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One almost done, one has half way to go, and one is still on ground. Updates on three supertall construction projects in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur is ranked among one of the best city skylines in the world. It gained such recognition due to its splendid array of clustered buildings topped with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. However, the city skyline is going to further transform, thanks to the many new skyscrapers currently being built in the city. They are going to immensely impact the city skyline due to their enormous heights. The city won’t look the same after every few years and I look forward to see more tall and nice-looking buildings being constructed in the city.

Here are the 3 supertall skyscraper projects in Kuala Lumpur that are receiving high attention and shown together are their latest construction images. Render is shown for each project below too. Supertall building refers to a building that exceeds 300 metres in height.

1.Four Seasons Place. 

It is a 65-storeys mixed use tower currently under construction besides the Petronas Twin Towers. Once completed, it will have a final height of 343 metres. It will contain a hotel, serviced residences and a shopping mall at the podium. After undergoing multiple delays and design changes in the past, the tower has now finally rising quickly. It has structurally topped out not long ago and the work on the building’s crown has started. It will top out architecturally before last quarter of the year and will open next year. Once completed, it will be the third tallest building in the country, right after the two twin towers that sat beside it. Now, it has already made the twin towers to look not as tall as in the past eventhough it is still shorter than them by a little over 100 metres.


This one is ALMOST DONE.

2. TRX Exchange 106 Tower. 

It is a 106-storeys office tower currently under construction at the Tun Razak Exchange site. Once completed, this new region will become the financial hub of the city. Once completed, the tower will have a final height of 452 metres. It surprisingly will have the same height as the Petronas Twin Towers. You may wonder that it should be taller than the twin towers since it almost has over 20 floors more than the twin towers? Nope. It’s because this TRX Tower has no spire to add up to its height. The construction for this tower is very fast and it has now already half way to its top. It has now already making a huge impact to the city’s skyline. The highlight of the tower will be its crystalline crown.


3. PNB118 Merdeka Tower.

It is a 118-storeys office tower currently under construction on the lot bordering the historical Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur. It is just right opposite my former secondary school, the Methodist Boys School KL. Once completed, it will be the tallest building in the country as well as among the top five tallest buildings in the world at a height of 644 metres. It will surpass the height of Shanghai Tower (632 metres), One World Trade Center (541 metres), Taipei 101 (508 metres) and many other skyscrapers across the world. However, its construction has been very slow and I read a news somewhere that it experienced problem with its foundation. I predict that it will be completed by 2020 or 2021. It will reach this immense height of over 600 metres due to its very long spire at the top.


This one is still not rising and is STILL ON GROUND WORK.

Hoping to see great progress from these skyscraper projects once I’m back to KL end of this year.

(Images in this post are from forum webpages)


Some interesting architecture in Rio de Janeiro to see besides than sports.

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The world’s attention is on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil right now as the city is currently hosting the world’s largest sporting event, the Summer Olympic Games. Worldwide media will be covering all the competitions daily in over 2 weeks of intense sport events in Rio 2016. Besides than looking out for the best of each contested sports in this host city, why not take a look also into some very interesting architecture in Rio de Janeiro. I recently came across an article highlighting on that topic from Archdaily and I wish to share that here:


Rio de Janeiro is a city of sights and sounds. As diverse as its people is the collection of impressive architecture found in Brazil’s second most populous city—from Eurocentric historical architecture to 20th century regionalist modern marvels, not to mention the city’s growing crop of contemporary cultural venues. The combination of mountainous terrain, lush rainforest, and the ocean inspires many to create lively and unique architecture.

In preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the city has enlisted a crop of internationally renowned architects including Santiago Calatrava, whose work joins Rio’s existing masterpieces from architects such as Oscar Niemeyer. But apart from its “Capital A” Architecture, the city of Rio is home to thousands of residents living in the now-famous favelas—interesting subjects of inquiry for those interested in the concept of spontaneous urban growth. There’s a building for just about every architecture fan visiting Rio this year or anytime in the future.

International Architects

Museum of Tomorrow / Santiago Calatrava


Built in Calatrava’s signature style, the recently launched museum feels ethereal and features various cutting-edge experimental exhibitions; it is an icon of the modernization of Rio de Janeiro’s harbor.

Cidade das Artes / Christian Portzamparc


Located in the city’s developing southwest zone, Portzamparc’s masterpiece is a large cultural complex. A miniature City of Arts, it serves as a venue to multiple performances and exhibits throughout the year, as well as the home of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra.

MIS Copacabana / Diller + Scofidio


Set to open later in 2016, the new headquarters of the Museum of Image and Sound aims to represent Rio de Janeiro’s Carioca culture through lively and stimulating exhibits. The building’s design aims to reproduce the experience of Copacabana’s famous boardwalk.

20th Century Modernism

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum—MAC / Oscar Niemeyer


The iconic saucer-shaped structure not only frames views of Rio de Janeiro but also provides a column-free exhibition space for contemporary art.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian / Edgar Fonceca


Also dubbed as the New Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, the conically-shaped structure is Edgar Fonceca’s interpretation of Mayan architecture which he has combined with traditional Catholic architecture through the dominant presence of stained glass in the interior.

Ministry of Education and Health Building / Lucio Costa


Known alternatively as Palacio Gustavo Capanema, this office tower is one of Brazil’s most iconic representation of the International Style. The building’s design credits read like a who’s who of Brazilian Modernism, designed by Costa with help from a team of young architects which included Oscar Niemeyer alongside Affonso Eduardo Reidy, Carlos Leão, Jorge Moreira, and Ernani Vasconcellos. This team was assisted by none other than Le Corbusier, while the building’s impressive roof top gardens were designed by Roberto Burle Max.

Museo De Arte Moderna / Affonzo Eduardo Reidy


Affonzo Reidy’s design is one of the most beautiful examples of Modernism’s sculptural potential. The museum is located within Rio’s largest public space: Flamengo Park.

Parque Eduardo Guinle / Lucio Costa


In 1943, Lucio Costa transformed the site of Parque Eduardo Guinle by building 6 residential towers. This is a prime example of Modernist architecture’s utopian aspirations in Brazil.

Historic Architecture

The Royal Portugese Cabinet of Reading / Rafael da Silva e Castra


Appearing like a cathedral filled with books, the 19th century building houses books which began as a private collection by three Portuguese immigrants. The library now contains largest collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal.

Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater / Francisco de Oliveira Passos


The Theatro Municipal is one of the most important and beautiful theaters in Brazil. The Paris Opera look-a-like is located in Rio’s city center and houses ballet performances and classical music concerts.

Parque Lage / Mario Vodrel


Once the private home of industrialist Enrique Lague, the site is now a public park with walking trails through subtropical forest. In 2015, the artists Penny Duo transformed the site by placing an inflatable orange tarp that covered the building’s entire pool area.

Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro


Before it was replaced by the New Cathedral of Rio in 1976, the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo was the seat of the Archdiocese of San Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro. It features stunning Rococo-style ornamentation.

Everyday Architecture

Santa Marta Favela


The Santa Marta Favela is located in the Botafogo district of Rio de Janeiro and is home to some 8000 residents. In 2011, the Praça Cantão square of the favela underwent a colorful transformation through the Favela Painting Foundation of artist duo Haas and Hahn.

Teleferico do Complexo do Alemão / Jorge Mario Juaregui


This cable car ride is composed of 7 stations and is taken by everyday commuters as it connects to the city’s railway network; the 45 minute ride provides a view of Rio de Janeiro’s various residential areas.

Contemporary Architecture

Rio Art Museum (MAR) / Bernardes + Jacobson Arquitetura


The MAR is a large complex which contains not only a museum but also a school and leisurely cultural spaces. The 2013 construction of the museum required the unification and re-purposing of three pre-existing buildings: the Palacete Dom João, the police building and the old central bus station of Rio as one cohesive complex.

Uruguai Station / JBMC Architects


This station used to be an old parking area for trains known as “Rabicho da Tijuca” before it was renovated to become part of the metro’s Line 1 extension. JBMC Architects were also responsible for the Cidade Nova Metro Station and Footbridge.

Homeless World Cup Legacy Center / Lompreta Nolte Arquitetos + Architecture For Humanity + Nanda Eskes Arquitetura


After the 2010 Homeless World Cup, the structure from this multi-team collaboration, which also included Nike and Bola par Frente, has been re-purposed as a community and cultural center using football and play as a tool for empowerment in the underprivileged neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

Capela Joá / Bernardes Arquitetura


This contemporary chapel literally hangs off a cliff and is a reconceptualization of church architecture; the traditional gable form of religious Christian buildings has been inverted from sectional to plan view.

Maracanã Stadium / Schlaich Bergermann und Partner


The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics are being held in this stadium, which adds to the long list of prestigious sporting events that the Maracanã stadium has hosted since its construction in 1950. A beautiful new roof structure was designed by schlaich bergermann und partner in 2013.

(Original source of the article above:

Also to add on from the list above for interesting architecture to observe in Rio de Janeiro are the newly built Barra Olympic Park where it is a cluster of nine sporting venues (2 of them are temporary structures) purposely built for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It sits on the former site of motorsport circuit of the city.


And not to forget the iconic Christ The Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain which is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World and is the most important icon of the city. It somehow isn’t related to architecture, but it is still a spendid landmark that defines Rio de Janeiro and is a must-see when you are in the city.

Rio de Janeiro is a very beautiful city full of intriguing built environment sets in picturesque natural setting. The city’s architecture has the old and new, rough and clean, humble and bold, which are more than enough to amaze everyone.

(Images and information in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web unless stated otherwise)

What’s happening to the Four Seasons Place in KL?

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Right after I published my previous post regarding the newly-opened JW Marriott Marquis Dubai hotel that is now the world’s tallest hotel building, I was reminded back to a particular project back in my home city, Kuala Lumpur. Few years ago, it was announced that there would be a development by Four Seasons Hotel on a site besides the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin buildings. Well, that was several years ago when this proposal is called out.

At that time, there are already some renderings released which indicates how the development would looks like once built. It would be a complex of two towers (one higher that goes over 70 storeys and another one much shorter). That was the first proposal. Well, it is good since we are going to have new a supertall building in KL soon and that would be Malaysia’s tallest hotel. Time flies, and there is an amendment to the proposal not long after. The development is now limited to only a single tower of around 60 to 70 storeys and is to be called as Four Seasons Place, the first in South East Asia and third in the world.

Fine. I saw the site besides the Petronas Twin Towers was cleared quite long ago to make way for this construction. However, there seems to be no progress over at the site at all after so many months (or even years). What’s happening to it? On-hold or what? I hate when such an ambitious project gets on-hold and it’s just right besides our twin towers landmark. Then, today I checked upon its status. Luckily, it was now not on-hold. It is officially launched last month as Four Seasons Place, a 65-storeys building comprises of luxurious residences and hotel rooms as well as a huge shopping mall (I find there is too many shopping malls in KL alone). It would also have the highest swimming pool (at over 300 metres above ground) in Malaysia and South East Asia.




Once built, it would be the third tallest building in Malaysia (right behind its neighbour, the Petronas Twin Towers) and the tallest hotel residences building in Malaysia. Then, I checked on the renderings and I was surprised that the design looks almost completely changed. But this latest outcome is much better and more appealing to me than the previous design. But I don’t know who is the architect behind this…I’m looking forward to the completion of this project which is expected to be in year 2016 or 2017. Go..go..go..let’s build this thing fast. It’s already been delayed for several years. I’m looking forward to have this beautiful skyscraper in KL. It’s going to be over 320 metres tall too (around 10 metres taller than Telekom Tower). That is generally tall enough to offer great views over the surrounding city of KL. The site of the development shown below (the empty lot on the right side).

2323qu(All images and information in this post are from skyscrapercity forum.)


The Avengers is now the third highest grossing film worldwide, sending Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 to fourth placing

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Marvel’s The Avengers, a single film assembling a group of Marvel’s superheroes successfully climbed to the top three placing in the list of worldwide’s highest grossing films recently. The movie is now on 3rd place with grossing of over 1.355 billion, crossing over the previous film in the 3rd place; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Harry Potter’s final film did extremely well last year with grossing of over 1.328 billion, ending the famous franchise of our generation with favourable reviews and huge box office income. However, it is still no match compared to this year’s The Avengers. So now, Harry Potter’s final film jumped to 4th place while Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon remained at fifth place in total grossing of over 1.123 billion. The Avengers became one of the only twelve films in history that crossed over 1 billion mark in grossing.

The Avengers is still now in theatres worldwide and its grossing would only stops probably months later. There are still plenty of time for this movie to gain even more, hoping that people would go for it again and again in the cinema. It has already broken several records like having the biggest grossing on opening weekend, fastest film to reach 100 million, 200 million, and so on. It even ties with Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 inthe record of 19 days as the fastest to reach 1 billion in revenue. That is an impressive record, and I bet people that are involved in the movie would be very proud and happy over that outcome and it seems that their target has been reached, not only in total grossing, but also in reception by the public which is mostly positive.

But there’s a catch, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Avatar both opened internationally and in the US on the same week while that wasn’t the case with The Avengers. This superhero film had been out in the US for just 10 days when $1 billion was reached. So while technically The Avengers has to share the title for fastest to hit $1 billion with the other two, its performance was more impressive. Anyway, with The Avengers hitting $1 billion, it’s the 5th film to do so for Disney. Now consider this, no other studio has more than two billion grossers (Fox and Warner Bros.). Marvel Studio is now planning for a sequel to The Avengers, after looking at the much hype and success of a movie like this can deliver. I’m looking forward to that. Hope it will come very soon.

So looking its box office performance  now, what do you think would be the final grossing figure of The Avengers? Now it stands at a whopping 1.355 billion, only behind two films, Avatar and Titanic on which both are directed by James Cameron and had grossed over 2 billion respectively. That seems to be a figure almost impossible to be defeated. Now, Titanic is back on the big screen in 3D and its grossing is once again increasing. But that wouldn’t be a lot. But still it grossed an extra few hundred million as of current that brings the movie beyond 2 billion mark, making the Avatar not alone in the 2 billion’s club anymore.

Could The Avengers gets into 2 billion of grossing also? It seems a bit unlikely and I think it will end most probably with 1.5 billion with maximum of 1.6 billion, as a lot of people have had watched the film already. Movie-goers now would then go for other new interesting releases like Snow White and the Huntsman, Madagascar 3, Prometheus, and some others soon. But still, The Avengers did a very fantastic job in box office and it’s a good movie. I think it would remains the highest grossing film for this year. Being in top 3 is an awesome accomplishment already. Congratz to the movie for having such successful achievement.

A young star: Ronan Parke

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Do you know who is Ronan Parke? If you have gone through Facebook, you must have recognize this name which his video is widely circulated through social medias. If you did watch Britains Got Talent 2011, you definitely knew who he is.

I personally did not watch the show, but I did knew that some talented people are discovered from that competition, and it is from this competition that we knew Susan Boyle. She went to fame and achieved widespread international media coverage from her singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’. It is disappointed that she lost, two years ago but still more famous than the winner, the Diversity.

Back to this latest 5th series, the competition is suddenly brought to my attention when I first played a video shared by many of my friends from Facebook on an awesome audition performance by a young 12 years old boy, Ronan Parke. In the audition, he is so nervous but he sang ‘I’m Feeling Good’ so perfectly that received extreme positive response from the judges as well as the audiences. Almost everyone just stood up and gave great applause to him, admiring his talent and courage on the stage. He then succeeded to the semi final.

In the semi final not long ago, he sang ‘Make You Feel My Love’. That is another perfect performance from him that stunned everyone. Many had already predicted that he would have very high chance of winning this competition. When I played the video of his performance in semi final, I am fully amazed. He definitely nailed the song, and sang it so well that it seems to be from his own style. He also knew how to control his voice.

Time for final. There are 10 finalists, and I don’t bother of looking at others. I just concentrate on the video of his performance which is on singing ‘Because of You’, a very beautiful song which is also suitable in showing all talent out from the singing of this famous song. I can hear a bit of mistake in there, probably due to him lacking of breath added up with high level of nervous, but all together he gave another great performance. His ending of the song is EPIC! I can’t believe someone with only 12 years old can do that, seems to be equipped with some singing experience too.

Eventhough he did not win the competition, with a slightly 3% lower votes than the champion, Jai McDowall, he is definitely going to be a star in very near future. He has a very bright and long future, even predicted to be better than Justin Bieber. I wonder why so many people would want to compare him with Justin. Both are with their different character and style. Even their age difference is around 5 years. Whenever someone gets famous suddenly, he or she would definitely be compared with an existing famous star of around the age. That is how it goes.

Yesterday’s night when I am stressed from the task in completing drawings for design submission today, I stumbled upon the two videos of Ronan’s performance in semi final not long ago and final on last weekend. I am thrilled and the videos made my day. So, then I had more strength on continuing on my assignment. Wow….Ronan, your singing affected my mood….I bet he would be getting more famous than the winner like the similar case back in two years ago (Susan Boyle’s case). Just too bad he didn’t win it…but now, people searched him in internet, people asking him for pictures or autographs…another ‘Justin Bieber’ generation is born…oh…

Watched the videos I shared here? Great, isn’t it?

Details of the journey along the observatory, At The Top, Burj Dubai

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                        At the top burj khalifa 1

Tickets are time stamped at 30-minute intervals, on specific days, in order to carefully manage the daily rush of sightseers.

The entrance to the experience At the Top, Burj Dubai is at the adjoining The Dubai Mall’s Lower Ground level, conveniently situated among a parade of tempting restaurants. Banks of LED screens displaying Burj Dubai’s distinctive three-core design in red and black greet visitors.

The reception area features a fiberglass model of the tower illuminated in blue light. Soft music plays in the background, from a score composed especially for Burj Dubai by Katia Makdissi-Warren, a Canadian artist noted for her fusion of Western and Arabian styles.
The interactive feature ‘Burj Around the World’ allows visitors to view Burj Dubai on the skyline of other famous cities. Two multimedia presentations, ‘Burj Dubai Among the Greats’ and ‘Tallest Among the Tall’, introduce other iconic tall buildings from around the world, forming as they do the inspiration for Burj Dubai.

Precision is a theme of the tower and it governs the experience awaiting visitors to At the Top, Burj Dubai. Past an airport-style security gate, visitors are immersed in the history of Dubai as they are escorted along a 65-metre travelator.

A multimedia display, ‘Dubai Then and Now’, explores the emirate’s humble beginnings as a pearl diving and trading hub and traces its emergence into a world centre for tourism, commerce and finance.

A new musical passage, again by composer Katia Makdissi-Warren, accompanies the historical narrative, and her composition proceeds to change in mood and tempo as new sections of the tour are revealed.

The travelator gently deposits visitors at the ‘From the earth to the sky’, through which they view the tower’s spire at a near vertical angle and its observation deck on the 124th floor.

Pausing at the ‘From the earth to the sky’, one can also absorb the ‘legend’ of Burj Dubai, which interprets the personality and aspirations of the world’s tallest building as though it were an individual.

“I am the heart of the city and its people,” the legend reads, “the marker that defines Emaar’s ambition and Dubai’s shining dream. More than just a moment in time, I define moments for future generations…”

An almost spiritual ambience permeates this stage of the tour. As soothing music plays in the background, futuristic back-lit glass panels display the styling cues for the tower’s unique design, including its inspiration from the natural world, a freshly cut flower from the beautiful desert lily, Hymenocallis.

The next leg of the journey, ‘From Vision to Reality’, delves deeper into the architectural and engineering complexity inherent in the world’s tallest building. A multimedia presentation tracks the evolution of the project, from the design phase through to final construction, revealing as it does so the numerous challenges the Burj Dubai’s engineers overcame to deliver what will soon become a living community for as many as 12,000 people.

The final ascent to the 124th floor is by a double-deck elevator, each deck carrying up to 14 people and travelling at an amazing 10 metres per second directly to Level 124. The smoothness of the ride and the captivating effects of the elevator’s interior LED screens, means one barely perceives any movement at all.

In less than 60 seconds, the elevator reaches the observation deck, the world’s only public observation deck with an outdoor terrace at this height.

The view from At the Top, Burj Dubai is like that from a plane. But while an airborne passenger must observe the world below through a tiny cabin window, visitors to the Burj Dubai experience a vista through 360 degrees.

Sheikh Zayed Road is miniaturised to the scale of a matchstick model; cars and people appear ant-size. The entire city is revealed, Dubai Creek to the north, Abu Dhabi to the south, Palm Jumeirah and The World islands to the west, and the desert to the east.


Computerised telescopes, meanwhile, allow visitors to zoom in on goings on at street level, and picture the scene through the viewfinder at night or during the day, thanks to the technology’s built-in memory, regardless of the time of their visit.

An invigorating taste of Dubai air 124 floors above ground can be had from the outdoor terrace.

Visitors are allowed to admire the view from At the Top, Burj Dubai for as long as they like. And when they decide to return to terra ferma, they are likely to be tempted to buy an item of official merchandise from the At the Top Retail Boutique as a keepsake.

The return to ground level, back to the point where one enters the At the Top, Burj Dubai experience, presents a cavalcade of additional fascinating facts, engineering feats, architectural firsts, and memorable images and photographs.

On leaving, visitors will be occupied by one thought – regaling friends and family with impressions of the experience at one of the highest manmade points on earth.

After a visit to the 124th floor of the Burj Dubai, it is an understatement to say that the expression ‘feeling on top of the world’ gains a whole new meaning.

Two pictures below as a reflash to the opening on 4th January 2010:

This picture below is amazing, capturing the light show during the opening on the best time:


Information above obtained from: