My own selection of the best of TVB dramas from 2007 till this year, 2015.

Every year there would be some major awards presentations happening to honour the best of Hong Kong major television station, TVB annually. These awards ceremonies are not only held in Hong Kong but also in Malaysia and Singapore for the oversea Chinese audiences. I consider myself grew up with TVB dramas. In Malaysia, we have no nice local Chinese TV dramas to watch and so we depend on Astro to catch up to Hong Kong’s latest series and other variety programmes. For the awards this year, the Singapore Starhub TVB Awards was in last month, and tomorrow we would have the TVB Star Awards Malaysia. It will all end with the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards next month.

I myself do make my own list of the best of TVB dramas every year. I started this in 2007 but I never put up my selection to my blog here. I think this would appeal to some of my blog readers who are interested on things about TVB dramas, and so, I put it up now, at here below:


Best Series: Heart of Greed

Best Leading Actor: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)

Best Leading Actress: Louise Lee (Heart of Greed)

Best Supporting Actor: Louis Yuen (Heart of Greed)

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Dicey Business)



Best Series: Moonlight Resonance

Best Leading Actor: Raymond Lam (Moonlight Resonance)

Best Leading Actress: Michelle Yim (Moonlight Resonance)

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai (The Gentle Crackdown II)

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)



Best Series: Rosy Business

Best Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (Rosy Business)

Best Leading Actress: Sheren Tang (Rosy Business)

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse (E.U.)

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse (Rosy Business)



Best Series: No Regrets

Best Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (No Regrets)

Best Leading Actress: Sheren Tang (No Regrets)

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak (No Regrets)

Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen (No Regrets)



Best Series: Ghetto Justice

Best Leading Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

Best Leading Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Best Supporting Actor: Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)



Best Series: The Hippocratic Crush

Best Leading Actor: Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)

Best Leading Actress: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)

Best Supporting Actor: Power Chan (The Confidant)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Silver Spoons Sterling Shackles)



Best Series: Brother’s Keeper

Best Leading Actor: Ruco Chan (Brother’s Keeper)

Best Leading Actress: Krystal Tin (Brother’s Keeper)

Best Supporting Actor: Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush II)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (Triumph in the Skies II)



Best Series: Line Walker

Best Leading Actor: Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Best Leading Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actor: Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (The Ultimate Addiction)



Best Series: Captain of Destiny

Best Leading Actor: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)

Best Leading Actress: Liza Wang (Limelight Years)

Best Supporting Actor: Kenneth Ma (Lord of Shanghai)

Best Supporting Actress: Alice Chan (Lord of Shanghai)


I only provided five categories. Very limited places and so making each categories more prestigious. This is not like giving out pork chop awards to as many people as possible like those ‘my favourite characters’ awards. I also decided to kick out the smaller categories like most improved for the same reason. Well, you will notice that some of my selection differs from the TVB awards results for that particular year as this is solely depending on my own analysis without influence from the past TVB awards. My selection is also different since it only involves dramas that I have watched only every year and not all.

You may have forgotten some of the great performances several years ago that I include in my list but is not visible in TVB awards for that particular year. Maybe posting this up from 2007 (till this year) will refresh your mind a bit on some classic nice dramas we have watched from 8 years ago. You may also comment here on your own selection for best of TVB this year, particularly if you differ from my thought that ‘Captain of Destiny’ is the best series of 2015. I do think a lot that this year is the battle between ‘Captain of Destiny’ and ‘Lord of Shanghai’ for best series, but in the end, after a careful analysis, I ended up picking the former with my own reasons. I welcome all of your thoughts if you are also interested in TVB dramas like me.

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5 years since Michael Jackson’s demise.

Back on this day exactly five years ago, the whole world was in shock after learning from news of the death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. At first, many believed it was only another rumour or hoax, but then it turned out to be real. And that was a shocking and heartbreaking news to hear, particularly for the millions of fans of this legendary singer. Today eventually marks the fifth death anniversary of Michael Jackson, and I’m taking this opportunity to pay a little tribute to this megastar in this blog’s post.


Who would not have heard of the name ‘Michael Jackson’? If you really don’t know, you must be joking or living in a jungle the entire life and fully disconnected to the world. He is so successful in the entertainment industry, to the point that he had became a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. Yes, four decades. His successful career in singing, dancing, song-writing and even in acting began in 1970s (when he was still a teenager) and reached the peak in 1980s and 1990s. I can say nobody (any singers) on these days could match his fame and success.

Some of his songs that I like are ‘You Are Not Alone’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jeans’, ‘Beat It’, ‘We Are The World’, ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’, ‘Heal The World’, etc. I love both his slow romantic to fast rock-and-roll songs. There are many other interesting and meaningful songs from him too, but I forgot the titles. Once the melody is up, then we would recall. And also his popularity soared to an unbelievable level due to his amazing dancing skill. Who wouldn’t remember his iconic ‘moonwalk’ dance, ‘anti-gravity lean’ stunt, his quick robotic moves, and much more.


Just two weeks ago, I came across ‘Michael Jackson: This Is It’ film and I watched it. It is available for free viewing at YouTube. It is a documentary-concert film directed by Kenny Ortega that documents Michael Jackson’s rehearsals and preparation for his last comeback tour concert series which are scheduled to start on 13 July 2009, but cancelled due to his death 18 days prior on 25 June. A very wonderful (at least we got to see his great attitudes and perfectionism on his preparation for the concert tours) documentary about him. The sad thing is that we would be kept reminded that the scenes we saw in the film are the real footage of him only few days or weeks before his death. Nevertheless, I’m glad that this film was released, so that we can at least catch the last glimpse of this superstar, as his ‘This Is It’ concert series couldn’t be materialized.

Five years have gone since the demise of this global icon. Michael Jackson, you will be forever missed. Eventhough I’m not his fans or anything, but his immense contribution and influence to the world’s music is unquestionably legendary and will be forever appreciated, remembered and honored. Legend never dies.

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The Collector and The Collection

‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ are both horror movies. Great horror movies. No ghost, but a killer who is at his best with his deadly traps. The former is released in 2009 while the latter which is the sequel is released last year. Have you heard of these two movies? I think both are must-watch especially to horror movie fans like me. But I find myself already late on realizing the existence of the two films only in last week. And yes, I completed watching both yesterday.


‘The Collector’ started with a handyman trying to break into a house which he had worked on before to steal. However, he was not alone in the house as a masked man had set up various traps to torture and kill every person in the home. The masked man, known as the collector had habit of killing everyone but one, and keep the person in a box as a bait for the next murder spree. Well, I don’t know the reason behind it. His identity remains unknown but from the story itself, it is revealed that he is actually one of the exterminators working for the house before. (sorry for little spoiler). There are a number of plotholes, but for me, in this situation, I don’t care. The movie still delivered. His traps are brilliant and gruesome, and the way he tortured his victims are terrifying. Well, that is what to expect from horror movies like this, and ‘The Collector’ definitely nails it.

collector 4

The story is very interesting, and I’m fully immersed as it progresses every second. Every moment is intense, with the handyman called Arkin trying to get out of the house before get killed by any of the traps or by the collector himself. It’s extremely exciting with perfect setting (in a huge house in darkness with heavy downpour outside). He went up and down, hides here or there, while many times almost being found out by the psycho man or get caught in traps. My heart felt pathetic and rushing as every painstaking scream and disturbing visuals are shown from this film. Well, that is what a bloody and gruesome film like this should have achieved. The Collector made it. I find it’s even better than ‘Saw’ or ‘Hostel’ franchise. Finally, there is a new horror franchise to catch up with in recent years. I rate ‘The Collector’ a total of 8.0. There is never a horror movie that got that high rating from me.

Then, came ‘The Collection’, the sequel. The story follows on a girl, Elena discovering a box containing Arkin (from previous film). She released him, and that provokes a series of deadly traps set by the collector to a bigger group of people. Then, Arkin lead a hired group of people to rescue Elena whom had been captured by the collector that now resides in an abandoned hotel. From here, the collector’s mad intention and objective of killing people is shown back in his lab, linked with his obsession to insects. It turned out more bloody, but I find its predecessor is much better in terms of leaving terrifying impact and suspense level to the audiences. Anyway, it’s still a nice sequel to follow. I rate ‘The Collection’ a total of 7.0. I’m looking forward to another planned sequel to be entitled ‘The Collected’ eventhough the ending from ‘The Collection’ isn’t encouraging for a continuation.


I have to say the collector must have been a new horror icon in the history of Hollywood horror movies. It’s a new frightening character to fear for. On other hand, I have to praise on the performance by Josh Stewart, the main star in both the films, portraying as Arkin. He is tired, extremely painful, and yet had to stay on, and tried his best to get out from the house (as seen in first film) and to kill him (as seen in second film) while saving some others. Josh delivered a solid performance. The story is cool. Low-budget films but with great quality. Awesome films, particularly the first one, ‘The Collector’.

TVB drama review: The Greatness of a Hero

This Hong Kong drama is released oversea in Malaysia on 2009. I remembered I have watched few episodes at the time, but then I stopped watching it further, not because that it is not good, but because I’m seriously busy with my study at the time. It is finally released in Hong Kong this year, and so I take this opportunity to re-watch the drama as well.

The drama revolves on a legendary chancellor, Dik Yan-kit who gained the trust of the Empress Regnant (Mou Ze-tian) for being very helpful on matters, while that caught the jealousy of the empress’ nephew (Mou Sing Chi) who tried every ways (dirty ways mostly) to get rid of Yan-kit and with intention of having the throne. I like this kind of plot which would involves a lot of plans (either of brilliant strategies ones or even the dirty tricks ones). And yes, from this drama alone, we see how one goes against with another especially when having serious arguments over in the palace hall in front of the empress regnant.

Wayne Lai was not the TV King when he filmed this few years ago. But still, he delivered a very strong performance as the main villain of this drama. His expression and aggressiveness in the drama makes him fit very well to that character. Kent Cheng as Dik Yan-kit also did quite a good job in the drama, but he still don’t perform really well in some parts because his face hardly shows great amount of expression (especially on crying scenes). Credit is given to Rebecca Chan portraying as the Empress Regnant, Mou Ze-tian. Eventhough it is a supporting character in the drama, but she nailed the character with ‘power’.

I finished the ending not long ago and I find the ending to be quite enjoyable and exciting to watch, especially the moment when Dik Yan-kit with his family meeting the empress regnant in palace hall to seek justice for his innocent wife killed by Mou Sing-chi and to reveal all the bad things he has done. That part is breathtaking, and finally the evil Mou Sing-chi is given death punishment in the end. I like the part when his son came out and revealed all the things up against him and advised him to stop. It’s a good ending to them; peaceful death. The part I’m disappointed is the character of Sunny Chan. He just died like that, so quick with no depth to his death in the drama. Well, at least for Sonija Kwok, she had.

The only character I dislike from this drama is the daughter of Dik Yan-kit, portrayed by Bernice Liu. Her character is dumb and I hate this kind of character. She appears to be so annoying in the drama. Everyone else is smart and intelligent, while she is the only one making a lot of mistakes that lead to his father being blamed in the end. Overall, I like this kind of historical drama with content of fights, not literally, but through words and strategies. Out of 10 points, I rate this drama a total of 7.5.

Best films of 2008, 2009, and of course 2010!

Suddenly, before I go to bed in the middle of the night, I had a strong desire to list out the best films for every year that I have watched based on my thoughts and reviews. Since there are many people out there doing this, why not me too? I’m not following the others but I just feel that I have my right to select and recommend some best Hollywood films to others, and mainly to tell others what my picks are…

I’m not as greedy as others whom usually pick 10 for every year, in best and even worst categories. I would only choose 3 for every year, and it may of course differ from the others as different people have different thoughts. Accept that fact! Furthermore, of course I did not watch all of the films released each year. It would be something like impossible unless I am a really die-hard movie nerd.

I will not write much on why I pick this specific film instead of others.  These films I have picked definitely left me wordless, with fascinating storyline, impressive acting, incredible setting, impressive effects, heart-stealing dialogues, memorable scenes, etc. I would start from 2008, the year I started this blog till 2010, the latest! There is no order of the three films for each year because it is really hard to decide which one wins the others as each film has their unique style and identity which shouldn’t be compared…

The link provided at the side of each movie’s title is the movie review in my blog.

2008I watched over 21 US and UK films released on this year. No movie review in this year, first year of me blogging which started at the end of the year.

Wall – E

The Dark Knight

Kung Fu Panda

2009I watched over 20 US and UK films released on this year. This is the year I started to write my opinions on the movies I have watched, and they are quite informal and simple.

Avatar )

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen )

2012 )

2010I watched over 31 US and UK films released on this year (the most). The movie reviews are made formal and organized with more thoughts and even included rating.

Inception )

Toy Story 3 )

The Social Network )

2011wait for the end of this year!

For the movie reviews of other films you are interested, you may search for it in archive easily through my blog. For 2008’s films, there are no reviews because I only started to be active in writing reviews by 2010. Now, I realized I have not watched any of the released film in January 2011 yet! Can I break the record this year with most number of films released in 2011 that I have watched? More than 30 this time probably? Let’s wait and see…By the way, what’s your choice?

Salute to James Cameron!

Do you know who is James Cameron? People who watch movies will definitely know who he is…He is a very famous director of popular movies of all time. Do you know that the top two films of highest grossing worldwide are directed, written and produced by him?


The two movies are Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009).

Everyone knows Titanic, the movie more than the history. The impact is so deep and great after watching ‘Titanic’. Eventhough it has been released over 13 years ago, nowadays people still want to watch it, for several times, without knowing the word ‘boring’. It is definitely a great film based on history in history. Hope you know what I mean! The romance in the movie is so touching, and the themes portrayed in the film are well-elaborated.


The next film is Avatar, only began production in 2005, and released in 2009, last year only. The movie which is released in normal screening and in 3D few weeks later receives much attention due to the storyline, background, the visual and sound effects, the performances, etc… This is basically a great film….a great film does not need to be done in a quick period of time, it is the quality that matters…


Both films are definitely great…Titanic is the current highest grossing film worldwide with gross of  over 1,800,000,000 USD, while Avatar is the second highest with gross of over 1,600,000,000 USD.

UPDATED — February 1st, 2010

Avatar movie is now the current highest grossing film worldwide, with gross of over 1,920,000,000 USD, defeating the previous title holder, Titanic. I am wondering if Titanic movie is released to the public again through cinemas screening and in 3D, then it is highly probable that Titanic can snatch the title back, since a lot of people wish to watch it back again, especially in the cinema, and it would be a new and fresh experience in 3D…why not?!

Crazy numbers! Do not forget that the movie Avatar is still in cinema with now in 3D as well, meaning people will get into the cinema to watch it again and again! Hence, the number will be increasing in fast rate. By then, Avatar will be expected to defeat Titanic, which had held the title for 12 years ++.

James Cameron really has the ability to direct movies that could stunt us, amaze us, impact us in a way that no other films can do that. That is why the title of this post is already saluting him, considering him as the best director, writer and producer in history. Yes…he just won the Best Director Award in the recent 2010 Golden Globe Awards for the movie Avatar, and the movie won the Best Picture Award.

  James Cameron poses with 2010 Golden Globes award he picked up for directing 'Avatar.'

He is even inducted as the 2396th star on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He is predicted to win the same two awards in the upcoming Oscar.


He had also directed other famous films, like Terminator sequels, Aliens sequels, etc. Described by a biographer as part-scientist and part-artist, Cameron has also contributed to underwater filming and remote vehicle technologies.

To check on the latest list of world highest grossing films of all time, go to:

Eventhough this is a wikipedia site, but all the information is true and referenced, and updated whenever a data changed with proper sources credited.

The Beauty of The Game is a nice series too…

TVB always create series which is based on certain professions; doctor, lawyer, architect, businessman, etc…This is a very rare case that TVB created a series on the entertainment industry itself, revealing the dark and bright side of the field.

The Beauty of The Game is a series revolving on negative effects of drug use and involved entertainment industry as mentioned earlier. With Kate Tsui, Christine Ng and Sharon Chan as the main casts (since this is female series, overall), the story revolves around the plots by the actresses to get famous, and to become the best actress. This is a new series with fresh plot, which I like it the most. The acting by these experienced actresses and actors (like Chris Lai) is also good…wondering why this series has such a low rating…

This series also taught us, especially teenagers, to think wisely and carefully because a certain action could affect our future. I have learnt something from it like this phrase; ‘ when you are being cheated by your friend for the first time, and you forgive your friend, then it is a kind act….but when you are being cheated for the second time by the same friend, and you still forgive your friend, then it is a dumb act’…cool phrase, isn’t it…quite true…

Have just finished watching the series, eventhough I’m still having stomachache since last night. Have been sweating in pain, rubbing my stomach whole night, can’t sleep the whole night…pity me…today still not recover yet…Anyway, back to the 20 episode series,…the ending is quite good too, since Keung Jin Fong get paid for what she did, and regrets at the end, with tears falling from her eyes, since her other parts of body are paralysed. You will not know what I mean if you haven’t watch this Hong Kong cantonese drama. I suggest you to watch it…you will learn a lot of things from it…