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29th April 2011: New trailers! iPad 2 out for sale! Royal wedding!

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The title of this post which you can see above speaks it all….yes, there are three major things that happened on this day, dated 29th April 2011, second last day of the fourth month of the year.

As soon as I woke up in the early morning today, I checked on my facebook and have found out new trailer coming out for the two of the most anticipating movies of the year; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (the epic conclusion of the worldwide phenomenon as told in the trailer) as well as Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (the epic robotic clash film). The two trailers look very promising and adds up my intention and desire to watch both of the films, scheduled to be released in July 2011, three months from now.

The next big thing of the day is of course the latest iPad 2 is now out for sale in Malaysia. If you bring an iPad 2 beginning today, people would be amazed and keep an eye on you, because you just brought and use the latest technology of the public…that’s cool, man! Too bad, it isn’t for me…what is the reason: No money! I don’t even have iPhone 4, and so I don’t wish more, for like this iPad 2. Okay…actually I’m not really interested on all these advanced thingy but these accessories really look good and cool…

Of course, last but not least, is the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine as mentioned in my previous two posts…yes, previous two posts….you can check these out just by scrolling down below in my blog here to get a read on the highlight of this wedding of the century. I bet out of 10 people, over 7 people would probably knew about this thing…it caught the public attention in a very much intense scale including myself….

And here, it comes…the end of the day in Malaysia. 12 am is coming very soon…30th April would be just an ordinary day, the last day of April before new month of May 2011 comes…now I’m going to think on what kind of header should I put for my blog up here to represent May 2011….


The Royal Wedding Day

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Back early to home today from campus and is able to catch the live broadcast of the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, whom are now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The venues for the processions include Westminster Abbey, the church where the ceremony is held, Buckingham Palace, as well as Goring Hotel where Kate leaved from there.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, there were already thousand of people surrounding the area tight with security measures. The atmosphere is very good and the side of the guarded streets are very happening with people cheering and celebrating the royal wedding. Many people from different countries like Australia, Canada and France also joined in the celebration alongside with the people of United Kingdom where today is declared as public holiday for the nation.

Luxurious cars are seen fetching the VIPs; the princes and princesses, the family of the bride, and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II whom received the most cheer and applause besides than her grandson, Prince William whom is still the main character for the big day. Famous guests were seen in the church like the Australian Prime Minister, UK Prime Minister, David and Victoria Beckham, King and Queen of Malaysia (my country), and many others.

Finally, everyone is present in the church including the last one to arrive, Catherine Middleton herself from Goring Hotel with her dad and dressed with a beautiful gown which caught the most attention of the media as the design of it is not exposed till today. The processions in the beautiful long church go smoothly as planned and the couple is officially married as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince William now solidify his position of second in line of the throne, just behind his father, Prince Charles.

Then, here came the much anticipated carriages which brought the couple, the parents of the couple, brothers of the couple, as well as Queen Elizabeth with Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. The carriages is part of the important tradition for British royal family which received full attention from the people waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the VIPs. I saw a lot of cameras with huge and long lens, all ready to take as many photographs as possible.

The day is quite gloomy and luckily there is no rain halting the procession. All the VIPs eventually reached Buckingham Palace after the church procession is settled. The public is then allowed to get closer to the palace around the Victoria Memorial, a grand looking sculpture in front of the palace overlooking a long wide royal path. They are all waiting for the time to come, when Prince William and Catherine finally walked out of the balcony at the center, waved to the crowd and kissed romantically twice with loud applause and cheer from the uncountable crowd. The crowd is then thrilled by the flypass that marks the end of the broadcast.

It is now almost 12am in Malaysia, showing that the day is almost over here in Malaysia but not for England yet because it’s only 5pm afternoon there. There are still quite a lot of things to do for them like the wedding dinner later as well as wedding breakfast tomorrow’s morning which are of course will not be broadcast as these are merely private functions. For the show, I watched majority of it and it is definitely a perfect grand wedding, now commonly recognized as the wedding of the century. Many people are now talking about it everywhere especially on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There will be repeat of the show in a lot of channels too.

I’m not involved on this wedding but the scale and grandness as well as the media attention of it really influencing me a lot. So, I kind of enjoying the wedding too. Congratulation to William and Kate! Year 2011 has been brought lively back with such a grand celebration despite the year is full of tragedies like natural disasters and wars. In 2011, we saw a grand royal wedding celebration in UK, and by 2012, we will see the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. There is so much important events going on and soon for England.

(The photos above are not mine and are from this Facebook photo album except for the first and last photos:!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.136593346405728.25291.134390929959303)

Wedding of the century: Prince William and Kate

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I think many of us have known about this royal wedding between Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton which is going to be held tomorrow at Westminster Abbey, London at 11am on UK’s time (6pm for Malaysia’s time). The royal wedding, or commonly known as the ‘wedding of the century’ is going to be watched live from over 1/3 of people in the world, including Malaysians as NTV 7 is broadcasting it live as early as from 3pm.

Why is it called as wedding of the century? First of all, the bridegroom is Prince William of Wales, the eldest son of Prince Charles, and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, whom is among the most important figures in the world. Hence, he is the second in line for the throne, and is even favored for it by majority of the people. Eventhough Kate is an ordinary woman living simple, but she had caught the attention of the medias few years back after being seen dating with the prince.

The second reason is that the royal wedding is going to be attended by most of the British royal families, dignitaries, politicians including the Prime Minister of UK, foreign royalties as well as some famous figures like David Beckham, Rowan Atkinson and Sir Elton John. Even the King and Queen of my country, Malaysia are also to attend the royal wedding as invited. It is a wedding definitely full of VVVVVVVIPs….too many V….

Due to the huge number of invited guests, the scale of the wedding is definitely huge which is the third reason for it to be called as wedding of the century. Everything is planned much earlier for this big occasion, as early as even before the announcement of the wedding is made in November last year.

The fourth reason is that it received wide attention from people not only from UK but also from around the world. I remembered few weeks ago, local newspapers have started to publish news regarding the preparation for this grand wedding including tight security check at venues and roads, selection of royal wedding’s meal for guests, rehearsal, etc. Every media is focusing on it, and I bet tomorrow there must be a lot of people writing about it on Facebook, the world most visited social networking site. Their wedding is widely received by the public. It is going to be a royal show of the decade and of the century!

Tomorrow is a big day for the couple, for the royal family, and for the people of United Kingdom. If I am free, I would probably go and watch the live broadcast of the royal wedding too eventhough those procedures thingy would be a bit boring. Anyway, congratulation to Prince William and Kate eventhough they don’t know me…it would be good if they are my friends,…if this is the case, I would be invited too and will be appearing on TV tomorrow…haha…just joking…

Radiance workshop made my days so hard…

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This week is the week when me and my classmates have to attend the workshop on using radiance, a rendering software focusing on lighting stimulation. The workshop consists of two sessions for us, with total hours dealing with the software up to 7, not including the time for doing the assignment for submission soon. A lecturer from Curtin in Australia came this week to give us the workshop.

Yesterday, we were given chance to deal with the basics of learning on how to use radiance software without really going into very detail as we have not enough time for it. The first session is basically full of codes-writing and commands input to the terminal. Everything we see on the screen of the computer looks very normal to computer programmer, but not us, as the architecture students, noticing that radiance is not a commercialized software like AutoCad or ArchiCad…it’s a research software full of weird file types, etc.

Today, we are finally given a brief and first deal to the assignment, which is to render 6 images of a given gallery after putting light to all the displayed objects in the gallery. There is less code-writing today, but there is too many test-and-trial approaches which we need to adjust the lighting based on vantage point, object distance, camera angle, etc after undergoing several calculation and commands-inputing. It’s a day of madness for me, as I was trying to sort out whatever possible from this software that could really cause stress just for a correct lighting and rendering.

Anyway, I’m still glad that I finally get to know a bit more of this software called radiance, which is not quite popular compared to other commercialized softwares. I’m definitely still not experienced in using this, but at least, I knew the rough basics of it. If I need to master this software, I think I need to know more about computer programming instead, which I’m not interested at all. This is a hard software to use for lighting and rendering! Really, not recommended as the outcome still looks not so much promising or fantastic…We have to learn it just for the assignment under building science module…using this to render our design project??? definitely a NO….!

It’s Easter Day and end of my one-week holiday!

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Today is Sunday after the Good Friday, which means that Easter falls on today. In Malaysia, there is nothing much interesting today as Easter is not celebrated in big scale in the country except for some small parties organized by the Christians. Easter for me, means that it’s time for me to check back on my online game, Runescape and completes the special event quest.  I have completed it within an hour or two, and it marks the end of Easter to me actually.

This Sunday also marked the end of my one-week holiday. Tomorrow, I have to get back to campus to continue my classes till the end of semester which will be around end of June, yes…that’s around two months to go…For this holiday, to be honest, I felt that I’m very lazy to do my works, and so, the amount of works I have done is very minimal. I’m still trying to appreciate my holiday even until the last second. Anyway, I’m trying to give a break to myself from all these stressful assignments and stay away from architecture’s madness.

It’s been a quick one-week holiday. I have already spent the first few days of the holiday going for a study trip to Penang again and Ipoh too. In the midst of my holiday, I have enjoyed several movies and TV series. Facebook of course took part of my time daily too, not to mention some other personal things I have to do. Hence, all my time has gone and wouldn’t come back as wished too. Time continues, and so do life continues…

Anyway, Happy Easter Day to all once again! Enjoy the day!

Double: It’s Earth Day and Good Friday!

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Today is Earth Day, originally founded by United States in 1970 and turned international beginning in 1990. It is established way back earlier than the Earth Hour but the level of popularity of this ‘Earth Day’ is not as much as the ‘Earth Hour’ which only stands for an hour! Basically it is because that there is no one clear mission to complete on the day itself, compared to the Earth Hour when we need to switch off the lights, which is firstly organized by Australia.

Anyway, the main objective is very clear and is the same; which is to create awareness among people on our surrounding environment within the Earth, one and only one. What we have to basically learn from Earth Day which is today or Earth Hour which had been organized last month is that we should love and care for the Earth, the only livable planet we have in the universe. It’s our home…

Ahh…today is Good Friday too, which is a religious holiday based on Christianity commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. This day immediately precedes another Western holiday, which is the Easter Day which falls on this coming Sunday…

In Malaysia, it is almost nothing to us, including the Christians, except that there are some missionary and English schools offering holiday for the day which falls on today too, including my former secondary school, Methodist Boys School. Some will have special prayer session today in churches usually filled with special events.  Anyway, it’s still a two special ‘days’ in one day!

Justin Bieber reached Malaysia!

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When browsing my Facebook, my home page is flooded with my friends posting ‘Never say never’. Ahh…this is a famous quote by Justin Bieber, currently among the most famous singer in the world. Many of my friends posted this because Justin Bieber is now at Malaysia!!!….for his concert tonight at Stadium Merdeka, as part of his World Tour 2011.

I am not a big fan of him but I do like some of his songs, or to be exact, only two…which are ‘Baby’ and ‘Pray’. ‘Baby’ is the song that brings him to such a level of fame that everyone could never doubt about it. Do you know he is just 17 years old, and he had put a deep impact on the music industry. As everyone knows, many people loves him especially young girls and as well as many people hated him too. This is the nature of being too famous, either being loved or hated. I’m fine with him; his songs, his talent, his appearance, his attitude….and so I don’t like him and don’t hate him…fair…

His concert tonight must have been a sold out very much earlier, due to the craziness of Malaysian fans to him. I did not purchased the tickets as I think it is not worthy of attending his show just to listen to his two songs that I like. Furthermore, I don’t have that interest to get closer to him, watching his concert. Anyway, I have to admit that his level of fame is definitely on par with Lady Gaga, who stunned the world with her songs like ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Poker Face’, ‘Born This Way’, ‘Alejandro’, etc. If she comes to Malaysia which everyone wanted to, I would definitely go for her concert as I love many of her songs and I wish to enjoy the atmosphere with her on stage no matter how expensive the ticket is. Too bad, I don’t think she would come here as there are too many restriction from the government here on outfit and concert’s content.

Back to Justin Bieber, my impression towards him gets better after I have watched the trailer of a documentary film on him, ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’. The trailer itself changed my perception towards this new film, just released in Malaysian cinemas that coincide with his concert in Kuala Lumpur tonight. It’s nice to see how this young boy brought to fame beginning from when he was just 13 years old, added with some real clips of him performing when he was way younger. I do admire his talent, and it is kind of luck that music people have found him from YouTube. Now, you see…YouTube can be a very powerful and successful tool for you to get famous.

Even the news today is flooded with his update, mentioning that he will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur International Airport by 2.30pm, which is 30 minutes ago. His girlfriend, Selena Gomez will be accompanying him during his World Tour 2011 in Asian leg including the stop in Kuala Lumpur. I believed many people would keep on checking on his twitter update too, and today is the first time I’m looking at Justin’s twitter and he had mentioned Malaysia as his next stop. Tonight’s show would thrilled Bieber’s fans, while I’m still waiting for Lady Gaga to come…haha…Still, no Bieber fever here!