This is my 1100th post, on the last day of the year

I’m in a very joyful mood today, not only that today is the new year’s eve, but also that I accomplished my target to reach 1100th-post milestone before the arrival of 2013. I made it right on the last day of 2012. Precise calculation on number of posts targeted to be produced on this month to make it up to 1100 in the end. So, like I already said in the title of this post, this would be my 1100th post, which is also the last post of the year on the last day of the year. I remembered my blog ended with 789th post in 2011 before 2012. 789; that’s a nice number. This year, it ends with 1100. A much nicer number; double one, double zero.

It’s new year’s eve today. Many would have plan on what to do and where to go tonight to join in the countdown celebration to welcome year 2013. In Kuala Lumpur, I believe there would be countdown events at Sungei Wang Plaza, Dataran Merdeka and KLCC Park as usual with ordinary fireworks display every year. I have to say that fireworks display in KL is boring and far below par if compared to amazing showcase from cities like Sydney, London, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Disappointed. KL can do better. So, there isn’t any interesting from KL for me to catch up with, and I rather stay at home to watch live broadcast of countdown concert and fireworks display from Taipei 101, the former world tallest building that amazed me every year with spectacular 188-seconds pyrotechnics show.

For many who would be partying tonight like there is no tomorrow, have fun and enjoy! It must be serious traffic congestion leading up to the city centre and Golden Triangle (Bukit Bintang area) by now where many outdoor events would be held to usher for the new year. I’m going to avoid that. I believe there would be no Monday blues for all today, right?…I have just finished my work today with this on my mind; ‘Oh, yes…tomorrow is a brand new year, and hurray, holiday!’. Haha…I guess many applied for leave today as well to enjoy a four-day continuous break including the past weekend. Let’s have a great, comfortable and memorable night later on, no matter how you are going to celebrate the countdown to usher for 2013!


Now, it’s the last day of the year. It’s time for a bit of flashback of what has happened to us in 2012. Another year has gone. Yes, another year has gone! Time flies. Time to say goodbye to 2012. Forget on the things you cried or suffer for in 2012, while cherish the once happy moments you had in the year. Of course, life is off happiness, sadness, ups and downs for all of us. It’s time to learn from the past and be a better person in the following years. And that is my new year’s resolution. There shouldn’t be any major lifestyle change predicted for 2013 for me, but still I hope for a better year in 2013. So, tomorrow would be the beginning of a new year. And it’s time to shift to a new calendar. By now, 2013 is just around the corner.



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Best of my Blog in 2012

Year 2012 is coming to an end in a few days. It’s the best time now for me to generally write up how far my blog here has gone through for this beautiful year. This post which will reveals some very interesting facts and achievements my blog successfully gained in 2012 acts as a report card. All the figures to be shown below are true as they are indicated from the blog’s statistics mastered by WordPress shown in my admin’s dashboard. While some categories listed are based on my personal favourites of the year.


1. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Day of the Year – 5th September 2012 with 9 691 hits. 

(With views almost reaching 10 000, that particular day also sets the record for day with highest hits all time from the start of this blog)

2. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Month of the Year – November 2012 with 83 619 hits.

(The month recorded average hits per day of 2787 which is the highest ever since the start of my blog back in late 2008)

3. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Week of the Year – Week 40 (30th September till 6th October 2012)  with 23 849 hits. 

(That is like about 3407 views per day for that week, which is exceptionally high)

4. My Blog City’s Post of the Year with Highest Hits – ‘It’s Teacher’s Day in Malaysia—did your school celebrate the day with special event organized in dedication to the teachers?’ with almost 32 000 views.

(Until today, I still don’t understand how this simple and short post gained over that huge amount of views. This post is also the all-time second highest post in my blog, just behind ‘Architectural Presentation Board’ that recorded over 40 000 views as of current)

5. My Blog City’s Top 5 Countries to My Blog – Malaysia, United States, India, United Kingdom, Singapore.

(1- Malaysia with over 140 000 hits, 2 – United States with over 125 ooo hits, 3 – India with over 50 000 hits, 4 – United Kingdom with over 45 ooo hits, 5 – Singapore with over 30 000 hits, all figures recorded after February 25th, 2012 for a duration of 10 months)

6. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Blog Header – Blog header for the month of October 2012 based on beauty of nature theme.

october2012 blog header

(This is purely my own pick. It’s elegant and pleasant looking for having this on top of my blog’s site. Nothing much needed to be done for editing this lovely image, as the image itself is already very powerful. )

7. My Blog City’s Most Productive Month of the Year – April 2012.

(I have produced a total of 38 posts in April this year. Closely behind is January with 36 posts and March with 34 posts. It appears that I wrote more posts in early year when I was in my holiday before going for work)

List of My Blog City’s Major Achievements in 2012:

– Reached 1.5 million hits (views) somewhere in middle of the year.

– Had over 70 blog’s followers and over 50 comments’ followers.

– Reached 1000th-post milestone. (to even reach 1100th-post target before end of this year too)

– Had the busiest single day views to my blog on 5th September 2012 with almost 10 000 hits on that particular day. (where else in 2011, the highest is only at around 5000 hits)

– Produced 311 posts in 2012. (have only produced 279 posts in 2011. 32 more posts produced this year. Proven that I am much hardworking this year…haha)

– Recorded almost 800 000 views for this year, which is around 310 000 more views than that in previous year (2011). That is an increase of over 60%.

– In Alexa Website Ranking, My Blog City ranked within 1.5 million out of countless domains registered. Best standing so far is within 1.2 million.

– The average number of views per day for every months in 2012 easily goes above 2000. (where else in 2011, not a single month reaches above 2000).

What’s my feeling now? Proud of course. Happy over all the achievements my blog here had for the year 2012, which is performing much better than in previous years as predicted. I’m very excited to see increase (I mean, huge increase) in figures recorded in my blog’s statistics compared to previous year when I started to check on my blog’s standing. And I would continue to pour my countless effort into this blog to produce yet much better outcome in 2013 and so on. Your continuous support to my blog would be highly appreciated. And one more happy news to add in; I just bought my first ever smartphone yesterday (it’s the latest iPhone 5!) Yeay! But the cost hurts. I’m in a very joyful mood now at the end of the year looking at how good my blog had performed and how far my blog had go through. And it’s on track to be one of the most successful individual blogs in near future. (Wow…I’m thinking too much already…haha) Anyway, Good Job to my blog here, and well done to myself. Allows me to wish myself congratulation for this success my blog enjoyed for the year.


Merry Christmas!

Ho…ho…ho…Santa Claus is coming to town!


Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holiday! How do you spend your Christmas eve? Partying like there is no tomorrow, hanging out with friends for movies, going out for drinks, or just stay comfortably at home with family? Let us all treat this Christmas joyfully and enjoy the best out of this festive night no matter where you are. Put away your work, and it’s now still not too late to plan what to do tonight with your family or friends. Well, perhaps we should even celebrate more since we just got over the predicted doomsday safely on last Friday, 21st December 2012. Haha…a bigger reason to celebrate.

Kids, are you waiting for your present? Waiting for Santa Claus, dreaming that he will be here tonight? Eventhough Santa Claus is something not real (sorry kids, face the truth), but there must be someone in your life who can gives you countless happiness just like Santa Claus. Anyone can be a Santa Claus to you. If I’m making you smile  and in happy mood now, I am your Santa Claus too. Hohoho…Jingle bells, jingle bells…jingle all the ways! But sorry, I don’t have any present for you.

This year, I didn’t get to go to any shopping malls nearby where Christmas decoration is prominent like Pavilion KL, Midvalley, Berjaya Times Square, etc. Too bad in Malaysia, there would be no real Christmas tree, no real snow, and no real snowman in Malaysia. We are in hot and humid climate every year. And so, we have to depend on decorations to mark this festive season. I have to say that the effort put on decorating the famous malls particularly in KL region really elevates the Xmas atmosphere and brilliant with different themes applied every year. Without those, Christmas would be totally nothing in Malaysia. Hmm, I can say I’m lucky enough to have seen snow and experience winter season overseas but for just a short while. For me, I prefer to celebrate Christmas in winter, while lighting fireplace at home to enjoy the maximum comfort and warmth. That would be lovely… Nevertheless, my Christmas mood is still activated now…


Last but not least,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

And a Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy!


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Movie review: CZ12 (2012)

Jackie Chan is back. Cool. The Hong Kong superstar whom is famous for performing his own crazy stunts in films along with comedic style is back on screen with his 101th film to date: Chinese Zodiac 12 (CZ12). He mentioned that this would be his last action film due to his age (he is now 58) that would makes it hard for him to perform his own stunts in future. So, I’m not going to miss it. This film which is based on treasure hunting is actually an indirect sequel to the ‘Armour of God’ franchise released around two decades ago. For that reason, I purposely re-watched the ‘Armour of God 1’ and ‘Armour of God 2’ two weeks ago and both are really interesting films. And finally, I watched CZ12 on yesterday’s midnight with high expectation and I am not disappointed at all. Indeed, I am impressed and I enjoyed it.


In CZ12, Jackie Chan reprises his role as adventurer and treasure hunter Asian Hawk (whom is known as JC in this film now), who is seeking to repatriate 12 bronze heads of the animals of the Chinese zodiac that were looted from the Old Summer Palace in the Second Opium War. Along with several others in a team, they took on a bumpy adventure to retrieve the precious bronze heads back while the antagonists worked on producing fake yet realistic artefacts for bidding to gain fortune. The story itself is already very interesting. There is no love story or whatsoever that is usually dragging a movie, as this is all on action, adventure and comedy which is perfect enough for film like this and bring the most of entertainment value to the audiences. And this film which deals with the history of China on that particular bronze heads appeals to me, and raises notable message that artefacts stolen previously should be returned to its origin country without any price.


It’s a thrilling ride watching this movie which is taking about two hours long. None of the scenes in the movie are boring or seems unnecessary.  I was engaged to the story’s development and practically to the whole show from the beginning till the end. Everything is exciting and there is quite a number of brilliant stunts performed by Jackie himself as expected. He always steals the show by doing a number of crazy stunts (taking on a roller suit down a mountain, fighting an opponent without leaving the cushion, using photography equipments for attack and defence, fighting off opponents in the air, etc). His stunts are my personal favourites. He seriously had creative ideas of doing all that stuff which at the same time turned out to be quite hilarious to the audiences. Then, he went from French mansions to a remote island when he and his team encounters also pirates and gold, and finally to a secret laboratory that produces fake artefacts where his action sequences are scattered. His last stunts in the air near the volcano is symbolic and meaningful too.

It’s midnight and I was actually very sleepy at the time of the movie showing. But then, I couldn’t afford to get my eyes closed for even a second due to the excitement and laughter that this movie brought. This time, technology makes up for a very helpful equipments to JC on such an adventure while as usual, his female sidekicks would be quite a trouble to him. So, this movie is like a collage of Jackie Chan’s personal old classics, Indiana Jones, and Mission Impossible. Who is going to miss it then? First, I thought that this movie is in Cantonese, but then it turns out to be in Mandarin, English and some French. It seems that this movie appeals to a bigger market, and I’m okay to it. Basically, there is actually nothing bad I can find from this film, unlike some critics out there that pointed out that JC’s actions aren’t ‘shining’ anymore. Well, he is 58 already, and what I can see from CZ 12 is that he already did his very best out of his effort. And his action sequences here are cool and impressive too. Well, that’s from my perspective. Generally, it’s a very exciting, interesting and entertaining film not to be missed. Out of 10 points, I rate CZ 12 a total of 8.0.


For your extra information, Jackie Chan picked up two Guinness World Records last week for his work on CZ 12:Most Credits in One Movie, together with Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor for his body of work. He was the Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Composer, Stunt Coordinator and, most bizarrely, Catering Coordinator, to name just some of his roles, on this film, which looks some sort like a vanity project for him. I’m glad he still did it well. Jackie Chan is a legend. I would love to watch CZ 12 again. I wish for more of his films like this one, but I think my hope would be dashed since he said this is his last action film already.

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List of films released in 2012 that I have watched.

This year, I find myself not entering into cinema much already. This year, it seems that I had lesser opportunity to go out with friends or family for movies, and I watched most of the films at home. Furthermore, it appears that there are lesser number of interesting films released this year compared to previous year. In 2011, I broke record of having to have watched highest number of films released within that particular year at 66. Looking at my performance this year, I couldn’t manage to break that record set last year.

Of course, majority of the films released in 2012 that I have watched are mostly Hollywood as usual. Here below are the list of films in 2012 that I have watched along with a star-rating awarded (out of 5) from my perspective.

Hollywood films: (my personal top 10 favourites are in bold)

1. The Grey ***

2. Man on a Ledge ****

3. Chronicle ***

4. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ****

5. Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance ***

6. This Means  War ***

7. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax ***

8. John Carter **

9. The Hunger Games ****

10. Mirror Mirror **

11. Wrath of the Titans ***

12. The Cabin in the Woods ***

13. The Avengers *****

14. Dark Shadows **

15. The Dictator ***

16. Battleship ****

17. Snow White and the Huntsman ****

18. Piranha 3DD ***

19. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted ***

20. Prometheus ****

21. Brave ***

22. Ted **

23. The Amazing Spider-man ***

24. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift ***

25. The Dark Knight Rises ****

26. Total Recall *****

27. Paranorman ***

28. Resident Evil: Retribution ***

29. Hotel Transylvania ****

30. Skyfall ****

31. Life of Pi ****

32. Bait **** (Australian film)

33. Wrong Turn 5 ***

34. The Collection ***

35. The Impossible *****

36. Sinister ***

37. Wreck-it Ralph ****

38. Upside Down ****

39. Frankenweenie ****

40. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ****

41. The Dinosaur Project ****

42. The Bourne Legacy ***

43. Rise of the Guardians ****

44. Red Dawn ****

45. Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist ****

46. The Aggression Scale ****

Hong Kong films: (my personal top 3 favourites are in bold)

1. All’s Well, Ends Well 2012 ***

2. I Love Hong Kong 2012 *****

3. Romancing in Thin Air ***

4. The Viral Factor ****

5. CZ 12 ***** (my personal most favourite in this category)

6. Mr and Mrs Gambler ****


Malaysian film: (watched only one)

1. Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes ***

And so the list ended. That’s it. Yes, that’s it. After a simple calculation including also the films that I am going to watch soon,  the total of films released in 2012 that I have watched stood at only 53 as of current. My previous year’s total is 68. That is like a huge difference. I watched 15 lesser films this year compared to last year which saw release of more interesting movies that are up to my favourites. Not to say that this year’s films are bad, but maybe the main reason is that I myself seldom go for movies this year and that I skipped quite a lot of potentially interesting movies this year due to certain reasons (lesser outings, tired everyday after work, prefer to stay at home every weekends, etc). Anyway, it is no doubt that I still watched quite a lot of films every year. Watching movies are my favourite hobby. It’s relaxing and comfortable, and at the same time, might taught us a lesson or two from the film itself too. It’s one of my greatest sources of entertainment.

So, based on my personal opinions, the top three most favourite Hollywood films of the year would be:

1. The Avengers


2. The Dark Knight Rises


3. Total Recall


So, the two superhero films topped my list of favourites. They are brilliant films. The Avengers is so exciting that it’s like a thrilling ride when watching this movie that gathers several Marvel’s superheroes together in mission to save the world. The Dark Knight Rises is another big production and one of the most anticipated films of the year. It didn’t disappoint and it serves very well to the conclusion of this franchise. Total Recall made it into my top 3 list mainly because it’s adrenaline rushing all the way till the end watching this movie. It’s exciting, and full of action-packed sequences that steals the show. It turns out that my top 2 favourites (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises) are also the two highest grossing films of the year with The Avengers becoming the third highest grossing film of all time. You can also check out my movie review to each particular films I listed down in my blog here if you are interested. Looking forward to 2013’s films by now.

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– Post updated on April 2013.

Me in 2012…my three most unforgettable events of the year.

After writing down a re-cap of the world in 2012 in my previous post, it’s time to narrow the topic down to what’s big happening to me throughout this particular year. So, this individualistic post would allows me to express my three most unforgettable events of the year, and perhaps even more to that below.

1. Memorable oversea trip to India during Chinese New Year.

Me and my family went out for oversea trip every Chinese New Year. This year, we went to a place that earlier we never thought of going actually. It’s India. We decided to go there as the cost is less burdening and that India has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal. The trip took only 6 days if I’m not mistaken, and I enjoyed every single moments I had within that duration of the trip. Besides visiting the extremely beautiful Taj Mahal and some other fascinating tourist attractions, I get to see also ‘special’ things that I will never get to see in my country (camels, poops everywhere, a vast land where hundreds of people are doing their ‘business’ publicly, homes to the extremely poor, abundance of awful-looking bus still in operation, etc). Somewhere in the middle of the year, I also had trip to Malacca (A Famosa Resort and Malacca Town) with my sisters and trip to Singapore (study trip by company).



(The majestic Taj Mahal at Agra is definitely the highlight of my trip to India.)




(The symbolic red buildings that represents Malacca Old Town, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.)




(The very beautiful skyline of Singapore. Now I wish to have a longer trip to this place soon.)

2. The year I stepped into working career.

After my graduation at the end of last year, I enjoyed few months of break while at the same time applying for Master study in architecture at oversea. Many have already had their programme started and application closed, and so my choice is very limited. For that reason and also not to put a heavy financial burden on my dad, I decided to go for job instead. This year marked the first time I went for job interview, the first time I successfully get hired into this profession of architecture, and the first time I become an architect after getting my degree. Although life can be quite boring and stressful from this profession, but I won’t give up, and will not stop from gaining essential working experience that would allows me to climb further in my future career.

3. Lost my grandma, then lost my car.

My beloved grandma turned 86 this year. She had been very healthy for all those years until 2012, when her health showed sign of deteriorating after accidentally falling down twice. She gets very forgetful and easily caught in extreme emotion (typical for people of this age), and the worst is that she kept taking medicines (she thought she didn’t) until that leads to many more illness later on (damage to internal organs). She passed away in August this year. May my beloved grandma rest in peace. Then, not long after in November, I lost my car that I had been driving for several years. There are so many cars along the side road at the time and it’s my car that got stolen. Bad luck. It’s really making my life inconvenient after that, and I had to move back to stay with my dad now (previously staying at my eldest sister’s home when my car is present). I don’t want to lose anything more. That’s enough.

I wouldn’t say that 2012 is a great year to me, but I’m still happy of this year that I went through it in a healthy state. There are ups and downs that I faced this year, but that is inevitable as part of our growing process and I face it calm. This is the year I turned 21, which then allows me to do many things already (enter casino, participate in election, etc). There isn’t any major birthday celebration (as supposed for people reaching 21 years old) as my grandma’s recent passing disallowed me to celebrate within a year according to Chinese belief, but I am not blaming it on anyone. I’m okay with it. Last but not least, this is also the year I spent most of my time in blogging here actually. Haha….thanks for reading on what I had been through generally this year.

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The World in 2012…a re-cap of major things or events of the year.

The fantastic year of 2012 is almost coming to an end. Before saying goodbye to the year, I took this opportunity to write a re-cap of some of the big things that had happened within the year that made a global impact or had become a highlight of the year. It appears that it has now becomes an annual tradition in my blog here to write a re-cap of major events occurred within that particular passing year. This year is not an exception, and I’m not going to write long. I would just sum it up to only three ‘big’ things of 2012 that contributed the most impact in global scale or proportion.

1. London, the city that the world set eyes on in 2012.

London truly surpass other great cities to be the highlight of the year. Not only did the city became the centre of celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee where countless of parades and festivals were held in early year, London later played host to the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the world’s biggest and most anticipating sporting event. Not long after celebration marking the queen’s 60th anniversary to the throne of UK and Commonwealth, the city continued to gear up to welcome the world to witness and participate into one of the most successful games ever. Eventhough the opening and closing ceremonies are a bit of disappointment to me, but it is no doubt that London is full of spirit on this particular year.


2. Oppa, Gangnam Style.

Even until now, I still don’t understand how Psy’s Gangnam Style song could reach popularity at such extreme scale. Everybody have listened to it before, and most would have watch the video too. Nothing impressive to me actually. Well, earlier, I have known that this decade is indeed the rise of K-Pop in music, but never did I thought that a Korean song could go this far (having almost 1 billion views in Youtube alone, breaking the worldwide record of video with highest hits, beating out previous title holder, ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber). This had also lead to countless of remakes or pranks to this hit song. And of course, the song which had gone that viral and unbelievably addictive to majority of the people in this planet now, brought fame to the singer, Psy who brought home multiple awards and record-breaking achievement. Unbelievable. 2012 is truly the year for the birth of the impacting Gangnam Style.


3. End of the world on 21st December 2012? No, but there is still a lot of fuss about it.

Everybody in their heart knew that the world will not ends in 2012. Admit it. People just keep talking about it, as it is a popular topic to raise up particularly on this month. It is not because we seriously look into it, but it provides us an issue everyone seems interested in. This 21.12.2012 rumour had also received much hype and popularity, thanks to the disaster film ‘2012’ released few years ago with impressive visual effects that depicts the end of the world in a much terrifying scale. This day is over and life goes on, but the fuss over this date still made it to the headline definitely. No one really knows when is the end of the world, but right know, it is known that we could never disregard or look down to the impact of this particular speculation of  doomsday to this year.


Well, all that aren’t enough to summarize the year as seen in the world? Well, there are several more to list down here. The 2012 World Expo was held successfully at Yeosu, South Korea with theme on living ocean and coast from May 12 to August 12. It is the first ever world fair held on water. In May 22, The Tokyo SkyTree, the tallest self-supporting tower in the world at 634 metres high opened to the public. It is an incredibly tall observation and telecommunication tower that significantly changes Tokyo’s skyline. Between June 5 to 6, the century’s second and last solar transit of Venus occurred. The next pair are predicted to occur in 2117 and 2125 (which is at least 105 years from now, and we would never live that long to see the next one).

In July 30 t0 31, we witnessed the worst power outage in world history occurring at India that leaves 620 million without power. It’s affecting about 9% of the world population. Luckily, I am living in Malaysia is not affected. In October 24 to 30, the fearsome Hurricane Sandy (largest Atlantic hurricane on record) left at least 200 people dead and caused massive destruction at Carribean, Bahamas, United States and Canada. In November 25 to December 2, Phillipines was struck by deadly Typhoon Bopha that killed almost 2000 people. Hmm..but if comparing the scale of natural disasters that happened this year to that of previous years, this year’s natural destruction isn’t terrible. It’s a bless to all of us to have such a year with lesser number of natural tragedies. There are two famous deaths in this year; the famous singer Whitney Houston in February 11 and the first man on Moon, Neil Armstrong in August 25. May they rest in peace. Huh…so those are the major highlights of the year. They would then turned into memorable history representing year 2012. Thanks for reading by the way.

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