‘The Defected’ has so much potential with great cast but couldn’t impress in the end.

‘The Defected’ (鐵探) is a Hong Kong television drama that currently attracts a lot of audiences. The 30-episode series starred Benjamin Yuen as Inspector Sheung Sing, a policeman who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy plaguing the high-ranking officials due to an incident that almost cost him his life. The other main cast include Kara Wai, Philip Keung, Sisley Choi, Oscar Leung, Mat Yeung, Benz Hui, Ben Wong, Grace Wong, etc.

What I first like from this series is the focus on the rivalry of high-ranking police officials to get promoted rather than being another typical police drama that is all about showing undercovers and catching bad guys. The series at least went into a different direction with an uncommon plot. However, I find that the series didn’t do enough on exploring into this area.

Throughout the entire series, only Kara Wai’s character has the upper hand in almost every situation. The plot can be so much more exciting. One of my suggestions is to have several high-ranking officials (such characters with more prominent roles) plotting out some schemes to take down one another (and not just Kara Wai). There are such characters in the series such as Benz Hui, Ben Wong and Lee Shin-Cheong but they formed no important part of the story. What a wasted potential or opportunity to turn this series into one intense and memorable one.

This series had a great cast. Kara Wai is a good choice to portray the ruthless superior. She stands a chance for best actress win at the end of the year with this performance. She had win a lot from film awards but never from television awards. If the best actress competition this year is very weak, she do have a shot at it. However, in my opinion, there is not much from her role that requires her to deliver memorable acting. In most of the time, she just needs to get her eyes opened wide to show the anger while being confronted, and gets to cry for the death of her son near the end of the series. There is particularly no standout or explosive moment from her alone.

Philip Keung on the other hand nailed his role as the undercover named Bingo. He got me immersed into his performance and I particularly enjoyed his interaction with his mother (portrayed by Angelina Lo). He may have a shot at TV king title but I felt that his role is more of a supporting one (preferred him to get best supporting actor or most favourite male character). His character development is great except at the end when he died so suddenly without any honor for his contribution and sacrifice, and incomplete work that should have been finished by him too. Benjamin Yuen took that job since he is the main lead in this drama. His effort to lose weight and gets pale just for this drama is admired but there’s still huge room of improvement for his performance.

The series started off great with high expectation from me. However, it continues to be quite draggy and concluded with a rushed ending (not much climax even when it is near the end). At first, I saw similarity of quality of this series with ‘Line Walker’ (this series is very good). But in the end, ‘The Defected’ wasted most of its potential and becomes just a slightly above average drama this year to my disappointment. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Defected’ a total of 7.0.

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TVB Anniversary Awards 2018: Joe Ma is the TV King, Ali Lee is the TV Queen, and ‘Life On The Line’ wins Best Drama.

TVB Anniversary Awards 2018’s presentation ceremony had just concluded less than an hour ago (ceremony from 8.30pm to 11.00pm) with all the 16 awards presented and here’s the winner list alongside my opinions (I think I’m the fastest to post the full list of result with all the details and my thoughts):

Most Improved Male Artiste: Matthew Ho

Very expected result as Matthew Ho is the only outstanding one this year among all the nominees in this category. He really had a stellar year especially from his performance in Life On The Line. Looks likely to be among the next leading men in TVB series soon.

Most Improved Female Artiste: Crystal Fung

I am predicting Roxanne Tong to win, but end up Crystal Fung is the winner. I’m happy with this outcome too as I find her performance in Apple-colada this year to be very good although she is a very new actress. Roxanne Tong has quite a huge chance for win in these two years but she missed them unfortunately.

Best Supporting Actor: Oscar Leung (OMG, Your Honour)

Didn’t watch OMG, Your Honour so couldn’t comment much. Surprised that KK Cheung isn’t even nominated in this category from his brilliant performance as the late emperor in Succession War. He in my opinion is the best supporting actor this year easily.

Best Supporting Actress: Mandy Lam (Come Home Love: Lo And Behold)

I didn’t watch that drama and so I couldn’t comment much. I heard that her breakout year is last year but she didn’t win it last year so this year’s award is a consolation for her. I would prefer Angelina Lo to win as she really did very well as the mean mother-in-law in Who Wants A Baby?. I’m also surprised that Vivien Yeo didn’t make it into Top 5 after receiving recent critical praise from her role in The Learning Curve Of A Warlord.

Most Popular TV Male Character: Kenneth Ma (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Everyone is surprised! Even Kenneth himself is surprised. His role in Deep In The Realm Of Conscience is quite a minor one and isn’t anything memorable or spectacular. I would prefer Chris Lai to win instead. Now, Kenneth won this award three times (but never best actor award) and holds the record for being the actor with most wins in this category. He won this time because he is really a favourite among his TVB colleagues and management staff. Not a deserving win though.

Most Popular TV Female Character: Alice Chan (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Although I don’t find her acting in Deep In The Realm Of Conscience to be amazing, but her role as Princess Tai Ping is a standout in that drama filled with so many female characters. Surprised that Selena Li is not even in the Top 5 which is a joke.

Best Leading Actor: Joe Ma (Life On The Line)

Congratulation to Joe Ma for clinching the TV King title but I don’t think he deserves it. He still need some work on his facial expression during his acting. A bit wooden and tried too hard (but didn’t work well) in certain scenes in that drama. I would prefer Dicky Cheung to win it from his impressive performance in The Learning Curve Of A Warlord but it looks like now the late broadcast of the series really means a huge disadvantage in competing for awards. Quite surprised that Ruco Chan or Lau Kong cannot even make it into top 5. They are even more deserving than Joe Ma.

Best Leading Actress: Ali Lee (Who Wants A Baby?)

Congratulation to Ali Lee! At least she is not going home empty handed this time. I’m quite surprised that Mandy Wong wins nothing for the evening but I think it’s because she already won two awards (Singapore and Malaysia) earlier. Same goes to Benjamin Yuen who get nothing tonight too (which is right). Ali Lee did very well in Who Wants A Baby? and it’s quite deserving that she wins TV Queen this year. A bit pity to Mandy but I knew her time will come soon too.

Best Drama: Life On The Line

No problem for this drama to win as I remembered I am really impressed by the chemistry of the young actors, some moving moments and touching life messages in the end of almost every episodes from this drama. The drama is not perfect (quite boring in certain parts) but should be fine, judging from the current lower standard of TVB series. I would prefer The Learning Curve Of A Warlord or even Succession War to win actually but I knew they won’t.

Singapore and Malaysia’s Most Favourite Drama: Threesome

I didn’t watch this drama but I think I will watch it soon since it is only comprising of 18 episodes. Didn’t expect the drama to be receiving such huge support from both Singapore and Malaysia.

Professionalism Awards: Angelina Lo, Timothy Cheng, Jimmy Au

Very happy for Angelina Lo to win. A consolation prize for her after losing the supporting actress award. She is a great veteran actress who had took on a lot of roles as mother with various different angles and personalities. Timothy Cheng had starred in quite a lot of dramas this year and his contribution being recognized here is fantastic too. Also a consolation to Jimmy Au after losing the supporting actor award.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nancy Sit

Although Nancy Sit isn’t starring in huge number of TVB series, but her contribution to TVB and to overall Hong Kong’s entertainment industry for a whopping 60 years isn’t to be sidelined. Hence, I find her deserving of this lifetime achievement award. She had also been involved in a lot of films and hosted a number of non-drama programmes. She continued to be active in her career and huge congratulation to her for winning this!

Best Non-Drama Programme: Faraway Brides 2, Cooking Beauties, Sammy On The Go, Young And Restless, Think You Know Tokyo?.

5 awards for this category. Too many winners and dragging the ceremony insufficient runtime. Have only watched ‘Cooking Beauties’ out of the five winners. The previous 2 shows (hosted by Ronald Cheng, Edmund Leung and Alex Fong) in this female cooking programme franchise many years ago are much better though.

Most Favourite TV Partnership: Edwin Siu & Raymond Cho (Two Men In A Kitchen)

They just won the same award last year (with Matthew Ho). I prefer to let this award to go to the other group (Matthew Ho, Joey Law, Arnold Kwok and Bob Cheung for their amazing and heartfelt chemistry in Life On The Line). Ohh, Edwin took this opportunity to formally announce that Priscilla Wong (presenter for this award) is his wife. What a surprising romantic moment.

Most Popular Drama Theme Song: ‘Wishing People To Last Forever’ by Hana Kuk – ending theme song for ‘Life On The Line’

Hana Kuk had sang a lot of theme songs for a number of TVB series in recent years. Anyway, her live singing is quite bad. This song is good but isn’t memorable. However, there isn’t any outstanding theme songs this year and so I don’t find it surprising for this song to win.

Best TV Host: Kristal Tin (Women at 40)

Didn’t watch it and surprised that Kristal Tin did well in hosting too. And she is all alone hosting this particular show. She is so emotional when accepting this award (it’s almost like her accepting best actress again).

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Final prediction for TVB Anniversary Awards 2018 before the ceremony this evening.

With the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards 2018 presentation ceremony just hours away from now, it’s time for me to make my final prediction which will be slightly different from what I have posted before. This is because my view is updated after watching the last airing drama of the year, The Learning Curve Of A Warlord. The drama has only aired its 10 episodes and will be up already for contention of awards later this evening. This is a disadvantage for the series. Same goes to Fist Fight which will only be airing its final episodes end of next week.

(Image source: TVB.com)

Without wasting further time, here’s my final prediction for the TVB Anniversary Awards 2018:

Best Drama:

Top 5: Daddy Cool, Deep In The Realm Of Conscience, Life On The Line, The Learning Curve Of A Warlord, Fist Fight

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: Deep In The Realm of Conscience, Fist Fight

Should be in Top 5: The Forgotten Valley, Succession War

Should win: Succession War / The Learning Curve Of A Warlord

Will win: Life On The Line

Best Leading Actor:

Top 5: Ruco Chan (Succession War), Benjamin Yuen (Another Era), Joe Ma (Life On The Line), Vincent Wong (Fist Fight), Dicky Cheung (The Learning Curve Of A Warlord)

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: Benjamin Yuen (Another Era), Joe Ma (Life On The Line)

Should be in Top 5: Lau Kong (The Forgotten Valley), Wayne Lai (Daddy Cool)

Should win: Dicky Cheung (The Learning Curve Of A Warlord)

Will win: Dicky Cheung (The Learning Curve Of A Warlord)

Best Leading Actress:

Top 5: Alice Chan (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience), Ali Lee (Who Wants A Baby?), Mandy Wong (Threesome), Natalie Tong (Stealing Seconds), Nancy Wu (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: Natalie Tong (Stealing Seconds), Nancy Wu (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Should be in Top 5: Louisa So (The Forgotten Valley), Selena Li (Succession War)

Should win: Mandy Wong (Threesome) / Ali Lee (Who Wants A Baby?)

Will win: Mandy Wong (Threesome)

Best Supporting Actor:

Top 5: Willie Wai (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience), Joel Chan (Succession War), Bob Cheung (Life On The Line), Jonathan Cheung (Succession War), Jimmy Au (Come Home Love: Lo And Behold)

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: Willie Wai (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Should be in Top 5: Hugo Wong (OMG, Your Honour)

Should win: Jonathan Cheung (Succession War)

Will win: Jimmy Au (Come Home Love: Lo And Behold)

Best Supporting Actress:

Top 5: Mandy Lam (Come Home Love: Lo And Behold), Jacqueline Wong (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience), Vivien Yeo (The Learning Curve Of A Warlord), Angelina Lo (Who Wants A Baby?), Crystal Fung (Apple-Colada)

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: –

Should be in Top 5: –

Should win: Angelina Lo (Who Wants A Baby?)

Will win: Vivien Yeo (The Learning Curve Of A Warlord) / Jacqueline Wong (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Most Favourite TV Male Character:

Top 5: Carlos Chan (Daddy Cool), Benjamin Yuen (Stealing Seconds), Kenneth Ma (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience), Chris Lai (Who Wants A Baby?), Dicky Cheung (The Learning Curve Of Warlord)

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: Benjamin Yuen (Stealing Seconds), Kenneth Ma (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Should be in Top 5: Matthew Ho (Life On The Line), Edwin Siu (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Should win: Carlos Chan (Daddy Cool)

Will win: Benjamin Yuen (Stealing Seconds)

Most Favourite TV Female Character:

Top 5: Mandy Wong (Threesome), Ali Lee (Who Wants A Baby?), Selena Li (Succession War), Grace Wong (OMG, Your Honour), Alice Chan (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Shouldn’t be in Top 5: –

Should be in Top 5: –

Should win: Selena Li (Succession War) / Mandy Wong (Threesome) / Ali Lee (Who Wants A Baby?)

Will win: Alice Chan (Deep In The Realm Of Conscience)

Most Improved Actor:

Top 3: Matthew Ho, Hubert Wu, Owen Cheung

Should win: Matthew Ho

Will win: Matthew Ho

Most Improved Actress:

Top 3: Crystal Fung, Roxanne Tong, Gloria Tang

Should win: Crystal Fung

Will win: Roxanne Tong

Most Favourite TV Partnership:

Top 3: Benjamin Yuen, Pakho Chau, Gloria Tang (Another Era), Matthew Ho, Joey Law, Arnold Kwok, Bob Cheung (Life On The Line), Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho (Two Men In A Kitchen)

Should win: Matthew Ho, Joey Law, Arnold Kwok, Bob Cheung (Life On The Line)

Will win: Matthew Ho, Joey Law, Arnold Kwok, Bob Cheung (Life On The Line)

No prediction for the remaining other categories (best theme song, best host, best non-series programme). Can’t wait for the result this evening. Hope the deserved ones win but usually TVB will give us some shocking outcome.

TVB Anniversary Awards 2018’s nomination list is out.

TVB Anniversary Awards 2018 will be held on 16th December 2018 (Sunday). This year, the awards ceremony returns to its usual mid-December slot after last year’s grand 50th anniversary celebration that saw the 2017 awards being pushed to January 2018. It is still fresh on our mind seeing Vincent Wong winning his first best actor win from his impressive performance in Legal Mavericks. On the other hand, I believe most of us could still not believe our eyes when we saw Natalie Tong being crowned best actress from an ordinary performance in My Unfair Lady.

Now, we move on to another year with another list of dramas and performances. Basically, the nomination list for TVB Anniversary Awards includes everyone and every drama that aired in that particular year. Hence, there is nothing exciting about it. TVB should reduce nominees for each categories to top 10 or top 5 to make the race for competitive. Now, the TVB artistes aren’t feeling anything and not even a little proud as basically, you will get nominated once you have a series released in that year.

(Image source: TVB official webpage)

I will post parts of the nomination list below alongside my usual thoughts for each categories: (highlighted in bold is my predicted top 5 while those with X at the back is my preferred top 5 picks)

Best Drama

Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <·回家之開心速遞>
The Forgotten Valley <平安谷之詭谷傳說>
Watch Out, Boss <波士早晨>
Threesome <三個女人一個「因」
Birth of a Hero <翻生武林>
Apple-colada <果欄中的江湖大嫂>
Daddy Cool <逆緣> X
Stealing Seconds <棟仁的時光>
Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計>
Succession War <天命> X
Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了> X
The Stunt <特技人>
Another Era <再創世紀>
Life on the Line <跳躍生命線> X
OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>
Fist Fight <兄弟> X
Wife Interrupted <救妻同學會>
Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>

Predicted to win: Life On The Line

Wanted to win: Succession War / Daddy Cool

Opinion: Succession War is seriously underrated and I don’t get why it doesn’t get the popularity and rating it deserves. It is much more interesting and engaging that the draggy Deep In The Realm Of Conscience. The only downside to Succession War is Shaun Tam’s poor performance in it. So far besides than some cool actions, Fist Fight seems to be just fine. Learning Curve of a Warlord starring Dicky Cheung would have aired only 10 episodes by the time the ceremony comes and it should be pushed to next year’s list instead.

Best Actor

Lau Kong for The Forgotten Valley X
Raymond Wong Ho-yin for Apple-colada
Wayne Lai for Daddy Cool X
Carlos Chan for Daddy Cool
Kenneth Ma for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Edwin Siu for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Ruco Chan for Succession War X
Lai Lok-yi for Who Wants a Baby? X
Shaun Tam for The Stunt
Roger Kwok for Another Era
Benjamin Yuen for Another Era
Pakho Chau for Another Era
Joe Ma for Life on the Line
Matthew Ho for Line on the Line
Ben Wong for OMG, Your Honour
Eddie Kwan for OMG, Your Honour
Vincent Wong for Fist Fight X
Mat Yeung for Fist Fight
Dicky Cheung for The Learning Curve of a Warlord
Tony Hung for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Predicted to win: Benjamin Yuen for Another Era / Joe Ma for Life On The Line

Wanted to win: Ruco Chan for Succession War / Vincent Wong for Fist Fight

Opinion: TVB is so crazy in love with Benjamin Yuen this year and is on their obvious path to heavily promote him. His acting improves but still there is a huge room of development before he can reach best actor material. After sweeping the two Favourite Lead Actor awards for Malaysia and Singapore recently which are totally too much for him (not deserving), it’s just not the time yet for him to win in TVB Anniversary Awards this year. I would rather see past TV king winners like Ruco or Vincent to win again this year. Dicky’s series would have been out for only 10 episodes as stated earlier and his chance is slim. And why is Steven Ma missing in the list but Kenneth Ma and Edwin Siu are there? Three of them were in Deep In The Realm Of Conscience and Steven is even the first male lead. This is absurd.

Best Actress

Louisa So for The Forgotten Valley X
Grace Chan for The Forgotten Valley
Mandy Wong for Threesome X
Eliza Sam for Apple-colada
Rosina Lam for Daddy Cool
Natalie Tong for Stealing Seconds
Nancy Wu for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Alice Chan for Deep in the Realm of Conscience 
Selena Lee for Succession War X
Elaine Yiu for Succession War
Ali Lee for Who Wants a Baby? X
Tavia Yeung for Another Era
Niki Chow for Another Era X
Moon Lau for Life on the Line
Grace Wong for OMG, Your Honour
Louisa Mak for OMG, Your Honour
Rebecca Zhu for Fist Fight
Sisley Choi for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Predicted to win: Mandy Wong for Threesome

Wanted to win: Ali Lee for Who Wants A Baby? / Niki Chow for Another Era

Opinion: I wouldn’t have huge objection if Mandy wins, but wouldn’t it be nice to hand out the award to someone else who is deserving this year too such as Ali or Niki since Mandy already took two awards (Malaysia and Singapore).

Most Popular Male TV Character

Wayne Lai as Ho Wing-nin in Daddy Cool
Carlos Chan as Chung Ting-kwok in Daddy Cool X
Benjamin Yuen as Tsang Tung-yan in Stealing Seconds 
Kenneth Ma as Yam Sam-shu in Deep in the Realm of Conscience X
Edwin Siu as Ho Lei in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Ruco Chan as Heshen in Succession War X
Shaun Tam as the Jiaqing Emperor in Succession War
Lai Lok-yi as Elvis Yip in Who Wants a Baby?
Pakho Chau as Ching Hoi in Another Era
Joe Ma as Mak Tsoi-tin in Life on the Line
Matthew Ho as Cheuk Ka-kit in Life on the Line
Ben Wong as John Fan in OMG, Your Honour
Eddie Kwan as James Yiu in OMG, Your Honour
Oscar Leung as Charles Chiu in OMG, Your Honour
Hugo Wong as Michael Lai in OMG, Your Honour
Vincent Wong as “Fever” Cheung Fei-fan in Fist Fight X
Mat Yeung as Leo Ha in Fist Fight
Hubert Wu as Lee Yan-long in Wife Interrupted
Dicky Cheung as Dik Kei in The Learning Curve of a Warlord X
Tony Hung as Ma Tan in The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Predicted to win: Benjamin Yuen in Stealing Seconds / Vincent Wong in Fist Fight

Wanted to win: Carlos Chan in Daddy Cool

Opinion: If Benjamin Yuen won this, he will not win best actor. I would rather hoping this situation to happen. But in this category, I’m rooting for Carlos as his role as the great grandpa in Daddy Cool is funny and likable and he did very well in it.

Most Popular Female TV Character

Joyce Tang as Hung Sheung-sin in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Rebecca Zhu as Ku Man-yi in The Forgotten Valley
Mandy Wong as Evie Fong in Threesome X
Grace Chan as Sau Tsoi-sam in Birth of a Hero
Eliza Sam as Barika Lee in Apple-colada
Crystal Fung as Chan Yuk-man in Apple-colada
Rosina Lam as Aki Chong in Daddy Cool
Natalie Tong as Kris Ching in Stealing Seconds
Nancy Wu as Wong Chun in Deep in the Realm of Conscience X
Alice Chan as Princess Taiping in Deep in the Realm of Conscience X
Selena Lee as Empress Xiaoherui in Succession War X
Elaine Yiu as Changmei in Succession War
Ali Lee as Ellen Tong in Who Wants a Baby? X
Samantha Ko as Katina Hui in Who Want a Baby?
Gloria Tang as Chu Siu-wai in Another Era
Kelly Cheung as Mandy Man in Life on the Line
Grace Wong as Ophelia Mok in OMG, Your Honour
Kaman Kong as “Sitting” Ma Sze-ting in Fist Fight
Moon Lau as Jill Chiu in Wife Interrupted
Sisley Choi as Cheung Yuen-yuen in The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Predicted to win: Ali Lee in Who Wants A Baby? / Mandy Wong in Threesome

Wanted to win: Selena Lee in Succession War

Opinion: If Mandy Wong win best actress, this award will then go to Ali Lee likely. I have this feeling that Ali Lee will not go home empty handed this year. My personal favourite for this category is actually Selena Lee. Her role in Succession War is again underrated. She did it so well and gracefully. She deserves some serious recognition and is overdue for TVB awards.

Best Supporting Actor

Jimmy Au for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Louis Yuen for The Forgotten Valley
David Chiang for Birth of a Hero
Jazz Lam for Apple-colada
Andrew Yuen for Apple-colada
Willie Wai for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Savio Tsang for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Joel Chan for Succession War X
Jonathan Cheung for Succession War X
Tsui Wing for Who Wants a Baby? X
Bowie Wu for Another Era
Karl Ting for Another Era
Joey Law for Life on the Line
Arnold Kwok for Life on the Line
Bob Cheung for Life on the Line X
Oscar Leung for OMG, Your Honour X
Hugo Wong for OMG, Your Honour
Jackson Lai for OMG, Your Honour
Telford Wong for Wife, Interrupted
Raymond Wong for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Predicted to win: Jimmy Au for Come Home Love: Lo And Behold

Wanted to win: Bob Cheung for Life On The Line

Opinion: Looks like the race for supporting actor this year is nothing exciting. I have a feeling that since Jimmy Au missed out the chance to win last year and so this year will be the time to compensate.

Best Supporting Actress

Joyce Tang for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Mandy Lam for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Zoie Tam for The Forgotten Valley
Crystal Fung for Apple-colada X
Kaman Kong for Apple-colada
Elvina Kong for Daddy, Cool
Jacqueline Wong for Deep in the Realm of Conscience X
Susan Tse for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Akina Hong for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Stephanie Ho for Succession War
Angelina Lo for Who Wants a Baby? X
Samantha Ko for Who Wants a Baby? X
Gloria Tang for Another Era
Jeannie Chan for Life on the Line
Kelly Cheung for Life on the Line X
Pinky Cheung for Life on the Line
Kirby Lam for OMG, Your Honour
Tiffany Lau for Fist Fight
Toby Chan for Fist Fight
Vivien Yeo for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Predicted to win: Jacqueline Wong for Deep In The Realm Of Conscience

Wanted to win: Angelina Lo for Who Wants A Baby?

Opinion: TVB usually likes to contribute shock in this category (even Rebecca Zhu is shocked to win this award last year when she heard her name called out). TVB would want to hand out this to Jacqueline Wong so that she won’t be that ‘far behind’ her boyfriend, Kenneth Ma. Angelina Lo stood out in this race for her powerful performance in Who Wants A Baby? and this wonderful veteran actress deserves it more than anyone else this year.

There are some other categories too but I won’t be putting my focus on those.

Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong won Most Favourite Lead Actor and Actress for both Singapore and Malaysia region.

TVB held its 50+1 Anniversary Gala yesterday to celebrate the station’s 51st birthday on November 19th, 2018. Besides than the usual performances and massive gathering of TVB artistes, there was this one new segment where the Most Favourite Lead Actor and Actress awards for Singapore and Malaysia were presented.

Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards and TVB Star Awards Malaysia had been cancelled this year. However, Malaysian and Singaporean audiences can still vote for their favourite lead actor and actress of the year and the result were revealed on the Anniversary Gala. The reason I’m excited to watch the gala live yesterday is not because of the games, dances, gigs, songs or lucky draws but because of this revelation of winners.

I am already expecting Mandy Wong from her performance in Threesome (I didn’t watch this series though but heard a lot of praises for her) to win although I prefer Ali not to go home empty handed (Ali Lee did well in Who Wants A Baby too). It is also disappointing of not seeing Selena Lee being placed in top 3 at least (her role in Succession War is brilliant and very likable). It would be nice if Mandy and Ali each won one for Most Favourite Lead Actress. In the end, Mandy Wong swept both the Singapore and Malaysia awards. The same goes for Most Favourite Lead Actor of which Benjamin Yuen took both too. This is the one that got me very upset. Benjamin is definitely not on par yet to win and he even swept two now. This is absurd. This result is an obvious outcome from below average male performances in TVB dramas this year. If Kenneth Ma’s ‘The Exorcist Meter’ get to air this year and not last year, he would have won all the Most Favourite Lead Actor’ and even ‘Best Actor’ awards easily this time around. This shows that timing and luck are very important.

So it looks like Mandy Wong is now the definite frontrunner for Best Actress on next month’s TVB Anniversary Awards while I still see Alice Chan as a strong dark horse this year. Ali Lee may sneak in for the win too but her chance seems to be dropping. Rounding up Top 5 will be Nancy Wu and Grace Wong. Benjamin Yuen is now the frontrunner for Best Actor (I sincerely hope he doesn’t win, he is certainly not best actor material yet) while the other four to be in top 5 would be Vincent Wong (last year’s TV king), Joe Ma, Carlos Chan and Ruco Chan. Anyone but Benjamin for the win. Benjamin had won much more than he deserved by now already.

(Images in this post are from TVB Jade Pack’s Facebook page)

So how is the TVB Anniversary Awards going to be later this year? Here’s my early prediction so far.

News came out last month that TVB had decided to cancel their annual oversea awards (Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards that are usually held in October and TVB Star Awards Malaysia that are usually held in November) beginning this year as an initiative to cut down their expenditure. Those who have been following closely or even been a frequent attendee to these oversea ceremonies would certainly be saddened by this decision.

Not forgetting the oversea audiences, TVB decided to introduce three new awards specially for the Malaysian and Singaporean audiences to vote. They are ‘My Favourite TVB Lead Actor’, ‘My Favourite TVB Lead Actress’ and ‘My Favourite TVB Drama’. The online voting for the first two awards are open now and several nominated TVB artistes have started their award campaigns here in Malaysia and Singapore. I read from somewhere that these two awards will be presented on November 19th at Hong Kong during the TVB 51st Anniversary Gala show. The voting for ‘My Favourite TVB Drama’ will be starting soon and the winner will be revealed on December 16th at Hong Kong during the TVB Anniversary Awards. Can someone help me to clarify on it? Is it true? By the way, I’m slightly confused with another question. So, will there be three new awards (combining votes from Malaysia and Singapore) or six new awards (separate winners)?

TVB should actually made it very clear by now since we are now left with a little over 2 weeks only before its Anniversary Gala on November 19th and less than 2 months before its prestigious Anniversary Awards ceremony. As mentioned earlier, the nomination list for ‘My Favourite TVB Lead Actor’ and ‘My Favourite TVB Lead Actress’ are out. I won’t post them here because basically, every lead (or even supporting) actors and actresses having filmed a drama released this year is nominated. I suggest TVB to narrow down their nomination list to just 10 or 5 per categories to make it more exciting just like how the Hollywood does with their awards.

So far, I have watched 9 TVB series this year including the currently running ‘Life On The Line’. If there are six new awards (3 for Malaysia, 3 for Singapore), I would pick 3 names for each that I think will have a high chance of winning one, two or all three (highly doubt that). Why 3 names? I’m predicting and equating these new oversea awards to the ‘Most Popular TV Female Character’ and ‘Most Popular TV Male Character’ awards to be presented at TVB Anniversary Awards annually. So, now, here comes my early prediction:

Most Favourite TVB Lead Actor – Malaysia, Most Favourite TVB Lead Actor – Singapore, Most Popular TV Male Character – Hong Kong

Ruco Chan (Succession War),

Carlos Chan (Daddy Cool),

Chris Lai (Who Wants A Baby?)

Opinion: Not a single outstanding performance from either actors or actresses this year. And this makes the awards much more open and it seems now that many people really stood a chance this time. No exceptional strong contender. For these same-ranked awards, I’m picking these three (shown above). Benjamin Yuen is a dark horse here since TVB seems serious to be highly promoting him this year. As for the highest honour, the Best Actor at TVB Anniversary Awards, it’s still too early to tell but I have a feeling Vincent Wong from his upcoming ‘Fist Fight’ drama will make him win this award twice in a row. Steven Ma from ‘Deep In The Realm Of Conscience’ could be rewarded but I doubt that so far.

Most Favourite TVB Lead Actress – Malaysia, Most Favourite TVB Lead Actress – Singapore, Most Popular TV Female Character – Hong Kong

Selena Li (Succession War),

Mandy Wong (Threesome),

Ali Lee (Who Wants A Baby?)

Opinion: I didn’t watch ‘Threesome’ but I heard good review to Mandy’s performance in that short series. It’s also TVB’s pattern to reward young actresses that did show breakthrough. Selena Li has been with TVB for so long and has not even receive a single award from TVB Anniversary Awards. She deserves it this year from her role in ‘Succession War’. Although her role is somewhat a not powerful or dominating one, but she carried it very well and elegantly. Where is Alice Chan? Although I find her performance in ‘Deep In The Realm Of Conscience’ exaggerating and over-the-top at many scenes, she still stood a high chance on winning not any of these three but the coveted Best Actress at TVB Anniversary Awards, since the competition is so weak this year (last year too…still mad that Natalie Tong won best actress last year from her performance that was nothing spectacular at all).

Most Favourite TVB Drama – Malaysia, Most Favourite TVB Drama – Singapore, Best Drama – Hong Kong

Daddy Cool,

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience,

Life On The Line

Opinion: The currently running ‘Life On The Line’ seems promising and is quite moving. This drama reminds me a bit of ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ back in 2012 of which they are both medical dramas and taught audiences a lot of touching life lessons. ‘Deep In The Realm Of Conscience’ obtained huge popularity from mainland China and I’m quite certain it would be rewarded somewhere although I disagree as I find the drama boring and poorly executed. ‘Daddy Cool’ is quite an interesting and highly watchable drama early this year. ‘Fist Fight’ which will be airing soon may join the race later. I actually liked ‘Succession War’ a lot but it just doesn’t get the popularity it deserves.

That’s it for my early prediction to several new key awards for annual TVB Anniversary Awards this year. Once the full nomination list for the December 16th’s TVB Anniversary Awards 2018 is out, I will post a much updated prediction for each categories by then.

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Ending the weekend with final episodes of TVB ‘Succession War’.

Saving money is the priority this weekend after a heavy spending on Universal Studios last weekend. I already had an outing yesterday plus a movie and so for today, I will just stay at home most of the time. That’s the best way to keep the money in the wallet. End of the month is near and I can’t wait to get my hard earned salary. I have been spending the day mostly being online on Facebook and YouTube, taking a nice rest in preparation for busy weekdays ahead as usual, and had just watched the exciting final two episodes of TVB drama ‘Succession War’.

It is a historical drama that starred Ruco Chan, Shaun Tam, Selena Lee, Elaine Yiu, Natalie Tong, Angelina Lo, Yoyo Chen, Jonathan Cheung, Stephanie Ho, Matthew Ho, etc. The drama revolves on the last 28 days of the life of Qing dynasty court official Heshen, who is known for being the most corrupt court official in Chinese history.and focuses on the Emperor’s attempt to eliminate him. The drama has 28 episodes, and each episode reflects one day of the storyline. That’s a cool approach and it helps to get the story fast-paced and not lacking any depth, thanks to the multiple helpful flashback scenes.

Ruco Chan is very convincing as Heshen while on the other hand, Shaun Tam who is portraying as the emperor is doing very poorly in this drama. I have never seen him in any dramas before and so I think he is inexperienced. All he do in this drama is to forcefully show his very angry face in every scenes. One same facial expression (and the deep ‘Batman’ voice) for almost the entire drama. An emperor can still convey his power and fearfulness through many subtle ways, but Shaun Tam is just not knowing how to do that or is not given any useful advice by the production team. I hope he do knew all these criticism and improve on his acting skill since we will be seeing him in more dramas in the future.

The girls in this drama are just taking on minor and supporting roles but they too shine due to their great performances and story arc that binds the whole series together. Selena Lee is beautiful and excellent as the imperial noble consort. She has improved a lot over the years and I can say that by now, she is a best actress material. Too bad, this drama isn’t focusing on the females and she will not get any recognition or awards from her role here although she nailed it very well. Elaine Yiu and Natalie Tong are also great in their respective roles that are very similar (helping Ruco on his mission with all kind of sacrifices while being his lovers). Also not to be missed out is the fantastic performances by the veterans such as KK Cheung as the retired emperor and Angelina Lo as the dowager noble consort.

The number of good TVB dramas every year has been decreasing rapidly. ‘Deep in the Realm of Conscience’ is a poor drama and I was surprised by the huge rating and critical reception it gets especially from mainland China. On the other hand, I’m shocked that this ‘Succession War’ receives very low audience viewership and isn’t getting the popularity that it deserves. I personally think that ‘Succession War’ is so much better than that boring ‘Deep in the Realm of Conscience’. The former is very engaging and delivers exciting storyline in every episode up until its aired finale just now. The only bad thing from ‘Succession War’ is Shaun Tam’s acting. Other than that, everything is good. Even my dad who seldom watch dramas is praising it. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Succession War’ a total of 8.1. The best TVB drama of the year so far.

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