Beyond the Realm of Conscience ended!

The highly-anticipated TVB anniversary series of year 2009, Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計) finally ended last Sunday. I do not buy Astro on Demand package here in Malaysia, so I have to wait intensely for today to watch the last two episodes of the series.

My comment on it;






Nothing more I can say, overall the plot is very nice, touching and unforgettable scenes, excellent actors and actresses, good directors, capable staff, fantastic theme songs, etc…no doubt that this series will win the TVB 42nd anniversary awards (Best Series Award), overwhelming Rosy Business. Honestly, Rosy Business is nice, but not as exciting as Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

One more thing, best actress should go to Tavia Yeung. Her performance especially in the last few episodes of the series are awesome, thrilling…her facial and eyes expression are super cool, and make you to love her evilness. This is the first time she acted as the villain (main villain somemore) and she portrayed the character well. Sheren Tang from Rosy Business might win the Most Favourite Female Character one. Great improvement and performance by Tavia.

Some screenshots showing the evilness of Tavia in the series:

Cool, isn’t it…what a fantastic series…this series recorded the highest ever TVB ratings, the final episodes achieved 46 rating points, peaking at 50, similar to Moonlight Resonance (TVB series) and Jewel In The Palace (non-TVB series). These three series share the same title of series with highest ranking points. Honestly, this time the series is aired in Malaysia and Brunei on the same time too (under Astro on Demand package), hence to be exact, this series has won it, if includes Malaysian and Brunei viewers.

Will TVB make this kind of exciting series again? Hope so…now waiting for 4th of December to watch the TVB 42nd anniversary awards, it would be a birthday present for me if Tavia win best actress, and this series win best series…since that day is exactly my birthday date too…so coincidence…


Happy Aidiladha and Thanksgiving!

It’s holiday time for me, a super long holiday, three months long from now till the end of February next year before the next semester of my study begins. Very free lately, catching up on final few episodes of Beyond the Realm of Conscience. This TVB drama is super exciting.

Kinda surprised that this year, Runescape, the only online game I played does not have special event on Thanksgiving. Usually, they have a kinda event for player to complete and awarded by items and remote. Facebook-ing as usual, more active in facebook in current days, and updating my Restaurant City, among the most favourite game in Facebook. And just watched the Astro Battleground 2009 SemiFinal 1, many teams performed well except the only Malay team in the event, Wakaka Fever. They performed badly, and I’m surprised that they went on to next round successfully, and I got the news that they went straight into final. Unfair, to be honest…

To all Malays around the world, especially in Malaysia, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

Ahh…Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrates it, mainly Americans and Canadians…In Malaysia, Thanksgiving Day is a normal day….I just know that Thanksgiving is the day for expressing gratitude and having dinner on giant turkey. Sorry for wishing late for one day, but better than didn’t wish! Haha…

So fast November almost coming to an end, and December is coming, my birthday month and the last month of the year, before 2010 comes…have to start countdown for next year already…

My University Project ‘…for the…’

Last time I have promised to put my works in this blog, on the last project in my Design 102 module of the whole semester, called as Project ‘…for the…’. It is a project which we design a dwelling for our specific client in Malacca.

My chosen client through a lucky draw, at first is Christie Brinkley, a famous model. However, I am given a second chance of lucky pick since there is not much thing can be done on model. Hence, my second and final pick is Amadeus Mozart, a famous musician.

Part 1: Client and Function.

I need to get to know deeply onto the personalities and characteristics of Mozart. What is special about him? What is interesting about him? Mozart is addicted to music when he was only 3 years old, and he was able to write music when he was aged 5 only. He completed his works very fast, but stress was his main problem. His most famous work is ‘Requiem’, which is incomplete, as he felt into severe illness and died before even he could finish it. I am trying to design a place for him to complete the music and perform it.

Client and Function poster (1 A2 size board)

Part 2: Site Analysis.

We had conducted a site visit at Malacca Old Town area. I have chosen a water edge area, a very spacious empty area in the region of new development. Many modern buildings are built and being under construction there, and my dwelling will be notified as part of it, proudly. The calm atmosphere from the peaceful surrounding, flowing water, and windy breeze will surely be effective in reducing stress by Mozart while writing his marvelous piece of work. My site faces the Maritime Museum, a museum built in a form of Portuguese ship and Taming Sari Tower, an observation tower basically for tourism.

My chosen site sits right beside a newly-built park, in a geometrical pattern. My dwelling will be an extension of the park, benefiting the existing pedestrian walkways, which will direct visitors from the tourist center nearby, to the square, next to the park, and finally, to my dwelling. It will be able to attract visitors in such a strategic location of tourist hotspot.

Site Analysis board (1 A0 size board)

Part 3: Design.

The name of my dwelling will be very grand, ‘Performing Center of Amadeus Mozart’. Malacca has many museums, many cafes, many tourist spots, but don’t have a proper performing center. There are many spaces in my dwelling, making it as multi-purpose, such as lobby area to welcome visitors, gallery to display his masterpieces, outdoor platform for audiences to enjoy the surrounding, private working space for Mozart to write his music, and staff area for performers to prepare for performances. The main space will be the performing hall, with a stage and concrete terraces as seating area.

Two concepts are chosen based on Mozart’s personalities.

1. Emphasis on external appearance

My dwelling will have a grand and modern outlook appearance, and is easily visible from afar, especially from the Taming Sari Tower and Maritime Museum. It is located on the spacious empty land in the middle of the reclaimed land (Malacca River Square) on Malacca River. The large scale of the project making it more distinctive. The interior is very plain, with no decorations or ornamentations. The seating area of performing hall is just of concrete terraces, and all the floor, wall, and roof have no finishes. Even the stage is simple, with a background of glass screen.

Mozart emphasized on his outer appearance. He loved to wear elegant clothing. However, he was very poor and has financial difficulties. Hence, this concept suits him the most, and shows that this place is dedicated for him, while not letting the others know (also not letting the others know that he was actually poor).

2. No distinction between exterior and interior.

As I have mentioned just now, there is so much difference between exterior and interior look of the building. Now, there is another concept of linking them back, harmoniously, by using one material: glass. Mozart should not be enclosed by solid walls when he was writing his music, as this will lead to stress easily. Hence, his private working space is built mainly of glass, four walls of glass to separate him from the outside weather, while combining the area with the surrounding. He will be enjoying the time of writing his music with the surrounding at a high level. Imagine, how comfortable he will be…

Usual backdrop of current performing center is a plain black wallpaper. For my performing center, it will be different. The backdrop will be the lively background showing the Maritime Museum and Taming Sari Tower with the surrounding. By this way, audiences will feel different kind of atmosphere at different time of performances. It will not attracts the eyes of the audiences during performances but will affect the mood of the audiences. They have entered a boring, dull and plain hall, hence, their focus will be just on the music, while the backdrop plays a role to regain their feeling of being carried away by the music performed by Mozart. The glass backdrop will also provides natural lighting during daytime of performances. The side facade of the gallery is also built of glass, but of two different glass. There are no nice views visible from that side, hence translucent glass will be used, so that the visitors will only enjoy the music sheets displayed. The upper facade will be of transparent movable glass, which allows sunlight to enter for natural lighting, and for air ventilation, supporting the idea of a green building, in a clean, unpolluted and historical city of Malacca. The facade which faces the park will be of solid wall and glass wall. Solid wall separates the performing hall from the outside, so that the activities occuring in the park and square will not disturb the performances. However, the visible lobby from outside will be able to attract visitors to enter.

The entrance to the private working space is small, and short, specially dedicated to Amadeus Mozart. He was s short and small person. However, as soon as he enters the area, the large volume of the space will provides greater freedom and movement for him, thus, giving him more space and less pressure to complete his music. He can went out to the nearby park to enjoy the scenery too.

I have explained almost all of the things related to my design.

Part 4: Interior space.

I have chosen a portion of the performing hall, to be investigated on its finishes, lighting, and construction details. The foundation will be simple, since there is already an existing concrete surface on the ground and the site sits on a reclaimed land (reinforced and stabilized). The portion is on the side showing part of the seating area, stage, and entrance to the outdoor platform, accompanied by the glass backdrop. Among the most interesting feature of my design is the glass backdrop. There is no finishes on it, as i have explained earlier. The lighting during the day is provided with aid of the glass screen. The materials used to built is mainly of concrete and glass.

My overall presentation board (5 A1 sized board combined together):

My final model (sectional) on the site model (scale 1:100):

My interior model (scale 1:20):

This is overall of the project, which ended by a verbal presentation during review by external panels, and the whole semester successfully ended with submission of box containing all the works and portfolio…

Finally, end of semester…

So fast it’s the end of Semester 2, of my Year One study of Architecture Science programme. It’s been two years in Limkokwing University. Everything went quite smoothly this semester despite some constraints and difficulties. Thank God for enable me to stay until this level.

It is really been a hectic semester with busy schedule. Assignments are inevitable, and coming in larger numbers. Next time, or when next semester begins next year for my Year 2 study, nights of no sleep will be encountered, even by the ‘flash’ like me. Architecture is really torturing, but the outcome will be fantastic and makes you loving it more.

Hurray, time to relax, time to have my mind relax with no assignments waiting to be completed…time to rest, time to sleep, and time to update more on this blog and time for more facebooking….haha…

Time to eliminate all the stress out of my mind…and must be well-prepared for the next semester which will be on late February next year. Wow…that is like three months holiday…cool…what a packed semester, but a long holiday…love it!

Design Review today for AS102

Today is finally the design review of our last project in Design 102, project ‘…for the…’ External panels (those professors from UITM and PAM) were invited to crit and comment on our works. All of the invited panels are Malays, and our presentation will be one to two panels (with one lecturer on side).

Kinda nervous, because it is the first time I am presenting my architecture work to external panels. Last time have done this kind of presentation before, but there is nothing much to learn from that time which is Foundation year. This time, really learn a lot from the panels too, eventhough I might be disagree with some of the opinions by them, since everyone will have different thoughts.

I am among the earliest one to present, trying to present it without showing any sign of nervous…able to do that successfully, but the panels said that my design is not that successfully, but with effort, because my project is done in large-scale, having to care on so many spaces in my design. Anyway, I’m satisfied with my performance today, and my design basically gets the approval from my lecturers. Everyone have different thoughts…this is what I can say, again!

There is one thing that I don’t agree much with the panels, that my design is not appropriate in terms of materials (glass) and proportion (those golden mean). Huh, they expect me to study on ancient Greek work of Golden Mean and Proportion so much. I actually think that glass is appropriately used in my design. Again, every person have different ideas! They have to accept my ideas, since this is my design…

Exhausted day, need to bring whole box of models and development sketches and the giant presentation board to classroom in early morning, and bring it back to my car, so far from the campus. Ahh, still got the Archicad assignment to be completed.

These are pictures of some of the boards presented today:

Some boards are really cool with computer graphic drawings, manual killer drawings, layout…models are nice…overall, almost all are good.

Exciting men doubles final (China Super Series 2009)

Huh, today is the final of China Super Series 2009, of course, will have myself at home in the afternoon to watch it live. There is now only left Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong in the final of men doubles. They are world ranked no. 1, up against the world no.2, Lee Young Dae and Jung Jae Sung from South Korea.

Real nice, exciting and interesting match. Breathtaking! First game, I can see that Malaysian pair did quite poor, shuttercock not over net, out of court, or can’t handle some smashes. Finally, they losed out to Korea (13 – 21). Second game came. Results seems that winning is by Korean side, Malaysians did not improve much in the beginning. As the game came to the middle and almost end, Malaysian pair fight back eventhough left far behind in the results. Finally, Malaysian pair won second game by 21 – 19, a very exciting game. Everyone in the stadium is cheering and applauding the performance.

Time for the third and deciding game, Malaysian pair lack some strength this time, can’t give hard smash to opponents. I really want to praise Lee Young Dae for his strength. He had spend over 1 hour in the earlier match of mixed doubles which he won, and now another match of over 1 hour. Totally, he had spend over 2 hours 30 minutes on court, and still had the strength to smash hard. Incredible. Malaysian pair is far behind in results again, but the atmosphere was still very exciting. Malaysian pair did some actions that stunt and trigger the laughter of the audiences;

1. taking new racquet quickly and throwing off the damaged racquet for several times.

2. handling a simple attack by reflecting the shuttercock back by using unique styles, like from the back.

3. sitting on the court ( Koo Kien Keat) and saved 4 fast attacks from the opponents.

4. the shuttercock is out of court and still play it to continue the excitement.

5. flying the shuttercock at quite an acute angle to make it super difficult for opponent. (but sometimes failed, and out of court)

6. no feeling of giving up eventhough lost far behind, until the results are getting close.

7. and many more…

Eventhough Koo and Tan lost in third game to Korean (21 – 18), but they are able to make it close, at least, and making the match the most exciting ones. Everyone is cheering for Koo and Tan eventhough they lost. Great sporting spirit by the players and even by the audiences. The coaches seems so happy, either win or lose, is not a matter anymore on that moment, it is the moment of beating opponent in a memorable way that matters. Congratz to Korean pair for winning it, full of effort, they had good skills in smashing, attacking and even defencing.

Eventhough no Malaysians came back with title from this tournament, but they leaved with memorable and unforgettable moments to the audiences of China, to show that Malaysian players can lose with proud, strong spirit and dignity. I wonder how come Lee Chong Wei (world no. 1) lost to Jade O Jorgensen from Denmark in early round, if not, he can give a good fight with Lin Dan in men single final.

The next badminton tournament will be the Master Super Series Final held in Malaysia in the beginning of December 2009. China Super Series 2009 is the last tournament of 12 super series in the whole year of 2009. Hopes that Malaysia can do better on that tournament, battling on the homeground.

Today, submission for Design 102

Finally, today is the final submission of Design 102 final project, Project “…for the…”. This is a project which student is given a specific client, do research on client, do site analysis, design a dwelling for the client, build models (site model, design model and interior model), create an overall presentation board.

It is a very hectic journey, a challenging journey to pass this significant module. Just able to finish it on time, with all models and board. Today just print my board at smaller version (not actual size which is five A1 combined together), to lecturers to comment and change (sure there will be changes on the layout).

Arrghh..reach classroom around 3pm, still not many people in there. Almost all can’t finish all the works especially interior models. The lecturers said that today is not final submission. Haiz…I didn’t have my breakfast and lunch just to finish my board, and they say it is not final submission. Have to bring everything again, this Friday for the ‘real’ final submission.

Today, I have seen a lot of nice, beautifully-built sectional models…some are fantastic, I wonder how they build it. I knew the efforts they spend on models until having no time to do board…

These are the final models submitted today:

My models are in among the pictures above. Can you identify?

Description of my project will be revealed later, including more pictures of my models, and a preview of my board.

Finally, the project is almost coming to an end, and semester is almost coming to an end…I need semester break, which is three-months long..hurray…after that, Year 2 begins, more tougher and burdening life ahead…architecture students’ life is like this…