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Today marks 8th anniversary of my blog.

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Happy 8th Anniversary to the blog!


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My blog here has just recently reached some great milestones; gained over 3 million views, attracted over 220 followers and produced over 1800 posts. And today is the day to top it off as the blog is celebrating its 8th birthday today!

It has been a wonderful 8 years since I created this blog. I believe I have been writing a lot of cool stuff as well as some nonsense ones in the past 8 years (and more to come). Well, this is my blog…I have whatever freedom I have to type anything I like as long as it did not violate, insult or breach any rules or parties. This is a great online platform for me to share and express my thoughts and feelings on certain issues I’m interested or involved in. This site is accessible to everyone across the world, unless you have no internet connection. So, you are welcomed to visit my blog here any time or any where you want. Your support and visit to my site is what inspired me to continue updating my blog here.

When I first started this blog, I never thought of coming to this far. For your information, before the birth of this blog, I have had actually created another blog earlier but I have dumped it off and focus on this one instead. Now I couldn’t even remember where my previous blog (that is my first ever attempt on blogging) is located at. But I think since it has been inactive for so many years (10 years or something), I guess it would have been automatically removed and I have no issue with that. From 2008 onward, this site is the only blog I’m attached to…and then time flies, and 8 years have gone. And I’m still here, constantly updating my blog.

Actually in my mind, I have some ideas to expand and roll out new features and improvements for this blog. I also have plan to upgrade my blog’s media storage capacity, purchase and set the blog’s web address to my own domain. I guess these are going to be done in stages soon, to give fresh new appearance to my blog that has been around with the same face and style for the past 8 years.

Alright. That’s it for my post today, created to mark this very special day for my blog here that is now 8 years old.


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Happy New Year 2016!

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Happy New Year! Goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016! It’s a wonderful new year!


There is nothing more important on this first blog post of the year than to wish everyone a wonderful new year from the bottom of my heart! It’s the first day of the year, and so it’s holiday for everyone no matter where you are. Happy Holiday to everyone too, and enjoy this coming weekend break too. Nice…it’s a 3 days of continuous break again! First thing first, have you changed your calendar yet? Your 2015 calendar should be in dustbin already, and your 2016 calendar should be placed nicely in front of you now.

One of the best thing for me to do for new year’s celebration is to watch new year fireworks display in major cities across the world. I love fireworks! Eventhough it’s polluting the air but it is a must-thing for a countdown event like this very happening new year celebration. If there is no fireworks (no loud noise, no beautiful colourful display on the sky), then there is no feel or excitement to mark a new year. Thanks to some people from around the world who were very quick on uploading clips of them recording fireworks display from their respective places for the new year celebration last night that enabled me to watch them this morning already. And here are some of the clips:

London, United Kingdom – from London Eye ferris wheel with shots of iconic Big Ben tower.

Sydney, Australia – from Harbour Bridge with shots of iconic Sydney Opera House.

Hong Kong, China – from the water body as well as from several buildings out of the picturesque city skyline.

Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101, former world’s tallest building.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – from Burj Khalifa, current world’s tallest building.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – from KLCC Park, in front of the Petronas Twin Towers, current world’s tallest twin buildings.

Beautiful fireworks, aren’t they? If you find the clips are too long (since the shows are that long), you can skip to the ending part where the climax would be when massive fireworks were put on to end it with loudest bang! These fireworks displays are so much better than the one from my own city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have beautiful landmarks like Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower, but our pyrotechnics are very poor in style and scale. I recommend for example, for the fireworks at KLCC, they should not only be released out from the park at the ground level but also from the twin towers itself. Then, it would be so much more nicer just like how Taipei 101 or Burj Khalifa did it in all these years. It’s much more beautiful if fireworks came out from tall buildings and I’m sure Petronas Twin Towers can certainly do that too. I also suggest to have a synchronized fireworks display from several buildings in the city region just like Hong Kong or even we can be better than that too. Right now, we have one spot over here shooting out fireworks in a few minutes and then another spot few kilometres away doing the same. Why not combine them and put that into one mega-scale fireworks show of the city to celebrate the new year? Look at how the other cities did that and I’m certain that KL can do that too. On the other hand, my blog’s header of the month would be also none other than a spectacular image of fireworks display too.

January 2016 Blog Header

Anyway, let’s forget about that. All the fireworks had already been released last night and it’s now a bright sunny morning on the first day of the year. We have for a moment thought of some major things that have happened to the world and to us personally in the past year, and now we shall look ahead and start setting goals for 2016 instead since this new year had already arrived. My goals would be to stay healthy and fit for the year, study hard and smart for my Master beginning this February at Australia, and also something else that I have not thought of right now just yet.


Happy New Year once again! Let’s wish for a great and a wonderful year ahead for everyone!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web while the videos are from Youtube)

Finished The Amazing Race 27…and the other much bigger news; this is my 1700th blog post!

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First of all, a huge announcement need to be made first; My blog had reached another milestone on this day, by having a total of 1700 blog posts to date. This blog post is exactly the 1700th of this blog. Wonderful! Target achieved before the end of the year of which I have set or forecast earlier. What a great news…my Sunday couldn’t be more happier in marking this accomplishment.


Producing 100 blog posts is already a no-easy task, and now I have went so far beyond, and reached 1700 today. I believe not many bloggers out there can have that much of posts in less than 8 years. So far, in this year alone, I have written over 200 blog posts which obviously shows that my blog is very active and frequently updated, and that I’m very hardworking and passionate about blogging. Haha…taking this opportunity to praise myself.

Well, on this Sunday too is the day I finished watching ‘The Amazing Race Season 27’ after gone through its exciting final episode (12th episode) just now. If you didn’t know, I have been catching up with this US television programme for many seasons already (about several teams of 2 person each racing around the world and performing tasks to avoid getting eliminated in each episode) and this latest one is not excluded. I’m happy that my favourite pair, Kelsey and Joey won the race as well as the awesome US 1 million dollar prize. From the beginning, I have been in favour of this pair as they are kind, good, seldom quarrel and always performed tasks in very efficient way. However, in the earlier stages, they always ended up being in the second place. Fortunately, luck is on their side at the most crucial last leg and they won the race after having gone through 5 continents and 10 countries with the other two finalist teams.


The other two teams which succeeded into the final leg are Justin and Diana and Chris and Logan. Justin and Diana had been conquering the earlier legs (winning many of them) but cab issue had cost them the final leg. They are really one strong team to beat as seen in their dominating leads in earlier rounds. However, I find the attitude of Justin to be quite bad and he is always being cocky. I’m okay with them ended up in first runner-up in the end. Chris and Logan are famous for frequent quarrel and they surprisingly made it into the final 3. It’s the best that they can do already. Now, another season has ended and I have to wait for the next one. The season 28 should be on early next year.

I am also quite excited today because the TVB Anniversary Awards 2015 is going to be held tonight. Too bad, I couldn’t watch it live because I have a full-moon dinner to attend tonight as my cousin’s newborn baby would be celebrating 1-month (full moon) today. Nevertheless, I would still catch up to the results as soon as possible and will write a blog post about it later on. And on the other hand, in about less than a week later, I have another dinner to attend and this time it is my cousin’s wedding dinner. That’s it for my 1700th blog post on this lovely Sunday.

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It’s 7th Anniversary of My Blog…Awesome!!!

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Arrgghh…it’s Monday back! Monday blues…But wait, I shouldn’t be moody on this day that is supposed to be very special to me as the person behind this blog. Why? As the title of this post is very obvious already, my blog is marking its 7th anniversary on this day, 28th September 2015. My blog here was first created on the same date exactly seven years ago back in 2008. Time flies…and yet, I’m still here frequently updating my blog with strong passion after all these years.


On this day seven years ago, I made an important decision that added a new chapter in my life. Creating this blog is like giving birth to a vital piece of mine online that exists non-physically but stay strong in my mind, and hopefully unforgettable to my blog readers out there. Visiting and updating my blog has been part and parcel of my life in the past seven years and will continue to be like this for many years to come. Running a blog is easy, but keeping it frequently updated is a great deal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my blog readers especially the ones that come back to visit more than once, my admired blog followers (over 200 as of current), those who left comments to my posts, and also those who just pass by my site for less than a few seconds since they also aided to generate higher number of views to my blog. A very big ‘Thank You’ to you all from the bottom of my heart.

7 years may not be very long, but I do realize by now how many hours and how much effort I have spent on producing over thousand of blog posts here so far. As of now, I have written a total of over 1650 posts, and I plan to end the year with at least 1700 posts. That’s quite an easy goal to achieve since there are still three more months left before end of 2015. I spent in average 40 minutes for a single post. Hence, we have 40 x 1650 = 66000 minutes. Divide that by 60 and I get 1100 hours. That’s how much I have spent on my site, not even yet adding in the time I put to clear up spams, approve comments, reply to feedbacks, check blog’s statistics, updating my blog’s header, check notifications, etc.

Truly dedicated on this blog. And for that reason, I think it’s necessary for me to feel proud and happy of what I have done on getting my blog to this far. It’s worth celebrating, but I’m not going to hold any banquet or party yet (since it’s still a small and a humble blog). A GIF image of fireworks display here will do. And by the way, do you realize that my blog’s header for this particular month (can be seen at the top most part of my site) shows a number ‘7’ which indicates the 7th anniversary my blog is celebrating today. Haha…Anyway, let’s share an amazing trivia here; Google is celebrating its 17th anniversary yesterday, Facebook had its 11th anniversary early this year, Youtube is founded 10 years ago, Apple’s iPhone first introduced 8 years ago, and my blog isn’t bad for being around for 7 years already too (eventhough it is much lesser known…haha).


It’s certainly a meaningful anniversary on this day for me! Love it. You too…enjoy your day! And thanks again for your continuous support to my blog…

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Happy New Year! Hello, 2015!

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We have now came to year 2015 finally! Happy New Year to all!


Let us take this time to say goodbye to year 2014 and leave all the sadness from the previous year behind. We should start the year with bright smile and anticipation for positive things to come. As we entered another new year, let us for a while look back on what we have gone through from the past years, then learn and improve from the those experiences so that we will be more prepared for our future ahead.

Let us all also hope that year 2015 would be bringing to us more joy and happiness, and would not turn out to be like 2014 when there were too many saddening events or tragedies across the world. My country, Malaysia have had already a very rough and troubled year in 2014. MH370, then MH17 and now QZ8501. 2014 tells us something; flying isn’t that safe after all.

Okay…let’s not ruin everybody’s mood now. It’s a joyous new year, man! 2015, let’s be great to all of us! I believed 2015 would be quite a crucial year for me too, as it will be the year when I have to make some impacting decisions and I may finally stay out of my comfort zone from this year onward and tries to achieve for the better. 2015 is also the ‘Year of Goat’ according to Chinese lunar calendar (that will only officially starts after Chinese New Year this coming February). I’m going to be 24 years old this year. Really getting old already huh….that’s why I mentioned earlier that it’s time for me to ‘wake up’ and start thinking to improve myself further.

Goodbye 2014, and hello to 2015! We welcome you, 2015! By the way, how do you spend the night of the new year’s eve? Eventhough many new year’s countdown celebrations in Malaysia has been cancelled as a mark of respect to the current on-going flood crisis, but the fireworks display at KLCC proceeded as usual and people may still take the time off to enjoy to usher for the new year in many other ways!



My blog’s header for this first month of the year also resembles fireworks, a must for a celebration. (A copy of the header shown below)

January 2015 Blog Header

Same with what the blog’s header says, let’s start the year with a bang! Last but not least, before I’m ending this first blog post of the year, I would like to wish everyone again a wonderful Happy New Year 2015!

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Movie review: The Pyramid (2014), and my blog hits 2.5 million views!

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I’m still quite excited to watch ‘The Pyramid’ last Sunday even when I saw the many backlash the movie received. It is a horror film that revolves on an archeological team and their attempt to unlock the secrets of a newly discovered three-sided pyramid only to find themselves trapped and hunted inside. After the movie, I couldn’t sleep that night and that made my Monday blues much worse. Why? It’s too heavy and contained too many really frightening jump-scare scenes.


The story is very interesting. This movie reminds me of ‘As Above, So Below’, another horror film this year that is related to the underground catacombs of Paris and its God mythology. As for ‘The Pyramid’, it’s obvious that it is associated with Egyptian history and myths of course. ‘The Pyramid’ is something like ‘As Above, So Below’ but in a much more terrifying way. Both are still different, as ‘The Pyramid’ terrified us with creatures while ‘As Above, So Below’ scared us in supernatural way.

Some may say that this kind of archeological-themed horror story is too typical and predictable with the characters getting lost inside, and then killed one by one by an unknown force which would then be revealed later when the story develops. I’m still fine with the same old plot style. But I have to say that the front part before they entered the pyramid in the movie is quite draggy. But once they got in, prepare yourself for the trauma that follows. Get your heart ready. I strongly advise that this movie is not for the faint-hearted. The movie does contains several (quite a number of) crazy jump-scare moments and also is very heavy.



The extremely high volume of noise in the cinema when I’m watching it also further elevates all the fear in us. That means it worked as a good horror film. Successful on delivering well-earned shocks. So, I’m here on my point of disagreeing to the many negative reviews the movie had currently. The characters are fine and the casts did quite well to keep the atmosphere and momentum going. The gory is there and the setting is also good. Even the creatures in the movie are not something out of place, but is related to the Egyptian mythology in some way. Despite presence of various plot holes or some not-good things here or there, the movie still manages to keep us moving so quickly that you wouldn’t mind all that much. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Pyramid’ a total of 7.7. This is the best and the last horror film of the year for me. After leaving the cinema, I can say this movie literally weakens my heart. Scary shit…

On the other hand, I am here happily announcing that my blog has surpassed 2.5 million views. That’s another milestone for my blog, achieved on 12.12.2014, days before the end of the year. Wonderful. It’s a good news and I’m hoping for more clicks and increasing positive achievements to my blog here. Your continuous support to my blog would be deeply appreciated.

2.5million views blog

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The Sunshine Award.

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One of the things I love about blogging is that it gave me opportunity to get to know of other bloggers across the world who may share some similar interests or topics with mine. Posting in forum discussion, giving comments or feedbacks on particular articles or write-ups, becoming blog followers as well as get nominated for some kind of blogging awards are some of the ways for bloggers to interact and share knowledge between each other no matter where they are from. This time around, I got nominated for the Sunshine Award. Thanks to Mr. Vui (Huy Tran) (his blog here: for notifying me of this nomination.


It is not literally an award, but rather a medium to link bloggers and have everyone of them answering several questions posted by the one who nominated him or her. Then, he or she will continue the cycle by passing the nominations to his or her favourite bloggers. For me, I will just end it here and won’t pass it around as I have no one on my mind at this moment to nominate. I have previously been nominated several times for some other blogger awards too. Some may find it annoying and pointless, but I will just take it as a chance for me to introduce myself further by answering those questions given to me. Answers below…

1. What is your favourite pet?

I have no pet currently. Many years ago, I have taken care of small tortoises for about a year. After that, I released them. If I could have a pet now, I would be wishing for a small cute white puppy. 
2. What is a song that describes you?

The first that pops into my mind now is Bruno Mars’ ‘Lazy Song’. Just got home from a very tiring day of work, and luckily it’s Friday. So, this weekend is going to be a perfect time for me to get lazy for a short while, and so this song best describes my feeling now.

3. What is the last movie you watched?

I just watched a movie called ‘Date Night’. Downloaded it yesterday and it is quite an entertaining comedy film back in 2010 starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey. The two leads are hilarious.

4. What is your favourite tv show/series/drama?

I love many TVB series. Past ones I like are ‘War and Beauty’, ‘Square Pegs’, ‘Heart of Greed’, ‘Moonlight Resonance’, ‘Rosy Business’, etc. Recent one I like is the just-concluded ‘Black Heart, White Soul’.
5. What is an interesting fact about you?

Many people said that I’m hardworking, but I always felt I’m not. Many said that I do things very fast, but I always felt my speed is lacking. What happened? Is it my one-second equals to their two-second or what? Whatever…Ignore this please.
6. What is your favorite part of blogging?

Get to write type down many interesting or memorable stuff I encountered in some particular days and then in future, it would be great if all these are compiled together and have me gone through it again. Would be awesomely nostalgic. It is like my diary of knowledge/experience.
7. What is something that keeps your spirits up?

Able to online with great speed everyday. Haha… And holiday with no work. Who wouldn’t love that?

8. What would your superpower be?

I would love to be extremely smart,…perhaps a brilliant strategist that would allow me to uncover secrets to invincibility and invisibility, power over all elements, extreme speeds, etc…so that I will be the master of all superheroes. Opps…imagining too far. Haha…

Okay…that’s all.

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