TVB drama review for ‘Lord of Shanghai’ (2015).

‘Lord of Shanghai’ (梟雄) is a 2015 Hong Kong television pre-modern period drama by TVB, and it is the last of the four anniversary series marking the 48th birthday of the television station this year. It is also a grand production featuring heavyweight casts that include Anthony Wong (film king), Kent Tong (one of five ‘tigers’ of TVB in 1980s), Wayne Lai (triple TV king) taking on main roles accompanied by many supporting roles portrayed by Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Alice Chan, Louis So, Jade Leung, Eddie Kwan, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Lau Kong, etc. The drama with a total of 32 episodes is set in 1930’s divided Shanghai when many troubles hit and tells the story of three powerful business tycoons who are friends and also enemies within themselves. The story is loosely based on real people (the 3 tycoons) and events in Shanghai around that particular decade.


When I first heard of the development of this drama about a year ago, I was very excited because Anthony Wong is in it. He had won multiple best actor and supporting actor nods in past film awards and it would be refreshing and cool to see him in small screen now (television). This is also Kent Tong’s first drama in 30 years. The storyline of the drama which is revealed not long ago also further put me in a position to anticipate desperately for it. Time flies. The series has now ended with the broadcast of its final episode just now. Maybe I came in with high expectation, and so in the end, I think the series is just good overall with nothing truly breathtaking as expected earlier. Even the ending is a bit ordinary but still a good conclusion to this drama.


Before the drama began few weeks ago, this drama somehow reminds me of ‘Rosy Business’ and its unrelated sequel ‘No Regrets’, the two highly successful series few years back. However, ‘Lord of Shanghai’ failed to live up to the quality found in that two mentioned dramas despite having a huge cast of professional actors and actresses. The storyline is good but I’m slightly disappointed that there aren’t much climax-reaching parts in this drama. I remembered I enjoyed watching ‘Rosy Business’ very much because it has intense scenes in almost every episodes and I don’t find it here in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ to my surprise. I felt emotionless watching the series besides than enjoying the great performances by the cast. I’m only slightly more interested on the major flashback scenes depicting Kiu Ngo-tin in his younger days and how he eventually chosen the path to be a mean tycoon.


Yes…the cast helped a lot on the series. Everyone from the major to minor characters contributed very well to the drama. Anthony Wong delivered subtle expressions and is very convincing as the main lead of the drama. His expressions are very minimal but displayed a lot of emotions. The only thing I’m not fine of him is his usage of Shanghai accent sometimes in his dialogues while no one else do the same. Wayne Lai on the other hand used exaggerated approach to convey his role as the main villain of the story. Some people disliked his overly done expressions but I think that is what best for his role and he nailed it. Kent Tong’s character is a bit overshadowed by Anthony and Wayne. Alice Chan who resembles the late Anita Mui is also very good as Sister Kwai Sang. This is my first time seeing her and she is already that good. As for Kenneth Ma, first I was annoyed by the dubbing of his voice by other actor (why not use his original voice?) but his exceptional acting as the young Kiu Ngo-tin had me forgetting the voice. Ron Ng is given an ordinary role that turned evil out of sudden in the last one and a half episode that means nothing to me.


The theme song named ‘Regretless’ by Alfred Hui is a good song to listen to and the score matches quite well to the series. In this drama, we also get to see many scenes depicting Shanghai back in 1930s and it do bring us back to that particular era, getting us more engaged to the setting of the story. Expected since it is a grand production. Overall, the series is still interesting to watch with top-notch acting performances and solid plot. However, in my personal opinion, ‘Captain of Destiny’ is still the best series in 2015 while ‘Lord of Shanghai’ is only my no.2 this year as the former surprised me in many ways while the latter ended up being just good and nothing spectacular. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Lord of Shanghai’ a total of 7.8. I still think this series is going to be the biggest competitor alongside with ‘Captain of Destiny’ for Best Series award in TVB Anniversary Awards next month. Let’s see which one will win…’Captain of Destiny’ had already won in Singapore and Malaysia. I guess Hong Kong one will be for ‘Lord of Shanghai’. What’s your thought on this? You can share it in the comment section below.

Lord of Shanghai_17

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Full result of the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015

The TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 had successfully took place last night at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands with all attending Hong Kong artists receiving their awards respectively as usual. Those who came to the ceremony will definitely at least get an award for the night. This year, there are quite a number of TVB artists coming to the show as expected. However, they are mostly the not famous ones. I only saw big names like Wayne Lai, Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu and Tavia Yeung. Disappointed with the low turnout of big stars this year.


Let’s move on to the result that was highly anticipated.

My Favourite TVB Drama Series: Captain of Destiny

Opinion: Glad that ‘Captain of Destiny’ won as it is a very good quality and interesting drama this year. Very deserving. It also came with exceptional technical achievements beyond typical TVB standard. Honourable mention to the other two series making into the top 3 finalists as announced yesterday: Limelight Years and Lord of Shanghai. These two are good dramas too. Now, ‘Captain of Destiny’ had won both in Singapore and Malaysia. Will it win in Hong Kong next month too? I think the chance would be 70%. Its biggest competitor in Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards would be the ‘Lord of Shanghai’.


My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Sailing’ from Captain of Destiny by Fred Cheng

Opinion: Since Jinny Ng won last year already, her song this year for ‘Young Charioteers’ which is quite nice will be a little tougher to win. And yes, another song won and it is the ‘Captain of Destiny’ opening theme. That is another nice theme song too and so I find it deserving.

Astro MY FM’s Special Pick for TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Regretless’ from Lord of Shanghai by Alfred Hui

Opinion: Out of sudden, there is this new category by our local Chinese music radio station. The song is quite nice, and most probably it didn’t win the ‘My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song’ and so the organizer suddenly create this new award to still reward this song. Another ‘pork chop’ award.

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: Sze U Tonight

Opinion: This is quite a hilarious programme but I seldom watch it. But out of all the nominees, I voted this.

My Favourite TVB Informative Programme: Wellness On The Go 3

Opinion: No comment on this category.

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)

Opinion: Eventhough Ruco Chan couldn’t attend the ceremony, but I’m glad that he won this award finally in Malaysia. Previously, many were afraid that TVB may not give out this award to him since he is not present. Fortunately, with huge fan base in Malaysia as well as outstanding performance as 11th prince in ‘Captain of Destiny’, he totally deserved it. Now, he won both in Singapore and Malaysia. I think it is like 100% probability that he will win ‘Most Favourite TV Male Character’ in Hong Kong awards next month, but as for best leading actor, he will have lower chance since Anthony Wong and Wayne Lai are on his way.

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role: Kristal Tin & Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity)

Opinion: Very surprised that they handed out two awards (tie) for best actress this year. I do not agree to this decision. I always find sharing a single award is not a good thing or a matter to be proud of. I’m rooting for Kristal to win this alone since she is very natural and convincing in her role in ‘Ghost of Relativity’. As for Nancy, I’m not against her but I think her performance in there is average only. Well, if I’m to think positively, this combination is stronger than another of my own favourite that I prefer to win, Liza Wang from ‘Limelight Years’.


My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role: Benjamin Yuen (The Fixer)

Opinion: Didn’t watch his performance and I’m surprised he win supporting actor so quickly. Well, he is handsome and a lot of girls must have voted for him. I’m actually preferring Louis Cheung to win. Anyway, I don’t think Benjamin stand a chance in Hong Kong awards next month.

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role: Elaine Yiu (Raising The Bar)

Opinion: Also I am quite surprised that Elaine Yiu win. I didn’t watch her in ‘Raising The Bar’ but I think she is quite good in another TVB drama this year too, as the evil concubine in ‘Captain of Destiny’. Anyway, I’m still fine with her winning.

My Favourite TVB Promising / Most Improved Actor: Mat Yeung (Madam Cutie on Duty, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Every Step You Take, Captain of Destiny, Lord of Shanghai)

Opinion: He acted in a lot of dramas this year with various minor roles. Perhaps his biggest roles this year are for the ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and ‘Lord of Shanghai’. He is good and deserved this.

My Favourite TVB Promising / Most Improved Actress: Tracy Chu (Smooth Talker, The Fixer)

Opinion: Didn’t watch any of her performances this year but I think she is a good newbie actress.

My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple: Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong (Madam Cutie On Duty)

Opinion: Everyone knew this on-screen couple whom is also real-life couple is going to win. They are cute and very compatible. However, I’m actually personally preferring Alex Fong & Linda Chung (Limelight Years) or Kevin Cheng & Tavia Yeung (Eye in the Sky) to win.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host: Johnson Lee & Pal Sinn (Sze U Tonight)

Opinion: They are both funny guys and they made ‘Sze U Tonight’ entertaining. I’m fine they win this.

My Favourite TVB Characters: (16 handed out)

Selena Li (Brick Slaves), Wayne Lai (Lord of Shanghai), Louis Cheung (Momentary Lapse of Reason), Tavia Yeung (Momentary Lapse of Reason), Rosina Lam (Momentary Lapse of Reason), Priscilla Wong (Madam Cutie On Duty), Ben Wong (Raising The Bar), Elaine Yiu (Raising The Bar), Benjamin Yuen (The Fixer), Mandy Wong (The Fixer), Kristal Tin (Ghost of Relativity), Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity), Him Law (Young Charioteers), Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny), Tony Hung (Captain of Destiny), Linda Chung (Limelight Years).

Opinion: I thought only 15 will be handed out as voters were asked to vote for 15 only. Now, they add one more. An obvious way of making this a ‘pork chop’ awards. Everyone win this. They should limit this to 10. Now became 16 somemore. I’m surprised on some omissions like Kevin Cheng (Eye in the Sky), Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai), Vincent Wong (Brick Slaves), Liza Wang (Limelight Years), etc. From the 16 people in the list, those I don’t think deserved are Ben Wong, Elaine Yiu, Benjamin Yuen, Mandy Wong and Tony Hung. I’m also surprised that Wayne Lai won this too since he is portraying a very evil role in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ and won’t be considered a favourite character typically. Well, I think since he attended the ceremony, he must get one award at least.

TVB Star Achievement Award: Bowie Wu.

Opinion: Last year, they handed out this award to two persons, Law Lan and Lau Kong. This year, they gave out to one person only; Wu Fung whom is now 83 years old. He had been in acting industry for many decades and I think it is very appropriate to honour him.

wu fung tvb malaysia 2015

Overall, I’m half-satisfied and half-not satisfied with the awards’ results. The awards show last night was generally entertaining and I’m surprised that Shila Amzah, our very own Malaysian singer whom are now based in Hong Kong after receiving exceptional popularity in China became a guest performer as well as awards presenter. Let’s hope that next year’s TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 would observe more turnouts of big celebrities. Now for this year, there is one more awards left and it is the prestigious Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards 2015 scheduled to be held on 13th December 2015.

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My own selection of the best of TVB dramas from 2007 till this year, 2015.

Every year there would be some major awards presentations happening to honour the best of Hong Kong major television station, TVB annually. These awards ceremonies are not only held in Hong Kong but also in Malaysia and Singapore for the oversea Chinese audiences. I consider myself grew up with TVB dramas. In Malaysia, we have no nice local Chinese TV dramas to watch and so we depend on Astro to catch up to Hong Kong’s latest series and other variety programmes. For the awards this year, the Singapore Starhub TVB Awards was in last month, and tomorrow we would have the TVB Star Awards Malaysia. It will all end with the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards next month.

I myself do make my own list of the best of TVB dramas every year. I started this in 2007 but I never put up my selection to my blog here. I think this would appeal to some of my blog readers who are interested on things about TVB dramas, and so, I put it up now, at here below:


Best Series: Heart of Greed

Best Leading Actor: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)

Best Leading Actress: Louise Lee (Heart of Greed)

Best Supporting Actor: Louis Yuen (Heart of Greed)

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Dicey Business)



Best Series: Moonlight Resonance

Best Leading Actor: Raymond Lam (Moonlight Resonance)

Best Leading Actress: Michelle Yim (Moonlight Resonance)

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai (The Gentle Crackdown II)

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)



Best Series: Rosy Business

Best Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (Rosy Business)

Best Leading Actress: Sheren Tang (Rosy Business)

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse (E.U.)

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse (Rosy Business)



Best Series: No Regrets

Best Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (No Regrets)

Best Leading Actress: Sheren Tang (No Regrets)

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak (No Regrets)

Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen (No Regrets)



Best Series: Ghetto Justice

Best Leading Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

Best Leading Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Best Supporting Actor: Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)



Best Series: The Hippocratic Crush

Best Leading Actor: Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)

Best Leading Actress: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)

Best Supporting Actor: Power Chan (The Confidant)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Silver Spoons Sterling Shackles)



Best Series: Brother’s Keeper

Best Leading Actor: Ruco Chan (Brother’s Keeper)

Best Leading Actress: Krystal Tin (Brother’s Keeper)

Best Supporting Actor: Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush II)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Triumph in the Skies II)



Best Series: Line Walker

Best Leading Actor: Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Best Leading Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actor: Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (The Ultimate Addiction)



Best Series: Captain of Destiny

Best Leading Actor: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)

Best Leading Actress: Liza Wang (Limelight Years)

Best Supporting Actor: Kenneth Ma (Lord of Shanghai)

Best Supporting Actress: Alice Chan (Lord of Shanghai)


I only provided five categories. Very limited places and so making each categories more prestigious. This is not like giving out pork chop awards to as many people as possible like those ‘my favourite characters’ awards. I also decided to kick out the smaller categories like most improved for the same reason. Well, you will notice that some of my selection differs from the TVB awards results for that particular year as this is solely depending on my own analysis without influence from the past TVB awards. My selection is also different since it only involves dramas that I have watched only every year and not all.

You may have forgotten some of the great performances several years ago that I include in my list but is not visible in TVB awards for that particular year. Maybe posting this up from 2007 (till this year) will refresh your mind a bit on some classic nice dramas we have watched from 8 years ago. You may also comment here on your own selection for best of TVB this year, particularly if you differ from my thought that ‘Captain of Destiny’ is the best series of 2015. I do think a lot that this year is the battle between ‘Captain of Destiny’ and ‘Lord of Shanghai’ for best series, but in the end, after a careful analysis, I ended up picking the former with my own reasons. I welcome all of your thoughts if you are also interested in TVB dramas like me.

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Winners list of Taiwan’s 52nd Golden Horse Awards, and a quick movie review for ‘The 33’ (2015).

This year, I didn’t put much attention on the Taiwan’s 52nd Golden Horse Awards which was held last night. The awards which is the longest in history of Chinese cinema is always regarded as the Oscars for Chinese language films. However, I get to see parts of the lengthy awards ceremony last time live from Astro channel and here I would quickly put in the full winners list of this prestigious awards:


Best Feature Film: “The Assassin”
Best Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien “The Assassin”
Best Leading Actor: Feng Xiaogang “Mr. Six”
Best Leading Actress: Karena Lam “Zinnia Flower”
Best Supporting Actor: Michael Ning “Port of Call”
Best Supporting Actress: Lu Xue-feng “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best New Director: Bi Gan “Kaili Blues”
Best New Performer: Lee Hong-chi “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best Original Screenplay: Jia Zhang-ke “Mountains May Depart”
Best Screenplay Adaptation: Pema Tseden “Tharlo”
Best Cinematography: Mark Lee Ping-bing “The Assassin”
Best Visual Effects: Wook Kim “The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D”
Best Animation Feature: “McDull: Me & My Mum”
Best Art Direction: William Chang, Alfred Yau “Office”
Best Makeup/Costume Design: Hwarng Wern-ying “The Assassin”
Best Action Choreography: Xu Haofeng “The Master”
Best Film Editing: Chang Tso-chi “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best Original Film Music: Lin Shangde, Tseng Yun-fang “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best Original Film Song: Aka Pisawad “Wawa No Cidal”
Best Sound Effects: Tu Duu-chih, Chu Shih-yi, Wu Shu-yao “The Assassin”
Best Documentary: “The Chinese Mayor”
Best Short Film: Cheng Wei-hao “The Death of A Security Guard”
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Hou Hsiao-hsien
Lifetime Achievement Award: Li Lihua


As expected, ‘The Assassin’ film which is already receiving very good reviews from even the Western film festivals overwhelmed the ceremony last night as the biggest winner with 5 win that includes Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography. Well, I’m not into this kind of award-winning film and so I didn’t watch it and could not comment further. But so far, I think ‘The Assassin’ is the best work this year representing Chinese cinema for Oscars next year in Best Foreign Language Film category. Most (I guess all) winners in this year’s ceremony are Taiwanese as Hong Kong nominees this year aren’t strong. I’m quite happy that Karena Lam (I still remember her despite seldom or didn’t even seeing her recent movies) whom is a Taiwanese but based in Hong Kong won Best Actress. I remembered well her role as a deformed ‘phantom’ woman in a horror movie long time ago which is quite scary yet emotional and fantastic. Singaporean Chinese films couldn’t make any impact in this awards this year but I remember in the past that Singaporean film do win big before in Golden Horse. As for Malaysian Chinese films, hmm…no need to say it out obvious…we are very lacking behind in quality of film-making.


To end the weekend, I watch a new movie named ‘The 33’. It’s a survival drama film based on the real events of 2010 mining disaster in Chile that trapped 33 miners for more than two months. I’m surprised and actually glad that the disaster (earth shaking and boulders falling) happened not long after the movie commenced. It’s good as it bring me to the intense moment straight without any early dull and lengthy introduction scenes. While watching the movie, I do feel the impact of being trapped inside the mine so deep with little hope and starvation, while on the other perspective, also felt the impact of being the family member outside waiting desperately for update and rescue mission by the government. The movie presented on what it wish to deliver and I’m quite engaged. However, things can be more interesting or dramatic inside the mine. However, I think they avoid from doing that as a respect to the real trapped miners since this is based on real event. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The 33’ a total of 7.0.


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The big fuss of the ASEAN Summits in KL this year. And in other news, Chong Wei won Hong Kong Open 2015 title.

Malaysia is the chair of the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) this year, and so my country play host to the annual ASEAN Summit and the other related summits in Kuala Lumpur which will end today. The summits are attended by all the leaders of countries in South East Asia as well as leaders from countries involved in dialogue partners; United States, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan and South Korea. Our country seldom see the gathering of so many country leaders and so this is a big event accompanied with very tight security in the time of multiple violent attacks by IS across the world.



The VVIPs, like President Barack Obama of USA, China’s Premier Li Keqiang, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, South Korea’s President Park Geun-Hye, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and many others were all welcomed to the capital city for the busy schedules during the summits which are collectively opened officially by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak. It’s certainly a past busy week for most of them as they had just finished the G20 Summit in Turkey early this week, and then headed to Philippines for APEC Summit, and now the last stop, ASEAN Summit in KL.

The highlight is of course the arrival of Barack Obama again after he had just came to Malaysia last year. It is very uncommon for a US president to visit our country and Obama did that so often. Well, many knew that his main aim coming to Malaysia again this year is to witness and put pressure on the signing of their TPPA economy deal that will benefit the US mostly while also giving pressure to China on the disputes over the territory on the South China Sea with many other ASEAN nations. Before the summit, Obama attended a talk in Taylor’s University (how lucky the students there are) and a college student had the gut to ask Obama to raise the question to PM Najib on his recent scandals (2.6 billion fund and others). Obama replied that he will definitely ask. However, in the end, nothing would be resolved as he answered ‘no comment’ to the controversies plaguing our government. Too bad US couldn’t help much as it is still our internal affair.

While my city is currently busy and almost in a lockdown due to that on-going summits, I’m sitting relaxed in my home watching the final live of the Hong Kong Open 2015 badminton championship. Lee Chong Wei is in the final again after just last weekend’s win in China Open. In this Hong Kong Open, he also defeated China’s current greatest, Chen Long while Lin Dan lost out in early round to other people surprisingly. And the final appeared to be quite easy for Chong Wei as he took down China’s Tian Houwen in two straight games to win the Hong Kong Open for the fourth time. This is also his 41st Superseries title win. Congratulation to him! On the other hand, I’m surprised that many audiences were actually shouting and supporting Chong Wei instead of for China. Well, I do knew that most Hong Kongers don’t like China that much too. Anyway, great for you, Chong Wei! Let’s keep going like this and win us an Olympic gold medal finally on next year at Rio 2016! Full support to you as always…


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Full nomination list revealed for TVB Anniversary Awards 2015.

Next week is already the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 and the voting for that particular awards presentation will end today. Hence, for all Malaysians, today is your last chance to cast your vote. I did voted everyday and I hope I can win the tickets for the show. I probably won’t be attending it but at least I can sell them since they are high in demand. I did that last year too. After the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 next Saturday, the final and most prestigious annual awards presentation for Hong Kong’s TVB would be the TVB Anniversary Awards. This year, it will be held on 13th December 2015. Singaporeans have voted. Malaysians have voted. Now, it’s finally the time for Hong Kongers to vote!!!


Here below are the nomination list for the awards. What I don’t like about the nomination list this year is that they include almost everyone into the list. Once you get to star in any series in broadcast this year, then you get nominated. This way makes the nomination list looks ‘cheap’. They should limit the nominees for each categories to only five. Then, it make things more interesting while the nominees would feel more honoured. In this nomination list below which has just been fully announced yesterday, I will as usual put in my comments and picks for each categories.

“Best Actor” nominees:
1. Mak Cheung-ching — Come Home Love
2. Johnson Lee — Officer Geomancer
3. Edwin Siu — Madam Cutie On Duty
4. Ben Wong — Raising the Bar
5. Him Law — Young Charioteers
6. Kevin Cheng — Eye In the Sky
7. Joe Ma — Smooth Talker
8. Damian Lau — Limelight Years
9. Moses Chan — Ghost of Relativity
10. Vincent Wong — Brick Slaves
11. Chin Ka-lok — The Fixer
12. Louis Cheung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
13. Ruco Chan — Captain of Destiny
14. Tony Hung — Captain of Destiny
15. Bosco Wong — Under the Veil
16. Bobby Au-yeung — With or Without You
17. Anthony Wong — Lord of Shanghai
18. Wayne Lai — Lord of Shanghai
19. Kent Tong — Lord of Shanghai
20. Kenneth Ma — Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Kenneth Ma

My personal favourite: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny).

Expected to win: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny), Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai).

Opinion: Ruco has win for the same role in Singapore and is expected to do the same in Malaysia next week. Hence, high chance for him to continue his winning steak to Hong Kong. However, film king Anthony Wong is a heavyweight star this year and he is not bad in ‘Lord of Shanghai’. Kenneth Ma out of sudden went into this category eventhough I expected him to land in supporting actor category since he is potraying only the younger part of Kiu Ngo Tin (portrayed by Anthony Wong). But so far in all the flashback scenes, he is absolutely brilliant despite the disturbing dubbing of his voice.

“Best Actress” nominees:
1. Priscilla Wong — Madam Cutie On Duty
2. Elaine Yiu — Raising the Bar
3. Grace Chan — Raising the Bar
4. Nancy Sit — My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
5. Sisley Choi — Young Charioteers
6. Kate Tsui — Smooth Talker
7. Elena Kong — Smooth Talker
8. Liza Wang — Limelight Years
9. Linda Chung — Limelight Years
10. Kristal Tin — Ghost of Relativity
11. Nancy Wu — Ghost of Relativity
12. Selena Li — Brick Slaves
13. Mandy Wong — The Fixer
14. Myolie Wu — Every Step You Take
15. Tavia Yeung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
16. Rosina Lam — Momentary Lapse of Reason
17. Eliza Sam — Under the Veil
18. Joey Meng — With or Without You
19. Louisa So — Lord of Shanghai
20. Alice Chan — Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Liza Wang, Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, Tavia Yeung.

My personal favourite: Liza Wang (Limelight Years)

Expected to win: Liza Wang (Limelight Years)

Opinion: Many said that the two leading actresses from ‘Ghost of Relativity’ had high chances but I don’t think so. Kristal Tin is good in there but had just won not long ago. For me, Nancy Wu is only average in the series eventhough I do acknowledge that her acting is very good already. The veteran artist, Liza Wang stand a chance. Linda Chung will sneak into top 5 quietly since she is very natural in her acting in the same series with Liza. Also worth to comment that Selena Li did a great job taking on a leading role in ‘Brick Slaves’. But somehow, I think she won’t get into top 5 as there is still Tavia.

“Favorite Male Character” nominees:
1. Oscar Leung — Officer Geomancer
2. Edwin Siu — Madam Cutie On Duty
3. Ben Wong — Raising the Bar
4. Him Law — Young Charioteers
5. Kevin Cheng — Eye In the Sky
6. Damian Lau — Limelight Years
7. Moses Chan — Ghost of Relativity
8. Vincent Wong — Brick Slaves
9. Benjamin Yuen — The Fixer
10. Louis Cheung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
11. Mat Yeung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
12. Ruco Chan — Captain of Destiny
13. Tony Hung — Captain of Destiny
14. Bosco Wong — Under the Veil
15. Joseph Lee — Under the Veil
16. Bobby Au-yeung — With or Without You
17. Anthony Wong — Lord of Shanghai
18. Wayne Lai — Lord of Shanghai
19. Kent Tong — Lord of Shanghai
20. Kenneth Ma — Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Anthony Wong, Kenneth Ma, Moses Chan

My personal favourite: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny), Kenneth Ma (Lord of Shanghai).

Expected to win: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny), Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai).

Expected to win: So far, only these two guys above did made an impact on me while I’m watching their scenes in their respective series. If Ruco win best actor, then this favourite male award shall go to Kenneth Ma or Anthony Wong. Kenneth won this award before and so I’ll say Anthony. If Ruco didn’t win best actor, this favourite male award must be for him. If not, I’m going to smash the TV screen when the result is announced.

“Favorite Female Character” nominees:
1. Priscilla Wong — Madam Cutie On Duty
2. Mandy Wong — Madam Cutie On Duty
3. Stephanie Ho — Raising the Bar
4. Angela Tong — My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
5. Liza Wang — Limelight Years
6. Linda Chung — Limelight Years
7. Kristal Tin — Ghost of Relativity
8. Nancy Wu — Ghost of Relativity
9. Vivien Yeo— Ghost of Relativity
10. Selena Li — Brick Slaves
11. Tavia Yeung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
12. Rosina Lam — Momentary Lapse of Reason
13. Grace Chan — Captain of Destiny
14. Elaine Yiu — Captain of Destiny
15. Eliza Sam — Under the Veil
16. Joey Meng — With or Without You
17. Jacqueline Wong — With or Without You
18. Louisa So — Lord of Shanghai
19. Alice Chan — Lord of Shanghai
20. Jade Leung — Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, Selena Li, Alice Chan

My personal favourite: Kristal Tin (Ghost of Relativity), Selena Li (Brick Slaves)

Expected to win: Kristal Tin (Ghost of Relativity), Linda Chung (Limelight Years)

Opinion: The furthest Kristal can go is favourite female award this year. She won this before too but I think her performance in ‘Ghost of Relativity’ is very convincing and she can win it again. Linda has been feeling very ’empty’ in many years already and I don’t mind giving this out to her as a consolation. Selena is not bad and I hope TVB give more nice leading roles for her and Nancy too. Both of them can do it.

“Best Supporting Actor” nominees:
1. Owen Cheung — Come Home Love
2. Koo Ming-wah — Lady Sour
3. Raymond Cho — Madam Cutie On Duty
4. Junior Anderson — Madam Cutie On Duty
5. Ram Chiang — Raising the Bar
6. Timothy Cheng — Raising the Bar
7. Jason Chan — Romantic Repertoire
8. Tommy Wong — Smooth Talker
9. William Chak — Limelight Years
10. Jonathan Wong — Limelight Years
11. Eddie Kwan — Ghost of Relativity
12. Ngo Ka-nin — Ghost of Relativity
13. Timothy Hung — The Fixer
14. Lau Kong — Momentary Lapse of Reason
15. Hugo Wong — Momentary Lapse of Reason
16. Li Shing-cheong — Captain of Destiny
17. Joel Chan — Captain of Destiny
18. Joseph Lee — With or Without You
19. Vincent Wong — With or Without You
20. Willie Wai — Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Raymond Cho, Eddie Kwan, Li Shing-cheong, Joel Chan, Vincent Wong.

My personal favourite: Joel Chan (Captain of Destiny).

Expected to win: Joel Chan (Captain of Destiny).

Opinion: Joel surprised us with an excellent performance in ‘Captain of Destiny’. People all commented previously that his performance is even better than the two lead roles portrayed by Tony Hung and Grace Chan in the same series. I agreed to that. On the other hand, the other nominees in this category are mostly very weak. Well, Li Shing-cheong is also very convincing and funny at the same time for his villain role in ‘Captain of Destiny’ too. But his character gets very much lesser important in the end.

“Best Supporting Actress” nominees:
1. Law Lan — Officer Geomancer
2. Rachel Kan — Madam Cutie On Duty
3. Natalie Tong — Raising the Bar
4. Stephanie Ho — Raising the Bar
5. Jeannie Chan — Raising the Bar
6. Elena Kong — Raising the Bar
7. Ali Lee — My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
8. Samantha Ko — Eye In the Sky
9. Michelle Yim — Limelight Years
10. Vivien Yeo — Ghost of Relativity
11. Celine Ma — Ghost of Relativity
12. Mimi Chu — Ghost of Relativity
13. Tracy Chu — Smooth Talker
14. Cilla Kung — Every Step You Take
15. Elaine Yiu — Captain of Destiny
16. Kelly Fu — Captain of Destiny
17. Susan Tse — Captain of Destiny
18. Katy Kung — Under the Veil
19. Jacqueline Wong — With or Without You
20. Jade Leung — Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Law Lan, Elena Kong, Vivien Yeo, Mimi Chu, Elaine Yiu.

My personal favourite: Elaine Yiu (Captain of Destiny).

Expected to win: Elaine Yiu (Captain of Destiny).

Opinion: Just like Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu has been in the acting industry for quite many years already. Hence, this may be the time to acknowledge her acting. She is not bad as the villainous concubine in ‘Captain of Destiny’. Michelle Yim should be nominated for ‘Young Charioteers’ and not ‘Limelight Years’. She is much better in the former and will have higher chance of getting into top 5 or even winning. Now, represented in ‘Limelight Years’, she literally had no chance.

“Most Improved Male Artiste” nominees:
1. William Chak
2. Tony Hung
3. James Ng
4. Hugo Wong
5. Mat Yeung
6. Benjamin Yuen

My top 3: Tony Hung, Mat Yeung, Benjamin Yuen

My personal favourite: Tony Hung

Expected to win: Tony Hung

Opinion: Eventhough received multiple backlash in leading role in ‘Captain of Destiny’, but that kind of role also helps him to be ‘seen’ more. He is also not bad in the other series, ‘Eye in the Sky’. There is still huge room of improvement for him but so far he is the best in this list. Mat Yeung had many roles this year but none of the roles attract attention. He only got very minor roles.

“Most Improved Female Artiste: nominees:
1. Grace Chan
2. Tracy Chu
3. Rosina Lam
4. Ali Lee
5. Jacqueline Wong
6. Rebecca Zhu

My top 3: Grace Chan, Tracy Chu, Rosina Lam

My personal favourite: Rosina Lam

Expected to win: Rosina Lam / Grace Chan

Opinion: Rosina Lam just won best supporting actress in Singapore’s TVB Starhub. This elevates her chance in this category since she is not even nominated for supporting actress category. She is a talented new actress and I can see good future in her in this industry. TVB tries too hard and quick to promote Grace Chan and may hand out this to her too but I disagree. She too is improving but her annoying acting in ‘Captain of Destiny’ made me think that she shall wait for one or two more years. Her time will come soon anyway. Tracy Chu is a dark horse.

“Most Popular Classic Drama” nominees:
Lives of Omission (2011)
Brother’s Keeper (2013)
Triumph In the Skies (2003)
The Greed of Man (1992)
The Justice of Life (1989)
The Final Verdict (1988)
Time Before Time (1997)
War of the Genders (2000)

My top 3 pick: The Greed of Man, Triumph in the Skies, War of the Genders

My personal favourite: War of the Genders

Expected to win: ??? Unsure.

Opinion: I’m surprised on this sudden new category introduced this year. I’m fine with this category but I think that more classic dramas should be nominated. Recent dramas (from 2010’s onwards) should not be nominated since they are still considered ‘recent’ and not ‘classic’ yet. They should include ‘Square Pegs’, ‘War and Beauty’, ‘Heart of Greed’, ‘Moonlight Resonance’ and ‘Rosy Business’ in. Really undecided on which series expected to win but I love ‘War of the Genders’. It is a funny classic drama starring Carol Cheng and Dayo Wong.

“Best TV Host” nominees:
Sidewalk Scientist – Ali Lee, Leung Ka-ki, Jacqueline Wong, Mayanne Mak, Sammi Cheung, Roxanne Tong
Sunday Songbird – Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Jerry Lamb
Are You Healthy? – Lawrence Cheng, Leung Ka-ki, Steven Cheung
Neighbourhood Gourmet 3 – Kitty Yuen, King Kong Lee
Good Cheap Eats 3 – Maria Cordero, Luk Ho-ming
Helen TO-KYO! – Helen To
Four Amigos Bon Voyage – Kenneth Tsang, Patrick Tse, Wu Fung, Joe Junior
Not Far But Away – Tony Hung
DoDo Goes Shopping – Carol Cheng, Priscilla Wong, FAMA, Sammy Sum, Sharon Chan, Fred Cheng, Oscar Leung, Kenneth Ma

Expected to win: Sunday Songbird hosts, Four Amigos Bon Voyage hosts, Dodo Goes Shopping hosts.

Opinion: Not much comments to this category and also to the two categories below.

“Best Variety Show or Special Programme” nominees:
Sze U Tonight
Sunday Songbird
Street Sorcerers 3
Good Cheap Eats 3
Helen TO-KYO!
The Million Dollar Minute
Four Amigos Bon Voyage
Miss Hong Kong 2015
DoDo Goes Shopping
48th TVB Anniversary Gala

Expected to win: Sze U Tonight, Sunday Songbird, Dodo Goes Shopping

“Best Informative Programme” nominees:
Sidewalk Scientist
Am I Healthy?
Big Big World
World’s Great Parties
Not Far But Away

Expected to win: Am I Healthy?, Not Far But Away.

“Best Drama Serial” nominees:
Come Home Love
Lady Sour
Officer Geomancer
Noblesse Oblige
Madam Cutie On Duty
Raising the Bar
My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
Young Charioteers
Eye In the Sky
Romantic Repertoire
Smooth Talker
Limelight Years
Wudang Rules
Master of Destiny
Ghost of Relativity
Brick Slaves
The Fixer
Every Step You Take
Momentary Lapse of Reason
Captain of Destiny
Under the Veil
With or Without You
Lord of Shanghai

My top 5: Eye in the Sky, Limelight Years, Ghost of Relativity, Captain of Destiny, Lord of Shanghai

My personal favourite: Captain of Destiny, Lord of Shanghai

Expected to win: Lord of Shanghai / Captain of Destiny

Opinion: This is a hard category to choose. Early this year, I love ‘Limelight Years’ very much. In mid of the year, ‘Ghost of Relativity’ is very entertaining. Then, ‘Captain of Destiny’ surprised us with many good elements and had just won most favourite series in Singapore. And finally, ‘Lord of Shanghai’, a grand production with heavyweight casts came in. Hard to choose. But my top 2 are fixed. I’m happy either of the two win.

“Most Popular Original Theme Song”

Opinion: Didn’t see any nomination list for this category so far. But my personal pick would be the theme song for ‘Young Charioteers’, ‘Eye in the Sky’, ‘Captain of Destiny’, ‘Lord of Shanghai’ and ‘Limelight Years’.

“Lifetime Achievement Award”

Opinion: I wonder who will win this award this year. I hope they give it to the one very well deserved and had really served very long in TVB and overall in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry.

That’s all for my thoughts for the nomination list of the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards 2015. What’s your own opinions? Same with mine? You can share your thoughts at the comment section below. Last but not least, happy 48th birthday to TVB once again!


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TVB 48th Anniversary Gala today. Also today is the opening of Malaysia’s second (and largest) IKEA store.

Happy 48th birthday to TVB, the Hong Kong television station that has been part and parcel of my life since I watch many of their series from my childhood years till now. The station held its 48th anniversary gala just now and as usual, the celebration is broadcast live in Malaysia’s Astro Wah Lai Toi. After returning from work just now, I managed to watch major part of the show which is attended by over hundred of Hong Kong artists like Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Adam Cheng, Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, etc. Since there would be no new episode of ‘Lord of Shanghai’ series (and also ‘With or Without You’ series) tonight, so there’s time for this gala or simply an annual televised birthday party for TVB.


(Picture above is showing the TVB artists line-up during the station’s 48th anniversary lighting ceremony not long ago)

Some activities or performances shown in the gala just now were quite interesting, energetic and fun. It’s always nice to see the familiar faces that you usually get to see in dramas now taking part in games, stunts, dance, singing, or other kind of performances to celebrate the station’s grand birthday. However, I think some parts (especially the brief drama plays which are supposed to be very funny) aren’t hilarious and appeared messy. It is also very obvious just now that TVB is now overwhelmed with many young faces (all newbie artists) with lack of heavyweight stars. I see most of them just now were just ‘kelefe’ (unimportant people) in the past but now get to perform or even stand in front for attention.

The exciting part of the show that ended after its 2 hour and 30 minutes run is the revealing of the nomination list for best actor and actress in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards which is scheduled to be held on 13th December 2015. Actually, it’s like once you get to have a leading role in any series this year, you get the nomination. I suggest that in future years, TVB should limit the nominees to only 5 per categories so that the nominees would feel more proud and honoured to be nominated. It will raise the prestige of the awards. I’m also surprised again that some series got snubbed like Noblesse Oblige and Wudang Rules. However, I’m quite happy that Kenneth Ma didn’t got snubbed totally as he earned a best actor nomination for portraying the young version of Kiu Ngo Tin in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ series (the older version is by film king, Anthony Wong whom is also nominated in the same category). Kenneth did very good for that role but I don’t think he will win as I think his appearance in the remaining of the series would be not much anymore till its ending when the focus shall be back on Anthony’s timeline.

ikea_cheras2 (Malaysians from all walks of life queuing to enter the newly-opened IKEA Store in Cheras today)

On the other hand, today it’s also the day IKEA decided to open its second store in Malaysia, at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. It’s good to have another IKEA store since the first one at Damansara is quite far especially for people in KL. I have only visited that place once not long ago. A nice place to visit especially when you have things in your mind to buy like furnitures, home decorations, fittings, etc. And I don’t understand why Malaysians are so excited and crazy on IKEA. Anyway, I’m glad that now they opened another one at Cheras, which is so much nearer and more convenient. It’s also larger than the one at Damansara. Eventhough today is a normal weekday, but I heard in news that many people do went to the store’s opening today to get early birds’ free gifts and promotions. I mean still a lot of people (they don’t need to go to work???) Why don’t IKEA have the opening party on weekend, then it would attract more people (maybe I would go too).

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