Update on the tower for Warisan Merdeka project

A mega-scale project by PNB at the area nearby heritage places, Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara had been announced to the Parliament, the media, and to the general public. It received many positive as well as negative reviews from many parties since the news is released two months ago.

Here, there is an update to the skyscraper proposal of the project. The official name of the tower is yet to be announced later, and it is definitely not going to be named ‘Warisan Merdeka Tower’. This name isn’t international enough to bring Malaysia forward to global status, and is only used as starting name. The project goes on if the current government maintains, under the same Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak after the upcoming general election which will be held next year.

A Melbourne architecture firm, Fender Katsalidis which had designed numerous buildings around the world like the Eureka Tower (tallest in Melbourne) had won the design tender recently to design on what will be the world second tallest tower, just behind the 828m Burj Khalifa. However, once the skyscraper is completed, there would be already several taller buildings have been built, mainly in China. However, this upcoming Malaysian skyscraper would definitely get a place in top 10 with over 580m height, and over 100 floors (must be at least over 120 floors to achieve such height). By the time, our current tallest buildings in Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers would be out in top 10 ranking (currently in 5th and 6th place).

The cost of the new tower has not been finalised (it’s going to cost a lot), and detailed drawings are not yet available for approval and construction. The initial design is out, but changes can still be applied to that, to increase its suitability to be built in Malaysia, representing the nation as a developed nation in near future. The design is not released to public yet, but the firm hinted that the building would be a crystalline structure with a shape inspired by Islamic patterning. Again, Islamic patterns are used in design of buildings in Malaysia, just like Petronas Twin Towers.

Why can’t they get out of that and design something far better than just based on Islam motifs? Yes, it is beautiful, but please, we should not stick to that, we should go beyond that even in the design of the tower that would then represents Malaysia as an iconic landmark and symbol of the nation. One more point, I don’t think a crystalline building fits in Kuala Lumpur. This must be the first attempt to have a crystalline office building in the capital. It would be looking weird, but it would be nice on those angles, reflection, lightness and blurring with the sky. I always love such effects from crystalline-shaped buildings. Sustainability will also be another important issue for this new tower, as currently this topic is very hot and famous around the world for every major building projects.

It’s should be the time already to spread the news of the project to the world, as an action to let the world knows what’s going on good in Malaysia. We have not been through this for over 10 years, after the completion of the world tallest buildings at that time in 1998, the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. It’s time again, for another one. Spread this out, it’s a mega-scale project, a supertall skyscraper proposed in Kuala Lumpur. Let all people get noticed of it, and started to talk about it! Then, it would put Malaysia further on the global level!

Part of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline: (not my own picture)


No regret watching TVB’s ‘No Regrets’!

No Regrets

TVB’s ‘No Regrets’ is an indirect sequel to the much successful drama of year 2009, Rosy Business. Hence, many people are anticipating for this 2010 series created by the same producer with many same casts like Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Pierre Ngo, etc.

The 32-episodes series had just ended yesterday with continuous airing of last two finale episodes on Sunday evening. I believed that this series would record high rating like its predecessor too, around 40 to 48. However, could it break the highest record of 50, previously set by Moonlight Resonance and Jewel in the Palace. I doubt it this time…

The series is very good, very touching, and leaves me with great impression. The performance by the casts is awesome, especially the main characters and some supporting characters. I think Sheren might win the Best Actress again this year, Pierre Ngo for the Best Supporting Actor, Fala Chen for Best Supporting Actress, Raymond Wong for Most Improved Male Artist, and definitely Best Series Award for this one. For Best Actor, I think it would be a close fight between Wayne Lai from this series and Moses Chan from Can’t Buy Me Love. Wayne Lai’s character here is now not so appealing.

A bit disappointing, because this series is not as intense as what we had watched last year from Rosy Business. There are more climax-reaching scenes from Rosy Business than this one, which is the main reason to attract more viewers like us. There are less evil-plotting acts from the main villain in this series compared to the first one which is also by the same actress, Susan Tse. She can be very successful in acting as evil woman, with her scary eyes and facial expression. However, she also managed to do a great job here despite seldom on screen.

There are more sad moments in this series, probably due to the war and invasion by Japanese, illness and death of Ching Ching (Fala Chen), Gao Mui separated with Lau Sing for over 30 years, etc. Very touching, and not to mention some of the flashback scenes, bringing us back the memory of watching the earlier part of the series. Overall, it is still a great series by TVB, eventhough it is not as good as its predecessor, Rosy Business. Oh…no..now no more interesting and exciting TVB series for me to watch for the year…I must be bored…

A deep and touching drama of the year.

A Disney’s successful production: Tangled (2010)

There it goes, another princess-based story from Walt Disney Pictures, that finally makes the total of official Disney princesses to 10 inclusive of this latest one.

Before that, we all have known Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine in Alladin, and among the latest one is that in the Princess and the Frog. Now, here came Rapunzel, a princess with a long blonde magical hair which is able to heal and enable a person to be young forever.

The film, ‘Rapunzel; A Tangled Tale’ is a story of a mixture of love, humour and adventurous journey. It tells a story of a princess kidnapped out of castle due to her magical hair by an old lady wishing to be young forever. The princess is raised by the old lady and locked within a tower hidden beneath the forest. A young man, whom had stold the princess’ crown from the palace escaped from the palace guards and discovered the tower. Both of them met, and started the journey to fullfill her wish to check on the lanterns flowing out of the kingdom on her birthday every year despite disagreed by her so-called mother, the old lady. You have to watch the movie yourself for the full story.

As usual, Disney’s film is always full of songs played throughout the film. I like those songs, the songs soften our heart as we watched their journey full of challenging encounters. And definitely, there must be some love and romantic scenes between the two main characters, but not too much, which I am pleased with. The focus is still on the adventure, accompanied by a camelion and a horse. Special mention to those two animals which always made us laugh in the cinema with their funny acts and behaviours.

Overall, this movie is not only suitable for kids but also for adults. Animated film nowadays cater for all people of all ages, suitable for watching with a great story. I love the scene when all the lanterns are floating above the sky, surrounding Rapunzel and Eugene (male character) on the boat in the middle of the sea. It is so lovely, touching and beautiful there. Amazing effects created. There are many humorous parts in this film too. Out of 10 points, I rate this one 8.1. Good job, great animated film by Disney. I can’t believe I’m watching this one, with my dad and his partner, to fill up my Sunday’s afternoon. Definitely worth watching, and even my dad who dislike cartoon movie said it’s nice!

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Closing Ceremony

It’s over. 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010 has officially ended yesterday with a spectacular closing ceremony as predicted. China offered another amazing ceremony for us to enjoy and stunned on to mark the end of the largest ever Asian Games in history of Asiad. The ceremony began at around 8pm and ended at around 10pm, taking around 2 h0urs for all performance to end.

The ceremony began with typical countdown. However, the countdown at Guangzhou 2010 is always interesting, with fireworks blowing out from the iconic Guangzhou TV Tower nearby. This time, we saw different and more unique sequence of fireworks from the supertall tower. Then, the performance began with the main cauldron still lighted up high above in the middle of the center stage.

This time, the performance does not only concentrate on China itself, but also on other nations in Asia, a way of bringing whole Asia together into the ceremony. Dances and songs were performed, showcasing different cultures in Asia, represented by China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Lebanon and Mongolia with the whole performance themed as ‘Please Leave Your Song Behind’. A very romantic and beautifully directed performances.

Next, is the song performance by few famous Chinese artists, namely Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku (from Hong Kong that I recognized) and some others followed by fireworks display at the area. Ahh…they sang the songs sometime in Cantonese, bringing back the original language of Guangdong Province to the ceremony, but I felt weird a bit by the use of Cantonese in such a formal ceremony. Mandarin and English are more formal to be used. Anyway, it’s fine to me, because I speak Cantonese too…haha

Next, is the traditional lion dance performance accompanied by the parade of 45 flags of participating nations, followed by the arrival of athletes. Some chosen volunteers are also invited on stage to be presented with gifts by the kids for their hard works in making the games a success. Speeches came, as usual, and luckily the speeches are kept short and simple. The games is declared close by the President of Olympic Council of Asia, Sheikh Ahmad due to absence of Premier of China, Mr. Wen Jiabao.

Here came, the handover ceremony, which the flag and torch of 1st Asian Games (New Delhi 1951) and flag of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) were handed over to representative of South Korea, which will host the next edition of Asian Games, Incheon 2014. Flag of South Korea is raised and there goes the performance by South Korea, welcoming the audiences to Incheon 2014. The performance is fast and rock-based, as similar to the modern style of the Koreans. The Korean performance ended with dance and songs by the famous Korean artist, Rain. Some clips are shown to showcase Incheon to the world, by its bridge, airport, seaport, Songdo city, etc.

The saddest part came, with the lighting off of the main cauldron. The holy flame is extinguished, accompanied with farewell song. Fireworks show again to amaze the audiences. Next, is the song performances by few Chinese artists before the official end of the closing ceremony with another gigantic-scale, splendid fireworks display from the area. This time, I love the fireworks, it has more styles, more creative ways of shooting the fireworks out, especially the fireworks spiralling out with the form of the Guangzhou TV Tower! Superb! It is already quite a hazy night before all these fireworks, and after the ceremony, Guangzhou sky is now full of haze.

And again, TV stop continue broadcasting the ending fireworks display because it is too much and taking too long time. I love to see fireworks, hence i hate it when TV cut off the most interesting part to me. Anyway, I’m going to check out more soon from YouTube by some kind people recording and uploading the fireworks display! Ohh, the ceremony was over, and the next edition would be four years from now, at Incheon 2014. The next upcoming major sporting event is of course the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

3 world records and 130 Asiad records have been broken in this games. Lin Dan, the strong badminton player of China whom had won all major championship titles including this Asian Games, was voted as MVP (most valuable player) of China. China topped the medal table, as usual, but with its best performance of 199 gold medals, one short of 200 as targetted. It is enough for them, a great achievement, not only in grabbing these medals, but also in ability to host sporting event like this one. Now, the Asian Games leaves us with great memory! I will forever remember the interesting parts of this games, especially from its opening and closing ceremonies. Thumbs up to Guangzhou, China and to whole Asia! See you, Incheon 2014!

Official logo and mascot:

(All pictures above are from the main website of Guangzhou 2010, http://www.gz2010.cn/special/0078045C/ceremonies10.html)

Final medal table of Guangzhou 2010

The last sport of the games, women volleyball gold medal match had just ended, and it is China that won the last gold of the games, totalling to 199 golds, one short of 200. Anyway, this is their best ever achievement after Beijing 1990 Asian Games when China won 183 golds. It is inevitable and no doubt that China dominated the sporting event, and China wished for the same at London 2012 Olympic.

This is the final medal table of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games:

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  China (CHN) 199 119 98 416
2  South Korea (KOR) 76 65 91 232
3  Japan (JPN) 48 74 94 216
4  Iran (IRI) 20 14 25 59
5  Kazakhstan (KAZ) 18 23 38 79
6  India (IND) 14 17 33 64
7  Chinese Taipei (TPE) 13 16 38 67
8  Uzbekistan (UZB) 11 22 23 56
9  Thailand (THA) 11 9 32 52
10  Malaysia (MAS) 9 18 14 41
Total 472 474 618 1564

Eventhough China seems to be the unbeatable monopoly here, it is not the same for Olympic because Asian Games is just a regional games, not covering the whole world with other strong sporting nations like United States. The nation’s sports committee also clarified that China did not actually did a very good job this time especially in some sports. The government is hoping for better result at London 2012, just like in Beijing 2008 Olympic when China topped the medal table.

As for Malaysia, this is among the best performance by the nation in history of Asiad, by achieving 9-gold medals target and by getting into top 10 ranking out of 45 participating nations. In Doha 2006, Malaysia achieved 8 gold medals and placed in top 15. Now, this time, Malaysia has improved with one more gold medal. However, it is a disappointment in some sports like badminton and bowling when Malaysia did not manage to grab gold medal as expected. One more bad news, Malaysia is withdrawing from bid to host 2019 Asian Games. Haiz…lost hope on my country…Malaysia don’t have the ambition to showcase to the world based on Vision 2020 by this sporting event..

Anyway, forget about that. Keep that in mind that Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, biggest and most spectacular in history of Asiad movement is going to end tonight, with a much anticipated spectacular closing ceremony at 8pm! One more hour to go!

Guangzhou 2010; Closing ceremony tonight!

16 days of the games is coming to an end. 16 days ago, we had seen the most interesting, spectacular and amazing opening ceremony ever of a sporting event. On these 16 days, all athletes battled with high spirits, and all athletes are enjoying their moment in the games, being offered top class facilities and services.

Time flies. Too bad, the games is coming to a close. The host nation, China had its best ever performance with almost 200 golds (198 at the moment, ranked 1st) and same goes to Malaysia (achieved 9-gold medals target with total of 41 medals, ranked 10th). China is hoping for same success for the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games to outrun another strong sporting nation, United States.

Coming back to this games, some athletes had their delightful moments of winning medals, while some had their disappointing moments of leaving empty-handed. However, all of them were enjoying and happy with all the experiences and moments they have throughout the games. I watched some of the competitions, and I saw the athletes who knew that they are not going to win any medal, but still leaving the stage with great smile. This is what we call as good competing spirit.

Tonight, 8pm (China’s time), at the same venue, Haixinsha Island, the closing ceremony will be held to mark the official end of the games themed ‘Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia’ which is achieved successfully. Everything run smooth throughout the games. Tonight, we are going to witness a fantastic ceremony again! I’m anticipating for it now, and I had high expectation on the closing tonight, knowing that China is able to give us surprise based on what they offered to us for the opening ceremony two weeks ago! Five more hours to go!

Guangzhou 2010 equals or even better than Beijing 2008!

Two years ago, we had witnessed the greatest Summer Olympic Games in history at the Beijing 2008. Fantastic opening and closing ceremonies, wonderful Olympic Village, amazing Olympic Green, incredible architecture of Beijing National Stadium, etc.

Two years later (which is now), another sporting event emerged, Guangzhou 2010, 16th Asian Games which is supposed to be smaller than that of Olympic Games. However, the scale of the current games is equal to that of Olympic, and some even mentioning it is even better than the Olympic. Now, there is even smaller games able to challenge Olympic. Everything offered from Guangzhou 2010 is at the top quality; services, facilities, etc.

Despite there is only two years of difference, Guangzhou 2010 provided a games that is proven to be extraordinary, best ever not only in history of Asiad movement, but also in sporting event overall. It has surpassed Beijing 2008 in many aspects. All of this realized due to the spending on the games which exceeded that of the tabled budget of upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

China has the money, China has the people, China has the economy, China has the power to do such amazing things, and tonight, China is going to showcase to the world another splendid closing ceremony to end the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games officially.


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