Happy Labour Day!

Happy Labour Day everyone! It’s time to catch a little break in the middle of the week. It would be much better if May 1st falls on Friday so we can have a long weekend. Or it can even be on tomorrow (Thursday) so that we can take one day leave on Friday to enjoy a 4-day weekend break.

One third of the year is gone and it’s the month of May now. Tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary of me working here in Singapore. Time flies. By now, I have mostly adapted to the environment here and have known more places in this island for shopping, movies, exploring and sightseeing.

I have learned a lot in this past one year and there’s so much more for me to learn from my career as a junior architect. On reflecting this past one year and to set myself ready for the following years, I have to be like a skyscraper; rising from the ground to the top as sky is not the limit. You will notice this quote up on my blog’s header for this month too. When you are on the city street, try look up to the buildings above you and you will gain a new perspective in life (besides straining your neck to look up..haha).

What am I going to do today? Nothing much. It’s just one day and it’s on the middle of the week and hence there’s nothing exciting or interesting that can be planned. I will just stay at home, watching stuff (Youtube, my Hong Kong drama and a downloaded movie perhaps), go for grocery shopping, rest and updating my blog here (that’s what I’m doing now).

Without labour, nothing prospers. Happy Labour Day once again! We, who worked hard and contributed so much, do deserves this holiday. Now, I’m already eyeing on the next public holiday which is also around the corner; Wesak Day on the middle of the month.


Merry Christmas! Have an awesome one this year!

This year’s Christmas falls on Monday. That’s great as it has turned our weekend a day longer, giving us more opportunities to go for a longer continuous break or a quick vacation. Same goes to the New Year’s Day next week that is also going to be observed on Monday.

Christmas in Malaysia is nothing besides than seeing the extravagant Christmas decorations in major shopping malls in the country. Visiting these malls is the only way to bring Christmas feel to the table too as they are air-conditioned (hence feeling like being in winter and away from the outside heat). There are also various spots to take lovely pictures with the decorations, Christmas music filling the air, and End Year Sale (shopping time!).

(Christmas decorations in Pavilion KL mall’s main atrium this year. This is one of the malls in KL that is spending a lot on decorations annually)

Christmas in Malaysia is more commercialized rather than religiously celebrated as Malaysia is a country with Muslim-majority, I’m not being racist here but I’m trying to send out a message on this festive season that peace and unity should come above all. That is integral to maintain the harmonious state of the nation that comprises of people of various races and religions. There is no place for extremist views. I felt angered and disappointed over incidents such as the ‘Muslim-only launderette’, ‘protest over just a cross sign in Muslim neighbourhood’, and ‘protest over Christian sculptures in a public park’ that happened in Malaysia in recent years. Where is the respect? I believe all religions promote peace and respect. There should never be a thinking that one religion is above another.

Alright. Let’s not destroy the festive mood. How will you be celebrating the day? For Malaysians, we would just be visiting the malls. But for my family, we didn’t even plan to do so as those places are going to be very crowded and traffic congestion is also imminent. We will try to avoid that by staying indoor for most of the day but that’s going to be boring. Hmm…we still don’t have plan for the day. I think we will sort it out and we are still going to enjoy the day!

For all Christians who are celebrating, have a wonderful Christmas! May your wishes come true and may you receive the Christmas presents that you long desire! Have an awesome day with your family and friends! Merry Christmas!

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Movie review for ‘La La Land’ and ‘Patriots Day’ (2016)

My blog especially in this month will be filled with more posts on movie reviews. Why? This is the month when all the remaining Oscar-bait films will be released all together before the awards ceremony next month and I love to review on those films. This is also the month for me to catch up back on some 2016 films that I have missed last year. ‘La La Land’ and ‘Patriots Day’ were released recently in the cinemas here in Malaysia but they are considered 2016 films because they have been released last year in other regions or has opened up in some film festivals. And these two movies are so far my top 2 best films of 2016.

I seldom enjoy a musical movie. This genre isn’t an appeal to me much. However, ‘La La Land’ is a total exception as I enjoyed this film very much. It is a romantic musical comedy-drama film with the plot that follows a musician and an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles. A lot of people including myself are curious on why such film’s title? Then, after a bit of research, I discovered that ‘La La Land’ refers both to the city of Los Angeles and to the idiom for being out of touch with reality which is very related to the message of the movie. I decided to watch this film eventhough its not my appealing genre because it received overwhelming critical acclaim and that it had just won big in Golden Globe Awards recently.


I watched it, and I can say it is truly an outstanding contemporary musical film. The opening sequence that shows a continuous shot of unexpected massive musical performance on a congested highway in LA is brilliant and immediately sets the right tone for the audiences on what to expect from the remaining of the movie. The story looks ordinary, but once you mix it with musical numbers, excellent performances by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and a wonderful ‘alternate-reality’ (what if) ending, then the film becomes extraordinary. The film also excelled in all other technical categories like cinematography, production design, costume design, music (songs and background score), etc. The score may sometimes feel repetitive but the melody is so beautiful and it magically gets you immersed into the story. The ending is sad and moving, and it somehow relates very well to the present reality of Hollywood. Sacrificing all others (including your true love) for career. People who watch this movie without thinking a bit further will see this movie as just a typical musical piece. Once you start digesting the inner message, then you will realize that this movie is awesome. But I can assure you that this movie is not complicated. And also great directing with Damien Chazelle. Looks he is locked to be winning the Oscars next month for his directing work here. This movie is look to get a lot of nominations in Oscars too and it certainly deserves it. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘La La Land’ a total of 8.3. And yup…this is my highest-rated film of 2016 so far.

My next movie to review is ‘Patriots Day’. This is an action movie that will appeal to all, including those who doesn’t like to think too much while watching a movie. Well, this movie actually delivered beyond that. The movie is an account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis’s actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it. It is based on the true tragic event of Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013 that killed 3 civilians and injured 264 others. Its subsequent manhunt activity to capture the two brothers behind the bombing resulted in the death of 2 police officers too. I eventually searched online for more details regarding this tragedy after watching the movie.


I don’t know exactly how much fictional drama is added to the story to makes it more intense and dramatic but I can see that the film did stays true and accurate to the real events of the bombing and its aftermath including the selection of cast that matches closely to the real persons. It’s also nice to see real footages throughout the movie to give out a more real experience to viewers that this ‘shit’ do really happened. It is sad to watch this film that is actually based on something real and I must say that terrorism should end not only in US but also in all parts of the world. I’m deeply moved by a dialogue spoken by the real surviving victims of the tragedy in the end of the movie that says ‘people are not the victims of violence, but ambassador of peace’ after learning of many terrorist attacks in the past. That is what the movie is trying to deliver besides than the typical explosive and action-packed scenes. The story is engaging, the manhunt and shooting scenes are intense, and the scene showing that the whole Boston city is strong after the attack is touching. Mark Wahlberg did another good job in his main role here as a police officer. This movie reminded me of ‘Deepwater Horizon’, another based-on-real-tragedy movie released last year too that also starred Mark Wahlberg and also with Peter Berg directing (he directed this ‘Patriots Day’ too). ‘Deepwater Horizon’ is a good movie but not as good as this ‘Patriots Day’ that stood out with a more engaging and suspenseful plot. It is a solidly crafted tribute to the people who died or affected from the tragedy. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Patriots Day’ a total of 8.0.


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My review for 4 movies in a row….yes, I watched 4 movies in less than a week.

I think there is nothing better than spending the beginning part of my semester break on new movies. I have many films to catch up on, and while I managed to watch one by one of them, more and more new ones are on their way to hit cinemas. I noticed that there are a lot of highly anticipated new movies coming out recently (and more soon). Well, it should be since it’s the summer holiday season over in US (it’s the total opposite; winter now here in Australia). The 4 movies that I have watched recently in less than a week are ‘Warcraft’, ‘Finding Dory’, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ and ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’.

‘Warcraft’ is a fantasy film based on the popular video game of the same name, and it sets on the fictional world of Azeroth. It would be a surprise to inform you that I have not played that game before and I have no knowledge of what’s the setting of the story and its world is all about. I just watched this for pure entertainment. I’m quite blur in the beginning when I have to digest the names and the characters. I just take it lightly and I ended up find this movie actually quite enjoyable, in contrary to the very poor reception it has over on popular critics’ sites. This movie is also making big money in China to my surprise. And I didn’t even know which character is Daniel Wu portraying in this movie. In the end after a quick research only I found out that he is the main bad guy with magic abilities, the Guldan. Couldn’t realize that with all the extensive CGI and sound effects. Overall, I rate ‘Warcraft’ a total of 6.4. It looks like the ending of the movie hints of more sequels coming in in the future (as expected).


Next is ‘Finding Dory’, the sequel to the highly successful award-winning ‘Finding Nemo’. ‘Nemo’ was released 13 years ago and it’s such a high nostalgic feeling to watch this underwater adventure story again. The first one was awesome, and this sequel that changes the attention from the clown fish to the blue tang didn’t disappoints too. The cute little Nemo and his father are still here, but the limelight is on the much funnier Dory that has a short term memory loss, and is lost, and has to find her parents in a marine park. It’s fun, engaging, and beautiful to watch, suitable for both adults and kids. And it is now making a lot of money across the world as expected. This is going to be the next 2016 film to cross over US$ 1 billion in grossing. I enjoyed this a lot, just like the first one. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Finding Dory’ a total of 8.0.


We are only halfway there. Hang in there. Next up is ‘The Angry Birds Movie’. Another movie based on a popular video game, but this one is animated. I did play that game but not for long as my interest on it comes and goes very fast unlike some others. I still remember there was a period of time when almost everyone is playing it. Now, I don’t think so…its popularity fades quickly as well in this world where trends change quickly. It’s also a fun movie to watch but is not on Dory’s level yet. Hmm…I shouldn’t compare it that way and I would still like to compliment the effort of turning a simple video game into a movie with quite a nice storyline. It is also the directorial debuts for two talented people. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ a total of 6.9.


Finally, the last movie review for the post. ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ needs no further introduction. It’s a sequel to the 1996’s Independence Day movie that had us saw the world (particularly US as usual) destroyed by huge alien ships. Twenty years later, its sequel has finally came with much bigger alien ship returning to destroy the world. I came for the movie with high expectation, and in the end, I’m quite disappointed. Roland Emmerich is the ‘Master of Destruction’ with spectacular visual effects on city’s destruction scenes in many of his past directed movies like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘2012’, etc. I’m looking forward to that here as hinted from its trailers themselves. However, it turned out that the movie only shown us that in a minute or two out of the overall 2-hours length of the movie. Huge disappointment for me who likes to see disasters in movies.



Anyway, one plus point for changing the attention now from typical US landmarks to Asian landmarks now in this sequel (Marina Bay Sands and Singapore city, Petronas Twin Towers, Burj Khalifa dropping on London’s famous attractions like London Eye and Tower Bridge). Most of the destruction scenes are already in the trailer. That is what makes me angry and I hoped to see more of those heart-stopping sequences. On the other hand, it’s actually nice to see new cast mixed with the original cast (love to see Jeff Goldblum again) in this movie that worked out quite well. The visual effects are good (but not the best I have seen) and the score is not that powerful enough. It fells flat most of the time and it could be so much better in my opinion. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ a total of 6.1.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Mooncakes…my favourite.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival or whatever you called it) to all my Chinese families, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, or whoever out there reading this and do celebrate it! The festival which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month on Chinese lunar calendar is one of the most important festivals in Chinese tradition. It is even made a public holiday in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. But why not in Malaysia too? Hmmm….we felt sad of not getting a holiday for this major festival.

Mooncake Festival SL

Anyway, forget about holiday and let’s put our focus on the positive meaning behind this celebration. This Mid-Autumn Festival is meant for whole family to gather together under the bright full moon, and is emphasizing on three fundamental concepts; gathering (family and friends), thanksgiving (give thanks for the harvest or for harmonious unions), and praying (moon worshipping in hope for conceptual or material satisfaction). Let’s make it simple; it’s all about family harmony. So, please do stay with the family today (it’s convenient since it’s Sunday and everybody is not going to work or school) and enjoy dinner and chats with mooncakes tonight. Kids can have fun and play lanterns and candles tonight.

Leave your tablets or smartphones away and indulge in the true meaning behind this wonderful festival. Have a try on delicious mooncakes, a bakery product which is specially made for this celebration. Now, there is a lot of variety to the flavours of mooncakes available for sale from many different brands here in Malaysia (Kam Lun Tai, Tai Thong, Overseas, Baker’s Cottage, etc). I love mooncakes, and since I can only eat them for only a short period of time in a year, I would be willing to buy many of them. Recently, not only I do bought two boxes of mooncakes from Tai Thong that cost me over RM100 (even after discounts) and additional two boxes of jelly mooncakes (another RM64 spent), but I also sometimes bought some mooncakes from a hawker stall that I frequently visited to buy my breakfasts in weekdays.


Mooncakes taste good and I especially like the original ones (lotus paste with yolk). I also enjoyed the snow-skin and the durian-flavoured ones. But buying many of them is very costly now. My wallet hurts. If I’m not buying them, my home would be empty without any mooncakes to taste (all my other family members didn’t really quite like mooncakes), and that would make the festival ’empty’ and ‘meaningless’ to my family. Anyway, I really ate quite a lot of mooncakes this year, since my generous colleagues were offering mooncakes in the office many times recently. I’m not tired of it (just like how I’m not tired of eating my favourite durian…haha).

Anyway, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival once again!

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Malaysia Day, a day which is supposed to remind us that we are all Malaysians, but the red-shirt rally planned today goes against it.

Ahh..it’s a nice Wednesday when you don’t need to wake up early to go to work. It’s holiday in conjunction with Malaysia Day celebration. Today marks the 52nd anniversary of formation of Malaysia since the country comprising of Peninsular Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak first became official in 16th September 1963. Singapore was part of Malaysia back then but it withdrew to form its own nation two years later. The island republic did marked its 50th anniversary in a grand-scale celebration not long ago.

What a nice feeling when it’s just the middle of the week and yet you don’t need to go to work. For children, their holiday is extended to two continuous days since all schools in several states including capital, Kuala Lumpur were closed yesterday due to the worsening haze. The Air Pollution Index on yesterday’s midnight reached very unhealthy level, hence resulting in closure of schools in badly affected regions. Now, I felt jealous to them for having so many holidays as the kids would also be enjoying a whole week of break next week too.


It’s Malaysia Day and it is supposed to be the day to remind us that we are all Malaysians. We are all united and live harmoniously among each other in this nation for many decades. We should not be divided to Malays, Chinese or Indians, as we are all simply Malaysians. With the past Bersih 4.0 rally held on 31st August (on Merdeka Day) to call for clean and fair government that saw turnouts of huge number of Chinese, some Malay-based organizations saw red over it and considered that as the threat to the Malays. Another brainless mindset going on….And so, these organizations would be organizing a rally today calling for gathering of all Malays to counter the yellow (Bersih) rally by wearing red.

Bersih 4.0 rally came with a clear positive objective: to call for transparent leadership and clean government. That’s a logical reason behind the organization of this demonstration. Now, there is this red-shirt rally that acts as an anti-Bersih movement. So, does that means that these people want a dirty government and a corrupted prime minister? Since when the Chinese threaten the Malays? Honestly, I only felt the otherwise and we just live with it and move on. I wonder what these organizations are thinking? Or are they not using their mind for once at all? These people are just blindly supporting the government without trying to evaluate things for a second. I’m not even going to elaborate all the racist actions these people did. If not, it would be a novel written here.

Let’s say no to racism and say no to this kind of red-shirt rally. This is pointless. Even former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir said it is meaningless and should not proceed. What all Malaysians should do now is to stay strong and united in this time of fragile economy, low ringgit value, high cost of living, and negativity to our national image thanks to all the scandals involving our Prime Minister Najib that are known worldwide now. Why is he still up in the post? What a thick-skinned man with an overly-spending wife.


Anyway, Happy Malaysia Day! Besides than a public holiday to be happy for, there is nothing to celebrate or be proud of on this very special day anymore as long as the present government is still here leading the country to a dark corner.

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Yellow everywhere for this year’s Merdeka Day.

First of all, I would like to wish Happy National Day to Malaysia!


Today, in the last day of the month, the nation celebrates 58th anniversary of independence. I’m glad that the country is still stable and peaceful after 58 years, but things are not turning good either. The country has been marred by many negative issues recently such as  alarming drop in our currency, implementation of burdening GST, corruption scandal by Prime Minister, inefficiency of handling MH370 tragedy, debts of 1MDB, etc. In fact, I have been saying all these quite frequently in my recent blog posts.

These are some of the things that brought the image of the country down. Many foreign press are writing very much negatively about our country now. We can’t blame them since these are the truths. Hence, many Malaysians felt that having another street demonstration is the best way to put pressure on the sickening government and to show to them of how united we are in opposition to the current country’s leadership that contributed to all these. ‘Bersih 4.0’ is then held successfully with huge number of turnouts in the past two days. Many of my relatives and friends attended the rally. It was also a very peaceful street protest with no violence or scuffle occurring. Even our former premier, Tun Dr. Mahathir attended the rally. Wonderful.

I’m actually surprised by the low attendance of our Malay friends. I recalled in the past ‘Bersih’ rallies, Malays make up about 70 to 80 percent of the participants. Now, in ‘Bersih 4.0’, the Chinese took up the majority. Where are you guys? No matter which political parties you are supporting, we should see the bigger picture and focus on the problems the nation is currently facing. All Malaysians are impacted no matter which race you belong to, and hence, do ‘come out’ and show our frustration. The people should not be afraid of its government. The government should be afraid of its people.


Well, in response to the rally, our Prime Minister, Najib, called the participants shallow and unpatriotic, and that the event tarnished the country’s image. Another hilarious and brainless statement. Malaysians participated and supported the rally because they still love and care for the nation. They were willing to sleep on the street outside at night just to keep their determination to go against the current government. PM, you are the one being shallow for saying such a remark. And by the way, you are the one bringing down the nation’s image. It’s such a shame you didn’t realize that. Many ‘Bersih 4.0’ rallies were also conducted in many foreign countries in similar objective. The spirit is not only in KL but also across the world where Malaysians are present.

It’s definitely yellow everywhere for this year’s Merdeka Day. I sincerely hope that all these negativity revolving around the present government would be over soon, and that means there is only one way to do it, have them replaced. Then, only that the nation can celebrate ‘Independence Day’ more peacefully and meaningfully in near future. The rally was over, but we will not give up on fighting for our nation. That’s the real patriotic spirit our PM will never understand. Maybe he thinks that getting 2.6 billion for himself …opps…for his party is the most patriotic action of all. Haha…

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