February comes and it’s all about the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration!

First month of 2019 is over and now we welcomes not only the arrival of the second month of the year but also the wonderful Chinese New Year celebration! This lunar new year festival doesn’t comes until next Tuesday, 5th February but everyone is already in the celebration and holiday mood by now. Time to fill the month with plenty of red colour (deemed as auspicious colour for the Chinese) starting with this post!

I will be taking my flight to Europe tomorrow to kickstart my 10 days trip during this long holiday. I am very excited to visit all the amazing places in Eastern Europe soon (but not excited for the two long-hour flights to reach Europe which would definitely caused me huge discomfort). Hence, my next blog post will be somewhere on mid February when I returned from the trip to note down all the wonderful experience I had from it and share some amazing photographs I have taken.

For now, I would like to take this opportunity to wish to my family, relative, Chinese friends and colleagues a wonderful and prosperous lunar new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! May this new lunar year of pig brings you abundance of great health, wealth and happiness! Yeah, it’s the year of the pig. The last animal zodiac sign in the 12-year cycle.

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Happy New Year! Looking forward to a great 2019.

Happy New Year!

Year 2018 has ended with some great memories, huge challenges and major turning points for me and it’s time now for us to embark on more awesome adventures ahead in year 2019. Goodbye 2018!

Time flies. I think I have written that couple of times in the past but that’s so true that I wish to stress it all over again and again. It is as though my graduation and my Chinese New Year trip to China (took place on the past February) had just occurred three months ago. I felt like it was just yesterday when I moved to Singapore with huge anxiety for my career over there (and that was actually 8 months ago).

I’m glad I’m still in one piece, doing fine, staying healthy and going tough and strong in this past year. Any new year resolution for me? No, because I find that new year resolution doesn’t work. I prefer to set goals with my own timeline so that it can be more flexible to follow my pace without much pressure while still be on course to achieve the goals.

So, that’s it for my first blog post of the year. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely wish everyone who is reading this a wonderful Happy New Year!

I’m ending the post with a brilliant quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach that we all should take note from:

” Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by BELIEVING “

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Merry Christmas everyone! Have a great holiday season!

I would like to take this opportunity on the day of the Christmas eve itself to wish everyone a wonderful and joyful Merry Christmas!

There’s not much of Xmas atmosphere outdoor here in Malaysia (as it is super hot and humid outside) and that’s why people are flocking to air-conditioned malls for shopping and to take hundreds of pictures of beautiful and extravagant Xmas decorations in them.

To get to a cooler place to immerse myself into a more Xmas feel this time of the year, I went up to Genting Highlands yesterday for a day trip. A good decision because it’s the best place to feel a little cooler (temperature around 20 degree or less which is good enough to experience ‘winter’ in Malaysia) up on a hill. On the other hand, it is also a bad decision as the crowd is super massive over there during the weekend (heavy traffic congestion on both ways) and I lost money at the casino (always losing money at Genting).

What should be done in Christmas is to forget those bad stuff and just live our life with positive mind! I am enjoying my slightly longer holiday weekend break now (putting aside my stress and my work stuff for a moment), and then work for three days and then another long weekend break (coming New Year holiday) comes. Hurray!

Last but not least, I would like to wish to you a Merry Christmas once again! Enjoy!

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Deepavali holiday back in Malaysia.

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends and to the others who are celebrating this wonderful festival! May this Festival of Lights be a festival of joy, peace and prosperity!

This year’s Deepavali falls on a Tuesday (tomorrow) and many people including me are taking leave today (Monday). That means we got to enjoy a four-days long break after counting in the past weekend. I was definitely not missing out this opportunity to return to KL for a long holiday, desired entertainment, deserving rest and to reunite with my family.

Surprisingly, the bus trip back to KL from Singapore on last Friday’s evening was not as bad as I expected. There were massive congestion of cars but my trip was not affected as we are on the bus lane that was less crowded. I was still to reach home at around 3 to 4am as usual (I was reminded back then when I only got to arrive at home by 6am when I cam back to KL during the Raya holiday).

This long break allows me to have a good bonding time with my family. I also got to play rummy game with my family on last Saturday’s evening after dinner (didn’t play it for quite a long time already). Then, we spent the whole Sunday at Genting Highlands. Although most of us lost some money up there (me included, but I’m glad I only lost a bit), but we were still enjoying the trip with some awesome time especially when riding the Awana Skyway cable car from the Premium Outlet to the mountain resort at the top (my second ride). It’s really hard to win money from Genting (if not, Genting won’t be as grand, big and wealthy as it is today).

This time around, most parts of the new indoor mall called Sky Avenue at Genting Highlands have opened up to the public including cool outdoor dining area, cinema, etc. However, the indoor theme park inside the mall isn’t opened yet (it will open most probably on January 2019). The very much delayed outdoor theme park (20th Century Fox World) is still under-construction but all the shapes and main structures were built already. After years of delay, I’m expecting it to finally open end of next year. By the way, it looks very small and compact. The new Sky Avenue mall has taken up a huge chunk of the land, hence reducing the area of the outdoor theme park unfortunately.

(Image source: http://www.themeparx.com/20th-century-fox-world-malaysia)

Time flies. I’m returning to Singapore tomorrow’s afternoon and my ordinary working life resumes after that. Anyway, I’m still cherishing the break I have back at home. The next long holiday that I have got to enjoy would be the Christmas break end of this year.

Happy Halloween! What’s the coolest Halloween gift you ever receive?


This famous painting of the nun from the ‘Conjuring’ film series would be the perfect Halloween gift for your friends! Give it as a surprise Halloween present for your playful friends! Haha. By the way, the painting seriously looks damn creepy. It would be terrifying if you really have this painting in your bedroom, right on the wall across from your bed. And when you turn off the light, the painting is slightly illuminated to reveal yet another sight of horror. I believe no one will dare to hang that up.

The movie ‘The Nun’ which was just released last month has been doing very well at the box office (it has grossed over US$360 million so far  and is already the highest grossing film in the ‘Conjuring’ film series). It does not perform well to the critics though; earning less than 30% at Rotten Tomatoes. Have you watched the movie? It is a must watch if you are a fan of the ‘Conjuring’ film series. James Wan, a Malaysian born Australian film director is the man behind this. A very talented man (he designed this nun’s appearance as well as the creepy Annabelle doll too).

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Until these days, I’m still confused and curious on why do the Western people (or Christians) ‘happily celebrate’ and ‘enjoy with fun’ a festival that remembers the dead and puts ghosts and scary stuff to the spotlight. It is a norm for them to play trick-or-treat, pranks or other games, watch horror movies, attend costume parties, share horror stories, visit haunted attractions, and just enjoy the fun. Try imagine us, the Chinese celebrating Qing Ming Festival or Hungry Ghost Month Festival with games and laughter like Halloween. We would be grilled by the elders due to being very disrespectful. That’s such a different (totally opposite) practice by different culture. We said ‘Happy Halloween!’, but we will never say ‘Happy Qing Ming!’.

Halloween comes and it means this long month of October is finally coming to an end. I’m looking forward to the next two months (last two months of the year) where many holiday is coming such as Deepavali (next week!), Christmas and New Year celebration.

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Mid-Autumn Festival isn’t complete without mooncakes!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Since there isn’t any four seasons here in Southeast Asia, we usually called the festival as Mooncake Festival. Well, the festival isn’t complete without the mooncakes. I love to eat them, especially the original flavor (lotus paste with yolk). However for this year, I didn’t get to eat snow skin or jelly mooncake which are my other favorites besides the original flavor. They are pretty expensive and taste very sweet nowadays; well, it’s alright since we only got to eat them once a year.

In case you didn’t know or didn’t realize, Mid-Autumn Festival is actually the second largest celebration for the Chinese. Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month in Chinese lunar calendar, Mid-Autumn Festival is a public holiday in China, Hong Kong, and also Taiwan. Since Chinese forms the major population in Singapore, I think Mid-Autumn Festival should be made a public holiday too since it is a rather important and meaningful festival. Singapore has too few public holiday annually.

I went back to KL last weekend and had a nice dinner with my family to compensate for the supposingly family reunion dinner this evening in conjunction with the festival. Well, the festival falls on Monday and is not a holiday, so it’s not possible to be at KL with family for the day. I have to save my annual leave for my Chinese New Year’s trip to Europe early next year.

Monday blues today and it get worst as I was feeling unwell; stomachache and headache. They both came at once, giving me fatigue and a huge discomfort. Fortunately, there isn’t much work today. I should have just taken a medical leave today but I didn’t, and I don’t know why. Weird. Guess I’m saving on my medical leave too (pointless). I’m going to get a good rest tonight and hopefully will return to a healthy being tomorrow hopefully. Still have to go through the remaining long week ahead.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri!…looking forward to my upcoming Raya 2018 holiday back in KL.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims, particularly to my Malay friends and blog readers here! A month of fasting finally came to an end and may you have a wonderful and festive Raya celebration with your family, relatives and friends! If you are returning to hometown, have a safe trip and don’t be stress out by the traffic congestion (it is inevitable). For those who are not celebrating, happy holiday as well! This is a slightly longer weekend, thanks to the Hari Raya holiday that falls on Friday this year. Hence, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to return home to spend a bit longer time in KL.

I’m already expecting a huge crowd tomorrow at the two border checkpoints between Malaysia and Singapore after working hours. A lot of Malaysians working in Singapore (like me, and especially the Malays) will go back to Malaysia for this celebration or simply enjoying the holiday. Usually it would take an hour or two to get through the checkpoints, but for tomorrow, I’m expecting about 3 hours. That is craziness that will only happen a few times in a year (only during festive period). A bus ride from Singapore to KL will usually take 6 hours, but for tomorrow, I’m thinking 8 hours or even more. My bus ride will start at 9pm and I think it will be almost morning when I reached KL.

The crowd at the checkpoints is my first concern. The second one is the traffic congestion along the route. Authorities in both Singapore and Malaysia should really look into making the exiting and entering procedures more efficient and less time consuming. My suggestion is to combine the two checkpoints into one, making it much easier and convenient for everyone. For bus passengers like us, we do not need to get down the bus twice if this approach is implemented and the buses do not need to queue again and again. People would ask me, why not just take a flight? Well, affordability is still my priority.

There isn’t much Raya mood going on here in Singapore, mainly because Malays comprises only a very small portion of the population here. It’s considered just a minor celebration here as opposed to being one of the main festive seasons in Malaysia. I recalled the time when I was working in a small office where all the other employees are Malays. They would turn up the radio with all the repeating festive Raya songs, share the Raya snacks and biscuits, and organize break fasting session and I would join in the fun. When my former colleagues were taking additional leave on the Raya week, I am the only one left working in the office. That was some cool experience though.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish to all the Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri again! Have a great one! I’m looking forward to this weekend too in KL!

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