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My own selection of the best of TVB dramas from 2007 till this year, 2015.

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Every year there would be some major awards presentations happening to honour the best of Hong Kong major television station, TVB annually. These awards ceremonies are not only held in Hong Kong but also in Malaysia and Singapore for the oversea Chinese audiences. I consider myself grew up with TVB dramas. In Malaysia, we have no nice local Chinese TV dramas to watch and so we depend on Astro to catch up to Hong Kong’s latest series and other variety programmes. For the awards this year, the Singapore Starhub TVB Awards was in last month, and tomorrow we would have the TVB Star Awards Malaysia. It will all end with the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards next month.

I myself do make my own list of the best of TVB dramas every year. I started this in 2007 but I never put up my selection to my blog here. I think this would appeal to some of my blog readers who are interested on things about TVB dramas, and so, I put it up now, at here below:


Best Series: Heart of Greed

Best Leading Actor: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)

Best Leading Actress: Louise Lee (Heart of Greed)

Best Supporting Actor: Louis Yuen (Heart of Greed)

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Dicey Business)



Best Series: Moonlight Resonance

Best Leading Actor: Raymond Lam (Moonlight Resonance)

Best Leading Actress: Michelle Yim (Moonlight Resonance)

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai (The Gentle Crackdown II)

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)



Best Series: Rosy Business

Best Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (Rosy Business)

Best Leading Actress: Sheren Tang (Rosy Business)

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse (E.U.)

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse (Rosy Business)



Best Series: No Regrets

Best Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (No Regrets)

Best Leading Actress: Sheren Tang (No Regrets)

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak (No Regrets)

Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen (No Regrets)



Best Series: Ghetto Justice

Best Leading Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

Best Leading Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Best Supporting Actor: Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)



Best Series: The Hippocratic Crush

Best Leading Actor: Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)

Best Leading Actress: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)

Best Supporting Actor: Power Chan (The Confidant)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Silver Spoons Sterling Shackles)



Best Series: Brother’s Keeper

Best Leading Actor: Ruco Chan (Brother’s Keeper)

Best Leading Actress: Krystal Tin (Brother’s Keeper)

Best Supporting Actor: Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush II)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Triumph in the Skies II)



Best Series: Line Walker

Best Leading Actor: Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Best Leading Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actor: Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (The Ultimate Addiction)



Best Series: Captain of Destiny

Best Leading Actor: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)

Best Leading Actress: Liza Wang (Limelight Years)

Best Supporting Actor: Kenneth Ma (Lord of Shanghai)

Best Supporting Actress: Alice Chan (Lord of Shanghai)


I only provided five categories. Very limited places and so making each categories more prestigious. This is not like giving out pork chop awards to as many people as possible like those ‘my favourite characters’ awards. I also decided to kick out the smaller categories like most improved for the same reason. Well, you will notice that some of my selection differs from the TVB awards results for that particular year as this is solely depending on my own analysis without influence from the past TVB awards. My selection is also different since it only involves dramas that I have watched only every year and not all.

You may have forgotten some of the great performances several years ago that I include in my list but is not visible in TVB awards for that particular year. Maybe posting this up from 2007 (till this year) will refresh your mind a bit on some classic nice dramas we have watched from 8 years ago. You may also comment here on your own selection for best of TVB this year, particularly if you differ from my thought that ‘Captain of Destiny’ is the best series of 2015. I do think a lot that this year is the battle between ‘Captain of Destiny’ and ‘Lord of Shanghai’ for best series, but in the end, after a careful analysis, I ended up picking the former with my own reasons. I welcome all of your thoughts if you are also interested in TVB dramas like me.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


Movie review: Buried (2010)

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I felt like I was short of air even now, few minutes after watching this stunning, incredible and terrifying film called as Buried, released last year. After some recommendations by friends, I decided to download it and watch, and luckily, it’s a good and clear version, driving me deeper into the trapped atmosphere.

The whole film is about an American truck driver, Paul Conroy starred by Ryan Reynolds, attacked, then buried alive in a wooden coffin together with a phone, glowsticks, lighter, flashlight, pills and a knife to help him escape before the osygen runs out in the small enclosed space. He then knew that he is kidnapped, and the kidnapper wished for a huge sum of money. He had made many phone calls for assistance as well as to his family to express his love. Finally, it was thought that the search party is getting nearer in finding his location, but it turns out that the searching team found another one, not his coffin. Sorry is the last word he heard as the sand fills in the coffin fully. (Sorry for the spoiler)

Let me tell you all that this is the only movie that makes me suffocate, especially at the last part of the film when everything get intensed…nope, too intensed when sand started to fill in the coffin at a rapid rate until the moment of the last few minutes of the life of the innocent truck driver. I barely can breath when I’m watching it. It is just getting my nerve, leading me to the point like what is being faced by the only appearing cast in this film. Really breathless!

The performance by Ryan Reynolds is stunning and looks real. His acting is truly great! You can actually feel the same like his emotion at that time being trapped in the coffin. The whole setting of the film is only in a small wooden coffin, that’s it….but a whole great film of over 90 minutes is created in there. This film really heighten the feeling of claustrophobia (abnormal fear in an enclosed space) of the character, and also affected me deeply. I can feel every difficult move from him, every sad tear out from his eyes, every shout of help from his mouth. This is really breathtaking.

This is definitely a very low-cost budget film. Only a wooden coffin, a bag of sand, few small materials, only a appearing cast, few to talk in phone, and last but not least a video camera to capture the whole movie. That’s it. It is a very minimalist film, not complex (eventhough some might think the plot is a bit complex,  but is well interesting enough to get us excited). It steals my emotion. Some might find that stuck in a coffin would be boring, but I definitely finds it a great idea to be put into a film like this one. So, for my rating, I would give 8.0 out of 10, among the best for the year 2010. I wonder why it didn’t get nominated for Oscar in best picture and best actor category.

If you want to watch it, remember to get a good quality version of it like me,…if not, you won’t see much of the things happening in there, as it is quite dark with only a bit of light.

Movie review: Black Swan (2010)

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Black Swan is actually officially released in December 2010 in United States, so it is a 2010 film. I am curious on why this movie is not coming up yet to Malaysia…and finally, it does, a few days ago, only screening in few cinemas. I guess the government has to think over and over again whether to let this movie up on the screen in Malaysia, and finally they allowed, but with limitation to only few cinemas and delay of about 2 months.

At first, I don’t have any interest on watching this film. ‘Black Swan’…looking at the title made me thinks of a boring movie on ballet performances on Swan Lake. However, as this movie received critical acclaim, and the main cast, Natalie Portman getting praises for her role, and the movie received nominations for best picture, best actress, etc in Oscar, and so I decided to watch it, after listening to my friends’ feedbacks on it. Everything is just good! So off I go!

It is a movie about a production of Swan Lake that requires a ballerina to play both the innocent White Swan and the sensual Black Swan. One dancer, Nina (Portman), is a perfect fit for the White Swan, while Lily (Kunis) has a personality that matches the Black Swan. When the two compete for the parts, Nina finds a dark side to herself. Natalie Portman’s acting in the film is brilliant and natural. Her performance really bring us, the audiences into the film until it is like we shared the same feeling as she does, and get fully affected by her character. If the Oscar doesn’t give her the Best Actress, I’m going to seriously boycott the awards. She truly deserved it. Her acting impressed me a lot, the best of the year for a female cast. I would like to praise her for her commitment to this movie by learning ballet dance which is very difficult.

I heard that there are a number of scary or frightening scenes in the movie. After I have watched it, this movie is not a horror-based film, but it is a psychological-thriller one. It plays with mind, just like the movie ‘Inception’ (on dreams) but in total different approach, this time being targeted to the only leading character, Nina by Natalie Portman. The first half of the movie seems a bit boring to me, with plot gets dragged, but as soon as the dark side of her prevails on the second half, everything goes interesting and exciting, fast-paced and I can consider ‘epic’ especially when she finally performed the Black Swan very well.

The story goes a bit complicated, which I already expected once a movie is about dealing with mind. Nina is fantasizing a lot (or I should say hallucination) of her friend, Lily, her director, Thomas, her predecessor, Beth and even of herself which she is definitely frightened of it. So in the middle, I am even blurred by which scenes are real, which are not. Finally, at the end, I understood the whole thing, and well, it ended beautifully, for me eventhough we do not know the fate of Nina who is injured (sorry for a bit of spoiler). The last phrase she said is immensely breathtaking; ‘I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect.’ before the screen goes black.

There are also quite a number of disturbing scenes in the movie as Nina has to be dirty-minded and be seductive to perfect her role as Black Swan. I’m already expecting some parts will be cut out of the movie in Malaysia, but I’m happy with it as only a bit of these disturbing scenes are removed (the middle process removed with the beginning and end process still shown) The audiences would still know what the scenes are intending to tell us. There is one foreigner (quite an old lady) sitting beside me, and she is like really disturbed with those scenes. Finally, it’s a great piece of work, by the directors, producers and the casts. Out of 10 points, I would rate this one 7.9. It is a very good movie, but sorry, it is still not best enough to get Best Picture in Oscar or even in my opinion.

Winning statistics in running for Oscar this Sunday

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There are many accolades, awards and guilds presented before the most anticipating Academy Awards which will ends the chances for films released the previous year to be honored. Many have not even been heard before, but still these smaller awards still exist, and by counting the awards received by each Oscar nominees earlier for this year, we can check out their winning percentage for this upcoming 83rd Academy Awards. It is not 100% correct, as it is just an analysis on statistic.

Best Picture

Black Swan – won 3 awards of the similar category – 5.9%

The Fighter – won 0 awards of the similar category – 0%

Inception – won 5 awards of the similar category – 9.8%

The Kids Are All Right – won 1 award of the similar category – 1.9%

The King’s Speech – won 6 awards of the similar category – 11.7%

127 Hours – won 2 awards of the similar category – 3.9%

The Social Network – won 30 awards of the similar category – 58.8%

Toy Story 3 – won 2 awards of the similar category – 3.9%

True Grit – won 0 awards of the similar category – 0%

Winter’s Bone – won 2 awards of the similar category – 3.9%

Analysis: From the statistic above, it seems that The Social Network has higher chance of winning Best Picture of Oscar. However, many of these awards are presented much earlier even before The King’s Speech received critical acclaim.

Best Actor in Leading Role

Javier Bardem from Biutiful – won 2 awards of the similar category – 5.2%

Jeff Bridges from True Grit – won 0 award of the similar category – 0%

Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network – won 6 awards of the similar category – 15.7%

Colin Firth from The King’s Speech – won 25 awards of the similar category – 65%

James Franco from 127 Hours – won 5 awards of the similar category – 13.1%

Analysis: Jeff Bridges won last year, so he won’t be winning this year. Colin Firth is the top favourite while dark horse goes to Jesse Eisenberg. James Franco is the host of the awards, so it would be a bit awkward for him to get the award.

Best Actress in Leading Role

Annette Bening from The Kids Are All Right – won 7 awards of the similar category – 19.4%

Nicole Kidman from Rabbit Hole – won 0 awards of the similar category – 0%

Jennifer Lawrence from Winter’s Bone – won 5 awards of the similar category – 13.8%

Natalie Portman from Black Swan – won 23 awards of the similar category – 63.8%

Michelle Williams from Blue Valentine – won 1 award of the similar category – 2.7%

Analysis: The analysis for this category is similar to that of Best Actor in Leading Role. Very high chance that Natalie Portman will win for her breakthrough performance in Black Swan. Annette Bening is the dark horse here.

Best Actor in Supporting Role

Christian Bale from The Fighter – won 28 awards of the similar category – 75.6%

John Hawkes from Winter’s Bone – won 2 awards of the similar category – 5.4%

Jeremy Renner from The Town – won 0 award of the similar category – 0%

Mark Ruffalo from The Kids Are All Right – won 2 awards of the similar category – 5.4%

Geoffrey Rush from The King’s Speech – won 5 awards of the similar category – 13.5%

Analysis: It seems that Christian Bale will take home this award with over 75% of probability. Geoffrey Rush is a less-attacking dark horse here.

Best Actress in Supporting Role

Amy Adams from The Fighter – won 2 awards of the similar category – 5.7%

Helena Bonham Carter from The King’s Speech – won 3 awards of the similar category – 8.5%

Melissa Leo from The Fighter – won 13 awards of the similar category – 37.1%

Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit – won 11 awards of the similar category – 31.4%

Jacki Weaver from Animal Kingdom – won 6 awards of the similar category – 17.1%

Analysis: Melissa Leo outshined Amy Adams from the same film, while Hailee is the dark horse, racing near to get the award. However, I think Hailee (15 years old) is too young for the award, as what Oscar usually thinks.

Best Directing

Daron Aronofsky for Black Swan – won 4 awards of the similar category – 10.8%

David O. Russell for The Fighter – won 1 award of the similar category – 2.7%

Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech – won 4 awards of the similar category – 10.8%

David Fincher for The Social Network – won 28 awards of the similar category – 75.6%

Joel Coen and Ethan Coen for True Grit – won 0 award of the similar category – 0%

Analysis: David Fincher is going to get this award probably for his brilliant directing of The Social Network. Two less-attacking dark horses; Daron Aronofsky and Tom Hooper.

Best Original Screenplay – Fight of either The King’s Speech or Inception.

Best Adapted Screenplay – Over 90% that Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network would win this.

The King’s Speech vs The Social Network

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I have watched both of the movies mentioned above, and it seems there will be a serious fight between them in the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards or well known as Oscar. Both are the current hottest contenders for the Best Picture of the year, to be revealed this Sunday’s night (Monday’s morning in Malaysia).

The official nominees for the Best Picture are:

Black Swan – definitely going to watch it by this week as it received critical acclaim and high appraisal for Natalie Portman.

The Fighter – no interest on this kind of movie.

Inception – one of the best for the year, in music, in visual effects, and in original screenplay too (brilliant idea).

The Kids Are All Right – not available yet in Malaysia.

The King’s Speech – an epic historical drama film, but for me, it’s not the best for the year.

127 Hours – a movie based on a true story with brilliant performance by the one and only main cast, James Franco.

The Social Network – a movie on Facebook founding that leaves a great impact on the modern society with focus on friendship. The best of the year.

Toy Story 3 – a very touching animated film with great adventure.

True Grit – Not interested in this type of movie.

Winter’s Bone – Not available yet in Malaysia.

Out of the 10, I have watched 5, and will turn to 6 by end of this week before the Academy Awards presentation night. This is the first time I have been focusing so much on this awards, the biggest in film industry because I have watched many of those nominated films, so I have great interest on it for this year (based on movies released in 2010).

I have created a post on the official nomination list of the 83rd Academy Awards, to be hosted by young stars, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

That post also includes my predictions and my favourite picks (which are separated). I believed for each year, the results that are announced are not fully satisfying. Same goes to this year.

Before the Oscar, there have been many awards (some I have not even heard before), and their picks go to either The King’s Speech and The Social Network. The King’s Speech won a lot, especially at British Annual Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) while The Social Network won big in Golden Globes Awards. However, if we checked on the statistics, The King’s Speech won more than The Social Network.

Before The King’s Speech, it is only The Social Network that steals the media attention for its brilliant acting, adapted screenplay, directing, editing and original score. After the release of The King’s Speech, everyone turned to this epic historical drama film, while there are only a bit of attention on the other nominees. A bit unfair, and predictable, that The King’s Speech will win the Best Picture at the Oscar.

The Social Network still has the chance to take the most prestigious award home. For me, I seriously like this movie a lot. For me, it’s not only the best picture of the year, but also among the best for the past ten years. I believed many people like The Social Network more than The King’s Speech, but they have to predict The King’s Speech to win because they have known the style of Oscar voters who are more into The King’s Speech. Of course, these predictors do not wish their predictions wrong, so they picked The King’s Speech rather than their own favourite, The Social Network.

For the Best Actor, the main fight is still between Colin Firth from The King’s Speech and Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network. Same case as for the Best Picture category. Colin Firth lost last year, and so he will definitely going to win this year, unless Oscar wanted to give us a surprise. Colin’s acting is good as the King, but just not as perfect as Jesse as Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. His character is more outstanding. This is the first time Jesse received an Oscar nomination and I think he is already well satisfied with that. He even won some smaller awards in Best Actor category for his impressive role in The Social Network. Oscar will definitely thinks that he is too young (28 years old) for their Best Actor award. Oh..please, age is not a factor! The acting is the main point! If Colin lost last year, why everyone want to give the award to him this year despite there is no breakthrough in his performance.

Jesse and Colin chatting at the Oscar Luncheon:

For the Best Actress category, I think there is no fight at all, as everyone is looking forward to Natalie Portman‘s excellent performance in Black Swan, the movie I’m anticipating for this Oscar week. Same case for the Best Animated Film, which will definitely goes to Toy Story 3. A bit weird that Tangled and Despicable Me are not in the nomination. Nothing much to say for Best Supporting Actor as my favourite, Andrew Garfield from The Social Network is not nominated. He did a good job in the film alongside with Jesse Eisenberg.

From left to right: Jesse Eisenberg and Colin Firth for Best Actor, and Natalie Portman for Best Actress.

Many have already confirmed that David Fincher is going to win Best Director for The Social Network and Aaron Sorkin for Best Adapted Screenplay. As for Best Original Score, there is a slight fight between The Social Network and Inception, but I think Oscar would prefer The Social Network as they do not like sci-fi based music too much. For many other categories, I’m not interested.

So, finally, what I think is that The Social Network will not win the Best Picture while there are many other not-so-prestigious awards waiting for it. The King’s Speech is going to win Best Picture (eventhough I disagreed but have to accept this upcoming fact) and Best Actor, and some others, probably not more than four. The King’s Speech is definitely going to lost in Best Supporting Actor and Actress category (to be honest). Anyway, both films will win big at the star-studded night.

The official movie trailers for The King’s Speech and The Social Network:

You have to really watch this two movies and judge on your own, which is better? I have to accept the fact that everyone has different opinions.

So, here is basically my summary of my predictions and all those things about Oscar. Nominated in the Oscar is already a gift, winning it is like a gift above a gift, a prestigious one. I really hoped that the Oscar voters really think and decide well in voting, as their votes decide the winners and the losers on this most important film awards. Ohh, I want to watch the awards presentation! Can I watch it live in Malaysia? Most probably no…too bad….

For The Social Network, you are still the best movie of the year for me and many of us!


Ohh….,this is my 555th post of my blog! What a nice number!

Movie review: 127 Hours (2010)

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Now only I recalled on this movie I had watched during my flight to Dubai for my previous Italy trip. I did not write a review on it until now. Currently, it’s the Oscar Week as the 83rd Academy Awards will be held this Sunday night (Monday’s morning in Malaysia) and 127 Hours is nominated in Best Picture.

This is a movie released in 2010, but only will be available in cinema in Malaysia on early March 2011. I am glad to have watched this awesome movie much earlier, in the flight that took more than six hours. The film stars James Franco as real-life mountain climber Aron Ralston, who became trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah, for more than five days in early 2003 before amputating his arm with a dull knife.

So, it is basically a one-man’s show, with everything focusing on James Franco on how he survived 127 hours trapped, day-dreaming on his childhood, etc. There is no doubt a great performance by him as he steals the whole show from beginning to the end. Eventhough the movie spends mostly of the time on the trapped boulder, but it definitely won’t get you boring. There is quite a number of intense moments, especially when he is trying to remove his hand.

There is not much dialogues, and if there is, it is basically James Franco talking to the video he recorded which is kind of interesting. His acting is brilliant and full of emotion, and for me as the audience, I can really feel the pain he is suffering while being trapped as well, in a matter of life and death; I am being brought into the movie. It is definitely worth-watching and I will rate this movie 7.6. Too bad the chance for this movie to get Best Picture for Oscar is very minimal, as well as James Franco for the Best Actor. Better luck next time.

Movie review: The King’s Speech

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Many people have given very positive feedbacks on this movie after I have seen some of the movie reviews of it. It is also considered to be one of the best films of 2010. I have written a post not long ago on the top 3 best films of 2010, and that doesn’t include The King’s Speech because I haven’t watch it.

Now, I have watched it, but I would still maintain the list I have proposed before in my previous post. The King’s Speech is a good movie, but for me, it’s still far behind from being included in top 3. Yes, it totally deserved to be in top 10 then.

The King’s Speech is a movie of great quality. The storyline is very interesting, and there is no way that people can have any words of improvement on it. It is about a man who became King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. Plagued by a dreaded stammer and considered unfit to be king, he received help from a speech therapist named Lionel Logue. As a result of unlikely friendship, the king is able to find his voice and boldly leads the country through war.

The pace and rhythm of the story is fantastic. Well, another point I wished to add is on the brilliant performances by the casts, especially the character of the king portrayed by Colin Firth.He must had hard time speaking out his lines in a terrible way as needed for the character. Good job. Both of the points above definitely on The King’s Speech left me speechless, but with only these two positive points, it is hard to climb into top 3 list.

Many parts of the movie, eventhough seems to be very essential for the development of the story, are created in a way that makes people bored. It seems to be a long 2-hours movie for me, wishing that it would ends much early. Nothing much more to comment on this movie. A good quality movie but not the best one. Out of 10 points, I give this one 7.5. Sorry for many people who loved this movie a lot, but it’s just my opinion.