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Full result of the TVB Anniversary Awards 2015 along with my insightful opinions.

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It has been an unfortunate timing for me as I couldn’t watch the awards presentation ceremony for the highly anticipated Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2015) live this year as I had an event to attend just now. Nevertheless, I kept myself quickly updated with latest announcement of winners in all categories of awards presented this night from the TVB page in Facebook. I’m glad that the webpage is quickly updated. If you didn’t know anything about this awards, it is an annual awards honouring the best of series, artistes and programmes of the year by TVB, the biggest television station in Hong Kong.


Hereby is the full result for TVB Anniversary Awards 2015, with my brief comments below after each categories.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nat Chan


Opinion: Nat Chan is quite a popular veteran actor in Hong Kong and it is not surprising that he is the recipient for this year’s lifetime achievement award. I didn’t watch much of his past works but his contribution to Hong Kong entertainment industry is unquestionable. Eventhough I still think that he is not that deserving for this prestigious award but looking at some past recipients whom I felt further not worthy made me think that Nat Chan is considerably fine to accept this honour.

Most Improved Female Artiste: Grace Chan (Raising The Bar, Captain of Destiny)


Opinion: Grace Chan is no doubt being given huge opportunity this year. She gained people’s attention in her nice role in ‘Raising The Bar’. However, her first lead role in ‘Captain of Destiny’ attracted more criticism than anyone else this year in terms of performances. However, that particular lead role in that anniversary series allowed her to push beyond her acting skill for a newbie, and despite she kinda failed in it, but it is still considered a breakthrough for a inexperienced actress like her. Since Tracy Chu, the other hot contender in this category is absent in the awards ceremony, so people is already expecting Grace to take this.

Most Improved Male Artiste: Tony Hung (Eye In the Sky, Every Step You Take, Captain of Destiny)


Opinion: This is also a big year for Tony as I kept seeing him with more bigger roles beginning this year. Eventhough Mat Yeung, the other popular contender had more television roles this year but his roles were mostly not significant unlike Tony.

Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu (Captain of Destiny)


Opinion: This category is somehow very weak this year and I couldn’t select anyone that performed very great or at least memorable. Out of all the nominees, I had also selected Elaine Yiu as she had been in TVB for many years already and she should be given more opportunities. Her acting as the evil concubine in ‘Captain of Destiny’ is also quite convincing. She deserved it.

Best Supporting Actor: Willie Wai (Lord of Shanghai)


Opinion: This is the result that I objected the most. The character that Willie Wai took on in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ is only a quiet follower of Kiu Ngo Tin (Anthony Wong) without much important contribution to the whole series except in the very last few episodes of the drama. He didn’t do much in most of the series except than only standing behind with little emotions and saying only a few words. I couldn’t believe he won this. I would have prefer Joel Chan or Li Shing-Cheong from ‘Captain of Destiny’ to win as both of them are exceptionally great in that series.

Best Informative Programme: Big Big World 2.

Opinion: No comment on this category as I didn’t watch all of the nominated programmes. No interest in informative programmes.

Best Variety Show or Special Programme: DoDo Goes Shopping.

Opinion: I did watched some episodes of ‘DoDo Goes Shopping’ and it is quite interesting to see DoDo with some of her friends shopping and travelling to several places in UK, France and Australia. It surprisingly beaten out early favourites; Sze U Tonight and Sunday Songbird.

Best TV Host: Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Jerry Lamb (Sunday Songbird)

Opinion: A consolation prize for veteran artistes. I would have prefer the bigger cast for ‘DoDo Goes Shopping’ to take this one too. Well, we shall give ‘face’ to Liza since she was there and she didn’t win the best actress.

Most Favourite Drama Theme Song: Secret of Tears by Jinny Ng (The Empress of China)

Opinion: Another outcome that I’m not that satisfied. I’m surprised that it beats out other many hot favourites like ‘Sailing’ by Fred Cheng (Captain of Destiny), ‘Regretless’ by Alfred Hui (Lord of Shanghai) and ‘The Beautiful Time’ also by Jinny Ng (Young Charioteers). These songs are much better and more deserving. Perhaps they awarded it to this song to give ‘face’ to this big-budget drama from mainland China.

Most Popular Classic Series: The Greed of Man (1992)

Opinion: I was only one years old when this series was first released and so I didn’t get to watch it or even its rerun several times later on. I would have prefer ‘War of the Genders’ to win this since I remember I find that drama starring Carol Cheng and Dayo Wong was very hilarious and entertaining. It’s a classic comedy.

Most Favourite TV Female Character: Kristal Tin (Ghost of Relativity)


Opinion: As predicted, I knew that Kristal will win this as I think her chance for best actress is quite slim as she had won it not long ago. Kristal delivered a very convincing and natural performance in ‘Ghost of Relativity’ and I enjoyed her in that drama. She deserved it. I’m fine with her or even Linda Chung from ‘Limelight Years’ to take this. They are equally good this year in their respective roles.

Most Favourite TV Male Character: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)


Opinion: Another very much predictable and deserving result. I’m glad that Ruco Chan had finally received recognition in TVB Anniversary Awards. He had already won Most Favourite Leading Actor in Singapore and Malaysia earlier for the same role and it’s already like 100% sure he will take this home. He totally deserved it from his excellent performance in ‘Captain of Destiny’. He helped a lot on elevating the drama’s quality.

Best Leading Actress: Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity)


Opinion: Another outcome that I’m not that happy for. I think it is a bit early to award Nancy best actress. Her role in ‘Ghost of Relativity’ didn’t need her to do much as compared to Kristal and it is not a role that stretches one’s limit in acting skill. She is no doubt a good actress but I don’t think she deserve to win this year from that role. I would have prefer Liza Wang from ‘Limelight Years’ to take it since her character in that particular series is more heavy and she is wonderfully great in it.

Best Leading Actor: Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai)


Opinion: A result that I have to agree with. Earlier, I’m like many other people especially those Ruco’s fans who wish for him to take both ‘My Favourite TV Male Character’ and this coveted ‘Best Actor’ prizes. However, after seeing Anthony in ‘Lord of Shanghai’, I’m fully amazed by his performance. Now, that is one great example of acting many TVB artistes should learn from. That is how acting should be. Anthony delivered all the things needed through his subtle expressions and gestures. He nailed it. Now, he is both ‘Film King’ (won many past film awards for best actor) and also now ‘TV King’. Fantastic actor. As for Ruco’s fans, don’t be that sad and kept saying that it is unfair. It’s already good for Ruco to win that ‘My Favourite TV Male Character’ already which is also quite an important award. Maybe he will shine back with best actor prize next year. Anthony really deserved it slightly more than Ruco. It’s not about being heavily in favour or popular with many fans, but it’s all about acting in the end!

Best Series: Lord of Shanghai.


Opinion: Last award of the night. ‘Lord of Shanghai’ is no doubt a nice drama but it could have been better in many levels. I had high expectation for it and I’m actually a little bit disappointed by how the series turned out to be in the end. Not that good as predicted earlier. However, it is still a strong drama with nice quality and heavyweight cast and so it shall win. In my mind, I think the other big contender is ‘Captain of Destiny’ of which it had won Most Favourite Series in Singapore and Malaysia earlier. I do enjoyed ‘Captain of Destiny’ for its technical achievement, plot and performances by some of the cast. In fact, I actually prefer ‘Captain of Destiny’ to win it slightly more than ‘Lord of Shanghai’ but I’m still fine with the latter winning in the end.

That’s it for the full list of result of this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards. I’m already tired of typing out the lengthy opinions I had for almost all the categories. Overall, this year’s awards is still fine with some very deserving while some not that deserving too. That’s the end for TVB stuff in my blog this year.

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Full Result of Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards 2015

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It is obvious that I’m putting more focus on the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 when we are talking about annual awards presentation for TVB series at oversea as I’m from Malaysia. However, I would also keep myself updated with the other oversea’s awards ceremony to honour TVB, and that is the Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards. As usual, Starhub TVB Awards is the first of the three major awards presentation for TVB, while TVB Star Awards Malaysia will be on next month, before finally the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards in December. The 2015’s Singapore Starhub TVB Awards was held last night on 24th October and was attended by over 20 Hong Kong artistes. I must say that Starhub Awards’ trophies are so much better looking than our Star Awards Malaysia’s ugly trophies.


Hereby are the full result of the awards ceremony alongside with my opinions for each categories:

My Favourite TVB Actress
Liza Wang (“Limelight Years”)

Opinion: Didn’t expect Liza to win eventhough from the very beginning I’m already rooting for her from her excellent performance in ‘Limelight Years’. The reason is that because the result is based on voting and I guess she as a veteran artist will not get as much votes compared to the other young and pretty actresses. It’s all about popularity and so I’m surprised that she still gained huge number of votes. Anyway, happy for this result as there is no breakthrough or any outstanding leading female performance this year. So, the next one to consider is her role in ‘Limelight Years’ which is also a good drama this year. I do hope that she will maintain this momentum and go on to win at our TVB Star Awards Malaysia too. It should not be about popularity. It should be measured by performances. Liza Wang deserved this.

My Favourite TVB Actor
Ruco Chan (“Captain of Destiny”)

Opinion: Also very glad that Ruco Chan win this. Out of all the male leading performances of this year that I have seen so far, he is the standout. He had a great role in ‘Captain of Destiny’ and he nailed the role with his superb handling of his face, body, and gesture expressions to showcase a huge range of emotions required for this nicely-developed character. I also do hope that he win in TVB Star Awards Malaysia next month too. He deserved it as he is a very talented actor with all the ingredients needed to win leading actor award already. Well, he also win the same award in Singapore last year. Twice in a row.


My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress
Lin Xia Wei (“Young Charioteers”)

Opinion: Wow..didn’t expect she would jump straight to supporting actress win but well, I think she deserved it too. Her role in ‘Young Charioteers’ is nice and she portrayed it very convincingly. It is far from good for an actress like her whom is still considered at a very junior level. Another talented young rising female artist in TVB.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor
Vincent Wong (“Tomorrow Is Another Day”)

Opinion: Didn’t watch this series but I do know that he do improves a lot in recent years. And now winning supporting actor seems to be a right thing for him too. On the other hand, I enjoyed watching him in ‘Brick Slaves’ as a leading role this year eventhough that is still not of a best actor’s material yet. ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ is supposed to be series last year, but only get to air in Singapore this year and hence you see this series in contention for their awards this year.

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
Eliza Sam (“Under the Veil”)
Kristal Tin (“Ghost of Relativity”)
Nancy Wu (“Ghost of Relativity”)
Tavia Yeung (“Eye in the Sky”)
Linda Chung (“Tiger Cubs II”)
Selena Li (“Brick Slaves”)
Priscilla Wong (“Madam Cutie on Duty”)

Opinions: Seven awards handed out. So it is like pork-sharing similarly to the ‘My Favourite TVB Male TV Character’ below. Every TVB artistes attending the awards ceremony whom have been left out of other awards will get this one definitely. I’m not okay with Eliza Sam winning this. She has improved a lot (even her Cantonese is getting better already) but still not worthy to receive ‘my favourite character’ award. There are other females who are more deserving like Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, etc. I thought usually when you get the favourite actress award (Liza Wang), you will get this one too. But nope, they allocate that spot for other people, obviously cementing my opinion just now that it is a pork-sharing situation here. Same case for the category below when Ruco won the favourite actor but not character eventhough his character is very likable.

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character
Wayne Lai (“Overachievers”)
Kenneth Ma (“Noblesse Oblige”)
Lawrence Ng (“Tomorrow Is Another Day”)
Moses Chan (“Every Step You Take”)
Edwin Siu (“Madam Cutie on Duty”)
Louis Cheung (“Momentary Lapse of Reason”)

Opinion: Only 6 for males compared to 7 for females. Not fair. Haha. If you want me to add one more spot, I would add in Kevin Cheng. He deserved it from his good role in ‘Eye In The Sky’.

My Favourite TVB Drama
“Captain of Destiny”

Opinion: I’m also happy for ‘Captain of Destiny’ series to win this. So far it is an awesome drama with great storyline, great performances (except Grace), and fantastic visual effects and editing. It will end tonight with its final episode. This is the only series of the year so far that I have been intensely catching up to every night.

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme
“Sunday Songbird”

My Favourite TVB Informative Programme
“Not Far but Away”

My Favourite Onscreen Couple
Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong (“Madam Cutie on Duty”)

Opinion: Many knew they are going to win since many people find this pairing very likable and they are really a real-life couple now. I find their chemistry is there eventhough I have not actually watch the series with them pairing. If omitting them, the next nice pairing I can think for now is Alex Fong and Linda Chung in ‘Limelight Years’. Kevin Cheng and Tavia Yeung in ‘Eye In The Sky’ is also not bad.

My Favourite TVB Theme Song
“Eye in the Sky” – Alfred Hui & Hubert Wu

Opinion: I already forgot how this theme song sounds. So, it is not memorable and I don’t think it should win this. The song by Jinny Ng for series ‘Young Charioteers’ or the song by Fred Cheng for series ‘Captain of Destiny’ are better in my opinion.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host
Adam Cheng, Liza Wang & Jerry Lamb (“Sunday Songbird”)

Best New TVB Artiste
Grace Chan

Opinion: Must they hand out this award to her? She must be getting some kind of attention this year from her satisfactory performance in ‘Raising The Bar’ but awful acting with overly exaggerated expressions in ‘Captain of Destiny’. Well, I do pity her to take on female leading role so quick since she just joined in the industry not long ago. It’s too fast for her and it’s usual that she could not catch up. Okay la…give her this award. No more than that for the moment. It’s a bad decision to bring up a newbie artist too fast.

grace singapore 2015

Most Improved Artiste
Tracy Chu

Opinion: Didn’t watch any series with her in it this year too. Well, I think she acted more natural and I couldn’t think of any other name for this award already.

Star of the Stars Awards
Liza Wang
Adam Cheng

Opinion: These two veterans are honoured with special prize this year. I must say Liza Wang has been an active actress (taking on two roles this year; in Limelight Years and in Master Of Destiny) despite her age. Her active involvement should be complimented. But wait…I didn’t see Adam Cheng in any television series for a very long time already. Well,  he is a respected veteran actor but this award for him seems too much for me. I prefer to award this to the other veteran actors who are still very active in television series until these days.

BottomSlim The Perfect Figure Award
Linda Chung

Tokyo Bust Express The Sassy Award
Grace Chan

Next up is the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 to be held on the last weekend of November before the prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards in December at Hong Kong.

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This is officially my 1500th post, and a short movie review for ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’.

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Wow….another accomplishment for my blog before the year ends. My blog here is now home to 1500 blog posts as this is my 1500th post. That’s a huge amount of posts considering the blog is only about 6 years old and everything is mostly written and fully composed by myself as the single author here. I’m very happy of course, as months ago, I have already targeted to get over 1500 mark before the end of the year. And now it does, on today, just few days before 2014 ends.


I would like to intercept this post with my blessing and sympathy to the people and areas affected by the current on-going flood in several states in Peninsular Malaysia. As of today, over 100 000 people were evacuated as the water level didn’t recede and countless damages were reported. It is the worst flood tragedy in Malaysia in recent years. I hope everything would be fine soon over there. But wait…you don’t need to cancel all the upcoming new year countdown and firework events just to show respect to the affected people. You can still maintain those already planned events and at the same time organize prayer sessions for them. Does that mean I have no new year fireworks (even from KLCC) to enjoy when the clock soon ticks at 12 am to welcome 2015? That’s bad. This year is already not very good for Malaysia, and why don’t we choose to end the year with a bang. At least we can end it great as a positive sign for good things to come next year.

Well, let’s move on to my short movie review for the latest and the third film in ‘Night at the Museum’ franchise. It’s entitled ‘Secret of the Tomb’. It is also one of the last few films for Robin Williams, whom passed away due to suicide in August this year. He is such a talented actor, which can be seen from his role here as the wax for US President Theodore Roosevelt. In this third installment, Larry, the night guard had to travel to British Museum to save the magic of the tablet that keeps museum exhibits alive at night when it started to decay. He continued his adventures from New York to London with the same witty characters and also some new ones.


This is certainly a family movie. But it didn’t work out that well for me. But if you had watched the first two, you would not want to miss this one, which I believed may be the last of the franchise. I’m not excited or interested by the way the story goes. The only things I can get thrilled is the scene with the gigantic snake monster. That’s all. Others are all plain and feels ’empty’ for me. I have to agree that there are a lot of humorous moments that the film offered, but I never laughed at all throughout the whole movie. Just a small smile on my face for a few times. That’s it. I think the fun elements work better for small kids. I just felt nothing after watching it.


I think its movie trailer spoiled most of it and reduced my excitement for the movie. It’s still a good family movie especially in this Christmas season, and it’s good to kill off my leisure time. The characters are fun to watch, but in the end, I felt most of the things delivered in the film lacks the magic. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ a total of 7.0 only.

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TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014’s Full Result and My Opinions.

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TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2014) was held successfully just now at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on 23rd November 2014 (Sunday) from 8pm to 10.30pm. This is the second year the awards with this new name (previously called Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards, then My Astro On Demand Favourites Awards) being held in Malaysia to honour the best of TVB actors, actresses, series and programmes in the particular year. The results are based on the public voting by the Malaysians that accounted to 70% of final outcome while the remaining 30% is based from professional judges. Official website of the awards: logo


List of attending Hong Kong artistes: Charmaine Sheh, Ruco Chan, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Roger Kwok, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Selena Li, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Benz Hui, Sammy Shum, Samantha Ko, Fred Cheng, Joyce Cheng, Mag Lam, Bob Lam, May Chan, Jinny Ng, Lai Zi San, Lau Kong, Law Lan, etc. Also to all surprise, the superstar, Andy Lau came to present the Lifetime Achievement Awards. If I knew earlier that he will come, I will not abandon my tickets. Since I voted daily to this awards, I won two tickets to the awards presentation but I couldn’t manage to go. Hence, I have sold my tickets and I think it’s better to cover the event by watching it on TV. So, without wasting any more time, hereby are the full result of the awards ceremony alongside with my personal opinions:

My Favorite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters

1. Bosco Wong (The Ultimate Addiction)

2. Nancy Wu (The Ultimate Addiction)

3. Kate Tsui (Tomorrow is Another Day)

4. Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

5. Sharon Chan (Line Walker)

6. Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

7. Benz Hui (Line Walker)

8. Michael Miu (Line Walker)

9. Raymond Lam (Line Walker)

10. Him Law (Tiger Cubs 2)

11. Tavia Yeung (Storm in a Cocoon)

12. Ruco Chan (Outbound Love)

13. Linda Chung (All That Bitter is Sweet)

14. Kenneth Ma (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)

15. Selena Li (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)

Comment: Very much agree to most in the list above. Very happy that Selena Li is finally being at least acknowledged after her many years in acting industry. She is not bad in Ghost Dragon Cold Mountain. The only one I find not really that deserving is Him Law. He won it just because of his huge fanbase in Malaysia, as his role is just an ordinary one. Would prefer Steven Ma from ‘Storm in a Cocoon’ to take over that place. Sad that Steven Ma is being left out again. He is great in that series. Also prefer Sharon Chan and Michael Miu’s slots to be replaced by Wong Cho Lam and Wayne Lai. There’s too many characters from ‘Line Walker’ winning.

My Favorite Most Improved Actress : Samantha Ko (Outbound Love/Line Walker/All That Bitter is Sweet).

Comment: Quite expected, but I prefer Lin Xia-wei to win this more. But anyway, Samantha Ko has many impressive characters this year, so it should be her. Happy for her too.

My Favorite Most Improved Actor : Sammy Shum (Line Walker/All That Bitter is Sweet).

Comment: Also expected, but I prefer Louis Cheung more in this category. Louis’ role especially in ‘Black Heart White Soul’ is more captivating that any roles that Sammy Shum taken this year. But people just love Sammy for being more smart and handsome. 

My Favorite TVB On Screen Couple : Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan (Outbound Love).

Comment: I definitely don’t like this outcome. I knew ‘Outbound Love’ is mostly shot in Malaysia and that Ruco has big popularity here, but Raymond and Charmaine’s on-screen chemistry in ‘Line Walker’ is undeniably the best of the year. Raymond and Charmaine are so fun and great as on-screen couple in ‘Line Walker’, much better than Ruco and Aimee in ‘Outbound Love’. 

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme : “Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”.

Comment: Since this programme is very entertaining and mostly hilarious eventhough at some points I find it too nonsense and awkward, but in the end I had no reason to dislike this outcome.

My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme : “Wellness on the Go 2”.

Comment: No comment on this category as I didn’t watch all the nominated programmes.

My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Programme : Nancy Sit & Wong Cho Lam (“Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”).

Comment: Nancy Sit and Wong Cho Lam are both great and can host the show very well. So, it’s good that they won.

Most Rising TVB Star in Malaysia (new award) : Fred Cheng.

Comment: How come suddenly there is this award. Nobody is voting for this too. But no doubt, Fred Cheng is now very popular.

My Favorite TVB Drama Theme Song : 越難越愛 (Line Walker) Jinny Ng.

Comment: A very much predictable result. Nice and quite an addictive song. And wow…Jinny Ng can really do a very good live singing of the song just now. Whenever this song is playing, people will remember the ‘Line Walker’ series. Furthermore, this song is heavily promoted now in local Chinese radio stations.

My Favorite TVB Supporting Actress : Sharon Chan (Line Walker).

Comment: There isn’t any outstanding performances by any actress in supporting roles this year. I’m still fine with Sharon winning but I slightly prefer more for Elena Kong winning this. 

My Favorite TVB Supporting Actor : Benz Hui (Line Walker).

Comment: Everybody loves Benz Hui’s character as Brother Foon Hei in ‘Line Walker’ so much. So, it’s expected he will win. Agreed to this outcome too. A very exceptionally impressive performance by Benz. 

TVB Star Award Malaysia Lifetime Achievement Award (new award) : Law Lan & Lau Kong.

Comment: Also didn’t know the existence of this awards in Malaysia’s awards version. I thought this award is only available for Hong Kong only. Happy for Law Lan and Lau Kong, the two very professional veterans. Their contribution spanning at least several decades in television and also film industries is defining. Also I’m sure everyone is surprised to the max when Andy Lau is the special guest and presenter for this awards. Well, he is just returning to his wife’s home country. 


My Favorite TVB Leading Actress : Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker).

Comment: I am very happy for this result. I love Charmaine Sheh. She is pretty and gorgeous. And her performance in ‘Line Walker’ is simply the best of the year. No question to that. Excited that she won this, becoming Malaysia’s TV Queen of the year. She also won Singapore’s TV Queen a month ago, and I believe her winning will continues to the coming TVB Anniversary Awards next month. The other top two finalists are Linda Chung (All That Is Bitter Is Sweet) and Kate Tsui (Tomorrow Is Another Day).

My Favorite TVB Leading Actor : Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul).

Comment: Also quite happy that Roger Kwok won it from his awesome performance in Black Heart White Soul as the main lead and also as the scheming villain. At least better than Ruco Chan winning this as I am afraid earlier that Ruco’s huge popularity in Malaysia may push him to this title despite that his role and acting is still not extremely well yet. But actually, I voted for Raymond Lam as he also contributed wonderfully in ‘Line Walker’. So, Ruco Chan (Outbound Love) and Raymond Lam (Line Walker) are the two other finalists.


My Favorite TVB Series : Line Walker.

Comment: Quite predictable. This series is generating so much buzz, and it is very well received. For me, this is the best series of the year, and so I’m happy of it winning ‘My Favorite TVB Series’. A wonderfully crafted series that gives us so much suspense and acting performances beyond boundaries. The other two finalists are ‘Outbound Love’ and ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’. Quite surprised that ‘Black Heart White Soul’ couldn’t even enter the top 3 despite it is another excellent drama this year.



So what do you think of this awards’ results? Share your view. For me, I’m satisfied with most of the outcomes. Very happy for the result. The deserving wins. Great. I also particularly enjoyed the huge number of artistes attending the show to support it (also knowing that they will sure at least get an award at the night). And Andy Lau! Wow…came as a huge surprise and shock to everyone. On the other hand, I also like Benz Hui’s funny speeches when he is presenting awards and also on the segment when he is receiving supporting actor award. He is very entertaining.


Overall, I just find that TVB hijacked the show and made it more Hong Kong feel. There is no Malaysian feel or style to the awards show. It’s all Hong Kong artistes performing and not Malaysians. The show should actually engages more to Malaysia. And besides that, the awards’ trophy looks ugly. Should be designed simple yet elegant. Well, that’s my general feedback to the show which is organized quite successfully except for the technical glitch disabling us to watch the segment when Kenneth Ma and Selena Li won two of the top 15 most favourite TV drama characters. Now, I’m looking forward to the upcoming TVB 47th Anniversary Awards 2014 scheduled to be held somewhere in the middle of next month. It’s nomination list should be out by this week.

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Spent my Merdeka Day 2014 at I-City, Shah Alam.

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I-City is an ICT-based urban development at Shah Alam, Selangor besides the Federal Highway. It is designed as a fully integrated intelligent city, comprising of corporate, leisure and residential components such as shopping mall, office towers, hotels, apartments, data and innovation centres. I-City is also a MSC (Multimedia Science Corridor) Malaysia Cyber-centre. But I guess I-City now is perhaps more known as a city of fun attractions a bit further away from Kuala Lumpur.

There is a huge outdoor as well as indoor areas totally dedicated to leisure activities or tourism. The popular attractions available over there are Waterworld (water theme park), City of Digital Parks (where most of the LED-illuminated trees are), FunWorld (small-scaled outdoor theme park), Snowalk (indoor snow experience), 5D Theatre, Trick Art Museum, Red Carpet Wax Museum, House of Horror, etc. There are of course some retails and food outlets nearby to complete the place as a great family leisure attraction. You need to spend at least a day there to enjoy all the attractions. But that is going to cost you a lot.

I spent more than three hours there with my sister’s family, from late afternoon till night. Luckily, we got there before the sunset, the time when most people would only come to enjoy the City of Digital Lights in the dark. So, we got parking easily, and it’s conveniently near to those attractions. And luckily, there is no rain today.

First, we visited the Red Carpet Wax Museum that is divided into six themes; World Icons, Celebrities, Sport Stars, World Book of Records, Interactive and All Stars Café. You got to see many wax figures of famous historical and political figures, celebrities, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, world-record holders, and successful sportsperson. But the figures there are not very much 100% alike to the real ones. And it is no match compared to the quality in Madame Tussauds of which I have visited it before in London. Of course…the price speaks for itself. Madame Tussauds’ entry costs almost RM200 for a person, and I-City’s Red Carpet only costs RM35. Huge difference. So you can easily tell from there. It’s still a great experience in there as you got to see more figures closely attached to Malaysia like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Michelle Yeoh, Lee Chong Wei whom joined the others like Queen Elizabeth II, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Jackie Chan, David Beckham, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig and many more in the museum. What’s further interesting is that some of the wax figures are interactive or animated.










After that, we had a quick dinner at OldTown before continuing as my two nephews were very eager to play some of the attractions there. But before that, it’s now night-time and all the LED light decorations are’s time to check them out. Simply beautiful. I wonder how much they spent in electricity bill for the City of Digital Lights every month. But the effect is really good. We ride on the giant ferris wheel before leaving. When we left when it is almost 10pm, there were still many cars and people coming in.







Official website of the attractions at I-City which is expanding every year now:

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Movie review: How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

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This year is filled with great animation movies! First, we have ‘The Lego Movie’ of which many claimed had raised up a bar on the standard or quality of animated productions. Then, we have an entertaining ‘Rio 2’. And now, we have another film I can called utterly satisfying and well deserved of a huge thumbs up from me. It’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’, a sequel to the first film in 2010. The first one was great, and I can assured you that this sequel is no less better (or some say, even better).


The story starts five years after the event on the first film (have to watch the first one before continuing on this to know better on the progressing story flow and characters). Now, Hiccup and his best buddy, Toothless (Night Fury dragon) love to travel far to discover new lands, and they do…an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider (whom turned out to be his mum…opps, warning…more spoiler ahead). They have also learnt of a group of people planning to control all the dragons with evil intentions, and so they have to find themselves in the center of another battle to protect the peace.

This is an interesting story. The plot as it develops is engaging and had everyone paying attention including the adults. Yes, this movie is more for the younger kids, but I’m sure the older demographics will enjoy this as much as the children too. There are some cool scenes (especially of Hiccup flying with Toothless beyond the clouds). Those moments are magical and wonderfully displayed as though I can feel the same as they are. There are also a lot of hilarious parts that are certainly making this very entertaining (but some of those are lame and cheesy). Also showing more on dragon-to-dragon interactions this time which are lovely and mostly funny to watch too. The movie also didn’t disappoints with good amount of emotions and dramatic climax scenes particularly in the end. (how good it is that Hiccup’s family is reunited as he found back his mom whom was thought to be dead earlier, but later on in this film, his dad, the chief was killed). A lot of ups and downs, that contributes to an exciting adventure for the audiences. A solid story that makes this as successful as its predecessor film.



The visuals are great. The sound effects are good too. And I’m glad that part of the soundtrack is reusing the tracks from the previous film (but with a bit different tunes) which brings back nostalgia to this film. The voice-over performances are outstanding and the wonderful addition of new characters make this sequel fresh and captivating. It looks like there is nothing bad of this film that I can reveal. There are only some minor not-so-good issues here or there. Everything is positive generally. No wonder the film now had been receiving near universal critical acclaim. Truly deserving. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ a total of 8.0. (I very seldom gave a rating of over 8 points to a film). Hence, this is a remarkable achievement I gave to this animated movie. This sequel retains or even replenish the charm from the first film to another level. I’m glad that the third installment of this successful franchise is going to be out by 2016. A two-years wait.

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TVB 46th Anniversary Awards 2013; Highlight and Result.

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The annual Hong Kong’s TVB Awards Presentation 2013 (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2013) just concluded few minutes ago. It is a two and a half hour star-studded awards show attended by almost all nominees and invited guests. Held on 16 December 2013 in TVB City from 8.00pm to 10.30pm and hosted by Carol Cheng and Amigo Chui (as usual every year), the awards recognize and honour the best of TVB programming and series for this current year that will be ending very soon.


Here below is the winner list of TVB 46th Anniversary Awards 2013, together with my brief comments to each categories:

Most Improved TV Male Artiste: Vincent Wong (Friendly Fire, Season of Love, Sergeant Tabloid, A Change of Heart, Will Power)

Comment: Vincent Wong deserved this award. He delivered very impressive performance, thanks to his seniors who had been slapping him so many times in two series that brought him to this fame and eventually this award (Damian Lau in Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles last year and Susan Tse in Will Power this year).

Most Improved TV Female Artiste: Eliza Sam (Inbound Troubles, Triumph in the Skies II, Sniper Standoff, The Hippocratic Crush II)

Comment: Already knew it’s time for Eliza. At first, I don’t think she deserved, but after watching her latest performance in The Hippocratic Crush II, I do see that she really improves. The series’ episode 27 and 28 are totally the time for her to shine and she did it well. Now, she is deserving and successfully got it. But she is too much of being heavily promoted. Slow it down.

Best Supporting Actor: Benz Hui (Bounty Lady)

Comment: A very unexpected and surprising result. I expected Him Law to win it, since he did amazing performance in The Hippocratic Crush II as ‘Yeung Chung’ and it is his breakthrough role to date too. Nevertheless, Benz’s hilarious role in Bounty Lady got me entertained but not really to the point of impressing me.

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Triumph in the Skies II)

Comment: This is the result everyone will be satisfied. Elena 100% deserved it. She had very impressive acting skill and she shined in every characters from third wife in Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles last year to Head Zhe in Triumph in the Skies II and most recently as Yuen Sam in Bounty Lady. A very professional and talented actress. She had the potential to climb up to best actress category soon.

Best Informative Programme: Pilgrimage of Wealth II

Comment: Didn’t watch it. So nothing to comment. I think this is something about journey around Asia and how it inspires our life.

Best Variety Programme: Three Amigos Bon Voyage 

Comment: Didn’t watch it. So nothing to comment. But it’s quite interesting to see that this programme had three veteran actors travelling around Europe.

Best Programme Host: Tony Hung & Priscilla Wong (Pilgrimage of Wealth II)

Comment: Didn’t watch it. So nothing to comment. But both of them make a good couple as host.

Most Favourite TV Male Character: Julian Cheung as Captain Cool (Triumph in the Skies II)

Comment: Expected. His cool character as pilot Captain Jayden is everyone’s favourite and obviously super popular. No need to further explain. But I don’t really like the character that much, maybe because I am not a girl.

Most Favourite TV Female Character: Krystal Tin as Yiu Man-ying (Brother’s Keeper)

Comment: Happy that Krystal win this. Yiu Man-ying is a very likeable character and Krystal’s good portrayal to it is an extra point. I love this character. It’s a rough, shrewish, straightforward but nice character. A very interesting character.

Best Leading Actor: Dayo Wong (Bounty Lady)

Comment: Another shocking result. Bounty Lady has not even finish airing and Dayo himself is not present. His acting is no doubt solid but I prefer it to be handed over to others, particularly Francis Ng or Ruco Chan. Anyway, Dayo is a top-notch actor and he did well as usual in Bounty Lady, another one of his comedy productions.

Best Leading Actress: Krystal Tin (Brother’s Keeper)

Comment: Very happy that she wins best actress. Sorry, Linda. You didn’t had any outstanding role this year. Your time for this award will come very soon. Krystal portrayed her character so well and she totally deserved this award. Her acting is certainly highly-acclaimed.

Best Series: Triumph in the Skies II

Comment: Quite predictable that this sequel drama won since it is the highest rated and most popular series of the year. But I’m dissatisfied when they don’t even announce the top 3 or top 5 like they used to do in previous years. But to be honest, to compare the quality of series, Brother’s Keeper stands at a slightly higher position.


Generally, the awards show this year is quite hilarious with awards’ nominees, recipients, presenters and hosts frequently making funny remarks. I also do agree with the 50% voting by public and 50% voting by professional judges for best actor, actress and series categories and 100% public voting for most favourite TV male and female characters awards. However, there are few things I am displeased; the organizer kept on forcing and limiting people to end or to cut short their words as usual every year, lack of highly prolific figures to present awards (at least last year we had Deanie Ip and Miriam Yeung, this year we only had Anthony Wong), and artists kept on thanking the TVB high executives to the point I can remember all their names (Tommy, Sandy, Virginia, etc) and I think they were also sick of their names being thanked so many times but lacked of sincerity. Overall, the result this year is quite satisfying except for some categories with surprising winners. And I’m surprised to see that Francis Ng did come to join the show despite empty-handed in the end.


I can’t remember the names of the 5 winners of professionalism awards, but these are all awarded to those who had been acting for decades in TVB and pretty much deserving for it. Same goes to the Lifetime Achievement Award. That’s it. Looking forward to TVB 47th Anniversary Awards 2014 next year.

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