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No losing city in this year’s bid for 2024 Summer Olympic Games

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The voting for the host city of 2024 Summer Olympic Games will take place on this coming September. Only two cities are remaining in the bid; Paris and Los Angeles. In an extraordinary International Olympic Committee Session held yesterday, the committee approved a decision to award the games to both cities, one in 2024 and another one in 2028.

So, there wouldn’t be any losing city in this year’s bid for the games. If a city receives lesser number of votes in the voting, it will still host the games, but that would be the next edition (4 years later) than originally intended. That’s certainly good news for both Paris and Los Angeles. I have to admit both cities are more than capable to host this world’s largest international multi-sport event.

Which city do you think will get the 2024 games? My personal choice would be Paris. If I’m not mistaken, Paris has submitted bid a number of times in the last few editions of the games but lost every time. I remembered the city lost to London for 2012 games by only a few votes. The last time that Paris has hosted the games was in 1924. If Paris win the right to host 2024 games, it will be coincidentally marking 100th anniversary since the last Olympics in the city. I also like the simplicity of its logo showing the number ’24’ that also designed to resemble their iconic Eiffel Tower.

Check out their bidding’s presentation clips below:

Paris 2024

Los Angeles 2024

So my choice is Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. This means that those cities which intend to bid for 2028 games has to drop out their plan and bid for 2032 games instead. I think this move will make the bidding for 2032 games to be more intense and exciting as more cities are expected to join the race by then. A joint bid by Malaysia and Singapore is explored and is possible for the 2032 games’ bid. I would love to see that but I think our chance is pretty low. It will be hard to resolve on many issues when more than one country is involved in a single games. Malaysia and Singapore have not even hosted Asian Games before (although Malaysia has hosted Commonwealth Games and Singapore has hosted Youth Olympic Games). I can only elaborate further on our chance if the joint bid is confirmed, and that is long way to go.

The month of June starts with the end of The Amazing Race 29

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I have been following every episodes of The Amazing Race Season 29 each week. I have actually followed this reality television show for several continuous seasons by now. I love this program which sees a number of teams in pair travelling across the world, completing tasks, having arguments within themselves or with other teams, experiencing difficulties, brace the extreme challenges and sweating it all out to win the final grand prize of US$ 1 million. In this Season 29, the teams are formed by choosing within the group of individual participants who are completely stranger to one another.

I look forward to the new episodes every weekend and they traveled to countries like Panama, Brazil, Norway, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, South Korea, etc to complete tasks. Matt and Redmond are a great team that I first foresee their potential to win this season of The Amazing Race. They have been performing very well and consistently in every episodes. However, their poor decision of choosing train as their mode of transport in Seoul and the carelessness of their taxi driver later on the same day who brought them to other location has cost their opportunity to win the race. What a bad day that turns everything over for them! They were the last team to get kicked out before the final leg which is so unfortunate.

The final 3 teams that successfully proceed to the final leg are Scott and Brooke, Tara and Joey, and London and Logan. These 3 pairs were always considered the underdogs earlier on as they have not performed very well in the earlier legs. And to my surprise, luck is on Scott and Brooke’s (picture below) side on the last two crucial legs. Everything seems to be very smooth for this pair and they indeed win the race in the end and won the 1 million dollar. A huge congratulation to them! I actually find it unexpected because they are actually one of the weaker teams as compared to the rest. I also cannot stand the consistent whining by Brooke in every legs. She is too annoying and unbearable throughout the whole race. She can’t even do a simple task properly and loves to scream ‘I’m dying’ even at simple task of just running around. Scott should just get the whole bunch of the 1 million dollar just for putting up to her. Brooke do not deserve a single cent from this win. She should seriously work on her attitude. She now literally becomes my most hated person in The Amazing Race series, and will not be remembered as the winner of this reality show. Now, I have to wait for the next one, The Amazing Race 30 and I hope it will be out very soon. That will be the iconic 30th edition of the show!

On the other hand, did TVB has no new own dramas to show now? It has two timeslots every evening on the television. TVB ended up putting a mainland China drama and an old local drama made 10 years ago currently. This is a very bad move. People will just move away from their dramas for now. TVB should really appreciate the viewers and not letting them leave with such move especially in this year when the station will celebrate its 50th anniversary. I’m sure you have a lot of other completed dramas in shelf ready to be released out. I have no choice but to watch ‘Phoenix Rising’ now, a drama that was actually made a decade ago and they choose to release it now. They did release this drama earlier on though in oversea market.

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74th Golden Globe Awards…so who’s winning?

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The 74th Golden Globe Awards honouring the best of Hollywood films and television series for the past year (2016) was held just now at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California. Produced and with votes determined by members of Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), this is one of the five major annual Hollywood film awards. Jimmy Fallon, a popular comedian hosted the show that lasted for three hours.


I watched the last two hours of the show because I woke up late. It’s so nice to be able to watch it through live streaming from YouTube from its official Golden Globes channel. The awards ceremony was noted for delivering some shocking result in some categories. Here below is the full result for the 74th Golden Globe Awards with a bit of my personal thoughts on few categories:


Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award: Meryl Streep

Opinion: I thought she would have got this award long time ago. A talented actress who has dedicated over 40 years of her life in theatre, television series and films. Nominated for 19 Academy Awards and winning three, nominated for 30 Golden Globe Awards and winning eight, are records that no one else has accomplished. I long admired many of her performances in films such as ‘The Iron Lady’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. She truly deserved this honour. The moment when she stood up and walked to stage to receive the award accompanied with standing ovation of all audiences and ‘Mamma Mia’ music playing in the background is emotional.



Best picture, drama: “Moonlight”

Opinion: With this win, ‘Moonlight’ is racing to the top as another frontrunner to win best picture in Oscars next month. I don’t like to watch this kind movie and I find that Hollywood is now trying too hard to acknowledge back works by the Black after being faced with harsh criticisms in the past for not nominating any Black actors or actresses in the past Oscars.


Best picture, comedy or musical: “La La Land”

Opinion: An enjoyable movie that received critical acclaim. So no reason for it not to win. 


Actress, drama: Isabelle Huppert, “Elle”

Opinion: First shock of the winner list. Would prefer the hot favourite Natalie Portman to win for her excellent performance in ‘Jackie’. It’s okay. She has won it before few years ago for ‘Black Swan’. 

Actor, drama: Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea”

Opinion: Looks like Casey Affleck is almost 100% lock for the Oscars for best actor. 

Actress, comedy or musical: Emma Stone, “La La Land”

Actor, comedy or musical: Ryan Gosling, “La La Land”

Supporting actress: Viola Davis, “Fences”

Opinion: Looks like Viola Davis is also almost 100% lock for the Oscars for this category.

Supporting actor: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, “Nocturnal Animals”

Opinion: Second shock of the list. Many predicted clear favourite Mahershala Ali to win for ‘Moonlight’. And out of sudden, Aaron Taylor-Johnson who didn’t receive any award buzz earlier at all took this.

Director: Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

Screenplay: Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

Animated film: “Zootopia”

Opinion: I enjoy watching ‘Zootopia’ but in terms of judging the best, I prefer ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ to win.

Foreign language film: “Elle” (France)

Original score: Justin Hurwitz, “La La Land”

Original song: “City of Stars,” “La La Land”

Opinion: Very much predictable to have a movie heavily centred on music to win both original score and song. 


Best series, drama: “The Crown,” Netflix

Opinion: This series took down ‘Stranger Things’, earlier favourite to win this honour to surprise of most people. Conclusion is, voters love works that are based on real life people and real life event. This one is based on Queen Elizabeth II.


Best series, comedy or musical: “Atlanta,” FX

Best television movie or mini-series: “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” FX

Actress, mini-series or television movie: Sarah Paulson, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Actor, mini-series or television movie: Tom Hiddleston, “The Night Manager”

Opinion: It’s great to see Tom Hiddleston being honoured even is on this television category.

Actress, drama: Claire Foy, “The Crown”

Opinion: I haven’t watch the whole series yet. I have only watched some clips from that series and I can already see the strength of her performance in ‘The Crown’. She is one young, beautiful and talented actress.

Actor, drama: Billy Bob Thornton, “Goliath”

Actress, comedy or musical: Tracee Ellis Ross, “black-ish”

Actor, comedy or musical: Donald Glover, “Atlanta”

Supporting actress: Olivia Colman, “The Night Manager”

Supporting actor: Hugh Laurie, “The Night Manager”

‘La La Land’ is the biggest winner of the evening for film categories with a total of 7 awards. The film breaks the record for the most Golden Globes won by a single film. It looks like ‘La La Land’ is going to win big in Oscars next month too, but I think the film will only take those awards in technical categories, and not the major ones like motion picture, lead actor and lead actress. ‘The Night Manager’ is the biggest winner in television categories by snatching 3 awards while ‘The Crown’ took 2 major wins. What’s bad for the awards ceremony is that the producer heavily cutting off time for acceptance speeches which is disrespectful to make way for excessive advertisement time. So for now, the next major awards to look forward to is the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards to be held on 29th January 2017.

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Finally had an awesome stress-free weekend. And a movie review for ‘Doctor Strange’ (2016).

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After having done my final submission for my design studio on last Friday, I’m finally having a great stress-free weekend. It’s something that I don’t get to see for the many past weeks. My second semester is going to end soon and now I can start to feel all the burden and pressure going off slowly from my mind and body. Anyway, there are still two submissions before I can officially call it the end of the semester. But for right now, I think I deserve some time to rest and chill and this is the perfect weekend for it. It’s also my second last weekend here in Perth before I fly back to Malaysia for my year end break.

My day was fully occupied yesterday. It started with a shopping in Westfield Carousel mall alone while waiting for my friend to come over and fetch me. It’s nice to shop alone as you have no distraction. But clothing on sale here are pretty expensive and I couldn’t buy a lot. Then, I joined my friends for an over 2-hours badminton session. There are three courts for us and so everyone of us have to be like almost playing non-stop this time. It’s an intense session but fun. Then, I’m back to the mall for lunch and accompanying my friends for shopping this time.

Then, I spent the rest of the day attending the early Christmas gathering in my friend’s house. It’s a potluck dinner and everyone brought a Christmas present to be exchanged. I’m having a great time and after it ended, we were all feeling exhausted after a long busy day. Time passed like faster than usual yesterday.

Just this morning, I head back to Carousel mall again, but this time, is to watch a movie. I watched ‘Doctor Strange’, a Marvel superhero movie that I’m much anticipating due to the critical acclaim the film received right now. The film turned out to be very good from the great acting by the main cast (Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen). Those are the actors and actresses that I like and they are all in this movie. The visual effects are fantastic. I think it’s the film with best visual effects this year so far and I think it stand a chance to win Best Visual Effects in the Oscars. The movie relied a lot on CGIs that most parts of them reminded us on ‘Inception’ movie too. I have to really compliment the effort put on the graphic of this movie that seriously paid off.


The story is fast-paced, some scenes are hilarious, and the characters’ development is there eventhough it’s a bit not enough for Rachel and Mads’ characters. The actions are brilliant as expected based on Marvel standard. Overall, the movie is really good and it revealed the fifth Infinity Stone in the whole Marvel cinematic universe that will leads to the Avengers: Infinity Wars. There are also two scenes after the end of the movie not to be missed. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Doctor Strange’ a total of 8.0. It’s exciting and it’s considered something fresh and out of typical dimension in Marvel’s formula. I’m interested to know how are they going to bring in Doctor Strange to join the Avengers team later on.

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TVB drama review: Presumed Accidents (2016)

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‘Presumed Accidents’ (纯熟意外) is a 2016 Hong Kong drama by TVB that has its story centred on insurance investigation and fraud with several other side plots that make up for the whole series that contained 28 episodes in total. The drama starred Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi, Selena Li, Chris Lai, Raymond Cho, Joyce Tang, Chow Chung, Snow Suen, etc. 


I didn’t have any plan or interest to watch this series originally. I’m tired of seeing Sisley Choi again. She now appeared in almost all the TVB series this year. I knew TVB is now trying to push her into stardom as soon as possible due to many leading female artists now leaving the company but this is too much. However, I didn’t have any other series to watch after finished watching ‘My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan’ and hence I give this one a go. It turned out to be quite good to my surprise due to the interesting fresh new subject explored in this series which focused on insurance investigation as mentioned earlier.

However, the series went beyond logic with the main male character being discovered to have eternal life. I’m fine with some out-of-the-world ideas for dramas but some things just couldn’t appropriately fit in even with all the explanations provided. I simply just felt weird and too illogical. Anyway, dramas are meant for entertainment and they are fictional and so I’m not having major problem with that. However, I still personally think it would be much better without adding this ‘eternal life’ subject into this series.


Lawrence Ng is a very professional veteran actor and there isn’t any issue at all with him taking the lead role. At first, I’m very annoyed seeing Sisley Choi taking over the female lead role again and also annoyed seeing her going past Selena Li for the main lead role in this drama. Selena Li is a much more preferable choice and has been in the industry for many more years than her. However, after watching the whole series, I find that Sisley Choi has seriously improved a lot. Her performance has been now more natural. Her voice is not that disturbing anymore at least. However, there is still long way to go before I can call her a promising leading actress. Despite getting a smaller role, Selena Li did well again to tackle this supporting yet remarkably challenging role. I think she deserved some serious attention and recognition from TVB. I think this is my first time seeing Chris Lai portraying a villain character. He can act but his evil expression and shouts especially in the last few episodes didn’t work out well. I’m not convinced yet. Other cast did well on their part.


The story is not bad with all those fresh new subjects explored. I like the concept of having a mysterious dark organization working for clients with intention to murder people to cheat insurance claims by setting up fake accidents. However, the overall story development isn’t very well proportioned. It started off slowly with many questions, made us curious in several episodes and ended with intense and exciting scenes and happy conclusion. It’s not an excellent drama but is still a nice one. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Presumed Accidents’ a total of 7.2.

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The last tuition-free week of the semester is over. And a drama review for ‘The Last Healer in Forbidden City’ (TVB 2016)

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It’s wonderful to have tuition-free week somewhere in between the semester. It is a much needed break to relax for a while before continuing to the last half of the semester. Too bad, it’s almost the end of Friday by now and my last tuition-free week of the semester is over. In this break, I get to chill, having a lot more rest, and do assignments slowly…I mean very slowly. After this, there is no such thing as ‘slowly’ anymore as more important deadlines are around the corner before the end of my first semester.

The coming Monday is ANZAC Day, and is a public holiday here in Australia. Yup, my holiday would be extended for an extra day. Searching up the web leads me to learn that ANZAC Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served. Oh, now I know. It’s a memorial day. We have no such holiday back in Malaysia. I only remember April 25 every year as my second sister’s birthday.


Recently, I had concluded watching a new TVB drama entitled ‘The Last Healer in Forbidden City’. It is a Hong Kong historical fiction period drama of 20 episodes which revolves on the account of a physician played by Roger Kwok, of the Guangxu Emperor mysterious death at the age of 37. The story tells mostly before the Emperor’s death and how the very talented physician make his way and contribution into the palace. The drama is actually partly based on true events (real history) and partly fictional for the drama purpose. I’m happy with this mixture as I’m quite interested in the history of the late Qing dynasty and I’m happy to see how it mixed with the fictional storyline to create this series.


It’s a short series and I quite enjoyed it overall. Roger Kwok is excellent as the main male lead while Tavia is also steady as the first female lead. The supporting cast consisting of Pierre Ngo, Jonathan Cheung and veteran actress, Helena Law as Empress Dowager Cixi were all fantastic in their respective roles. The story, despite not the best I have seen (I expected better) and also came with several plot-holes, is acceptable in current TVB’s standard. However, the very ending of this series left me frustrated. They just kept showing the two main leads suddenly staring at the sky for almost a minute long in the very end of the drama’s 20th (final) episode when Roger Kwok asked Tavia Yeung whether she managed to find her love. I knew the way the scene was done is to make it an open-ending but I absolutely didn’t find it right or necessary here. Keeping it closed and everything resolved would be be a better conclusion in my opinion. Anyway, I still enjoyed this drama but will be quickly forgotten by the year end before the awards season. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Healer in Forbidden City’ a total of 7.3.



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TVB’s ‘Short End of the Stick’, a wonderful drama both dramatic and fun at the same time.

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Right after coming back from a housewarming party organized by one of my classmates, I’m super excited to watch the final episode of a TVB drama called ‘Short End of the Stick’ (公公出宮) tonight. This Cantonese drama had been giving me a lot of fun in the past few weeks and it is a bit sad to know that it has concluded. If you didn’t know about it, it is a period comedy drama that centers around the lives and struggles of eunuchs after the fall of Qing Dynasty and their eviction from the Forbidden City. This group of eunuchs then settled in a village headed by Kam family.


This series is an indirect sequel from 2012’s ‘The Confidant’ series. ‘The Confidant’ is a serious drama (I enjoyed that drama too) while this ‘Short End of the Stick’ is more of a lighthearted comedy. The same cast portraying the eunuchs in ‘The Confidant’ returned to this series except for Raymond Wong. Edwin Siu is no longer portraying an eunuch this time. Overall, the series starring Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Nancy Wu, Rosina Lam, etc is highly entertaining. There are plenty of moments that will surely give you a good laugh and all of the cast did a great job.



The outstanding performances shall be from Nancy Wu (great as first female lead role here, but her role is not that prominent anymore in the last half of the series), Rosina Lam (well, she improved a lot and had been delivering very stable and excellent performances nowadays…so much better compared to all the newbies currently highly promoted by TVB) and Raymond Cho (he is very realistic in portraying the most soft and feminine eunuch here…maybe it’s time for him to get Best Supporting Actor award end of this year?). Wayne Lai, Power Chan and Edwin Siu are as usual nailing their roles too. The series is also good because the story keeps on going and presence of many plot twists gave further advantage for the overall story development. It is dramatic and at the same time hilarious. Nowadays, not many TVB drama would have such quality. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Short End of the Stick’ a total of 8.0. A highly entertaining and interesting drama which I can say is the best for first quarter of the year before we get to see more before the year end’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

Talking about TVB also on the other hand, there are many recent surprising news of popular TVB artists getting married. First of all, Myolie Wu got married not long ago. And then, Linda Chung announced her marriage to a wealthy man out of a sudden. That is still shocking to me as I find that it is a waste for such a beauty to end up on a hand of a bad-looking guy. And then, the most recent marriage is between Tavia Yeung and Him Law. Well, this is expected as their relationship has been very obvious for the past few years already. So, who’s next to deliver another shocking marriage news? This had been such a trend in TVB now.

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