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Last month of 2017 is welcomed with the awesome ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer!

Posted in Miscellaneous on December 1, 2017 by vincentloy

My postgraduate study is finished and I have returned to Malaysia two days ago. November ended and now comes December, the last month for the year 2017. Time flies. We will saying goodbye to 2017 very soon.

Every time when I returned to my house and my bedroom, I will have to clean up all the dust that have accumulated when I’m not around. The problem with the smell and white marks appearing in my wardrobe still exist and I’m very fed up of it already. I have to throw a lot of my affected clothes. This is most probably due to the moist in my room especially on the area where it nears the bathroom and also the lack of natural sunlight and proper ventilation in the room (my room’s window is facing and is very close to the back of another house and my family has this rule to close all windows and front sliding door to prevent mosquitoes to come in) . My only way of preventing or slowing it down (and still not able to get rid of the problem) is to buy water absorber powder, some packets of fragrance and those small white balls (don’t know the name) to prevent moth and insects. But anyway, it’s still great to be back to my own room!

Recently, the long awaited trailer (yes, only trailer) for the coming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is released. Everyone is so excited (including me). This has been 10 years in the making since the first Iron Man movie in 2008 that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of solo and first two Avengers’ movies came in after that and it all lead to this ‘Infinity War’ to end this phase (before the next one). The first Avengers movie made US$ 1.5 billion in worldwide box office. The second one made US$ 1.4 billion too. I’m guess this third one would gross over US 1.8 billion. Sorry, DC. Marvel appears to succeed more in making more critically-acclaimed and box-office topping movies.

What’s more exciting than seeing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Spiderman, etc gathered together (after their individual films) to fight Thanos (he finally appeared!), the big villain with the powerful ‘Infinity Gauntlet’. And the Avengers’ theme is so exciting to listen to. Now, I can’t wait to watch it in May 2018. Sorry, ‘Justice League’. The hype for DC now (since ‘Justice League’ has been out in cinemas not long ago recently) now dies down immediately and made way for Marvel back, although it is just a trailer.

Let’s move back your attention to exciting highlights of this month. My birthday is coming soon (oh no…I’m turning 26!). There are several planned small trips this month and I can enjoy that with my two beloved little nephews since this month is their school holiday as well. I’m going to enjoy this month to the fullest. There are also wedding dinner for me to attend, some exciting movies to watch (Star Wars, year-end Oscar bait movies, etc) and some outings with friends. I wish that you will enjoy this December too as it is also filled with the festive Christmas and New Year celebration!


Review for TVB drama ‘The Exorcist’s Meter’ (2017).

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Time for review to another TVB drama that I have watched completely after it aired its final episode just now in the weekend. ‘The Exorcist’s Meter’ which has 21 episodes in total, starred Kenneth Ma as a taxi driver who has accidentally awaken a kind-hearted spirit with power and duty to take down devils roaming on Earth. The drama also starred Mandy Wong, Hubert Wu, Hugo Wong, Moon Lau, Anthony Ho, Susan Tse, Ram Chiang, etc.

I didn’t have high expectation to this series before I started to watch it. To be honest, I decided to watch it because I have nothing else to watch at the moment. In the end, I was surprised by how good this drama turned out. It is not a lousy or ordinary paranormal-themed series. It’s not just about people seeing ghosts and catching demons in a heroic fashion. This series stood out over the rest in this particular genre due to the addition of some very moving storylines, heartfelt characters, and excellent performances by the cast.

First of all, the eyes of the series is on the lead actor; Kenneth Ma. After his success and popularity from his role in 2012’s ‘The Hippocratic Crush’, he didn’t have many good roles later on. This paves way for newer actors like Ruco Chan to speed ahead of him in the race to win best actor. Another newer actor, Vincent Wong is also on the rise very quickly with many fantastic roles in recent years. I’m starting to worry that Kenneth will be left out very soon if he didn’t have a good drama and a good role to take on. Finally, he is back to be noticed again with his role here as ‘Ma Kwai’ in ‘The Exorcist’s Meter’. His acting is very natural and this character gave him opportunity to showcase his acting skill through the many emotional scenes in this series. He nailed this taxi driver’s role perfectly. With his excellent performance here (and also another great work in ‘My Dearly Sinful Mind’ released early this year), I’m supporting him to win best actor at the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

The other cast members were doing exceptionally well too, although they are mostly lesser-known TVB artists. Susan Tse is very convincing as Kenneth’s foster mother and I don’t mind her winning Best Supporting Actress again. Ram Chiang, Moon Lau and Hugo Wong are outstanding too. I think this drama really puts their acting to the limelight besides Kenneth. This drama also propels Hugo Wong to higher popularity from his very challenging villain role in this drama. He usually took very minor roles in the past and after this drama, I’m sure that he will be given more opportunities to take on bigger roles soon. He is also solid in ‘Recipes to Live By’ released early this year and hence, I have no doubt to support him for ‘Most Improved TVB Actor’ this year.

As mentioned earlier, this drama has a very good script. The loop scenes involving Kenneth’s dead parents, conflict and relationship between Kenneth and his foster mother, friendship between Kenneth and the stone spirit, Ber Ber (Moon Lau)’s relationship with Kenneth and her death, Anthony Ho’s tragic death, etc are all very sincere and moving. Even the action scenes involving demons in this drama are produced with effort as not to make them too typical, lousy or emotionless. Besides that, the two theme songs for this drama sang by Hubert Wu are also nice to listen too and they suit well to this drama. Well, there are still some areas in this drama that can be improved like the production designs, the CGI, some exaggerated acting (but still acceptable due to the nature of this story), etc. But overall, it is a highly enjoyable, fast-paced series that will also makes you cry several times. The ending for this series is also surprisingly good. The last scene is a great one when the stone spirit that sat in the taxi was actually Hou Zai (Kenneth’s younger brother’s soul). This is one solid, entertaining and touching drama that is not to be missed. It defies my expectation. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Exorcist’s Meter’ a total of 8.0. This is the one and only drama in the year 2017 that gets over 8 points from me.

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Movie review for ‘Justice League’ (2017)

Posted in Miscellaneous on November 17, 2017 by vincentloy

Just one day after I finished everything for my study, I felt weird. There is no more pending assignments for me to do daily. There is no more deadlines for me to remember. This hasn’t happen for a year. My life as a student is officially over. It’s good to be free but it’s not good when you have nothing to do at all. I’m staying in Perth for like 12 more days before returning to Malaysia. I’m going to use this time to clean up my room and go out to explore more of Perth.

A day after finishing everything is a perfect day to go out for a movie. ‘Justice League’ has just been released yesterday and that’s perfect timing! It is the last superhero movie of the year and is the first in DC to assemble a group of their own superheroes to battle against the villain. Marvel has done it with their ‘Avengers’ movies much earlier. It’s not surprising that DC is going on the same path in their cinematic universe. In ‘Justice League’, Batman recruits a team comprising of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman (and they are later joined by Superman) to fight Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons who came to Earth to retrieve the Mother Boxes.

It’s a fun movie! Before seeing the movie, I noticed that it has less than 40% rating in Rotten Tomatoes. After watching it, I felt that it is better than expected. Certainly deserves more than 40%! It’s refreshing to see the other side (I mean DC) having their own team of superheroes and villains in their cinematic universe being materialized on the big screen too. That enables us not to just stick to the Marvel. The darker theme of DC also successfully differentiates its style with Marvel that comes with much lighter tone. Well, DC movies are not serious all the way. There are still some light and funny moments in those movies (including this Justice League).

Ben Affleck is still quite wooden for his role as Batman. He looks very uninterested to be in here. Although he is the founder of the league, but I still cannot get off my mind that he is just one rich guy with no superpower or abilities capable enough for him to deal with the villains. The founder and yet the weakest. During crucial battle scenes in Batman v Superman and this Justice League, he was just at the back contributing a little help. Sorry to Batman fans. But that’s the truth. Gal Gadot is awesome as Wonder Woman as usual. It’s great to see her again after her awesome solo ‘Wonder Woman’ movie early this year. Ezra Miller is contributing the fun and hilarious awkwardness to the movie with his role as The Flash. On the other hand, I’m not engaged to the over serious Ray Fisher as the Cyborg. Jason Momoa is fine as the Aquaman and same goes to Henry Cavill as the Superman who are revived in later part of the movie to save the world. And by the way, the villain, Steppenwolf is really badass in this movie, but once the Superman appears, he is no match to the latter.

The movie is full of actions and I’m glad that there hasn’t been any draggy or unnecessary scenes in this movie. It’s also slightly shorter that I’m expecting but that’s fine. This is certainly an improvement from Batman v Superman. Anyway, the solo ‘Wonder Woman’ is still the best DC movie so far. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Justice League’ a total of 7.5. If you have not watched this film, please stay up until the very end of the credits. There are one mid-credit and one post-credit scenes. (Spoiler ahead!) The first one shows The Flash and the Superman initiating a race and the last one shows Lex Luthor who had escaped from the prison and is trying to assemble a team of supervillains alongside with appearance of Deathstroke.

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Drama review for TVB’s “Legal Mavericks” (2017)

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After submitting my thesis report last week, I finally have the time to catch up to my past hobby; watching TVB dramas. There isn’t any TVB dramas recently that have my attention. ‘The Exorcist Meter’ which is a series about supernatural and starred Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, etc. The supernatural theme itself is the one that push me away from watching it and TVB is definitely not looking serious to making this kind of drama with good quality. The other drama is called ‘My Ages Apart’ and starred Kristal Tin, Bobby Au, etc. This one has a better line-up of cast but I still don’t have the interest to watch it because its premise is not appealing and it has too many episodes (50 in total).

So, I’m up to nothing but to find dramas that are released earlier and yet I haven’t watch them. Many people recommended me to watch ‘Legal Mavericks’, a drama about a blind lawyer who usually crossed the lines when solving the cases with his friends. I trusted their opinions and I am also influenced by the success of this particular series at Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards held last month. Hence, I ended up finishing the whole drama (28 episodes in total) in less than a week. And I watched its last 8 episodes continuously today.

The drama starred Vincent Wong, Sisley Choi, Ali Lee, Owen Cheung, Pal Sinn, Tracy Chu, etc. First, I like the plot that emphasized on solving not typical large cases that involves murders but on smaller cases fighting for the rights of the minorities (although the series still has the last case being solving a murder highly important to the overall storyline). I also like the idea of giving the main character a disability (in this case being blind) besides than injecting in the similar professions that TVB love to tackle (police, doctor, etc…in this case; lawyer). It adds extra depth and gave audiences something new to see rather than conventional dramas about a single profession. This also allows the cast (particularly Vincent Wong) to showcase his acting skill as the lead actor portraying a blind lawyer who is excellent in his other four senses.

The cast did a great job. Vincent Wong deserves a best actor win from his role here. There isn’t any strong competition in lead actor category this year and I hope he wins. It’s very challenging to continuously maintaining the eyes to make them look like they are blind and at the same time carrying out the dialogues, the body gestures, the facial expressions and the emotions for the story. Vincent nailed it. People usually find Sisley Choi annoying in most of her previous series. But hey…she surprised me in this drama. Not only that I find her character enjoyable in this drama, I also think that her acting has improved significantly (particularly this year). Hence, I’m rooting for her to get Most Improved Female Artist at TVB Anniversary Awards. I pitied her character. She sacrificed so much for Vincent Wong and yet their relationship remains ambiguous even till the final episode. There are three females who love Vincent Wong (Sisley, Ali and Tracy). I find that a bit too much. Vincent’s love towards Tracy is too much and I find that very unfair to Sisley. As for Ali Lee, she at least has another admirer and lover, Owen Cheung.

Ali Lee did well in here too but I’m still surprised how she can win ‘Most Favourite Lead Actress’ in Starhub TVB Awards last month for her role here. She is beautiful and solid, but her performance here is not award-worthy in my opinion. On the other hand, this is Owen Cheung’s most heavy role to date (he is a nobody in the past and only famous for having similar voice with Chilam). I’m surprised that he has this level of acting and he delivered superbly. He is a strong contender for best supporting actor award. Even Pal Sinn who portrayed the ruthless main villain is doing very good too. I hated him so much and it means that he delivered that character very well. And one more person to compliment; veteran actor, Law Lok-lam who portrayed as Vincent’s father. His acting when his character is diagnosed with ALS is superb.

I’m a bit confused on the very last scene of this drama. Ali Lee died and yet she appeared again to join the three others for a walk. That’s weird. What does the scriptwriter want to tell us from this scene? Opening it up for the audiences to decide the ending on their own? TVB love this approach very much recently and it is overused. I rather they stick to a very clear conclusion for this drama. Anyway, this drama is still a decent one. I’m happy that I didn’t left this drama out before the year ends. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Legal Mavericks’ a total of 7.8. There is not many particularly great TVB dramas this year (also for the last few years), hence this drama do have a strong chance to emerge as winner for Best Series at the upcoming TVB Star Awards Malaysia and Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards. His other competitor so far would be ‘The Unholy Alliance’ of which I had also given 7.8 in my drama review post earlier.

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Submitted my thesis report! And short movie reviews for ‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (2017)

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Yes, finally. The submission day has arrived. After months of hard work and countless sleepless nights, I finally have completed my thesis report and submitted it today on time before the 3pm deadline. Although the submission is complete, but my task for the semester is still unfinished as I still have the presentation panels to compose and the power point slides to prepare for the thesis presentation and grading next week. But anyway, having completed and submitted the thesis report today still gave a huge relief to me and my classmates. A big chunk of work done! I can resume my normal daily life with minimum 8 hours of sleep and some allocated time for entertainment. Well, at least I have half of my freedom back. A bit more to go and I’m done for this Master of Architecture program.

I do had an accident today. While on the way to keep my reports and models in the thesis storage room two floors below, I accidentally broke my fragile final detailed massing model while climbing down the stairs. It gave me a heart attack instantly. The positive note is that I brought an UHU glue with me in case and it became very important that time for me to fix it quick. My model which is slim and tall (as my project is a complex of 3 skyscrapers) has broken into two (partially collapsed). Now, it is fixed but became slightly slanted (become a new slanting tower) and getting more fragile than ever. Hopefully it will not break and stay as it is till the grading and the exhibition are over later.

Right after submitting the report, I went for a movie with my friends. Although I’m very tired, but I do want to chill and watch a movie for the day. We watched ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. It received over 90% of rating in Rotten Tomatoes. I had high expectation on it. But in the end, I don’t really enjoy it as much as the others did. It is a mediocre Marvel film. I don’t understand how many others claimed that this is the best of the three Thor films. I felt this is one of the weakest instead. The CGI are over exaggerated, the actions are at lighting speed and I can’t really see much from that speed, the plot is messy with too many new unimportant characters around, and some intended funny scenes are not hilarious to me at all (I felt those funny lines are simply put in to lighten the mood without much effort or thought). There are still some good points; Chris Hemsworth appeared to be more relaxed on his third Thor film (and his look with the thunder lightning power is awesome), Cate Blanchett is cool as the main villain, Jeff Goldblum is a nice addition to the cast as the Grandmaster, and Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ a total of 7.0. The movie lacks emotion, intensity and even depth. Out of a sudden, Hela appeared as Odin’s eldest child and as the villain. Out of a sudden, Hulk is at the Sakaar planet. Hmm…So the next Marvel film would be ‘Black Panther’ on early next year and finally the much awaited ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ end of next year.

I had watched another film previously and it’s worth for me to write a bit about it too. It’s ‘Happy Death Day’; a slasher film that follows a female college student who is murdered on her birthday and begins reliving her day over and over again to her horror. At that point, she sets out to find the killer and stop her death. Many people compared this as a mix between ‘Groundhog Day’ (didn’t watch this one) and ‘Scream’ films. I like the idea of reliving the day over and over again. It’s very cool. This movie is highly entertaining. It is not meant to be a typical horror movie with a slasher villain. There is still a slasher here with a baby-face mask but there is nothing scary though and it’s fine for this movie to work that way as the highlight is on the ‘repeating sequence’. The leading lady, Jessica Rothe did a good job. Same goes to the boy portrayed by Israel Broussard. The plot twist at the end is also interesting. This is a great movie; fast-paced and very engaging. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Happy Death Day’ a total of 8.2.

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Nomination list and my picks for TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017

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The nomination list for the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017 has been out many days ago ever since its voting started on the end of November. I didn’t have time to post that up earlier as I was very busy recently. But, hey, now I’m back to post the nomination list and putting in my thoughts and predictions as usual. I would like to thank Joshua who posted the nomination list to me in English version earlier as I still couldn’t find any source that provides the list in English version yet.

Alright…without wasting more time, here you goes: (the asterisk indicates my top 5 or top 3 picks)

My Favourite TVB Drama:
Dead Wrong
No Reserve
Rogue Emperor
Recipes to Live By
Burning Hands
Tiger Mom Blues 
Destination Nowhere *
Married but Available
My Dearly Sinful Mind
The No No Girl
My Unfair Lady
Come with Me
Bet Hur
Legal Mavericks *
The Unholy Alliance *
A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch *
The Tofu War
Line Walker: The Prelude *
Nothing Special Force
Oh My Grad

My pick: The Unholy Alliance

Prediction: The Unholy Alliance

Opinion: Although ‘The Unholy Alliance’ is not doing well in its final few episodes, but it is still an enjoyable and intense drama to watch. It has win the similar award in Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards earlier, and so I don’t see why it’s not going to do the same in Malaysia too. I haven’t watch ‘Legal Mavericks’ yet but I have been hearing a lot of positive words about it. I will list it as a dark horse for now.

My Favourite TVB Actor in A Leading Role:
Wayne Lai (No Reserve)
Ben Wong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Kevin Cheng (Destination Nowhere) 
Gallen Lo (Provocateur)
Tony Hung (Married But Available)
Kenneth Ma (My Dearly Sinful Mind) *
Eddie Cheung (The No No Girl)
Frankie Lam (My Unfair Lady)
Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks) *
Edwin Siu ( A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch) *
Raymond Cho ( A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch)
Matthew Ho (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch)
Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance) *
Chris Lai (The Tofu War)
Moses Chan (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Benjamin Yuen (Line Walker: The Prelude) *
Chow Pakho (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Michael Miu (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Roger Kwok (Oh My Grad)
Wong Cho Lam (Oh My Grad)

My pick: Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks)

Prediction: Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks) / Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance)

Opinion: Although I haven’t seen ‘Legal Mavericks’ yet, but I do think Vincent is the front contender now (since he also won the same award in Singapore). I do saw him in other dramas and he is good. I do think he did exceptionally well in ‘Legal Mavericks’. However, this is a popularity contest and Ruco Chan has a huge fanbase in Malaysia. Ruco had also actively participated in promotion events to this awards lately. He has won the same award in Singapore for three consecutive years not long ago. He can get the same record in Malaysia this year too. So, Ruco is the dark horse although his role in ‘The Unholy Alliance’ is nothing spectacular. Benjamin Yuen also stands a chance as he is great in ‘Line Walker: The Prelude’. Putting Wong Cho Lam as lead actor in ‘Oh My Grad’ is a joke. He had such a minor role in that one. Roger Kwok should be nominated for ‘Dead Wrong’ instead.

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role:
Myolie Wu (No Reserve)
Niki Chow (Rogue Emperor)
Joey Meng (Dead Wrong)
Rosina Lam (Burning Hands)
Elena Kong (Tiger Mom Blues) *
Sharon Chan (Tiger Mom Blues)
Kristal Tin (Destination Nowhere) * 
Grace Wong (My Dearly Sinful Mind) *
Adia Chan (The No No Girl)
Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)
Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady) 
Charmaine Sheh (Bet Hur)
Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks) *
Sisley Choi (Legal Mavericks)
Nina Paw (The Unholy Alliance) *
Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)  
Nancy Sit (The Tofu War)
Mandy Wong (Nothing Special Force)
Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude) 
Ada Choi (Oh My Grad)

My pick: Kristal Tin (Destination Nowhere)

Prediction: Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks)

Opinion: I think this is the category that would be the most controversial for me. Why? The above top 5 picks are my preferred choices but since this is a popularity contest rather than really awarding who gave the best performance, it’s all going to be narrowed down to young ladies and this would narrow down the list to another set of 5; Grace Wong, Natalie Tong, Sisley Choi, Nancy Wu, Ali Lee. If this is really judged by best performance, Kristal Tin would be the most deserving as she nailed that challenging role in ‘Destination Nowhere’ in a way that surprised me. But I don’t think she would have any chance here…or even in Hong Kong’s awards later since that drama was aired a bit too early. So for my prediction to this Malaysia’s awards, I’m so far sticking to what Singapore had chosen; Ali Lee. I do think she is too early for leading actress award. This award has no clear frontrunner.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor:
Kenny Wong (Dead Wrong)
James Ng (Destination Nowhere) *
Pierre Ngo (My Dearly Sinful Mind) *
Mat Yeung (My Dearly Sinful Mind) *
Yuen Man Kit (My Unfair Lady)
Owen Cheung (Legal Mavericks) *
Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance) *
Dominic Lam (The Tofu War)
C-Kwan (Nothing Special Force)
Ram Chiang (Oh My Grad)

My pick: Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)

Prediction: Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)

Opinion: I do have a feeling here that since Ruco and Nancy are highly likely to lose in leading actor and actress categories this year, the organizer would still want to reward ‘The Unholy Alliance’ in acting categories. This would be it. Joel has not win anything before in Malaysia and it’s time for him. I am amazed by some of his earlier performances already. He even outshines Ruco in ‘The Unholy Alliance’. Dark horse here would be Owen Cheung from ‘Legal Mavericks’ who had just won the supporting actor in Singapore.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress:
Koni Lui (Tiger Mom Blues) *
Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur) *
Alice Chan (Married But Available)
Jeannie Chan (The No No Girl)
Samantha Ko (My Unfair Lady) *
Tracy Chu (Legal Mavericks) *
Rebecca Chu (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance) *
Roxanne Tong (The Tofu War)
Eliza Sam (Oh My Grad)

My pick: Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)

Prediction: Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance) / Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur)

Opinion: Elaine is doing great in ‘The Unholy Allisnce’ but she had just won the same award last year. Would she win again this year? There is a possibility. But that also allows for higher chance to other strong contender like Jacqueline Wong who won the supporting actress in Singapore earlier. Koni, Samantha and Tracy are good too.

Most Improved TVB Actor:
Matthew Ho (Tiger Mom Blues, A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch) *
Brian Tse (Rogue Emperor, The No No Girl, Line Walker: The Prelude) *
Owen Cheung (The No No Girl, Legal Mavericks) *
Arnold Kwok Zi Ho (Tiger Mom Blues, Nothing Special Force)
James Ng (Destination Nowhere, A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch)

My pick: Matthew Ho

Prediction: Matthew Ho

Opinion: I have watched the two series that Matthew was in. He is doing well. However, I find that his kid-like voice is still hampering him. On the other hand, Brian only stood out a bit in ‘Line Walker: The Prelude’ while Owen was in ‘Legal Mavericks’ (I supposed since he won supporting actor for that role in Singapore). Matthew has two solid performances this year. One number higher. So, I’m giving this to him than the others.

Most Improved TVB Actress:
Zoie Tam (Dead Wrong, My Unfair Lady, Legal Mavericks) *
Kaman Kong (Tiger Mom Blues, My Unfair Lady)
Jeannie Chan (The No No Girl)
Roxanne Tong (Provocateur, My Dearly Sinful Mind, The Tofu War) *
Gloria Tang (My Unfair Lady, A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch)

My pick: Zoie Tam

Prediction: Roxanne Tong

Opinion: I enjoyed Zoie’s performance in ‘Dead Wrong’. However, she only has very minor roles in the other two dramas while ‘Dead Wrong’ is aired late last year. That’s a bit of disadvantage and it pushes Roxanne Tong as the predicted winner since she won new artist award in Singapore earlier.

Most Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple:
Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)
Vincent Wong, Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady) *
Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu, Sisley Choi (Legal Mavericks)
Owen Cheung, Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks)
Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch) *
Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance) *
Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance) *
Chris Lai, Roxanne Tong (The Tofu War)
Benjamin Yuen, Chow PakHo, Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude) *
Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan (Line Walker: The Prelude)

My pick: Joel Chan and Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)

Prediction: Joel Chan and Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance) / Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady)

Opinion: I find that chemistry between Joel and Elaine is so much better than Vincent and Natalie in their respective dramas. But everyone is simply falling in love with the Vincent-Natalie pair since ‘My Unfair Lady’ has been emphasizing so much on romance storyline (and it made me so bored of watching it last time).

My Favourite TVB Theme Song:
Tam Kayee (My Unfair Lady) *
Hana Kuk (My Unfair Lady)
Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks)
Stephanie Ho (Legal MAvericks) *
Chow Pakho (Line Walker: The Prelude) *

My pick: Tam Kayee (My Unfair Lady)

Prediction: Tam Kayee (My Unfair Lady)

Opinion: I’m very surprised that the winning song from Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards isn’t even getting a nomination here. That ending theme for Line Walker: The Prelude by Hana Kuk is beautiful and yet not nominated. I would prefer that to win actually. So, now I’m left with no choice but to choose the second best (not really); the song by Tam Kayee in ‘My Unfair Lady’.

My Favourite TVB Drama Characters :

(I think they will award this to around 12 winners. So the 12 names with asterisk are my picks and predicted winners)
Joey Meng (Dead Wrong)
Kenny Wong (Dead Wrong)
Niki Chow (Rogue Emperor)
Wayne Lai (No Reserve)
Myolie Wu (No Reserve)
Rosina Lam (Burning Hands)
Kelly Fu (Burning Hands)
Elena Kong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Sharon Chan (Tiger Mom Blues)
Ben Wong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Koni Lui (Tiger Mom Blues)
Kaman Kong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Arnold Kwok (Tiger Mom Blues)
Kevin Cheng (Destination Nowhere)
Gallen Lo (Provocateur)
Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur)
Fred Cheng (Provocateur)
Tony Hung (Married But Available)
Alice Chan (Married But Available)
Raymond Wong (Married But Available)
Kenneth Ma (My Dearly Sinful Mind) *
Grace Wong (My Dearly Sinful Mind) 
Mat Yeung (My Dearly Sinful Mind) 
Adia Chan (The No No Girl)
Eddie Cheung (The No No Girl)
Jeannie Chan (The No No Girl)
Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)
Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady) *
Chris Lai (My Unfair Lady) 
Frankie Lam (My Unfair Lady)
Samantha Ko (My Unfair Lady)
Yuen Man Kit (My Unfair Lady)
Charmaine Sheh (Bet Hur)
Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks) *
Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks) 
Sisley Choi (Legal Mavericks) *
Tracy Chu (Legal Mavericks)
Owen Cheung (Legal Mavericks)
Edwin Siu (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch) *
Matthew Ho (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch)
Raymond Cho (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch) *
Kristal Tin (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch) *
Rebecca Chu (A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch)
Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance) *
Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance) *
Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance) *
Nina Paw (The Unholy Alliance) 
Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance) *
Nancy Sit (The Tofu War)
Jonathan Cheung Wing Hong (The Tofu War)
Roxanne Tong (The Tofu War)
Michael Miu (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Benjamin Yuen (Line Walker: The Prelude) *
Chow Pakho (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Mandy Wong (Nothing Special Force)
Roger Kwok (Oh My Grad)
Ada Choi (Oh My Grad)
Wong Cho Lam (Oh My Grad)
Ram Chiang (Oh My Grad)
Eliza Sam (Oh My Grad)

Opinion: Cast from ‘The Unholy Alliance’ is going to take a lot of spots here. ‘A General, A Scholar And An Eunuch’ is also expected to win at least in this category for a minimum of two awards. Benjamin is a sure as a sole representative winner from ‘Line Walker: The Prelude’. Same goes to Kenneth Ma for representing ‘My Dearly Sinful Mind’. And of course not to forget the critically-acclaimed cast from ‘Legal Mavericks’.

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme:
Spirits On Vacation *
Peak To Pit
Cantopop At 50 *
All Work, No Pay Holidays
The Ahistoric Grandpa Cooking Show
Sammy On The Go
The Sisterhood Travelling Gang *
Anchors With Passport
Priscilla Wong’s Show
Maria Cordero’s Auspicious Recipes

My pick: Spirits on Vacation

Prediction: Cantopop at 50

Opinion: I love seeing ‘Spirits on Vacation’ which is a spin-off variety programme from the drama ‘House of Spirits’ last year. It is very entertaining. However, it was released way too early and many may have forgotten or have not watched it. ‘Cantopop at 50’ may snatch this quietly as a way for organizer to indirectly honour the 50-years long history of Cantopop music.

My Favourite TVB Informative Programme:
Big Big World
Neighbourhood Treasures Repack
Retiring In Paradise 
Easy Come Easy Health
Sermon By Ben Sir 2
Faraway Brides
All Things Girl Malaysia Edition
Sidewalk Scientist

Opinion: No comment or picks for this category as I have watched none of them.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host:
Ashley Chu, Mayanne Mak, Alycia Chan, Brian Tse, Kenny Wong, Chris Leung (Peak To Pit)
Maria Cordero (Maria’s Auspicious Recipes)
Nancy Sit, Raymond Cho, Michael Lai, Tong Bo Yu (Cantopop At 50)
Tony Hung (Retiring In Paradise) *
Benjamin Yuen, Mat Yeung (All Work, No Pay Holidays) *
Steve Lee, Helen Tam (The Ahistoric Grandpa Cooking Show)
Janis Chan (Faraway Brides)
Myolie Wu, Elaine Yiu, Selena Lee, Nancy Wu, Paisley Wu, Mandy Wong (The Sisterhood Travelling Gang) *
Elena Kong, Sharon Chan, Elaine Yiu, Sarah Song, Katy Kung, Joyce Tang, Priscilla Wong (All Things Girl Malaysia Edition) *
Sammy Leung, Mayanne Mak, Samantha Ko, Jacqueline Wong (Sammy On The Go) *

My pick and prediction: Benjamin Yuen & Mat Yeung (All Work, No Pay Holidays) / Myolie Wu & Elaine Yiu & Selena Lee & Nancy Wu & Paisley Wu & Mandy Wong (The Sisterhood Travelling Gang)

Opinion: The group of six ladies is entertaining to watch in ‘The Sisterhood Travelling Gang’. Their chemistry and bond are affectionate. Benjamin Yuen and Mat Yeung are two young handsome men and people will vote for them simply because of their look here and not because of how great their hosting is.

There you go. The end of the nomination list along with my own choices and predicted winners. The predictions do differ with my own picks in some categories. Now we have to wait and see for the result to be unveiled on the awards ceremony to be held on November 25th, 2017 at Avenue of Stars, Genting Highlands.

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Drama review for TVB’s ‘Oh My Grad’ (2017)

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , , , , on November 4, 2017 by vincentloy

‘Oh My Grad’ is the third installment in ‘Inbound Troubles’ series franchise that is spearheaded by Wong Cho Lam. I remember the first one is very funny and do have a chance to compete for best series that year although it ended up losing to the more popular ‘Triumph in the Skies II’ that year. There was a sequel after that. It didn’t perform as good as the first one. And now, here comes the third one. What am I expecting? Getting more bad? Yes, it is. Wong Cho Lam is no longer taking the lead role here as I read some news that he was very busy with something else during the production of ‘Oh My Grad’. Hence, he only appeared for some scenes and taking on two very minor roles.

With him not around most of the time, I’m bored. He is the funniest people to watch in the past two series. There is no doubt that he is a very talented and humorous guy. His crazy obsession to curry fish balls in this drama is not hilarious at all. This third drama eventually loses its main selling point; being funny. It instead going on for a more morally point of view by spreading great messages on the issues revolving education in Hong Kong. But, if you are focusing on a school setting for this drama, then have the effort to hire more ‘really young’ actors to portray as students. In this whole 30-episodes drama, I only see about 20 same students for the whole school. And they are so matured and irrelevant to act as students in my point of view.

The plot is boring. There is nothing interesting for me to catch up to in every episodes. The only reason I stayed till the end of the drama is because of Ada Choi. I haven’t seen her in TVB dramas for a while. She is still delivering solid performance. Roger Kwok is good as usual but his character as the headmaster appeared so unimportant. Babyjohn Choi is a film actor and this is his first work in a drama. He is actually not bad in this. His partner in the drama, Mag Lam is a bad casting. Her acting is below average and she only put on 2 faces for the whole show; acting cute and being angry. Joyce Cheng is annoying as she overacted and she was unnecessarily too loud in this drama. Bob Lam portrays a bad person in this drama and he is well suited to the role. Why? Because every time I see him, I really wanted to punch his face. It means that he did his role well as he successfully made us hate him. Koni Lui is doing well in here too. Other minor cast in this drama includes Louis Cheung, Helena Law, Bowie Wu, Cheung Chi Kwong, Eliza Sam, Mary Hon, Angela Tong, etc.

I can’t believe the fact that this is one of the anniversary dramas this year to celebrate TVB’s 50th birthday. It is such a lousy production. With school /education as the theme, this drama can be very vibrant and funny at the same time. The drama just couldn’t find the right path. This drama franchise should end. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Oh My Grad’ a total of 6.2. I’m now just looking forward to the ‘Heart and Greed’ which is also the third installment of the very successful ‘Heart of Greed’ franchise. It will start airing on 27th November. I can’t wait for it. I didn’t expect it to be as good as the first two, but I’m hoping at least it is watchable.

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