Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong won Most Favourite Lead Actor and Actress for both Singapore and Malaysia region.

TVB held its 50+1 Anniversary Gala yesterday to celebrate the station’s 51st birthday on November 19th, 2018. Besides than the usual performances and massive gathering of TVB artistes, there was this one new segment where the Most Favourite Lead Actor and Actress awards for Singapore and Malaysia were presented.

Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards and TVB Star Awards Malaysia had been cancelled this year. However, Malaysian and Singaporean audiences can still vote for their favourite lead actor and actress of the year and the result were revealed on the Anniversary Gala. The reason I’m excited to watch the gala live yesterday is not because of the games, dances, gigs, songs or lucky draws but because of this revelation of winners.

I am already expecting Mandy Wong from her performance in Threesome (I didn’t watch this series though but heard a lot of praises for her) to win although I prefer Ali not to go home empty handed (Ali Lee did well in Who Wants A Baby too). It is also disappointing of not seeing Selena Lee being placed in top 3 at least (her role in Succession War is brilliant and very likable). It would be nice if Mandy and Ali each won one for Most Favourite Lead Actress. In the end, Mandy Wong swept both the Singapore and Malaysia awards. The same goes for Most Favourite Lead Actor of which Benjamin Yuen took both too. This is the one that got me very upset. Benjamin is definitely not on par yet to win and he even swept two now. This is absurd. This result is an obvious outcome from below average male performances in TVB dramas this year. If Kenneth Ma’s ‘The Exorcist Meter’ get to air this year and not last year, he would have won all the Most Favourite Lead Actor’ and even ‘Best Actor’ awards easily this time around. This shows that timing and luck are very important.

So it looks like Mandy Wong is now the definite frontrunner for Best Actress on next month’s TVB Anniversary Awards while I still see Alice Chan as a strong dark horse this year. Ali Lee may sneak in for the win too but her chance seems to be dropping. Rounding up Top 5 will be Nancy Wu and Grace Wong. Benjamin Yuen is now the frontrunner for Best Actor (I sincerely hope he doesn’t win, he is certainly not best actor material yet) while the other four to be in top 5 would be Vincent Wong (last year’s TV king), Joe Ma, Carlos Chan and Ruco Chan. Anyone but Benjamin for the win. Benjamin had won much more than he deserved by now already.

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Today marks the 9th anniversary of my blog!

My blog is celebrating its 9th birthday today! It is now 9 years old. Wonderful!

28th September 2008 was the day I first created my blog here under WordPress platform and I wrote my first ever post in a very informal and brief delivery. Now, I have over 1900 posts containing multiple informative articles, critical news and analysis, content reviews, or just a personal diary of what I have been going through from time to time. At first, I didn’t expect that my passion in blogging would come to this far, and not to mention that I have produced over 1900 posts to date. I have to be very excited and proud of myself for that!

Actually, in these few months, I do have a lot more in my mind to write in my blog here. However, I don’t have the time for it as I’m currently being overwhelmed with my thesis work. I promised that I will get back to my blog here actively right after I finish my thesis. And that would be end of this November. Two more months to go and I’m free to return to my hobbies (blogging included).

One more year to go and my blog will be reaching the one decade anniversary’s milestone. And for now, Happy 9th birthday to my blog again and wishing for me and my blog to have another awesome 9 years ahead!

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I.M. Pei, an architect who had just celebrated his 100th birthday.

I.M.Pei, a renowned Chinese-American architect has just turned 100 years old few days ago. A lot of major architecture websites do share news of his centenary birthday and a glimpse of his architectural projects under his career that spanned over six decades. He defied the typical saying that ‘architect do dies early due to the stress, heavy workload and constantly being all-nighter’.

Born on 26th April 1917 in Guangzhou, China, I.M.Pei moved to USA and studied architecture in University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Graduate School of Design. He was inspired by works by Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer during his years in architectural education. He was particular fascinated by modern architecture and International Style.

I.M.Pei’s design style is described as modernist with significant cubist themes. He is known for combining traditional architectural elements with progressive designs based on simple geometric patterns. He has designed over 70 projects across the world and has received multiple awards and honors such as the Pritzker Prize (known as Nobel Prize of architecture) in 1983, AIA Gold Medal in 1979, Royal Gold Medal in 2010, Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992, etc.

Here below are 10 of his most iconic works:

131 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, USA (1949) – I.M.Pei’s first project.

Luce Memorial Chapel, Taichung, Taiwan (1963)

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, USA (1973)

OCBC Centre, Singapore (1976)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Boston, USA (1979)

Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong, China (1989)

Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, USA (1989)

Louvre Pyramid, Paris, France (1993)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, USA (1995)

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar (2008)

Looking just at 10 of his works above, you will obviously notice that he applied strong geometrical shapes into his design. It has become his signature approach in architecture. He designed a variety of projects ranging from community centers to highrise towers. He is no doubt one of the greatest living architects of our generation.

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Today marks 8th anniversary of my blog.

Happy 8th Anniversary to the blog!


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My blog here has just recently reached some great milestones; gained over 3 million views, attracted over 220 followers and produced over 1800 posts. And today is the day to top it off as the blog is celebrating its 8th birthday today!

It has been a wonderful 8 years since I created this blog. I believe I have been writing a lot of cool stuff as well as some nonsense ones in the past 8 years (and more to come). Well, this is my blog…I have whatever freedom I have to type anything I like as long as it did not violate, insult or breach any rules or parties. This is a great online platform for me to share and express my thoughts and feelings on certain issues I’m interested or involved in. This site is accessible to everyone across the world, unless you have no internet connection. So, you are welcomed to visit my blog here any time or any where you want. Your support and visit to my site is what inspired me to continue updating my blog here.

When I first started this blog, I never thought of coming to this far. For your information, before the birth of this blog, I have had actually created another blog earlier but I have dumped it off and focus on this one instead. Now I couldn’t even remember where my previous blog (that is my first ever attempt on blogging) is located at. But I think since it has been inactive for so many years (10 years or something), I guess it would have been automatically removed and I have no issue with that. From 2008 onward, this site is the only blog I’m attached to…and then time flies, and 8 years have gone. And I’m still here, constantly updating my blog.

Actually in my mind, I have some ideas to expand and roll out new features and improvements for this blog. I also have plan to upgrade my blog’s media storage capacity, purchase and set the blog’s web address to my own domain. I guess these are going to be done in stages soon, to give fresh new appearance to my blog that has been around with the same face and style for the past 8 years.

Alright. That’s it for my post today, created to mark this very special day for my blog here that is now 8 years old.


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Special post to mark Cesar Pelli’s 88th birthday. An amazing architect specialized in skyscrapers.

Cesar Pelli, one of the famous living architects in the world, turned 88 yesterday. His current age is coincidentally similar to the number of floors of the tallest completed building he had ever designed. Try to guess what building is that….okay, it is the 88 floors’ Petronas Twin Towers, which when built, was the world’s tallest buildings. Now, the twin towers remain as the tallest twin buildings in the world at a height of 452 metres. This blog post is specially dedicated as a tribute to this wonderful architect.


Cesar Pelli is an Argentine American architect known for designing skyscrapers and also urban landmarks across the world. In 1991, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) listed Pelli as among the ten most influential living American architects. His contribution to the architecture across the world led to him being presented with multiple awards and honors such as the 1995 AIA Gold Medal, AgaKhan award, honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Yale University, The Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award from Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in 2008, etc.

Some of his famous works are World Financial Center at New York City (first image below), One Canada Square at London, Key Tower at Ohio, Bank of America Corporate Center at Charlotte (second image below), Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur (third image below), Ratner Athletics Center at Chicago (fourth image below), Two International Finance Centre at Hong Kong (fifth image below), Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts at Miami (sixth image below), One Park West at Liverpool (seventh image below), Torre de Cristal at Madrid, Connecticut Science Center at Connecticut, IFC at Shanghai, and The Landmark at Abu Dhabi.






Ratner_2004JG07_418_nat masts







His most outstanding work is none other than the Petronas Twin Towers, the buildings I got to see everyday as I’m living in KL. I also like the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts he designed (mentioned above). He is one great man in architecture especially when it comes to designing highrise buildings, a field of which I’m very interested on. He can be regarded as the Father of Modern Skyscrapers alongside with another superb architect in this field, Adrian Smith (who designed Burj Khalifa, Jin Mao Tower, etc). Happy Birthday to Cesar Pelli! Despite reaching 88 years old, he still remains quite actively as one of the Senior Principal Architects in the firm he founded; Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. His contribution to the world’s architecture is immense and priceless and he is no doubt one of the living architects I admired the most.

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Jackie Chan is now 60 years old. Blog’s post in honour of this superstar.

Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday! Couldn’t believe he is now 60. It would be weird if you didn’t know who he is. He needs no further introduction but I’ll just summarize a bit of his background on this post which is dedicated in honour of this wonderful person. Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong superstar, taking the roles of an actor, action choreographer, comedian, director, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, singer and stunt performer. He has received honourable stars both on Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Jackie Chan

His popularity on both East and West of the world is undeniable. He is famously known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts in most of his trademark films. He is also highly famous for bravely performing all the dangerous stunts required in a film by himself. I really respect his passion and sincerity into producing truly ‘honest’ films. No doubles. I had been watching many of his films (mostly action-comedy, martial-arts based and crime thriller) from my childhood years onwards. I enjoyed most of his films.


And do you know that he had been in acting career from 1960s and had now appeared in over 150 films, a record-breaking figure. Some of his films that are still my favourites after so many years are ‘Project A’ movie franchise, ‘Armor of God’ movie franchise, ‘Police Story’ movie franchise (particularly the one he shot the film in Malaysia with Michelle Yeoh and also another one named ‘New Police Story’ with Daniel Wu as the villain), ‘The Myth’, ‘Rob-b-hood’, ‘CZ12’. Also not to forget some of his great Hollywood films like ‘Rush Hour’ movie franchise, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, ‘ The Spy Next Door’, ‘The Karate Kid’, etc. He is also a Cantopop and Mandopop star, having performed many theme songs for the films he was involved in.

Everybody knows who he is. His celebrity status? Hmm…I think he is by far the most famous living Asian person, having had success on his homeland, Hong Kong and also abroad, over at Hollywood. He is now 60 years old and I really admire his strength and effort on continuing to act and produce films (especially those that require him to perform stunts). I have heard previously that ‘CZ12’ is going to be his last action films (I was a bit sad that time but I think it maybe a right choice looking at his age), but then he still went on with ‘The Police Story 2013′, his latest released work. Happy that he won’t retire anytime soon.

In honour of his 60th birthday, he held a special charity concert on last weekend at Beijing. Many famous artists like Jay Chou, Wang lee-hom, Nicholas Tse and Leo Ku attended the event held at Beijing Workers’ Stadium. I’m surprised that he is not holding the event of his big day back at Hong Kong. I think now he is focusing more on works at mainland China. Well, happy birthday to him! Will never forget his immense passion and contribution to world film-making. Truly a legend and an international superstar.

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Facebook is now 10 years old! Happy 10th anniversary to Facebook!

Happy Birthday to Facebook! This social networking site which first started in a humble manner is now one of the world’s most famous websites on the internet. It is also the second most popular website in the world, just behind Google, the search engine. I believed everyone that read my blog here would have his or her own Facebook account. Some may even have two or more just for fun. This post is in dedication to celebrate the amazing 10th anniversary of Facebook. Let us look back into a bit of history on the founding of Facebook.


Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students; Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The founders had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students, but due to extreme popularity and support it gained, it later expanded to colleges, high schools and finally to everyone with access to internet across the world except than in few countries where it is banned. Luckily, in Malaysia, we can use it.

Thanks to their innovative ideas and creation, we have now had a brilliant medium to share and connect with the online social community. We can simply do so many things; updating our status, sharing our feelings, uploading photos, albums or videos, playing games with friends, tagging friends, liking friend’s posts, sending messages, creating groups, events or pages, online chatting, adjusting our own profile, discussing latest news, etc. It is just so convenient. It breaks border and boundary. Facebook must be the first website you open once a day starts. Right? In current days, it is like we couldn’t live without Facebook.

Having over 1 billion monthly active users, we couldn’t question the impact that Facebook has generated to the present society across the world. In fact, I have read Mark Zuckerberg’s post on his feeling to Facebook’s 10th anniversary and I’m quite touched by his message. You can read it here: .  The CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, clarified “He (Mark) always said Facebook was started not just to be a company, but to fulfill a vision of connecting the world”. And he, now a billionaire, made it. Facebook page has changed over the years, but its objective remains solid and clear.

In conjunction with Facebook’s 10th birthday, everyone of us (Facebook users) got to see our personal look-back clip and we may choose whether to share it or keep it to ourself. Nice work but I wish the video to be slightly longer (now it’s only taking 1 minute and 2 second). The clip reminded me that I joined Facebook in 2008. So, I have been in the site for 6 years. Not bad. Coincidentally, 2008 was also the year I started out this blog. Anyway, Happy Birthday once again to Facebook! Congratulations for what it has become and achieve today!


Happy 10th Anniversary, Facebook!

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