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Last day of CNY!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on March 2, 2018 by vincentloy

Today is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year celebration and that means it’s the last day of the festival! Happy Chap Goh Meh! I didn’t get many angpow this year as I was away in China on the first half of the 15-days festival. However, I managed to earn some extra money in this time around from winning lottery. I seldom buy lottery but it looks like I have a bit of luck from 4D this year. It would be great if this luck continues in the rest of the year.

As usual for every year, me and my family attended a worshiping ritual (some sort of ceremony) last evening to wish for abundance of luck this year. Those who are born in the Year of Sheep (that’s me) is predicted to be not doing that well this year (luckily not the worst) according to Chinese zodiac forecast. Hopefully, things will turn out much better for me. I didn’t really believe much into such thing, but when you are told to attend this kind of rituals, I will just obey. Putting all that aside, I will just have a positive mindset to deal with anything that comes in 2018.

Since me and my parents were in China during the previous CNY eve, we couldn’t gather with the rest of my family for a proper reunion dinner on that evening. Hence, we postponed that important dinner to last Sunday. We had a great time (and of course a great meal at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant in Serdang). The dinner costs almost RM 1000. That is my first and last time tossing yee-sang, a must-do during CNY. Besides the trip, this year’s CNY was kind of boring to me. Well, at least this year, I didn’t get to be overwhelmed by questions like ‘why are you still single?’, ‘when are you getting a girlfriend?’, ‘have you started working?’ by the typical aunties.

February has ended and it’s now March already. I have few more days to myself to get ready with my portfolio and then off I go, heading out to look for a great job somewhere outside Malaysia. I do hope to be able to get into a famous architectural office in Singapore or Australia. My last resort would be back working in Malaysia (feeling comfy staying back in KL but really not attracted to the low pay here). But for now before getting nervous to that, it’s time for me to be excited for the 90th Academy Awards happening this Sunday (Monday’s morning for Malaysia). I have been paying huge attention to this year’s ceremony as I have watched all of the 9 nominated films for best picture (also have watched most of the other films contending in other categories too). The race for best picture is still wide open at this stage and that is what makes this year’s Oscars so exciting! However, I find that there are no exceptionally excellent films last year (only moderately good). Well, we will see who get the coveted Oscars few days later…




Awesome show by Jacky Cheung at his concert ‘A Classic Tour’ in Kuala Lumpur.

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I was very excited when my friend successfully helped me to buy tickets for Jacky Cheung’s concert during the ticket launch three months ago while I was in Australia. His tickets are so hard to get. I remembered I did try to buy the tickets myself through online purchase. However, the website kept crashing and the tickets were all sold out in twenty minutes. Fortunately, I have one friend who planned to queue at Quill City Mall for the ticket launch and he decided to help me along. That’s so awesome.

Jacky Cheung is a well-known Hong Kong Cantopop singer and is one of the four ‘Heavenly Kings’ in Cantopop music. He is also being known as the ‘God of Songs’ due to him having a lot of classic songs that won huge number of awards in the past and for having the best singing skill among the four ‘Heavenly Kings’. I have never watched his concert before and so I am very eager to watch it this time. He seldom return to Malaysia to organize one and we may not be able to see more shows from him in Malaysia in the future. So, this is like a golden opportunity for everyone. His ‘A Classic Tour’ in Kuala Lumpur took place for 3 days (26th, 27th and 28th January 2018) at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil and I attended the first one (yesterday’s evening).

Since it’s a Friday evening, quite a number of people were late to the venue due to the rain and traffic congestion. Many were not expecting (me included) that the show will start on-time at 8pm due to Malaysian culture of being late. I was wrong. The show started sharp at 8pm while I (and my parents) had just entered and were queuing to go to the washrooms. A lot of people were still queuing outside to enter the stadium. We rushed inside and had a hard time finding our seats in the fully packed stadium with all the lights already off. Hence, we missed out the first two songs by Jacky unfortunately.

The show was awesome. Jacky put a lot of effort in it. Usually, a singer who is performing oversea will usually slack down and deliver performance of lesser passion and quality. Well, that’s not the case for Jacky. The stage (it’s a four-side stage) is beautifully crafted with all the possible motions to allow for a creative animated display while Jacky is performing. The lights are fantastic and the state-of-the-art technology helped elevate the whole atmosphere into a very exciting and engaging nature. I didn’t expect that the standard of concert’s set design in Hong Kong’s famous Coliseum is brought into Malaysia for the very first time and I’m exceptionally delighted. Every audiences is also given a free light stick to make the whole stadium more electrifying and synchronizing.

Jacky delivered the songs and dances with huge passion. I can see that he was tired after half of the show (couldn’t blame him as he will be 57 years old this year already) but he insisted on performing with awesome effort and quality. His singing skill is still magnificent and his live performances are brilliant. There are also a lot of dancers and other performers on the stage in some parts, and it means that this is seriously a grand big-budget production. It is certainly worth the money of everyone who has paid to watch his concert. Totally deserving. Furthermore, the show is 3 hours long (started at 8pm and ended exactly at 11pm), which is more than I’m expecting earlier. The only thing that is not the best is that Jacky didn’t perform some of his hit songs. Well, this is forgivable since he has a lot of great songs and it’s impossible to sing all or most of them in a single show. At least, he still did covered most of his classic hits and I got to sing along too, indulging myself into the excitement. I am not his fans (I hardly hear his works) and I’m surprised that I can still remember some of his songs and their lyrics.

So, here’s some of the clips I have taken during the show…just a short clip…enjoy if you are into Jacky Cheung. There is one part when there was someone who is proposing to his girlfriend right near where I was sitting…wow…what a romantic way to propose but it’s really noisy that it’s impossible to hear a word from them:

His concert here for his worldwide ‘A Classic Tour’ (he did mentioned that this is his 132nd stop) is amazing! Now, that’s a top-notch show that other singers can learn from. I had an awesome time watching it and it was certainly a great experience! This is definitely my first highlight event of the year! The next one shall be my graduation early next month! Hopefully I will get to see more great events coming in for the rest of 2018!

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My 2017 is filled with thesis and travels.

Posted in Interesting Encounters on December 15, 2017 by vincentloy

After creating a post that compiles the most significant or viral worldwide events or happenings that shape 2017, it’s time to narrow the topic down to my personal journey in this year. 2017 has been a slightly less spectacular year for me but I couldn’t complain much as I still went through the year quite smoothly. Here below are the 5 major things that I have been through in 2017:

My Final Year Of Study

2017 is not only the final year of my postgraduate study but it is also the very final year of my life as a student. There is no intention at all for me to further my studies to PhD level. I am certainly stopping at Masters level that will conclude this year with me obtaining a Master of Architecture from Curtin University. Beginning 2018 and till my retirement, it will be all about working life! Hence, 2017 will be particularly memorable for me as this is the last year that I will be able to enjoy the long study breaks, attending classes in campus, walking in the nice Curtin campus environment (first picture below), and meeting new classmates. As I will be travelling around to look for job next year, I also would be missing Perth, Australia, (second picture below) the city that I have settled in for these past two years for my study.

All The Time For Thesis

Thesis occupies most of my time this year. It is a major requirement for me to complete my study and I placed countless effort, time and passion on it throughout this one whole year. I remembered the days when I could only get less than 5 hours of sleep daily to finish it up, locking myself in my room and staying in front of my laptop working on the thesis continuously for multiple hours, grabbing quick bites for lunch or dinner as not to waste time to catch up on the work, etc. Finally, the thesis is completed and is getting quite a good grade.

Finally Get To Travel To Vietnam

Why do I said that? My family have plan to visit Vietnam back in 2012. We booked a tour, we made the payment, and we are prepared for the trip back then. However, my grandma was getting really ill and passed away few days before the trip. The trip had to be cancelled. This year, we finally able to travel to Vietnam during the Chinese New Year holiday early this year. I went to Hanoi and the famous Halong Bay is truly magnificent. There are also other destinations worth seeing in Hanoi.

First Time In Bangkok

I have been to Thailand for few times in the past but I have never been to its capital, Bangkok. I finally had the chance to visit the city middle of this year during the Hari Raya holiday with my parents. I had a great time visiting some famous attractions there such as the National Palace, Wat Arun Temple, Wat Pho Temple, Asiatique Waterfront, etc. I also visited Hua Hin, a beachside town not far from Bangkok and I got to stay in a hotel’s room facing the sea directly.

Short Holidays Everywhere

Besides than lengthy trips to Vietnam and Thailand, I also occasionally went for some quick trips throughout the year during the study breaks. I went to Genting Highlands (my father’s favourite because there’s a casino up there and also due to the colder temperature up there) – first picture below. I also went to Ipoh for an emergency family matter and had some great meals over there. Recently, I also went to Malacca’s A Famosa Resort to visit its Animal Safari and to Sekinchan (second picture below) and Kuala Selangor to view the beautiful paddy fields and fireflies in the evening.

I did mentioned previously that 2017 hasn’t been particularly good to me especially in financial point of view. A huge sum of money is spent on this final year of my study especially during the last month when I have to submit my thesis (print and bind the report in few copies, print and add base to my large presentation panels, spent money to buy model-making materials and do laser cutting for my final model, etc). And it’s not ending yet. My university is going to ‘attack’ me with a last cash grab before I left in the form of costly expenses for my coming graduation on February next year. I am going to work really hard to earn all that money back very soon beginning next year!

And since I have been travelling back and forth between Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand this year, I have to officially announce that I hate taking flights from now on. I am a person that will feel very uncomfortable in a plane especially in long flight. I hate sitting in a tight area for few hours continuously, I hate all the airport procedures and waiting time, and I hate that I could not sleep at all in plane although I tried that many times before in the past. But for the sake of traveling and going oversea, boarding a plane is inevitable.

Now, I look forward to a much more extraordinary year ahead – 2018! About two weeks left before 2017 ends.

Besides dramas, YouTube is my next source of entertainment, particularly for music!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on November 14, 2017 by vincentloy

I am now not committed to any more TVB dramas (most probably) until the end of this month when the ‘Heart and Greed’ (third series in the popular ‘Heart of Greed’ series franchise) releases. And so what am I watching? Did you know that I must find something to watch especially when I’m having my meals? (Please don’t think something dirty…haha) Now, I’m used to randomly watching some old movies that I have collected over all these years in my hard disks. I think I have over 500 movies in my collection. Besides that, YouTube is my next favourite platform to watch some latest news on sports, politics, entertainment industry, architecture, music videos, game shows, etc.

Recently, I have been following on the singing competition called ‘The Voice: Singapore and Malaysia’. This ‘The Voice’ competition is originally from US and it was so popular that other countries started to organize similar one too. Malaysia have this sort of competitions in previous years; in the form of Astro Star Quest for young singers and Astro Classic Golden Melody Competition for veteran singers. I’m unsure whether the latter would still continue but it is almost certain that the Astro Star Quest (it has 20 years of history) is no longer happening this year to make way for this ‘The Voice’ competition. It is also a joint show with Singapore in finding the best Mandarin-speaking singers in this region.

I like the way that the organizer will upload most of their weekly episodes on YouTube on time for us to watch (especially for me who are not in Malaysia and not having access to Astro). I am amazed by the number of talented singers in Malaysia (as seen from many great Malaysian voices I have heard in that show). Here are some of the contestants’ performances that I enjoyed listening to (they are great…but at certain point, still not as exceptional as the fantastic competitors from China or US in their versions).

This contestant’s clip has the most views among all the other contestants in the blind audition stage. The reason is clear; he is delivering a nice song, with great skill and plenty of emotion. His performance here made all four judges to turn over.

I have to include this veteran female singer. Her voice reminds me immediately of the late Anita Mui.

This is a pair of contestants advancing from the blind audition stage to the battle stage. They now compete against each other in one song and are coming from the same judge that they have chosen to mentor them earlier.

Here are some other music videos from YouTube that I have been listening frequently to in recent weeks:

The ending theme song for the TVB drama ‘Line Walker: The Prelude’. This song had just won My Favourite Theme Song’ at Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards last month. This song titled ‘Forgetting Myself’ by Hana Kuk is beautiful.

This is a live recording of Sammi Cheng’s Touch Mi 2 concert in Hong Kong. She felt ill during that time and she lost her voice. Hence, you will notice that her performance is quite weak but I still love that. I love her spirit and her songs of course. She has been my most favourite singer for many years. I particularly like this song (called ‘The Last Time’) in recent weeks. I’m sure in weeks later, I will be switching to her other songs (she has over 100 songs to date). Many of her songs are classic too. That is why she still stands today as a Cantopop queen.

Now, this is really a very old and classic Mandarin song that exists for around 30 years already (I think so). It attaches to me a lot as I remember I have been hearing and liking it when I was just a small kid. When I listen to it again recently (happen to found it back on YouTube recently to my delight), there is a strong nostalgic feeling overpowering me. I wonder if you remember this song too if you are also growing up listening to Cantopop and Mandopop songs.

I don’t only listen to Chinese songs. I also listen to English songs. Who’s in my mind? Definitely Ed Sheeran. He is so popular now not only with his great songs but also with his distinctive look (his hair!). Here’s his latest music video for his song ‘Perfect’ (just released five days ago). The song is literally perfect too.

I seldom blog anything about music. But here it is. Enjoy the songs!



The crucial one last week before submission.

Posted in Interesting Encounters on October 30, 2017 by vincentloy

Hey, everyone. You would have noticed that I have not been able to update my blog frequently in recent time. I was super busy on my thesis week as I have to submit it by next week. I guess I shall take a bit of my time off and return here to update on my current ‘state of life’.

I have been occupied with so many things to do. Since I have been designing a skyscraper (not even a single tower, but a complex of three tall towers) for my thesis design project (it’s a large scale work), there has been a huge amount of drawings that I need to produce. Now I start to feel slightly regret over my decision to choose ‘skyscraper’ although it is my favourite. Since there are so many drawings in the picture (quantity assured), I am worried of their qualities instead. I am not being very good in graphic editing of the drawings especially for my rendering. My rendering skill is mediocre and I cannot succeed in producing photo-realistic imageries.

I have only about 14 weeks (actually only about 10 weeks or less after deducting the time for compiling research and going for interim presentations) on the design work. Hence, I think my design is still not at the best as it has not been fully explored or tested yet. There is literally not enough time to do that (especially for a complex of three towers). All the things would be much more refined and better if we have one or two more extra weeks.

Now, what’s left to do are my sectional drawings, further post-production to my renderings, additional diagrams, physical model and report compiling. And I have only one week left for that. I guess I’m not going get enough sleep for this one whole week…and that is seriously bad for my health. Although I still will allocate some time for sleep, but I cannot sleep well too due to the pressure from the incomplete work.

Now, I wish I can finish all of them smoothly and right on time. God…wish me best of luck on this. I’m hoping to perform well in this one which is the last ever assignment before the completion of this postgraduate study (Master of Architecture). Previously, I have prepared a schedule on what task I shall do daily in these final two weeks. As expected, I couldn’t meet the target as some drawings take longer time than predicted. Fortunately, there is still one good news as I have completed the final assessment for the other unit for this semester. At least I have one burden off my head and I can fully concentrate on this thesis.

Alright. That’s it for my update to the blog. I have to immediately get back to my work. And it’s the end of the month and I take this opportunity to wish Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating!

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Back to update my blog quickly. It’s almost end of September!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on September 23, 2017 by vincentloy

Hey, I’m back to update the blog after some time. I have been stressed by my thesis work lately and so I didn’t have the mood to concentrate on something else in this recent weeks. I have been doing a decent amount of work every week and shown in to the supervisor, and still, there is more work to be done. There are now less than 2 weeks to the interim presentation and 6 more weeks to the most crucial final submission and presentation. This is the most significant part of my study and hence I could not be updating my blog as frequently as I did in the past. 24 hours a day is already not enough for me (applies to all architecture students too).

If someone wish to study architecture, I would not recommend unless he or she really has a very high passion on it. It will takes up a lot of effort (variety of tasks), a lot of money (very costly fees and expenses for needed materials), a lot of time (expect many sleepless nights to work on the assignments), etc. It will also sacrifice your leisure time for hobby or entertainment and it will sacrifice your social life. My housemates have been asking me to join them for some outings, games or events, but I rejected most of them since I seriously do not have the time for it although I do need some relaxation. But architecture doesn’t allow me to do that. Now, my housemates no longer invites me for stuff and I’m left alone in the dark. I’m really getting very jealous of them and the courses they are taking because they are so free all the time. I’m getting over it and I hope that architecture will really rewards me a lot in the future, looking from all the sacrifices and effort I have placed in it.

Well, I would still allocate a short period of time daily for a bit of entertainment to get the pressure out of me. If you knew me well, you would know what action that is. It’s by going online (I love to watch YouTube videos recently and I shall eliminate that habit soon as my thesis deadlines is nearing) and watching movies (I didn’t watch many new films this year) and series. Yup, I’m still on Hong Kong series. After ‘The Unholy Alliance’ ended, I started watching ‘Line Walker: The Prelude’. Now, I’m done with its first 10 episodes. It looks not bad so far but I felt that it couldn’t live up to its successful predecessor (2014’s Line Walker). I will write more about it (and review) after I finished the whole drama somewhere in October. It is one of the six (or seven) anniversary dramas this year for TVB 50th birthday celebration. I do look forward to some of the other upcoming exciting anniversary dramas such as the ‘Heart of Greed 3’ (named ‘Heart and Greed’ now), and ‘Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 2’ (named ‘Deep In The Realm Of Conscience’ now).

Back in Malaysia, my dad recently told me that he got some tickets for the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Para Games 2017. The games is the multi-sport event for the disabled athletes in South East Asia region. It is organized after the end of SEA Games last month. The closing ceremony will be held tonight in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is doing quite well in the medal tally although not topping it this time. We still made good result by becoming the second country with highest medal counts. I told my dad not to have high expectation on the closing ceremony as it will features not much of exciting performances but rather boring singing by some Malay artists (that is certainly not diversity!). Well, my dad will be attending mostly because he wants to bring his two grandsons (my two little nephews) to watch big event like this and the fireworks, and that the tickets they got are free. It would be nice if he obtained free tickets for the SEA Games opening ceremony last month. The opening ceremony for that is not bad and worth watching. Even if he got them, I couldn’t attend it as I’m now in Australia…for my thesis (again)!

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Perth greeted me with extreme cold!

Posted in Interesting Encounters on July 31, 2017 by vincentloy

I safely landed on Perth early this morning! Went straight to home and have a nap till afternoon to recover on the sleepless night I had in the plane. Woke up and went immediately for a quick essential grocery shopping before going to the first class of the semester on 4pm. As soon as I landed on Perth, I felt the cold deep to my bones! It was a huge transition from the very hot climate in Malaysia to the wet winter in Australia now.

I’m back to this beautiful small city of Perth, Western Australia. (Picture above from:

The highest temperature today is about 12 degree celsius. It may not sound very cold for you, but it is for me. My body is shaking and I can the air I breathe out in the evening. Continuous rain and strong wind for the whole day today makes it almost unbearable for me. If not for the class to attend, I would not want to step out of my house at all. The class is over after 2 hours, had a nice dinner and great catch-up with my classmates and now I’m back to my room with my heater on. That’s the most comfy thing ever for today. Ahh…also the hot shower I took just now too.

The first class was fun with great lecturers and classmates. It’s my first class of the semester on the last day of the month. It will be August tomorrow. A 2-hours workshop once every week (that’s the only class for us this semester) and some fun-looking assignments that will get us prepared to enter the working industry soon after we graduate. This unit is like a ‘side dish’ to the thesis (full meal) that will complete the semester as well as the whole course.

So, let the countdown begins. 4 more months for me to endure to finish this postgraduate study. 4 more months to end my journey in education. I have no plan to go for PhD which is not necessary unless you want to be a very theoretical-based professor/lecturer in the future. 4 more months before going to the full ‘working’ mode. 4 more months before I can no longer call myself as a student (to enjoy all the student benefits) eventhough many would still mistaken me as a young school kid. It will be my last critical mission of the year. Finish the course with hopefully good results.