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Will be away to Thailand for trip beginning tomorrow! And Selamat Hari Raya!

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri / Happy Eid to all Muslims across the world especially to my Malay friends in Malaysia! Have fun and enjoy in this festival after a month of dedicated fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan. Have a safe journey back home (balik kampung) and cherish the happy and festive moment with your family, relatives, friends, and neighbours. For the other Malaysians (me included) who are not celebrating, Happy Holiday!

I always envy this Hari Raya festival. It comes earlier every year because the Islamic calendar is shorter than the Gregorian calendar the whole world is using now. For our Chinese New Year festival, we are fixed to the time from January to February annually because our Chinese calendar has the similar number of days with the Gregorian calendar. Soon after, Hari Raya will get past us one round and clash with the Chinese New Year.

So for this Hari Raya holiday, I will be joining my parents for a short trip at Bangkok and Hua Hin, Thailand. We took on a 5 days 4 nights group tour which will begin tomorrow and ends on next Wednesday. I have been to Thailand twice in the past but this will be only my first time visiting its capital city, Bangkok. I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping that I can see some great architecture over there like the traditional ones such as from its palaces and temples and the contemporary ones such as from its latest tallest building, Mahanakhon (designed by Ole Scheeren). You see, that’s the difference between a normal tourist and a people with an architecture background. You tend to search or look for different thing even when you are on a trip. I call it ‘architectural virus’ that has infected me for over a decade.

Besides than the bustling Bangkok, I am also anticipating for the visit to Hua Hin, a small beachside holiday town which is a few hours drive south from Bangkok. I think I need a time to get near to the nature and so this beachside attraction will be an ideal location. I have just returned from the airport few days ago, and tomorrow, I will be heading there again to catch the flight to Thailand. KLIA is now my frequent destination annually. If you want a tour in the airport, I think I can help on that without any problem. Haha…I have just unpacked my luggage few days ago, and now I have to pack it again for this trip. Will be back writing about this trip as soon as I’m back on next Wednesday!

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Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of rooster!

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I’m wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! This wish is particularly for my family, relatives, friends, neighbours, and to all Malaysian Chinese! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


The lunar new year comes early this year. This Chinese largest festival (known as Spring Festival in China) always falls on February every year. But for this time, it’s on end of January. We have just finished celebrating the new year 2017 and now we get to celebrate another one. Next year, this festival will be pushed back to February due to additional days in our lunar calendar once every four years.

We now say goodbye to the year of monkey and welcomes the year of rooster. Rooster is the main character this year and unfortunately, it’s also usually the main character in our Chinese dishes. Chicken dishes everywhere and my two nephews love to eat them the most.


This is also the time for us, the superstitious Chinese to check on our zodiac forecast of the year. I was born in the year of sheep and so my Chinese zodiac sign is sheep. I found out that this is going to be an average year for me, with nothing really bad or good happening. It’s a fairly flat year for me. I will take that. Well, I’m not superstitious but getting a knowledge of it is something not harmful either, so why not…

I had a fairly plain reunion dinner just now in a simple and affordable restaurant nearby. The important thing is not the cost of the food, but everyone being together on the table for this significant meal. It’s alright. We will be having a ‘grander’ dinner soon for the next weekend when my eldest sister and her family will join in too. I will be spending the first day of the Chinese New Year visiting some relatives and also watching a Chinese New Year movie in cinema hopefully. Then, from second day to sixth day of the celebration, I will be having a vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam with my parents. After coming back, I will be spending that coming weekend (next Saturday and Sunday) on Genting Highlands. That’s it. After that, it’s the end of my Chinese New Year celebration this year before I fly back to Perth, Australia near the end of February to resume the final year of my postgraduate study.

Let’s not talk that far yet. Now, is the time to get prepared to welcome this lunar new year with joyful mood, get dressed in new clothes, get angpows, meet relatives (and hopefully successfully dealt with all those questions from aunties and uncles asking about whether you have boyfriend or girlfriend already or not), gamble (who doesn’t like to play and hopefully win), attend friends’ gatherings, eat all those delicious new year biscuits and cookies, watch all the released CNY movies this year, light up firecrackers or fireworks, etc.


Once again, Happy Chinese New Year! May you have a blessed year ahead with good health and wealth! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Happy Chinese New Year! Let us all have a wonderful time in this Year of Monkey!

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It’s the most festive time of the year again; the Chinese New Year celebration! I would like to wish to all my family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours and my fellow blog visitors (yes, you!) a Happy Chinese New Year! I wish that we all will be blessed with great health and fortune in this lunar new year! I also wish that all of us would be having a prosperous and a very smooth year ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Goodbye to the Year of the Goat! It has been a year of quite a number of ups and downs (mostly downs) especially for me who is also born in the year of goat, and hence expected to be not having a good year in 2015. That is over and now we welcome the Year of the Monkey in 2016! For this year, after being a little superstitious especially at this time of the year getting to listen and read to all the Chinese horoscope forecast, I discovered that those born in the year of goat (myself included) would be very good this year! Wow…the first thing on my mind is; Sure or not? Let’s hope so in the end.


Today is already the Chinese New Year’s Eve! It’s the day for all family members to gather together and above all, having the very important reunion dinner this evening. I have had reunion dinner with my family early this week already since I would be flying to Australia tonight with my parents for a vacation, hence no time for the dinner tonight. We had our reunion dinner outside in a nice restaurant and we tossed yee-sang too (typical tradition). There is nothing special about it but for me, it is always feeling great to see all of our family members seated together for a nice meal and chats along. It is harmonious. You will feel it later too. It is just so good.



This is also the time of the year again for me to post up some clips related to this wonderful Chinese New Year celebration which is also popularly known as Spring Festival in China. The first two clips are two wonderful advertisements for this year’s CNY by BSN and Petronas, and one more is from CCTV in conjunction with CNY last year about the essence of chopsticks, the traditional eating utensils by Chinese. I’m moved by these three clips:

Happy Chinese New Year once again! And for my other Malaysian friends who are not celebrating it, Happy Holiday to you too!

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Full list of winners of the World Architecture Festival 2015.

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The World Architecture Festival, which is often billed as the biggest global architectural event annually has concluded yesterday at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for this year after three days of successful run. All the winners for multiple awards contested in this festival are announced. Overall, there are over 30 competition categories with nearly 340 project entries to be assessed in this year’s festival. Official website of the festival:


First of all is the highest honour of the festival, World Building of the Year 2015 award. The winner goes to The Interlace, Singapore and is designed by OMA and Ole Scheeren. Aptly named, the complex features 31 apartment blocks which ‘interlace’ or cross over each other diagonally. The complex features structures stacked one on top of of the other and is surrounded by pool and garden areas. This development also won the Complete Housing category before taking the top prize.

World Building of the Year winner: The Interlace / Singapore / OMA & Ole Scheeren


(Comment: I first get to know about this project some long time ago and from that time onward, I’m already very interested into its concept and its unique form. A very well deserved winner for this year’s World Building of the Year award. Would love to check this building out when I’m in Singapore next month).

Future Project of the Year winner: Vancouver House / Canada / BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Landscape of the Year winner: Yanweizhou Park / China / Turenscape International


Small Project Prize: Lidingövallen / Sweden / DinellJohansson


AkzoNobel’s Prize for Colour in Exterior Architecture: ONS INCEK Showroom & Sales Office / Turkey/ Yazgan Design Architecture


Arcaid Images Architecture Photography: EPFL Quartier Nord, Ecublens / Switzerland / Richter Dahl Rocha & Associes / Photographer: Fernando Guerra

(My comment: I knew it. Previously I did wrote a blog post highlighting all the finalist images for this award (link: and I personally picked the image above to win. And it did. My prediction went right and my own judging is on expert’s level too. Haha…It’s really a nice and a picture full of feel and meaning in architectural sense).

Student Charrette Winner: School of Architecture and Planning, Bhopal for City of Lakes

Completed projects’ categories:

Civic & Community winner: Cam Thanh Community House / Vietnam / 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC


Display winner: Brazilian Expo Pavilion / Italy / Arthur Casas & Marko Brajovic


Higher Education & Research winner: Toho Gakuen School of Music / Japan / Nikken Sekkei


House winner: Saigon House / Vietnam / a21 Studio


Housing winner: The Interlace / Singapore /  OMA & Ole Scheeren


Mixed-Use winner: Casba / Australia / Billard Leece & SJB Architects


Office winner: Nakayama Architects / Japan / HIGO


Shopping winner: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu / China / The Oval Partnership



Culture winner: SOMA City Home for All / Japan / Klein Dytham Architecture


Health winner: Walumba Elders Centre / Australia / Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects


Hotel & Leisure winner: Lanserhof, Lake Tegern / Germany / Ingenhoven Architects


New & Old winner: Courtyard House Plug-In / China / People’s Architecture Office


Production, Energy & Recycling winner: Fabrica de Oliva / Uruguay / Marcelo Daglio Arquitectos


Religion winner: Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies / Qatar / Mangera Vyars Architects


School winner: Ballet School / Russia / Studio 44 Architects


Sport winner: San Mames Stadium / Spain / Azcarate (ACXT-IDOM)


Transport winner: Fulton Center / USA / Grimshaw, ARUP, James Carpenter, HDR, Page Ayres Cowley


Future projects’ categories:

Culture winner: Museum of Painting and Sculpture / Turkey / Emre Arolat Architects


Health winner: Al-Maha Centre / Qatar / HDR Rice Daubney


House winner: ISSA Grotto Hill House / Croatia / Davor Matekovic & PROARH


Infrastructure winner: Cukurova Regional Airport Complex / Turkey / Emre Arolat Architects


Leisure-led Development winner: Olympic Stadium Transformation / UK / Populous


Masterplanning winner: Kaliningrad Development Concept / Russia / Studio 44 Architects


Office winner: Reservoir / India / Sanjay Puri Architects


Commercial Mixed-Use winner: Gardens at Punggol / Singapore / Serie + Multiply Consultants


Competition Entries winner: Quay Quarter / Australia / Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp


Education winner: Performing Arts Centre / UK / Studio Seilern Architects


Experimental winner: Home Farm / Singapore / SPARK


Residential winner: Vancouver House / Canada / BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Most of the winning projects shown above are already cool just by looking at the images. Unfortunately, no Malaysian works get to win this year again. I did wrote about the 5 Malaysian works competing in this year’s World Architecture Festival (link: in my previous blog post. We are seriously lacking behind in terms of architectural excellence and let’s hope that Malaysia will build more aspiring and creative designs in near future. If not, we will not be seen in global architectural event like this.

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5 Malaysian architecture and design projects competing in the currently running World Architecture Festival 2015

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The annual World Architecture Festival is returning back this year as it is currently running from November 4th to 6th 2015 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It is a global event that gathers architects and professionals related to the field from across the world for many beneficial functions like seminars, talks, debates, etc. One of the major highlights of the festival is the awards selection for buildings of the year in various categories in competition. There are 5 Malaysian works being selected as finalists for the awards selection of this year’s World Architecture Festival. Eventhough architecture scene in Malaysia is still not very good compared to many other countries, but I’m glad that our local works are steadily improving and now can make an impacting presence in global competition like this one.


Out of the five projects shortlisted, four are architectural works and one is an interior design project. Will they take home at least an award? The full result of the awards will be announced today and I will post it up earliest by this coming weekend. It would be nice if we can at least win one, but I think the chance is quite low. Now I’m also dreaming that hopefully in future, there would be my own architectural works featured and winning in this festival. Haha….Anyway, here are some quick info of the five Malaysian works competing in the currently running World Architecture Festival in Singapore:

G Hotel Kelawai, Penang
Completed – Hotel and Leisure
K2LD Architects, collaborating architect, T.Y. Au




Contemporary and sophisticated, the 24-storey G Hotel Kelawai in Penang boasts the island’s first sky bar at its rooftop infinity pool, offering panoramic views of Penang Hill and George Town. On the ground floor, a garden acts as an extension of the public park next to it, providing a green space for people to gather. Looking in from the street and lobby level, one will see a suspended golden cage specifically designed to allow multiple entry points that lead to and connect the lobby, lounge bar, and reception areas. To reduce heat in our tropical climate, the building has been constructed with a dual-layer “skin”, the outer layer consisting of a sun protecting screen made with durable and recyclable aluminium hollow sections on the podium and expanded mesh on the tower component. Deep concrete overhangs that project out from the building floor plates block direct sunlight plus hold the screening devices in a pleasing geometrical form and pattern. Come nightfall, the facade screens light up in a display of colours to reflect the many different festivities celebrated in multicultural Malaysia.

The Spiral Pedestrian and Cycle Link, Kuala Lumpur
Future Projects – Infrastructure
Eleena Jamil Architect



A green and healthy-living-based design, this proposed development aims to boost sustainable mobility and improve ecological connections in Kuala Lumpur. The architect hopes to achieve the latter by linking key landmarks currently separated by different conditions. The project will allow cyclists and pedestrians of all levels of mobility to move around. The plan includes looking at the possibility of extending the routes around Perdana Botanical Gardens to areas that are currently off-limits. The journey begins by ascending a spiral ramp at one end, taking cyclists and pedestrians across a slip road. Then the path continues along a sloping green edge parallel to a busy highway. Going back to ground level will involve circling a spiral garden filled with an array of local tropical plants. Existing mature trees in the area add to a “forest canopy” experience.

Tree Cube, Kota Kinabalu
Future Projects – Education
Kenneth Tan Design Architect (KTDA)



This project’s purpose is to transform a school’s central courtyard into a more functional space for both teachers and students. Usable floor space is maximised by doing away with walls, creating an open pathway between buildings and offering a conducive space for teachers and students to socialise. This is further enhanced by the strategic placing of chairs and tables. The plan also involves incorporating two new office floors with staircases built along the side. The design allows a generous amount of natural light to fill the interior, with a tree rising up towards a natural skylight adding to the serenity of the space. A wooden lattice design – representing the branches of a tree which extends downward from the ceiling – decorates the inner wall of the skylight.

The Bamboo Playhouse, Kuala Lumpur
Small Projects
Eleena Jamil Architect



The Bamboo Playhouse is a public pavilion designed to provide a shaded space for play, rest, meeting points, and performances. It explores the potential of using bamboo as a sustainable building material in a modular structure and reflects the Malay kampung house style, which features raised decks of different heights. From the centre of each deck, a column consisting of 100mm-diameter bamboo culms open up like an umbrella to act as the roof structure. The underside of the roof is lined with a traditional woven bamboo mat. Inspired by the traditional Malay freestanding pavilions called wakaf, the structure will also see bamboo “baskets”, or treehouses, suspended high above the ground. Located in the Perdana Botanical Garden in Kuala Lumpur, it will become one of the first formal bamboo structures in the city when completed.

Expressionz The Loft, Kuala Lumpur
Interior Design – Residential
Motto Designs Sdn Bhd



This design exhibits creative use of space, materials, and lighting. The layout is kept clean and spacious against a dark palette background, typical of the interior design firm’s signature style. In the living room, well-designed feature walls ascend all the way to the top, exuding a solid look. Furnishing is kept minimal with only key designer pieces to enhance the room while a bookcase lines the wall all the way to the ceiling. The flight of stairs leading to the master bedroom and en suite bathroom features timber finishes and a drop-down shelf that acts as a side table for the armchair beneath the stairway. The minimalist look is maintained with a clever use of space for functional aspects like the kitchen and laundry. The master bedroom adopts a monochrome palette that flows into the bathroom as well. There, a standalone bathtub against a white screen and grey tiled walls with his-and-hers basins completes the space.

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Interesting procession for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival last night.

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Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爺) is a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. I remembered that few years ago when I search for information regarding this festival, there isn’t much info available online. Recently, when I do a Google search again, I’m surprised that this festival even has its own Wikipedia page already. That’s good.

There is a temple not far from my house in Ampang which is famous for celebrating this festival and so there is a tradition in my family to worship and celebrate this festival for almost every year. However, the last time I have been to watch the procession to welcome the Nine Emperors was like many years ago and so I’m actually quite excited when I get to watch it back this year. That was last night which is the eve of the 9th lunar month in Chinese calendar. Me rushing to go back home yesterday after work is paid off with an opportunity to watch a grand and an interesting procession.

The procession actually started much earlier to ‘receive’ the arrival of the Gods from waterways. Hence, it began from the temple to the Ampang river. After the Gods arrived, the procession will be conducted in a much happening mood to welcome and bring the Gods back to the temple. That’s when spectators will line up the street to watch it as it is a good sign to bring luck and good things to one’s life. We were lucky to have arrived nearby there before 9pm and was able to find parking eventhough we were a bit far away. We had a nice spot to stand in the midst of thousand of people already there and by the time we were ready to wait, the procession arrived. Here are some images I took during the procession:













Pictures still blurry despite captured by an iPhone 5. Well, the lighting is dim over there and hence picture quality won’t be good. There were also a lot of movements, hence images not focused. This time, there were quite a lot of lion dances. However, the obvious things missing is the lack of decorated vehicles as well as the famous ‘Kou Keuk Chat’ (the Seven Long-Legged Gods or something like that). And to compensate that, the procession included a number of people dressed in cute and bulky costumes resembling many Gods like ‘God of Fortune’, etc which is certainly a surprising view for me who have not seen this kind of stuff before in this annual procession. The procession lasted about 20 minutes.

A carnival-like atmosphere pervades the temple throughout the nine-day festival. Most devotees stay at the temple, eat vegetarian meals and recite continuous chanting of prayer. The street leading up to the temple is also filled with many hawker stalls, attracting also the youngsters and the scene is just like a bustling ‘pasar malam’. It is believed that there will be rain throughout the nine days of celebration. And yes…it is really raining in these days. My family and I would be going to the temple again this Sunday to pray and burn joss-sticks for the Nine Emperor Gods before the festival ends next Wednesday when the deities will be sent back to the river to mark the end of the celebration.

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20 of the World’s Best Building Images.

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Arcaid, the leading global image, stock photography resource for all aspects of architecture, interiors and design has shortlisted 20 of the year’s best architectural images for their 2015 awards – the annual Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards. The images will be presented in four categories – Exteriors, Interiors, Sense of Place, and Building in Use – and judged by an esteemed panel on their atmospheric quality, composition, use of scale and more. The winners will be considered for the Photographer of the Year Award.

The photographs will be showcased at World Architecture Festival 4-6 November at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, where the overall winner will be announced. The all 20 finalist images were shown here and I will try to be the judge of my own and analyse thoroughly which images are better, overwhelming and thought-provoking in the architectural field. After each image, I will list down my points out of 10 after a careful observations and analysis of my own (haha…so called acting like a professional judge…it’s actually cool to be a judge where you can decide the winner).

Okay…without wasting any more time, here’s the captivating 20 finalist images followed by a little background below:


Building : JBR Beachside, residential buildings and public beach
Category : Sense of Place
Place and Country : Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Photographer : Ieva Saudargaite
Architect : Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG)

My points: 7.1 (The buildings at the back are too dull-looking but I do know that the photographer is emphasizing it actually in contrast to the vibrant beach activities in front)


Building : Parque Natural do Fogo
Category : Sense of Place
Place and Country : Ilha do Fogo – Cabo Verde
Photographer : Fernando Guerra
Architect : OTO Arquitectos

My points: 7.4 (The building blurs into the landscape but the striking light brings the building out back. What’s that light anyway?)


Building : De Rotterdam
Category : Sense of Place
Place and Country : Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Photographer : Ryan Koopmans
Architect : Rem Koolhaas OMA

My points: 7.3 (This photo is at right timing with the cargo ship directly in front of the building which is shown at an angle presenting its front elevation at its best)


Building : Bethel Secondary School
Category : Sense of Place
Place and Country : Gourcy – Burkina Faso
Photographer : Grant Smith
Architect : Article 25.

My points: 7.1 (Highlighting the poor people who deserved functional vernacular architecture shown at the back but I can’t really admire this image as the building is more like a supporting role here)


Building : Kandalama Hotel
Category : Sense of Place
Place and Country : Dambulla – Sri Lanka
Photographer : Tom Roe
Architect : Geoffrey Bawa

My points: 7.8 (The distinction between the landscape and the building is very well displayed. It also shows how well man-made structure lives in seamless harmony with the nature)


Building : Living-Garden House
Category : Interiors
Place and Country : Katowice – Poland
Photographer : Inigo Bujedo Aguirre
Architect : KWK PROMES Robert Konieczny

My points: 7.8 (Many different elements of a small house that comes together beautifully in this shot. A neat image)



Building : Tranfor
Category : Interiors
Place and Country : Torres Vedras – Portugal
Photographer : Fernando Guerra
Architect : Pedro Gadanho + CVDB

My points: 7.9 (A very simple yet poetic image. It gives a varying sense of mood in two different spaces)


Building : Refugi dil fieu
Category : Interiors
Place and Country : Flims – Switzerland
Photographer : Mads Mogenson
Architect : AAM Architektin

My points: 7.6 (A very hard image soften by the small fireplace that gives the only energetic colour in this picture)


Building : Long Museum West Bund
Category : Interiors
Place and Country : Shanghai – China
Photographer : Su Shengliang
Architect : Atelier Deshaus

My points: 8.0 (A fantastic angle with one colour domination)


Building : The Leadenhall Building
Category : Interiors
Place and Country : London – England
Photographer : Mark Gorton, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

My points: 8.0 (Striking and seems infiltrating, giving a sense of illusion)


Building : Philharmonic Hall
Category : Exteriors
Place and Country : Szczecin – Poland
Photographer : Laurian Ghinitoiu
Architect : Estudio Barozzi & Veiga

My points: 7.3 (A white building that you may think it is small. But when you see the person in front with the contrasting red shirt, you will notice the scale expression of this image)


Building : Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
Category : Exteriors
Place and Country : Gold Coast, Queensland – Australia
Photographer : Christopher Frederick Jones
Architect : Cox Rayner Architects

My points: 7.5 (Highlighting the complexion of the diving structure between the building and the pool)


Building : Universite Ibn Zohr de Laayoune
Category : Exteriors
Place and Country : Laayoune – Morocco
Photographer : Doublespace (Amanda Large & Younes Bounhar)
Architect : Regroupement d’Architectes El Kabbaj

My points: 7.6 (Simple but strong, thanks to the strength of the colour)


Building : Long Museum West Bund
Category : Exteriors
Place and Country : Shanghai, – China
Photographer : Su Shengliang
Architect : Atelier Deshaus

My points: 8.0 (Another shot taken from a perfect angle highlighting building of the early modernism style with depths)


Building : Bethel Secondary School
Category : Exteriors
Place and Country : Gourcy – Burkina Faso
Photographer : Grant Smith
Architect : Article 25

My points: 7.5 (the shadows, the emphasize on closer look to the bricks and the photography effects makes it a quiet standout)


Building : Yick Cheong Building
Category : Buildings In Use
Place and Country : Quarry Bay – Hong Kong
Photographer : Tan Lingfrei
Architect : Public housing development

My points: 7.8 (the dense and the messiness balanced with the plain clear sky in the middle)


Building : Nudgee College
Category : Buildings In Use
Place and Country : Brisbane, Queensland – Australia
Photographer : Christopher Frederick Jones
Architect : M3 Architecture

My points: 7.9 (It highlights the building complex, the canopy, the field as well as the people with not going overboard in showcasing any of them)


Building : Parque Natural do Fogo
Category : Buildings In Use
Place and Country : Cape Verde
Photographer : Fernando Guerra
Architect : OTO Arquitectos

My points: 7.7 (A statement-built building with tourists at the back…well, the locals in contrasting red-coloured clothings shall be the focus and not the tourists. That’s what I can see from this image, a cultural statement there)


Building : EPFL Quartier Nord
Category : Buildings In Use
Place and Country : Ecublens – Switzerland
Photographer : Fernando Guerra
Architect : Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés

My points: 8.1 (Busy yet beautiful. People’s circulation along the corridors in front of the multi-coloured facade of the building elevates the image to another level. It’s hard for me to choose the best from this 20 pictures but so far based on my view, this one above is the best of all. Well, different people has different opinions. What’s your selection?)


Building : 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
Category : Buildings In Use
Place and Country : Kanazawa – Japan
Photographer : Jeremie Souteyrat
Architect : SANAA

My points: 7.4 (It’s nice to see interaction between people and the building is captured in this one. Engaging)

Let’s wait till next month at the annual World Architecture Festival in Singapore to see which image will win in the end. Some photographs are really subtle and wonderful while some also is kind of moderate based on my personal opinion. Anyway, huge credits to the photographers mentioned above who contributed such fascinating images related to architecture. I myself also like to take photographs of buildings and I do have some great images of my own. Maybe I can share them in my blog here in soon too.

(Information and images in this post are from the following source: