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Two bad things…

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Traffic jam is inevitable in KL, it is always everywhere, on any roads and highways…but the condition on last Friday and Saturday is really terrible and horrible…at least 3km of traffic jams are seen on each highways…and on last Friday, I’m on one of these highways….AAAHHH!!!


Stucked on the highway for more than half an hour, at least better than the others who have to continue their journey on the highways…wonder why everyone go out at the same time, using the same route…

Secondly, haze is back! This is like an annual event for Malaysia,clearly visible when I am looking at the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. It is hardly to see Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. Everything is blurred on our vision. What a poor environment, thanks to the annual forest fire from Sumatra again…haiz!!! All the dust, all the dirts….where is rain!!!??


Just hope these two things won’t get worsen…Live at KL is like this!


Assignments Left Before End of Semester…(UPDATED)

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The semester one for year one of my study is coming to an end. One semester will have 16 weeks, and this week which has ended in Week 14. Next week will be Week 15 (second last week).

Assignments, folios and exams are all reaching for their dates. Submission, presentation and exam sitting are inevitable.

These are the assignments left: (Updated – 11/6/2009)

Architecture and Culture 101 – Journal. (Completed)

                                                                      – Big Chart. (Completed)


Building Technology 101 – Final Examination (Week 16) – completed.


Architecture Design 101 – Box containing the whole semester work. (Completed)

                                                         – Portfolio. (Completed)


Design Communication 101 – AutoCad drawings (Completed)


Communication Principles 111 – Presentation (Completed)

                                                                         – Reflective Writings (Completed)


This post is just to remind me what I have left to complete before ending the busy semester…currently having holiday mood already…haha…enjoying!

Haooy Dumpling Festival!!!

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Huh, few days ago, i just noticed that the Dumpling Festival is coming soon, which is on today…


Dumpling Festival is celebrated on the 5th day of fifth month of Chinese lunar calendar…which falls on today, 28th May 2009…It is basically made up of sticky rice with some ingredients inside…

What you have to do, have a dumpling..of course… I love the ‘kan sui zhung’ and sometimes the normal one too…how about you?

Three site visits at once…

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sounds crazy..but anyway, all the three structures we are going to analyse and sketch on our journal for Architecture and Culture 101 are in the same area actually….The site visits are held yesterday…

Basically, at first we thought we would have only two remaining site visits for two topics; Setting and Imagining. However, the lecturers said that the previous site visit for Assemblage which is at Street Mall, Cyberjaya is not accurate. Hence, plus another site visit here.

Hate it when they changed the site visits out of sudden, up to their satisfaction. Totally too much and when I looked at the new building chosen for the topic Assemblage, I still think the previous one is better.

The place we went are at Perdana Boulevard, a linear road and pavement that stretch over 2 kilometres in length from Perdana Putra (Prime Minister’s Office) to Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC).



The boulevard is selected for topic of Setting, which best describes it too. This one I agreed. I walked along the middle pavement that separates both opposite lanes of road. Just walked around, taking pictures, chatting, laughing, and of course, the main objective is analysing. Think!!!

Honestly, I found some important and great thing from the boulevard, which I think not much people will know. Haha..I am standing in the middle of the 2km, looking both sides, and I am awed by the structures there. All are from where? You all know….Haha…

Next, for the topic Assemblage or known as Collage, the building is right beside the middle of the 2km long boulevard, Putrajaya Corporation Building. The main attraction of the building is the giant steel arch in the middle of the building, creating an invinsible portal from the new Putrajaya Mosque to the center of boulevard. Nothing special about other sections of the building, it is just an office, a modern-looking office. Just see its facades for the theme of assemblage.


What makes me curious more on is the new Putrajaya Mosque which is still under construction, facing the artificial lake too, like the current Putrajaya Mosque too. All materials are very modern, glass, steel, aluminium and concrete. The design is cool too, very striking and attractive.


Next, for another topic; Imagining, the site chosen is the Auditorium in the Putrajaya Corporation Building. The design is weird. It is a gigantic steel egg-like structure partially hidden in the middle of the right side of the building. It looks like an alien space ship. What’s inside? It is a large auditorium I have mentioned just now…



In front of the Putrajaya Corporation Building is the Palace of Justice, where one of our lecturers said it is ugly…haha


There is another interesting building fully covered by green glass panels,i do not know the name, it is just right beside the Putrajaya Corporation Building…


Tired after the three site visits at once? Probably yes….I did not sketch anything…just took photographs, plenty of them, to be used later for my sketches on my precious journal…

Currently, doing my journal and finish it up…and submit next two week…Almost completed..just do it slowly now…still got Big Chart…haha…nevermind..almost done too…others…okay..almost completed too…since the semester almost ends too….Enjoy! Let’s have holiday mood by now! Haha…

Dubai Fountain is awesome!

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Recently just check out on the world largest and world tallest fountain show at Dubai, United Arab Emirates…

It is located in the center of a giant development region called as Donwtown Burj Dubai, surrounded by Burj Dubai (world tallest man made structure), Dubai Mall (expanding to become world biggest mall), The Address Hotel (five star hotel) and a Park.

The fountain show is choreographed with combination of light, music and water. It is no doubt that it is the world grandest fountain show too…

When I first looked at these videos, I felt very exciting and awesome on the performance of the is great, really incredible..wished i was there watching it…

This one taken from the Address Hotel showing the top view of the fountain show: (u can see the pattern clearly here)

It is believed that the fountain can shoot water over 150 metres in height (equivalent to a typical 40 to 50 floors building) and is over 275 metres in length…Over 6 600 lights and 50 colour projectors create a visual spectrum  of over 1000 different water expressions. Different combinations of water-forms perform to selected musical pieces – chosen from a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.

The sound of water shooting up and falling back are great, similar to sound of fireworks exploding…boom…Conclusion is that, this is really cool…

Habitat on site finally ended…!!!

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What a day..a day full of hurry, a day full of sweat, and a day full of relief…

Before I went to the CyberPark for the presentation of habitat on site, i woke up pretty early…I can’t sleep any longer as I had a lot of worry on my habitat

Will it stands in stable? Will the day rains? Will the process went smoothly? Will I complete the installment process on site on time?

Many questions just pop out in my mind…After a hurry lunch with friends, I quickly get on to the park…Parking my car near to the area of my site is better, but still hard enough for me to carry so many plywoods to my site…

My site and my habitat on it:


It’s good to have friends…and one of them near my car.. so i just asked him for help…after getting all the heavy stuff to the site, i was shocked to see another student using almost the same site with mine..nevermind…

Then, I quickly install all the plywoods as i heard some of my friends saying that the lecturers have come…omg, how come today the lecturers are so punctual, usually they won’t…! Maybe they are curious and excited on our works…

Had quite a big problem during the installment walls of plywoods can’t stand as tied by the rope…hence, the rope is removed and replaced by just silicon glue…the glue is very strong..sticking woods together…

Then everything went from the beginning again..need to hurry again as the lecturers are coming nearer..and luckily, it is just right on time to finish up my habitat, and the lecturers came…

Nearer look to my habitat and me on my habitat:




Of course I greeted them and show them my lovely smile…Then I present…While I am presenting, I felt very uneasy as a lot of people (some unknown) are looking at you…making me kinda nervous on time…making me forgot on some important points to present…

Entrance into my habitat:


View towards the lake and the other area of park:


Anyway, the lecturers don’t hear much on the presentation..they just looked at ur habitat…and that’s it, they leaved…one of them was even taking pictures only..not much comment or feedback from them overall…

Anyway, i can still hear a ‘Good’ from the module coordinator..and that’s it..

It’s time to go check out the others… There are a lot of weird looking structures which totally attracted my attention…some even giving me the curiosity to try them, but i didn’t, scared that I will destroy their masterpieces…

One of the weird looking habitat by my friend: (Try to guess who is in there)


It is very hot, very sunny…a wind is just nice…my body sweats like taking a shower…and I felt very very thirsty, then go to nearby shop to buy drinks..and i just finished that in few minutes…

Time passes so fast..It’s almost 6pm….some started to dismantle their work…so do I….taking last pictures for future documentation before totally dismantling my habitat…

huh…need to carry back all those stuff to car…aiyo..very tired…luckily got friend to help too… next, we in a group (something like that) wonders around…then helped other friend dismantling..and chit-chating, an laughing after the presentation of habitat on site ended…

I can see from all faces, showing that they are so relieved, so enjoyable after the hectic work of habitat..even the lecturers knew our effort on it….our works are being viewed from other students from different departments, senior students, some strangers (pedestrians)…

yeah…time to get home and take a nice bath…just now the condition is totally like half-dead….anyway, luckily no rain….but too hot and sunny…haha…everything  seems went smoothly too…

Race to Get Higher (Skyscrapers) Presentation

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