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Back to update my blog quickly. It’s almost end of September!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on September 23, 2017 by vincentloy

Hey, I’m back to update the blog after some time. I have been stressed by my thesis work lately and so I didn’t have the mood to concentrate on something else in this recent weeks. I have been doing a decent amount of work every week and shown in to the supervisor, and still, there is more work to be done. There are now less than 2 weeks to the interim presentation and 6 more weeks to the most crucial final submission and presentation. This is the most significant part of my study and hence I could not be updating my blog as frequently as I did in the past. 24 hours a day is already not enough for me (applies to all architecture students too).

If someone wish to study architecture, I would not recommend unless he or she really has a very high passion on it. It will takes up a lot of effort (variety of tasks), a lot of money (very costly fees and expenses for needed materials), a lot of time (expect many sleepless nights to work on the assignments), etc. It will also sacrifice your leisure time for hobby or entertainment and it will sacrifice your social life. My housemates have been asking me to join them for some outings, games or events, but I rejected most of them since I seriously do not have the time for it although I do need some relaxation. But architecture doesn’t allow me to do that. Now, my housemates no longer invites me for stuff and I’m left alone in the dark. I’m really getting very jealous of them and the courses they are taking because they are so free all the time. I’m getting over it and I hope that architecture will really rewards me a lot in the future, looking from all the sacrifices and effort I have placed in it.

Well, I would still allocate a short period of time daily for a bit of entertainment to get the pressure out of me. If you knew me well, you would know what action that is. It’s by going online (I love to watch YouTube videos recently and I shall eliminate that habit soon as my thesis deadlines is nearing) and watching movies (I didn’t watch many new films this year) and series. Yup, I’m still on Hong Kong series. After ‘The Unholy Alliance’ ended, I started watching ‘Line Walker: The Prelude’. Now, I’m done with its first 10 episodes. It looks not bad so far but I felt that it couldn’t live up to its successful predecessor (2014’s Line Walker). I will write more about it (and review) after I finished the whole drama somewhere in October. It is one of the six (or seven) anniversary dramas this year for TVB 50th birthday celebration. I do look forward to some of the other upcoming exciting anniversary dramas such as the ‘Heart of Greed 3’ (named ‘Heart and Greed’ now), and ‘Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 2’ (named ‘Deep In The Realm Of Conscience’ now).

Back in Malaysia, my dad recently told me that he got some tickets for the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Para Games 2017. The games is the multi-sport event for the disabled athletes in South East Asia region. It is organized after the end of SEA Games last month. The closing ceremony will be held tonight in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is doing quite well in the medal tally although not topping it this time. We still made good result by becoming the second country with highest medal counts. I told my dad not to have high expectation on the closing ceremony as it will features not much of exciting performances but rather boring singing by some Malay artists (that is certainly not diversity!). Well, my dad will be attending mostly because he wants to bring his two grandsons (my two little nephews) to watch big event like this and the fireworks, and that the tickets they got are free. It would be nice if he obtained free tickets for the SEA Games opening ceremony last month. The opening ceremony for that is not bad and worth watching. Even if he got them, I couldn’t attend it as I’m now in Australia…for my thesis (again)!

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Perth greeted me with extreme cold!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on July 31, 2017 by vincentloy

I safely landed on Perth early this morning! Went straight to home and have a nap till afternoon to recover on the sleepless night I had in the plane. Woke up and went immediately for a quick essential grocery shopping before going to the first class of the semester on 4pm. As soon as I landed on Perth, I felt the cold deep to my bones! It was a huge transition from the very hot climate in Malaysia to the wet winter in Australia now.

I’m back to this beautiful small city of Perth, Western Australia. (Picture above from:

The highest temperature today is about 12 degree celsius. It may not sound very cold for you, but it is for me. My body is shaking and I can the air I breathe out in the evening. Continuous rain and strong wind for the whole day today makes it almost unbearable for me. If not for the class to attend, I would not want to step out of my house at all. The class is over after 2 hours, had a nice dinner and great catch-up with my classmates and now I’m back to my room with my heater on. That’s the most comfy thing ever for today. Ahh…also the hot shower I took just now too.

The first class was fun with great lecturers and classmates. It’s my first class of the semester on the last day of the month. It will be August tomorrow. A 2-hours workshop once every week (that’s the only class for us this semester) and some fun-looking assignments that will get us prepared to enter the working industry soon after we graduate. This unit is like a ‘side dish’ to the thesis (full meal) that will complete the semester as well as the whole course.

So, let the countdown begins. 4 more months for me to endure to finish this postgraduate study. 4 more months to end my journey in education. I have no plan to go for PhD which is not necessary unless you want to be a very theoretical-based professor/lecturer in the future. 4 more months before going to the full ‘working’ mode. 4 more months before I can no longer call myself as a student (to enjoy all the student benefits) eventhough many would still mistaken me as a young school kid. It will be my last critical mission of the year. Finish the course with hopefully good results.

Last day in Malaysia and semester starts tomorrow.

Posted in Interesting Encounters on July 30, 2017 by vincentloy

My holiday has officially come to an end. This mid-year break that last for about a month is over. Today is my last day in Malaysia before flying back to Australia tonight. My very final semester starts tomorrow with a class in the late afternoon. I only have a single class session for this semester but never ever think that I’m very free. Most of my time will be spent on the thesis and I think I will be very busy for the entire semester till the very completion and final presentation of my thesis.

I don’t know why but this time, I have a strong feeling of not wanting to leave Malaysia. I’m like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to school. Haha…it’s weird. This emotion is not that strong in the previous occasions. I think it may be due to this holiday being too short and I certainly have had not enough of it. On top of that, I’m also pre-occupied with many stuff to do during this break. I also couldn’t accomplish certain tasks that I promised to do during this break before it begins. What a failure…but whatever!

I didn’t expect there is an orientation session for final year student last Friday. I’m still in Malaysia and so I skipped that. I would get the information from my friends but I still think I may have missed certain crucial information. Once I’m back to Perth, I have only a short period of time to prepare the works required for my thesis’ progress. Stress arriving even in the first week of the semester already. What a life! Fortunately, I only have two units this semester; one is the thesis project and another one is the Professional Practice 2. Once I’m done with them, I’m officially done with this Master of Architecture programme! Can’t wait for that!

By the way, I noticed that I watched significantly lesser number of movies this year. I think that’s because I have to allocate more time on my final year of study and also that I don’t have the urge to watch more movies this year. However, I do watched more Hong Kong television series this year. Right now, I’m catching up to two series concurrently. Well, now I know the reason where my time goes to…not for concentration into my study as claimed before. Haha. They are considered my only way for entertainment during this coming period of time that is expected to be stressful. Alright…time to pack my luggage and get ready to the airport. Bye…

Wait…one week left for my holiday?

Posted in Interesting Encounters on July 24, 2017 by vincentloy

Yes, it is. I can’t believe it. I will be heading to the airport this Sunday’s evening for flight back to Perth. Time flies. I have already spent a little over one month indulging in a total laziness mode. In this break, I went to Thailand for a trip during the Raya festival, I went to Genting Highlands for a short getaway to enjoy the colder air up on the mountain and I went to Ipoh for a family matter on the last weekend. And for the rest of the time, I’m just spending them at home; a lot of sleeping, a lot of time spent surfing the web, and a lot of time used on watching YouTube and Hong Kong dramas.

By the time I head back to Perth, it will be intense for me as I have to work really hard for my thesis. I should be doing some of the thesis during this holiday but I just couldn’t. Whenever I’m in my house, I felt that everything around me is making me to be not productive and not motivated to do any work. Well, I then promised myself that I will be really working intensely once I’m back to Perth. This will be my last ever break for my postgraduate study that will end this November and I will cherish every moment of it…and now I have less than one week of that.

I’m actually occupied with other stuff to do. I’m not entirely free during this break actually. I have to fetch my nephew from school everyday. I have to take care of them during every Saturday (it’s really tired to look after them and they occasionally find you to play with them…kids are full of energy and can play anywhere anytime even when my house have nothing for them to play). I have to settle my banking matter. I have to settle some university stuff. So many things to settle in my short time here in Malaysia.

For this break in Malaysia, I at least managed to visit the new MyTown shopping centre for the first time, took the MRT for the first time, saw the latest progress of construction of many new tall buildings in the KL city centre region, ate a lot of nice food that I long waited for when I was still in Perth, and met some of my relatives that I have long not seen. I wish to visit the annual ARCHIDEX exhibition held recently, but I was tired and felt lazy to go. I attended this exhibition for several years in the past and the reward  are the many free items I can get by visiting booths.


First time taking the MRT.

Posted in Interesting Encounters on July 21, 2017 by vincentloy

The whole Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Sungai Buloh and Kajang Line is complete with the opening of Phase 2 few days ago. Phase 1 was opened end of last year but I didn’t get to take the MRT because that is not the area I want to go. Now, the Phase 2 is opened and riders will get 50% discount on rides up to 31st August 2017. The stations in this Phase 2 are more convenient to me as my house is considered near to them and that I can now use them to go to certain areas in Kuala Lumpur without the hassle of finding parking spots or paying expensive parking charges in the city.

I have heard and read many good feedback on this new MRT. Finally, yesterday was the day for me to try on taking the MRT for the first time. I still have to drive for about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the station nearer to my house. They should have MRT or at least having LRT (Ampang Line) extended to my area (Taman Muda or Taman Bukit Teratai) that has a huge population but lacks public transportation system. We took the MRT from Taman Mutiara station to Bukit Bintang station. Due to the 50% discount, the ride only costs RM1.50. That’s cheap.

Car park at the station is insufficient. The station is unnecessarily huge with plenty of empty spaces that can be used for setting up kiosks. The train is very new, spacious, clean and brightly lit. However, I felt extremely cold in the train. The air-conditioning is still very new and that’s why it is very cold inside. My destination is at Bukit Bintang station, an underground station that looks great with vibrant red colored reflective cladding. This MRT system is no doubt a great addition to the city and it will eventually help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

More areas should be covered in future addition or extension of train lines so that more people can rely on public transport in Klang Valley. This MRT Sungai Buloh and Kajang Line is only one of the steps to make it possible. Besides that, the integration of MRT with LRT, Monorail or other lines should be made as seamless as possible and the walking distance between their stations should be kept minimal. As for our Prime Minister’s comment that someone told him that our MRT is even better than those in New York, London or Hong Kong, I think he is being too proud of himself. Those were built much earlier and it is very usual for our country’s new MRT to be better looking to them.

Back to Malaysia, and I couldn’t stand all these things! And by the way, this is my 1900th post!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on June 20, 2017 by vincentloy

Yes. Finally, I’m back to my country, back to my home. After a lengthy wait at the airport for the flight (I reached airport way too early as there is no queue at all on normal Monday in the airport for those check in and immigration procedures), a lengthy flight (the flight took over 5 hours and 30 minutes from Perth to Kuala Lumpur), and a lengthy wait to get the luggage in KLIA (you know you are in Malaysia when you have to wait almost an hour to see our luggage are finally arriving), I’m finally back home.

I do felt really unnecessary and uncomfortable to have that much of time wasted in airports on a single day alone. Quite tiring and frustrated. I don’t enjoy sitting in a plane especially for a flight that takes longer than 2 hours. I felt very uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep usually in a flight. I don’t like being fixed to a small crammed space for a long duration of time. Fortunately, this time it was slightly better. Isn’t there technology available yet to increase the speed of normal airplanes nowadays? It would be very useful to cut everyone’s time on flights.

The first thing I’m doing when I reach home is not to unpack my stuff, but is to go out to the nearby mamak stall for my late dinner. I miss roti canai and maggi goreng a lot and so I ordered both of them just now. What a satisfaction! They do not only satisfy my hunger but also fulfill my long-awaited desire to eat them again after a half year. Nevertheless, tomorrow will be the day I will begin to hunt down all my other favourite Malaysian food! my stomach is ready for them!

The other thing I couldn’t stand when I reach home is my room! My very own room! It has a weird smell to it when there is no one occupying it for some time. And the worst is my wardrobe. It gets very damp and has white spots growing in it, which eventually affects all the clothes that I placed in it. I have previously thrown away a lot of my clothes in the past because of that issue. And till now, the problem still didn’t get away. Oh God…please help me! What can I do to fix this wardrobe? Sometimes, there are also some kind of insects or bugs lingering inside, perhaps due to the dampness as well. And then, my room is also frequently visited by lizards. They are not harmful but I want my room to be clean and bacteria-free. Get out, lizards! This is not your house!

One more thing. The weather. I think I’m used to the perfect nice weather in Australia (as I have lived there for one and a half year already) especially now when it is winter over there. When I’m back here, I felt the stuffiness, and the heat even at night. Hmm…my body has to adjust back to the Malaysian weather and it really made me felt uncomfortable. I’m supposed to be very happy and excited to be back home but these are the things that dampen my spirit now. Anyway, it’s still my country, still my home, and is still my room. I will adjust back to them accordingly.

One more thing to share before I end this post. This is officially my 1900th post in my blog here! Amazing, isn’t it? Another hundred posts and I will reach the exceptional 2000 mark! That one can be certainly accomplished before my blog’s 10th anniversary in next year’s September!

Alright. I’m tired now after a long day. Good night and bye!

Everything is finally done for the semester.

Posted in Interesting Encounters on June 16, 2017 by vincentloy

Huh…a sign of relief, a sign of stress leaving and a sign of embracing holiday is approaching. I have finally completed my design studio portfolio which is the final assessment of the semester and submitted this afternoon. I am actually a week ahead on submitting that one together with my physical sectional model because I’m flying back to Malaysia on next Monday already. I was quite tired in the last few days to rush and get this work done.

Now I will have this last remaining weekend for room cleaning and luggage packing. I can’t wait to get back to Malaysia to eat my favourite chilli pan mee, durian, fried koay teow mee, maggi goreng, roti canai, cendol, nasi lemak, wantan mee, etc. While I’m missing all the food back in my home country, I am actually in the opposite opinion in terms of weather. I rather enjoy the cold weather here in Perth right now than the extremely hot and humid climate in Malaysia 365 days a year.

Well, my study is not over yet. I will be back to Perth by end of July to start my very final semester of my Master of Architecture programme before graduation. That will be a 4-months period for me to focus on my thesis project and also on one other remaining unit to complete. There wouldn’t be many classes to attend, but workload would be much heavier due to the thesis project. I’m hoping that I can get satisfying result both for this semester (that has come to an end) as well as for next semester which is very crucial.

Once I returned to Malaysia, I will have few days of break chilling at home before taking a flight again on next Saturday for a short trip to Thailand. My trip will be during the Hari Raya holiday and I will spent five days in Bangkok and Hua Hin. I have been to Thailand twice in the past (once in Hatyai and Songkhla and once in Chiangmai and Chiangrai). And by the time I’m back from the trip, it will be almost end of June already. Then, I will have the remaining mid-year break to work further on my thesis project and do detailed site analysis on my proposed site. So, it’s not a full 100% holiday time for me. There’s still works to do.

But for right now, I wouldn’t stress myself for that first. I will just enjoy for the moment and I deserved it after all the hard works for this semester. This semester appears like more longer than the past two semesters and with more workloads. Anyway, it’s done and I’m wishing the best for my result. I’m so sleepy now. I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight (something that I have done for a very very long time).

End of semester celebration? No energy for it. I can’t even open my eyes wide now. I think a good sleep is already a form of celebration for an architecture student like me already…Haha…yes, it is! I’m not joking.