Malaysia Day, a day which is supposed to remind us that we are all Malaysians, but the red-shirt rally planned today goes against it.’s a nice Wednesday when you don’t need to wake up early to go to work. It’s holiday in conjunction with Malaysia Day celebration. Today marks the 52nd anniversary of formation of Malaysia since the country comprising of Peninsular Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak first became official in 16th September 1963. Singapore was part of Malaysia back then but it withdrew to form its own nation two years later. The island republic did marked its 50th anniversary in a grand-scale celebration not long ago.

What a nice feeling when it’s just the middle of the week and yet you don’t need to go to work. For children, their holiday is extended to two continuous days since all schools in several states including capital, Kuala Lumpur were closed yesterday due to the worsening haze. The Air Pollution Index on yesterday’s midnight reached very unhealthy level, hence resulting in closure of schools in badly affected regions. Now, I felt jealous to them for having so many holidays as the kids would also be enjoying a whole week of break next week too.


It’s Malaysia Day and it is supposed to be the day to remind us that we are all Malaysians. We are all united and live harmoniously among each other in this nation for many decades. We should not be divided to Malays, Chinese or Indians, as we are all simply Malaysians. With the past Bersih 4.0 rally held on 31st August (on Merdeka Day) to call for clean and fair government that saw turnouts of huge number of Chinese, some Malay-based organizations saw red over it and considered that as the threat to the Malays. Another brainless mindset going on….And so, these organizations would be organizing a rally today calling for gathering of all Malays to counter the yellow (Bersih) rally by wearing red.

Bersih 4.0 rally came with a clear positive objective: to call for transparent leadership and clean government. That’s a logical reason behind the organization of this demonstration. Now, there is this red-shirt rally that acts as an anti-Bersih movement. So, does that means that these people want a dirty government and a corrupted prime minister? Since when the Chinese threaten the Malays? Honestly, I only felt the otherwise and we just live with it and move on. I wonder what these organizations are thinking? Or are they not using their mind for once at all? These people are just blindly supporting the government without trying to evaluate things for a second. I’m not even going to elaborate all the racist actions these people did. If not, it would be a novel written here.

Let’s say no to racism and say no to this kind of red-shirt rally. This is pointless. Even former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir said it is meaningless and should not proceed. What all Malaysians should do now is to stay strong and united in this time of fragile economy, low ringgit value, high cost of living, and negativity to our national image thanks to all the scandals involving our Prime Minister Najib that are known worldwide now. Why is he still up in the post? What a thick-skinned man with an overly-spending wife.


Anyway, Happy Malaysia Day! Besides than a public holiday to be happy for, there is nothing to celebrate or be proud of on this very special day anymore as long as the present government is still here leading the country to a dark corner.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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