox (WINNER)
Li Chung-chi — The Brink
Yuen Cheung-yan, Yuen Shun-yi — The Thousand Faces of Dunjia
Ku Huen-chiu — Wu Kong
Yu Kang, Yuen Bun, Yan Hua — Chasing the Dragon

Best Costume & Make Up Design
Bruce Yu, Lee Pik-kwan — Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (WINNER)
Man Lim-chung, Polly Chan — Our Time Will Come
Bruce Yu, Lee Pik-kwan — Wu Kong
Yee Chung-man, Bruce Yu, Kwok Suk-man — Chasing the Dragon
Dora Ng — This Is Not What I Expected

Best Art Direction
Man Lim-chung, Billy Li — Our Time Will Come (WINNER)
Yoshihito Akatsuka, Liao Huei-li, Guo Zhongshan — Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back
Irving Cheung — The Empty Hands
Eric Lam — Wu Kong
James Cheung — Chasing the Dragon

Best Film Editing
Li Ka-wing — Chasing the Dragon (WINNER)
William Chang, Shirley Yip — In Your Dreams
Azreal Chung — Shock Wave
Mary Stephen, Kong Chi-leung — Our Time Will Come
Wong Hoi — Paradox

Best Cinematography
Jason Kwan — Chasing the Dragon (WINNER)
Nelson Yu — Our Time Will Come
Tam Wai-kai — The Empty Hands
Mark Lee Ping-bing — Love Education
Kenny Tse — Paradox

Best Screenplay
Sylvia Chang, You Xiaoying — Love Education (WINNER)
Kearen Pang — 29+1
Ho Kei-ping — Our Time Will Come
Pang Ho-cheung, Jimmy Wan, Luk Yee-sum — Love Off the Cuff
Cheung King-wai — Somewhere Beyond the Mist

Opinion: Since Sylvia Chang won here, it looks like she will lose the best actress trophy later. It’s okay because she has won it before many years ago.

Best New Performer
Ling Man-lung — Tomorrow Is Another Day (WINNER)
Larine Tang — The Yuppie Fantasia 3
Stephanie Au — Love Off the Cuff
Hanna Chan — Paradox
Rachel Leung — Somewhere Beyond the Mist

Opinion: I didn’t watch the film, but I am already amazed by Ling Man-lung’s acting just by seeing the short clip of his performance as an autistic son in ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ alone. Hence, I think he deserved this award.

Best Supporting Actress
Deanie Ip — Our Time Will Come (WINNER)
Joyce Cheng — 29+1
Estelle Wu — Love Education
Susan Shaw — Vampire Cleanup Department
Baby Bo — Somewhere Beyond the Mist

Opinion: Deanie Ip is a wonderful actress and it’s lovely to see her return to the stage again after winning best actress few years ago.

Best Supporting Actor
Philip Keung — Shock Wave (WINNER)
Philip Keung — Concerto of the Bully
Yasuaki Kurata — The Empty Hands
Paul Chun — Love Off the Cuff
Gordon Lam — Paradox
Yasuaki Kurata — God of War

Opinion: I have seen quite a number of Hong Kong movies in the past with Philip Keung in it. In most of those movies, he is not that noticeable because he is always playing average roles. Hey..not this time. This time, he got a role that won the recognition he deserves.

Best Actress
Teresa Mo — Tomorrow Is Another Day (WINNER)
Chrissie Chau — 29+1
Zhou Xun — Our Time Will Come
Stephy Tang — The Empty Hands
Sylvia Chang — Love Education

Opinion: Teresa Mo deserves this award. She has placed a lot of effort in Hong Kong film industry in all these years. After failing to win in previous occasions (has been nominated several times in the past), she finally prevailed this time. I’m glad for her. She too is a wonderful actress. I particularly like her comedic roles (although this award-winning role is not).

Best Actor
Louis Koo — Paradox (WINNER)
Ronald Cheng — Concerto of the Bully
Andy Lau — Shock Wave
Tian Zhuangzhuang — Love Education
Ling Man-lung — Tomorrow Is Another Day

Opinion: I already expected this. Louis Koo has been the frontrunner in this category after winning several best actor prizes in some other awards earlier for his role in ‘Paradox’. He has been nominated several times in the past too (but never win before) and no one is of doubt that he is a lead actor material. His time came and I’m happy for him winning his first Film King  in Hong Kong Film Awards. He has also won TV King many years ago from TVB.

Best Director
Ann Hui — Our Time Will Come (WINNER)
Kearen Pang — 29+1
Herman Yau — Shock Wave
Sylvia Chang — Love Education
Wilson Yip — Paradox

Opinion: Ann Hui again. She is a great director but at this point, I’m tired of hearing her name again. She has won the best director for a total of 6 times (most wins in directing). I think the voters tend to choose only the familiar name in this category (and also in some other categories too). This is discouraging to other directors who also did great jobs.

Best Film
Roger Lee, Stephen Lam, Ann Hui — Our Time Will Come (WINNER)
Alvin Lam, Andy Lau, Chan Pui-wah, Esther Koo, Alice Chan, Jeffrey Chan, Simon Li, Thomas Tang, Chang Bin, C.K. Wong, Xingbo Guan — Shock Wave
Patricia Cheng — Love Education
Wong Jing, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Connie Wong — Chasing the Dragon
Soi Cheang, Paco Wong — Paradox

Opinion: Yet, another film by Ann Hui winning best film again. Usually those artistic and historical movie (and usually boring) will win. I’m not against it but again, I’m tired of seeing the similar type of movie taking the top honor. The voters should opt for innovative (boundary pushing) or truly moving (warm and relatable) works next time.

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14th General Election on 9th May 2018

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The Election Commission today has announced that the polling day for Malaysia’s 14th General Election falls on 9th May 2018. Many immediately voiced their unhappiness (including me) as it is a Wednesday and that would be very inconvenient for many voters. Many past general elections were held on weekend to enable more voters to come out and cast their vote. This time, the commission chose a weekday for the crucial election to everyone’s surprise.

This means that I will not be able to cast my vote as I will be working in Singapore. If the election is held on weekend, I may be able to return to Malaysia to vote. I am very eager as this is my first time voting but since it now falls on a weekday, I’m left disappointed as I will not be available to cast my vote.

The present government has been working on a lot of dirty tactics recently to ensure their victory in this general election. First, they quickly passed the anti-fake news law in the Parliament to limit the freedom from the opposition and the public with power to jail people if they deem the information is a lie (they can twist anything and said the fact that is against them as a lie easily). They also immediately passed the redelineation proposal by the commission that pushes the government’s effort on maximising gerrymandering further in the country. For example, this constituency which are historically in favour of the opposition saw huge increase of voters to group all the opposition votes into just a single seat. A seat from the opposition party that has 150 000 votes as opposed to a seat from the ruling coalition that has less than 10 000 votes. The proportion is so off. This is evident also in the previous 13th General Election when the opposition pact indeed won more popular votes than the ruling coalition but ended up having very little number of seats in the Parliament as compared to the ruling coalition. The Election Commission is obviously colluding with the present government. No further proof needed.

Just on a day before the Prime Minister announcement on the dissolution of Parliament, one of the opposition parties called Pribumi which is led by Tun Dr Mahathir is served a notice of temporary dissolution by the Registrar of Societies. This is another obvious act to hinder the opposition from excelling. This does not dampen the spirit of the opposition pact but actually heighten the fire in their supporters. And finally, now the date of the polling is set on Wednesday. This is another trick by the authority to prevent many people from casting their votes. 9th May 2018 is also not declared as a public holiday so far. People will be occupied with works while Malaysians from oversea or even from other states (known to favour the opposition more) will not be able to return home to exercise their right. With lesser number of votes, this will reduce the chance of the opposition (Pakatan Harapan) winning popular votes and inching closer to majority in the Parliament. And let’s not forget all the pointless money-giving events held recently by the ruling coalition to win people’s heart. I couldn’t believe that many people still falls for it.

So, for those who are able to make it on 9th May 2018, please make the right choice by voting against the ruling coalition (Barisan Nasional). They have ruled the country for over 60 years with all the known corruption, crony-ism, race-based politics, laziness and various other scandals. They have never been replaced and this is the time for it. The country needs that particular ‘change’ now. Although the opposition pact do have their own problems and troubles too, but let us give them a chance.

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games began and it marked the fifth time Australia is hosting the games.

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I realized that there is going to be a lot of international sporting events this year. We have seen the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at South Korea two months ago. Now, we came into the period of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Later on, we would observe FIFA World Cup in June and July at Russia, Asian Games at Palembang (Indonesia) in August and September and also the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires at Argentina in October. So many sports to look out for in this year alone.

The 21st Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast 2018 began yesterday in a glitzy opening ceremony held in Carrara Stadium. The games will be held from 4th to 15th April 2018 in Gold Coast, a city famous for beautiful beaches in Queensland, Australia. This is the fifth time that Australia is hosting the games. The last time Australia hosted the Commonwealth Games is on 2006 in Melbourne (12 years ago). I have to admit that the Melbourne 2006 games was much more grander (more spectacular ceremonies) but Gold Coast 2018 also didn’t disappoint with an opening ceremony that shines a light on the aboriginal people of Australia and also presenting the diverse culture and beautiful nature of the country.

The games is officially opened by Prince Charles on behalf of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. He is joined by his wife, Camillia and Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia. There will be 275 events in 19 sports available in this games which saw 71 participating teams representing the various countries and territories which were once under the reign of British empire. My country, Malaysia has a pretty good record in this games and its capital, Kuala Lumpur has also hosted the games once in 1998. It would be nice if Kuala Lumpur has the chance of hosting it again in near future. In the first day of the games (today), Malaysia has already won one gold medal.

I only watched the highlights of the opening ceremony and I realized that there is no cauldron lighting (a tradition observed in other events like the Olympics) but rather a segment where the Queen’s Baton Relay ends with a message from the Queen read by Prince Charles in the ceremony to officiate the games. Typical with the other recent ceremonies, Gold Coast 2018 emphasizes on vibrant and colourful light projection in its opening ceremony. There is no specific ‘shockingly majestic’ moment in the ceremony but it is still a success considering the recent games’ objective (including other games like the Olympics, Asian Games, etc) to minimize the budget and scale of events to prevent the host from running into deficit and ‘white elephant’ issues to the venues.

Now, I wish all the best to the athletes (especially the Malaysian athletes that I’m supporting). In the previous edition (Glasgow 2014), Malaysia won 6 golds, 7 silvers and 6 bronzes for a 12th place finish in the overall medal tally. I think Malaysia will perform slightly better in this edition and let’s hope that it will break into the top 10 spot this time.

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Earth Hour 2018’s evening with ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’.

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I didn’t realize yesterday was the day when the annual Earth Hour event is held. Ahh…yeah, yesterday was the last Saturday of March, the usual date selected for this global event that is aimed to raise awareness on climate change. First started in 2007 in Australia, this event has now entered its 11th year with much larger scale as it is now present in over 180 countries across the globe. Turning off all unnecessary lights for an hour appears to have contribute much but the event is actually persuading people to think and act beyond that one hour. The ‘turning-off lights’ is just a symbolic action to signify the need to care for the Earth in every single day. I find that the ‘Earth Hour’ event in recent years is getting lesser media attention and that could hamper its effect to reach out to more people and locations.

So, I was out for a dinner during 8.30pm to 9.30pm yesterday and so my house’s lights are all eventually turned off. I consider that as a support to the event too. As usual, major landmarks across the world including my own city’s Petronas Twin Towers (in Kuala Lumpur), Sydney’s Opera House, Taipei 101, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building in New York City, Egypt’s Pyramid of Giza, etc all turned off their lights yesterday for one hour to mark the occasion. Other supporting events with aim of ‘going green’ were also held concurrently.

I had the remaining of the evening spent on a movie. I joined in with my sister pleasing her two sons who wanted to watch ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ because the film is all about robots fighting monsters. The movie was just ‘ok’ (average) while its predecessor (first one released back in 2013) is slightly better. I couldn’t feel any suspense or intense moments although there are sufficient battle scenes in this movie. The climax (near the ending) just felt flat. It’s like watching an animation of robots fighting monsters with no material or depth. The visual effects are the one compliment here (I like seeing cities destroyed).

John Boyega is the main lead in this movie. I never liked him. He is not good looking and his acting is just very average and yet he was given a lot of important roles in recent years. Why is that so? I believe he successfully made a lot of connection with those Hollywood bosses and that he gained a lot of benefit from recent Hollywood issue of emphasizing diversity in film-making (he is black). He couldn’t hold the story together although he is the main lead while the other cast (mostly very young and unfamiliar faces) looks unsuitable and unenergetic for the roles of ‘saving the world’.

Parts of the story is also a bit draggy and that is similar to the first movie (besides than a surprising plot twist that I am pleased with). However, the first movie succeeds in building up momentum and climax for the audiences to get thrilled. The intense moments of biggest monster rising up from the ocean’s floor, Jaegar (name for the robots in the movie) wielding sword-like weapon while up in the outer space before landing back to Earth, huge explosion under the ocean to close the ‘bridge’ are some of the memorable scenes I still remembered from the first movie. I’m definite that I won’t remember much from this sequel a month or two later. Guillermo del Toro (who recently won Academy Award for Best Director for ‘The Shape of Water’ which won Best Picture) should return to direct this sequel. He was the one directing the first one and that was better. Steven S. DeKnight (unknown to me) is turning this sequel into a flat franchise going into its doom like the ‘Transformers’ series. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ a total of 6.8. It is still entertaining for a Saturday’s evening though.

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Hooray! Another milestone reached: this is my blog’s 2000th post!

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Yes, I did not write it wrong. It’s not 20. It’s not 200. It’s 2000! This post here, is officially the 2000th! I don’t think it’s easy for one person to produce 2000 blog posts with each one having an average 500 words. 2000 posts in a span of less than 10 years and that’s equivalent to about 200 posts in a year. Compiling all the 2000 posts together and it will turn into 10 books easily. I think that’s worthy of a mention and my post here is dedicated specifically to acknowledge and celebrate this achievement!

I purposely chose this day to publish this historic 2000th post because it also coincides with my dad’s 60th birthday today. I would take this opportunity to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to my father. I’m wishing him abundance of great health and wealth! He is one awesome and caring dad who has loved, cared and supported me in all these years. At 60 years old now, he is aging (that’s inevitable) and I promise to myself that I will take good care of him and provide him with much better life very soon.

After a quick check, my blog got to the 1000th post milestone in August 2012 which is approximately 4 years after the blog started (started in September 2008). It took a little bit longer to reach the 2000th post (nearly 6 years to do so) from the 1000th mark. Well, I emphasize more on quality rather than quantity now. By the way, in few more months, and my blog will be celebrating another historic moment. It will be having its 10th anniversary later this September. I am also looking forward to celebrate 4 million views to my blog later on (hopefully in less than 2 years from now).

Now I’m in the midst of job hunting and I’m hoping for the best that I can get a good employment place very soon with cool salary, pleasant working environment, friendly colleagues, huge learning exposure, etc. I need some luck right now!

Viral videos again, but this time…they are movie trailers.

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There are a lot of movies this year that I’m very excited to watch. In average, I watched about 100 movies per year. That’s equivalent to watching 1 new movie in three or four days and it’s an impressive achievement. Besides than going for those major blockbusters, I also went for those smaller independent films as well as Oscar-bait movies (usually released near the year’s end). The award season for 2017 Hollywood films had just ended not long ago with the 90th Academy Awards (held early this month) and so discussions about award contention for 2018 films will only commence this November at the earliest.

Recently, two new movie trailers were released that caught worldwide attention. The first is the very first trailer for ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’. This movie is slated to be released in November this year. That’s a long wait (now is only March). 9 months to go. This film is the second in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise that revolves on Newt Scamander (portrayed by Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne), a person who has interests on magical creatures in Harry Potter universe. The story sets few decades before Harry Potter’s timeline. I am delighted that J.K. Rowling decided to continue mesmerizing us with her magic-filled stories after the end of the successful Harry Potter books and films. The Harry Potter series is better (more enjoyable and engaging…and I grow up with it) than this Fantastic Beasts but people will still be attached to the latter due to all the nostalgia for the former. After watching the trailer (below), people are more excited for Jude Law’s portrayal of the young Professor Albus Dumbledore than seeing Newt’s latest adventure. The trailer which has been out for only 4 days has gained over 14 million views in YouTube alone.

The next trailer is for the movie that everyone has been waiting for 10 years. Yes…10 years! This movie will be the biggest of the year. Marvel has recently released its latest (and most probably) final trailer for the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ which will be up in theatres worldwide end of next month. April 27th to be exact. Why today is not April 27th already?! I can’t wait for that day to come and I am very eager to watch it on the first day of its screening. It must be very hard to purchase tickets to this most anticipated movie of the year. This ‘Infinity War’ serves as a conclusion to the 10-year build up of all the Marvel superhero films that began with Iron Man in 2008. It will see all the Marvel superheroes (Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Hulk, Ant Man, Spiderman, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Vision, etc) assembled together to fight the big bad boss, Thanos who came to Earth to collect all the 6 Infinity Stones to power up the powerful Infinity Gauntlet. The trailer (below) which has been out for only a day has gained about 30 million views already in YouTube alone.

My heart is pumping super fast while watching this trailer. I believe many would have the same reaction as mine (especially to those who have been catching up to all the past 18 Marvel superhero movies and not miss a single one) There are a lot of fresh new scenes shown in it compared to the previous trailers. There is about 1 more month to go! ‘Infinity War’ is expected to earn huge ton of money in worldwide box office and I’m predicting that it will gross around US$ 1.8 billion in the end (after analyzing that the first Avengers movie gained US$ 1.5 billion back in 2012 and the second one, Avengers: Age of Ultron obtained US$ 1.4 billion in 2015). The hype is real for this third Avengers which will see more superheroes and Thanos finally coming up to take on the avengers on his own! Marvel films usually do much better in both box office and in critics’ opinion (sorry to DC lovers). That’s a fact.

Plenty of viral videos in recent days…

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When I meet up with my family or friends lately, I would be asked (or I’m the one to ask) if I/you have watched this particular video that has been widely shared? It’s becoming much easier now for anyone to get famous instantly (for the wrong reason) and also much easier for everyone to know about an incident immediately. With just a click on the ‘share’ button in any platforms (Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc) and with that actions repeated by over thousand of people, it is simply too easy to make one clip getting viral and hotly debated.

Just two days ago, I saw a clip of a Chinese woman rushing over to an empty parking spot and stand on it while the video is taken inside a car of which the driver intended to park on that spot. This is believed to have taken place in a car park building in US (New York City if I’m not mistaken). Argument rises between them as the Chinese woman insist that she is right to stand there to reserve the spot for his dad whose car is not even there yet. This is unbelievable but I think such cases do happen very often too (involves a lot of uneducated Chinese). I myself is a Chinese and I would never defend those kind of people although we are of the same race. It is a disgrace to the whole race and society for behaving like that. That Chinese woman is obviously not right as it is a spot for car and not for people. Whichever car comes first has the right to park on it. That’s the basic rule. The worst thing is that the woman insisted she is 100% right and is supported by her mother who later joined her in the argument and blasting the driver for being stubborn. Damn…what happen to this Chinese family? This incident leaves a very bad impression on the Chinese.

The other video that went viral recently is a horrific chairlift accident that happened at Georgia resort up on a snow mountain. The chairlift malfunction and resulted in reverse motion to all the chairlifts in a very high speed. People have to throw themselves out of them while some who didn’t do that were flung out when the chairlifts reached the end. I felt so intense and shocked while watching it. Fortunately, the height from the chairlift to the ground is not that much. If not, there would be much more serious injuries from people falling down and hitting the ground with much higher impact. This accident left at least 10 people injured. Now, this is one scary event that skiers wouldn’t want to encounter.

Last but not least, there comes another viral video that shown an accident that happened not in other countries but in Malaysia itself. A Chinese man, believed to be drunk, drove his car and smashed into the memorial hall of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong (founder of Genting Highlands) which is located along the route up to this popular mountain resort. The man is then arrested. A lot of people discussed about it and assumed that the man must have lost a lot of money on gambling in the Genting casino and attempt to take revenge by crushing the altar of Uncle Lim (referring to Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong). The others, who had watched this clip, attempted to go up to the resort recently to gamble after believing that this accident would contribute bad luck to Genting and letting gamblers to win. Haha…sometimes Malaysians are too creative and superstitious in their mindsets.

Trust me, few more days later (or maybe even few hours later), there would be another viral video coming up…