My 2017 is filled with thesis and travels.

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After creating a post that compiles the most significant or viral worldwide events or happenings that shape 2017, it’s time to narrow the topic down to my personal journey in this year. 2017 has been a slightly less spectacular year for me but I couldn’t complain much as I still went through the year quite smoothly. Here below are the 5 major things that I have been through in 2017:

My Final Year Of Study

2017 is not only the final year of my postgraduate study but it is also the very final year of my life as a student. There is no intention at all for me to further my studies to PhD level. I am certainly stopping at Masters level that will conclude this year with me obtaining a Master of Architecture from Curtin University. Beginning 2018 and till my retirement, it will be all about working life! Hence, 2017 will be particularly memorable for me as this is the last year that I will be able to enjoy the long study breaks, attending classes in campus, walking in the nice Curtin campus environment (first picture below), and meeting new classmates. As I will be travelling around to look for job next year, I also would be missing Perth, Australia, (second picture below) the city that I have settled in for these past two years for my study.

All The Time For Thesis

Thesis occupies most of my time this year. It is a major requirement for me to complete my study and I placed countless effort, time and passion on it throughout this one whole year. I remembered the days when I could only get less than 5 hours of sleep daily to finish it up, locking myself in my room and staying in front of my laptop working on the thesis continuously for multiple hours, grabbing quick bites for lunch or dinner as not to waste time to catch up on the work, etc. Finally, the thesis is completed and is getting quite a good grade.

Finally Get To Travel To Vietnam

Why do I said that? My family have plan to visit Vietnam back in 2012. We booked a tour, we made the payment, and we are prepared for the trip back then. However, my grandma was getting really ill and passed away few days before the trip. The trip had to be cancelled. This year, we finally able to travel to Vietnam during the Chinese New Year holiday early this year. I went to Hanoi and the famous Halong Bay is truly magnificent. There are also other destinations worth seeing in Hanoi.

First Time In Bangkok

I have been to Thailand for few times in the past but I have never been to its capital, Bangkok. I finally had the chance to visit the city middle of this year during the Hari Raya holiday with my parents. I had a great time visiting some famous attractions there such as the National Palace, Wat Arun Temple, Wat Pho Temple, Asiatique Waterfront, etc. I also visited Hua Hin, a beachside town not far from Bangkok and I got to stay in a hotel’s room facing the sea directly.

Short Holidays Everywhere

Besides than lengthy trips to Vietnam and Thailand, I also occasionally went for some quick trips throughout the year during the study breaks. I went to Genting Highlands (my father’s favourite because there’s a casino up there and also due to the colder temperature up there) – first picture below. I also went to Ipoh for an emergency family matter and had some great meals over there. Recently, I also went to Malacca’s A Famosa Resort to visit its Animal Safari and to Sekinchan (second picture below) and Kuala Selangor to view the beautiful paddy fields and fireflies in the evening.

I did mentioned previously that 2017 hasn’t been particularly good to me especially in financial point of view. A huge sum of money is spent on this final year of my study especially during the last month when I have to submit my thesis (print and bind the report in few copies, print and add base to my large presentation panels, spent money to buy model-making materials and do laser cutting for my final model, etc). And it’s not ending yet. My university is going to ‘attack’ me with a last cash grab before I left in the form of costly expenses for my coming graduation on February next year. I am going to work really hard to earn all that money back very soon beginning next year!

And since I have been travelling back and forth between Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand this year, I have to officially announce that I hate taking flights from now on. I am a person that will feel very uncomfortable in a plane especially in long flight. I hate sitting in a tight area for few hours continuously, I hate all the airport procedures and waiting time, and I hate that I could not sleep at all in plane although I tried that many times before in the past. But for the sake of traveling and going oversea, boarding a plane is inevitable.

Now, I look forward to a much more extraordinary year ahead – 2018! About two weeks left before 2017 ends.


The World in 2017: Recap of Major Events of the Year

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2017 is coming to an end soon. As with my blog’s tradition, I am here compiling a post that looks back at some major events or viral happenings throughout this one whole year. It’s time for a flashback of 2017 as we prepare to welcome 2018. Here below are the 10 events that are highly representative for year 2017.

Trump, Trump and Trump

Ever since Donald Trump is officially inaugurated as the President of the United States of America early this year, there has been many news, reports and comments regarding him (mostly negative). His iconic hairstyle or gestures have been parodied countless of times. His tweets are also grabbing everyone’s attention with his hilariously unprofessional or unreasonable comments that should not have come out from a President at all. His remarks on North Korea and Kim Jong Un, Jerusalem, fake news, etc have sparked so much controversies. He is certainly the man of the year, but for negative reasons.

Despacito Everywhere

A Mexican music video in YouTube is definitely not to be missed out. The music video ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee broke record as the YouTube video with highest number of views in history. Currently, it has accumulated over 4.5 billion views! Up to this day, I still have no idea what the song is about and I also have no idea why it is such a massive hit worldwide.

Las Vegas Shooting

On the night of October 1, 2017, a gunman named Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at a music festival on the Las Vegas strip in Nevada, leaving 58 dead and 546 injured. He fired more than 1100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel. About an hour after Paddock fired his last shot into the crowd of 22,000, he was found dead in his room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His motive is still unknown. The incident is the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the United States. The shooting reignited the debate about gun laws in US.

Tragic Earthquakes in central Mexico and border of Iraq and Iran

Two massive earthquakes occurred this year. First was a 7.1 earthquake at Central Mexico that kills 369 people. The second one was a 7.3 earthquake that strikes the border region between Iraq and Iran , leaving at least 530 dead.

Manchester Arena’s Bombing

A terrorist bombing attack occurred at an Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England on May 22, 2017. It killed 22 people and injured over 100. A shrapnel-laden homemade bomb was detonated as people were leaving Manchester Arena following a concert by the American singer Ariana Grande.

North Korea On Fire

North Korea has been condemned by international community particularly in this year for multiple actions that include test firing a ballistic missile across the Sea of Japan, conducting nuclear tests, and threatening to initiate attacks. Further sanctions have been imposed on the country by various countries across the world and also by the United Nations.

Truck Bombing in Somalia

On 14 October 2017, a massive blast caused by a truck bombing in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, killed at least 512 people and injured 316. The attack is the deadliest in Somalia‘s history, and it is is also the third-deadliest act of terrorism in recorded history, surpassed only by the 2007 Yazidi communities bombings and the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Sinai Mosque Attack

On 24 November 2017, the al-Rawda mosque in Egypt was attacked by roughly 40 gunmen during Friday prayers. The attack killed 311 people and injured at least 122, making it the deadliest attack in Egyptian history. Islamic State is the suspected perpetrators behind this attack.

WannaCry Ransomware Attack

The WannaCry ransomware attack was a May 2017 worldwide cyberattack by the WannaCry[a] ransomware cryptoworm, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The attack began on Friday, 12 May 2017, and within a day was reported to have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries.

Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028

The International Olympic Committee has officially announced on September 13, 2017 that Paris is awarded the right to host 2024 Summer Olympic Games while Los Angeles will be hosting the 2028 edition of the games. Hence, there will be no bidding event for 2028 games.

We observed mostly ruins, disasters, attacks, tragic news or negative stuff for this year. Let’s hope that we will be seeing more positive events next year.

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A quick trip to Sekinchan.

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Sekinchan is a rural area not far from Kuala Lumpur (around 2 hours drive from the city) that is famous for its beautiful paddy fields. My eldest sister decided to visit this place with her family together with my aunt’s family the past weekend. I joined in at a very last minute’s decision. This is my second quick trip after I came back from Australia late last month. The first one was on last week when I went to A Famosa Resort in Malacca (I wrote about that trip in my previous post too). It’s great for an urban people like me to return to rural area once in a while to experience something different and be closer to nature.

Before highlighting the places that we went to during the trip, I must first write about the place that we were staying for a night during the trip. We stayed in Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay. It is a small homestay comprising of few reused containers and the place is facing a large paddy field for exceptional scenery. The price is also quite affordable. This is the first time I’m staying in a container-themed hotel. It was a cool experience although I have to admit that there are some disadvantages such as noise that can easily transmit between containers, lack of covered walkways, and security concern. The homestay has a kids’ pool, cafe, trampoline, bicycle facilities, etc.

The main places that we have visited in this trip are;

Redang Beach (well, this is not in Redang Island but in Sekinchan. This place had been the setting for a Hong Kong drama few years ago that starred Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam…I forgot the drama’s title.)

Sekinchan 3D Art Gallery (small and the displayed arts are not world-class but still a fun place especially for kids)

Sekinchan Rice Processing Factory (a huge factory with gallery explaining the process of creating rice and history of the town)

Firefly Park Resort (this is in Kuala Selangor which is just 30 minutes drive from Sekinchan. Had the opportunity to view the fireflies in the dark on a boat. The last time I had been here doing this was about 2 decades ago when I was just a small kid. Very hard to capture the moment in pictures.)

Sekinchan is a nice place to visit. While the food here are cheap (even seafood too), the entrance fees to the attractions here are a bit costly. I certainly felt overcharged. These kind of places are not that popular in the past. However, in recent years, a lot of tourists flock to these areas as they are not that far from city and they are great spot for quick getaway during normal weekends.


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The Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards 2017 and TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017 have concluded. The remaining Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards that will be held on 21st January 2018 is the last of the annual three awards ceremonies presented to honour the best of TVB actors, actresses, series and programmes that aired for the past year. I personally have this habit of choosing my own list of winners too based only on the dramas that I have watched in that particular year. And for this year (2017), I watched the most number of TVB dramas, at 16.

Here below is the list of all the 2017 dramas that I have watched (completed):

  • Rogue Emperor.
  • Recipes To Live By.
  • Burning Hands.
  • Tiger Mom Blues.
  • Destination Nowhere.
  • Provocateur.
  • My Dearly Sinful Mind.
  • My Unfair Lady.
  • Phoenix Rising.
  • Bet Hur.
  • A General, A Scholar, And An Eunuch.
  • The Unholy Alliance.
  • Line Walker: The Prelude.
  • Oh My Grad.
  • Legal Mavericks.
  • The Exorcist’s Meter.

I am now currently watching the ‘Heart and Greed 3’ and I will not include this drama for this year’s contention as it will only finish its airing on mid of January 2018 (that’s next year already). And without delaying further, here’s below are my selection for the best in 2017 TVB dramas. The result is solely based on my personal opinion, taking in analysis from precursor awards, from online discussions, and from my personal judgement without any bias or unfair decisions. Top 5 are listed for each categories (15 categories in total) with the winner highlighted.

Most Favourite On-Screen Partnership

  • Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Matthew Ho (A General, A Scholar And An Eunuch)
  • Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Dominic Ho (Bet Hur)
  • Charmaine Sheh, Samantha Ko, Connie Man (Bet Hur)
  • Pakho Chau, Benjamin Yuen, Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)
  • Vincent Wong, Sisley Choi, Owen Cheung, Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks)

Most Favourite TV Veteran Artiste

  • Michelle Yim (Tiger Mom Blues, My Dearly Sinful Mind)
  • Lee Kwok Lun (Recipes to Live By, Bet Hur, A General A Scholar And An Eunuch)
  • Cheung Kwok Keung (Recipes to Live By, The Unholy Alliance)
  • Mary Hon (Recipes to Live By, The Unholy Alliance, Oh My Grad)
  • Law Lok Lam (Provocateur, My Dearly Sinful Mind, Phoenix Rising, Legal Mavericks, The Unholy Alliance)

Most Favourite TV Villain

  • Lee Kwok Lun (Recipes to Live By)
  • Lee Shin Cheung (Provocateur)
  • Grace Wong (My Dearly Sinful Mind)
  • Louisa So (Phoenix Rising)
  • Pal Sinn (Legal Mavericks)

Best Technical Production (Visuals, Scores, Editing, Costumes, Make-Up, Production Design)

  • Burning Hands.
  • Legal Mavericks.
  • The Unholy Alliance.
  • The Exorcist’s Meter.
  • A General, A Scholar, And An Eunuch.

Most Favourite On-Screen Couple

  • Pakho Chau & Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)
  • Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)
  • Vincent Wong & Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady)
  • Kenneth Ma & Charmaine Sheh (Bet Hur)
  • Joel Chan & Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)

Most Favourite Drama Theme Song

  • ‘The Night You Left’ by Fred Cheng (My Dearly Sinful Mind – ending theme)
  • ‘Walk With You’ by Kayee Tam (My Unfair Lady – sub theme)
  • ‘Forgetting Myself’ by Hana Kuk (Line Walker: The Prelude – ending theme)
  • ‘Love Before One’s Eyes’ by Stephanie Ho (Legal Mavericks – ending theme)
  • ‘Out of Reach’ by Hubert Wu (The Exorcist’s Meter – sub theme)

Most Improved TV Actress

  • Koni Lui (Tiger Mom Blues, Oh My Grad)
  • Winki Lai (Destination Nowhere, Provocateur)
  • Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur)
  • Ali Lee (Provocateur, Legal Mavericks)
  • Sisley Choi (Recipes to Live By, My Dearly Sinful Mind, Legal Mavericks)

Most Improved TV Actor

  • Hugo Wong (Recipes to Live By, Burning Hands, Legal Mavericks, The Exorcist’s Meter)
  • James Ng (Destination Nowhere, A General A Scholar And An Eunuch)
  • Matthew Ho (Tiger Mom Blues, A General A Scholar And An Eunuch)
  • Mat Yeung (My Dearly Sinful Mind, Bet Hur)
  • Owen Cheung (Legal Mavericks)

Best Actress In A Supporting Role

  • Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)
  • Susan Tse (The Exorcist’s Meter)
  • Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur)
  • Koni Lui (Tiger Mom Blues)
  • Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady)

Best Actor In A Supporting Role

  • Ram Chiang (The Exorcist’s Meter)
  • Benz Hui (Line Walker: The Prelude)
  • Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
  • Mat Yeung (My Dearly Sinful Mind)
  • Owen Cheung (Legal Mavericks)

Most Favourite TV Female Character

  • Elena Kong (Tiger Mom Blues)
  • Grace Wong (My Dearly Sinful Mind)
  • Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)
  • Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)
  • Sisley Choi (Legal Mavericks)

Most Favourite TV Male Character

  • Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
  • Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks)
  • Kenneth Ma (The Exorcist’s Meter)
  • Benjamin Yuen (Line Walker: The Prelude)
  • Edwin Siu (A General, A Scholar And An Eunuch)

Best Actress In A Leading Role

  • Kristal Tin (Destination Nowhere)
  • Elena Kong (Tiger Mom Blues)
  • Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)
  • Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks)
  • Nina Paw (The Unholy Alliance)

Best Actor In A Leading Role

  • Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
  • Kevin Cheng (Destination Nowhere)
  • Benjamin Yuen (Line Walker: The Prelude)
  • Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks)
  • Kenneth Ma (The Exorcist’s Meter)

Best Series

  • Legal Mavericks.
  • A General, A Scholar, And An Eunuch.
  • The Exorcist’s Meter.
  • Line Walker: The Prelude.
  • The Unholy Alliance.


You are free to leave comments on my above picks. They are selected after a thorough study and considerations. Now, we will wait and see how many of my selections above differs to the result from the coming Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

Emporis Skyscraper Award 2016

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The result for Emporis Skyscraper Award 2016 was announced recently. It is an annual prize to honour highrise buildings with excellence in both aesthetic and functional design. The award first started in year 2000 ranks 10 best buildings worldwide annually which are chosen by Emporis editors. They are architectural experts from across the world. For your further information, Emporis is a real estate data mining company that collects and publishes data of buildings worldwide with particular emphasis on skyscrapers. The database now also includes low-rise buildings and other structures. Only buildings completed (built) in 2016 are considered for this award’s selection.

The winner for Emporis Skyscraper Award 2016 is Via 57 West in New York City, USA. The pyramid shaped winner, designed by the Danish architects BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, was recognized by the award jury for its fascinating and extraordinary shape which breaks new ground in design. VIA 57 West is a hybrid between an European perimeter block and a classic American skyscraper.

Claiming the second place is Torre Reforma from Mexico City, Mexico. With a height of 804 feet, it is Mexico City’s tallest skyscraper and also the world’s tallest exposed concrete structure. The jury specifically praises the intelligent environmental solution for a skyscraper. The building is composed of two exposed concrete walls and one main glass façade. The concrete walls protect the interior from direct sunlight and reduces the cooling load. Mexico City is known for its high seismic activity. For this reason, Torre Reforma has a triangular footprint and combined with the latest engineering knowledge, it is supposed to withstand heavy winds and earthquakes for the next 2,500 years.

In third place the expert jury voted Oasia Hotel Downtown, in Singapore. The project stands out with a remarkable red façade and 21 different species of plants in 1793 planter boxes turning into an urban oasis. The facade is overgrown with different vines to ensure the building’s facade is always lush and resilient during different weather conditions. Moreover, the tower offers four open sky gardens which allows wind to pass through the building for good ventilation.

Here’s below is the Top 10 Skyscrapers for year 2016 as selected by Emporis that reveals the remaining 4th to 10th place winners.

  1. Via 57 West – 142 metres high, 34 floors, New York City, USA. Architect: BIG. (30 points)

2. Torre Reforma – 245 metres high, 57 floors, Mexico City, Mexico. Architect: LBR Arquitectos. (27 points)

3. Oasis Hotel Downtown – 190 metres high, 27 floors, Singapore. Architect: WOHA Architects. (25 points)

4. MahaNakhon – 314 metres high, 77 floors, Bangkok, Thailand. Architect: Buro Ole Scheeren. (23 points)

5. Elbphilharmonie – 110 metres high, 25 floors, Hamburg, Germany. Architect: Kallmorgen & Partner, Herzog & de Meuron. (18 points)

6. 56 Leonard Street – 250 metres high, 57 floors, New York City, USA. Architect: Herzog & de Meuron. (17 points)

7. CTF Finance Centre – 530 metres high, 111 floors, Guangzhou, China. Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. (13 points)

8. The L Tower – 205 metres high, 59 floors, Toronto, Canada. Architect: Studio Daniel Libeskind. (12 points)

9. Beijing Greenland Dawangjing Tower – 260 metres high, 55 floors, Beijing, China. Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. (10 points)

10. Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower – 231 metres high, 43 floors, Tokyo, Japan. Architect: Nikkon Sekkei Ltd. (7 points)

The winner, Via 57 West is one of the precedent studies for my Masters’ thesis. It is not very tall, but made a huge visual impact to the New York City’s skyline due to its unique design that challenges the convention of skyscraper typology. I do like the 2nd place winner, Torre Reforma too as the huge vertical bare concrete wall is a stand out among typical fully glass-clad or solid painted walled skyscrapers. The 3rd place, Oasis Hotel Downtown is to be complimented for its striking red-coloured cladding that allows landscaping to grow on it. The other buildings look fantastic too and they are mostly designed by famous architects. I have personally visited the Bangkok’s MahaNakhon Tower. Although it looks nice with its pixelated feature, but the way the architect explained how it relates to the city context doesn’t resonate to me at all.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



Birthday at Safari Wonderland, A Famosa Resort, Malacca.

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This year’s birthday is slightly not ideal but I’m still contented with it. Today, I officially turned 26 years old. Having to admit that you are a year older from now on is something that I’m not that happy for but is a fact that I have to accept. I’m now in the age zone that nears to 30. Oh no…! I should be very excited once I returned to Malaysia after finishing my postgraduate study. However, things didn’t get to the best that I’m expecting.

Just a week before leaving Australia, I had an excruciating pain to my teeth after a dinner. I thought it is just a minor problem and I will wait till I return to Malaysia to look for dentist. In the end, I had to have my wisdom tooth and another tooth besides it on my lower jaw to be removed due to an infection. It costs me a whopping RM950. What an expensive meal! Now, I couldn’t eat any of my favourite Malaysian food yet as they are mostly spicy, icy or very heaty (these food to be avoided at this period of time to wait for my wound to recover). Haiz…Still have not tasted my favourite chilli pan mee, durian, cendol, etc ever since I’m back last Wednesday.

I’m having my birthday today in A Famosa Resort, Malacca to visit the Animal Safari Wonderland. I have been there at least twice in the past. This time, I’m accompanying my sister and my two little nephews for this quick one day trip. They were very excited to see all the animals. I’m not. I find that there are not much animals there in the safari and the whole area is very poorly maintained (run down state). The live shows are poorly executed with little effort and excitement. The whole resort looks the same ten years ago. There has been no upgrade works to it which are very necessary to keep it running well. If you have visited the resort once (it has the animal safari, water theme park, golf course, cowboy town, villas, etc), I highly recommend you not to visit it again. The entrance fees are also very expensive and not worth it at all. We seriously need to improve on the tourist destinations to attract more foreign and local visitors to our country.

Today is also the day I’m getting the grade for my thesis that I have spent a lot of effort in it throughout this entire year. I obtained 78 for it and it equals to a distinction. I’m satisfied with this result but I’m still disappointed as I am only mere 2 points away from a high distinction, a target that I set earlier. Anyway, these marks are no longer that important once you are out in the professional practice after the study is over. The most important is as long as I can graduate with  good results. I still achieved consistently satisfying result for all the semesters throughout this two years of my Masters. Alright, so for now, my birthday wish is to get a good job soon after my graduation for a flourishing career and future ahead!

Last month of 2017 is welcomed with the awesome ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer!

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My postgraduate study is finished and I have returned to Malaysia two days ago. November ended and now comes December, the last month for the year 2017. Time flies. We will saying goodbye to 2017 very soon.

Every time when I returned to my house and my bedroom, I will have to clean up all the dust that have accumulated when I’m not around. The problem with the smell and white marks appearing in my wardrobe still exist and I’m very fed up of it already. I have to throw a lot of my affected clothes. This is most probably due to the moist in my room especially on the area where it nears the bathroom and also the lack of natural sunlight and proper ventilation in the room (my room’s window is facing and is very close to the back of another house and my family has this rule to close all windows and front sliding door to prevent mosquitoes to come in) . My only way of preventing or slowing it down (and still not able to get rid of the problem) is to buy water absorber powder, some packets of fragrance and those small white balls (don’t know the name) to prevent moth and insects. But anyway, it’s still great to be back to my own room!

Recently, the long awaited trailer (yes, only trailer) for the coming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is released. Everyone is so excited (including me). This has been 10 years in the making since the first Iron Man movie in 2008 that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of solo and first two Avengers’ movies came in after that and it all lead to this ‘Infinity War’ to end this phase (before the next one). The first Avengers movie made US$ 1.5 billion in worldwide box office. The second one made US$ 1.4 billion too. I’m guess this third one would gross over US 1.8 billion. Sorry, DC. Marvel appears to succeed more in making more critically-acclaimed and box-office topping movies.

What’s more exciting than seeing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Spiderman, etc gathered together (after their individual films) to fight Thanos (he finally appeared!), the big villain with the powerful ‘Infinity Gauntlet’. And the Avengers’ theme is so exciting to listen to. Now, I can’t wait to watch it in May 2018. Sorry, ‘Justice League’. The hype for DC now (since ‘Justice League’ has been out in cinemas not long ago recently) now dies down immediately and made way for Marvel back, although it is just a trailer.

Let’s move back your attention to exciting highlights of this month. My birthday is coming soon (oh no…I’m turning 26!). There are several planned small trips this month and I can enjoy that with my two beloved little nephews since this month is their school holiday as well. I’m going to enjoy this month to the fullest. There are also wedding dinner for me to attend, some exciting movies to watch (Star Wars, year-end Oscar bait movies, etc) and some outings with friends. I wish that you will enjoy this December too as it is also filled with the festive Christmas and New Year celebration!