Movie review for ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’, ‘Pete’s Dragon’, ‘Ben-Hur’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ (2016)

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Since returning from Australia near the end of last month, I have watched four new films. I thought there will be a lot more than that since it’s now my holiday, but I have been busy with quite a number of stuff in the last two weeks. Soon, there will be a bunch of newly released Oscar-bait movies that will get me busy even during the holiday just to watch most of them hopefully. But for right now, it’s movie reviews for the following four new films of 2016 that I have watched:

‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ is a supernatural horror film centred on an ouija board, a talking board believed to be used to contact with spirits. This film is a prequel to the 2014 film ‘Ouija’ that I have also watched. The story basically revolves on a widow and her family who adds an Ouija board to their scamming business where, unbeknownst to them, they invited a spirit that possesses the youngest daughter. This movie, like its predecessor, is not memorable or scary eventhough both films do delivered some interesting plots. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ a total of 6.6.


‘Pete’s Dragon’ is a fantasy adventure film about an orphaned boy who gets lost and befriends a dragon in a forest and the ensuing repercussions of their discovery by the town’s local residents. The story is warm and I’m engaged with the story development eventhough sometime I do get distracted by the unrealistic take on the dragon’s feature. I think Disney can do much better than that to make the dragon to appear more realistic. On the other hand, the young boy that took on the lead role as the orphan did very well in this movie. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Pete’s Dragon’ a total of 6.8.


‘Ben-Hur’ is a historical epic film and is the fifth film adaptation of a novel of the same name. The 1959 film ‘Ben-Hur’ won the most Academy Awards at 11, a record that is later equal by 1997’s ‘Titanic’ and 2003’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’. The movie revolves around Judah Ben-Hur, a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother, an officer in the Roman army, returns to his homeland after years at sea to seek revenge, but finds redemption. The movie starred Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, Morgan Freeman, etc. I didn’t watch the earlier adaptations and I came in with no high expectation, unlike many others who have watched the earlier movies on this story. Hence, I find this movie still very solid in contrast to the mostly negative reception it received right now. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ben-Hur’ a total of 6.8.


‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is a fantasy film that acts as a prequel to our much beloved Harry Potter film series. It revolves on the adventure of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school. Some magical creatures from Newt’s suitcase have escaped in New York and he has to find them all with help of unlikely partners. This movie successfully brought us back into the wizarding world in cinema, giving us a bit of familiarity but at the same time some fresh, new and different content. Eddie Redmayne is the best choice as Newt Scamander and his awkwardness somehow makes his role likable and distinctive. I have no problem with J.K. Rowling’s decision to expand this into a franchise of 5 films. This ‘starter’ movie looks good, fun and yup…magical. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ a total of 7.6.


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First walkabout around KLCC since coming back from Australia

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I went to Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) recently to settle some stuff. When I was done, I spent another extra half an hour walking around that area which is always one of my favourite things to do. Why? It’s because there are a lot of skyscrapers over there for me to view, particularly the ones that are new or undergoing construction with visible progress. I was not around in KL for just 9 months, and I noticed some obvious differences to the city’s skyline particularly in this KLCC region.

More and more tall buildings are being constructed in the city. It’s a good sign of growth of the city, but still not as booming as compared to any cities in China or in Dubai. There are still a lot of empty lands in the city with huge potential for many developments.

Here below are some of the images I have taken during my walkabout. I could have walk a lot more but came to a halt due to rain. It was cloudy the whole day.




The twin towers shown above are the Le Nouvel Residences. The towers, linked by a pedestrian bridge on the air and a podium on the base, are located right besides the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Designed by famous international architect, Jean Nouvel, the towers stood out due to the vertical rods and random planter boxes for landscaping to envelope all four faces of each towers. The last time I saw them was before I left to Australia in past February when the landscaping has just been installed and not grown yet, hence the effect is not immediately visible. Now, it looks great for the towers which I think will be officially opened next year with current on-going remaining interior works. The taller of the twin towers reaches a height of 200 metres.



Shown above is the W Hotel and Residences tower which is still under construction but I think has topped out (structure reaching final height). It has 55 floors and will be among the 10 tallest buildings in Malaysia at a height of 235 metres. This tower also sits besides the Petronas Twin Towers.



Shown above is also another under-construction project that has finally displayed some highly visible progress. It’s the Four Seasons Place KL. This project had went through several delays and also redesigns in the past. It’s also located right next to the Petronas Twin Towers, or to be more precise, right to Maxis Tower. This tower comprising of luxurious hotel and residences will be 343 metres tall with 65 floors.

Few more pictures taken from KLCC Park below:




Last but not least, a walk around KLCC is never complete without this picture below of the Petronas Twin Towers, still the tallest twin buildings in the world.


And since Christmas is around the corner, one more picture of the twin towers in the evening with a huge decorated X’mas tree taken on my birthday yesterday.


That view above is magical!

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From 24 to 25. Getting another year older.

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When I was a kid, you wouldn’t know how much I wish for my birthday to come quick every year. I think many of us are like that too when we were still small, hoping to grow older as fast as possible to become an adult. Now, I’m over 20 and I started to think otherwise. We don’t want to grow old that fast anymore at this stage onward. Well, reality is reality. I’m turning 25 today. Whether I want it or not, it’s already a fact. So, happy birthday to myself. I’m not actually very excited about it as it keeps reminding me that I’m 25 already! I have spent a quarter of a century on Earth.


(Image source:

Birthday at this stage is the time when I would be bombarded with questions like ‘when are you getting a girlfriend?’, ‘you are still studying?’, ‘faster go get married!’, and so on. That is the most annoying part and to answer it all, I will just smile and reply ‘career comes first, and as for the others, if the opportunity comes, I will not miss it…I’ll just let it be.’ Ok…moving on.

I learnt of a very valuable quote in recent days, and I will take it as the most important message I have learnt for the past year when I was still 24. ‘The little details do explain a lot of things.’ This applies not only to the everyday’s life of a person, but also to architecture, a field that I will be spending the rest of my life on. Those little things do actually tell us a lot of things. It’s a simple phrase and I hope you get what it means as well deep down in your heart. I am quite an observant guy, and those small things will be kept in my mind eventhough most of them are not important. That behavior has given me some advantages in certain areas, as well as pain in other areas too. I won’t go into detail on that.

Staying positive is the driver of my daily life and I hope you will be like that too especially at times when you are feeling down. There is ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in everyone’s life inevitably. We simply have to accept it and move on. As for me, since it’s my birthday too (I supposed it has to be a big day for me?), today has to be an ‘UP’ for me. Well, I don’t mind having my birthday just as another normal day. There is no big deal. What’s important is we take notes of the things that we have learnt from every passing year that may be useful to our coming future.

Already 25. There is no more time to be wasted. I have to seriously get on the things that I aim for beginning from now. There are a lot of dreams yet to be accomplished.


Nomination list for TVB Anniversary Awards 2016

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I find it very strange that TVB is so late this year on releasing the nomination list for their upcoming awards presentation on 18th December. They just released it yesterday. Some of the awards will be decided by public and TVB judging panels’ voting while some will be decided by TVB judging panels and their own employed artists’ voting. Well, I have no issue with that as long as they don’t end up handing out awards to those who do not deserve it yet.

As usual, here below is the full nomination list for Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards 2016 alongside with my predicted Top 5 or 3 in each categories marked with *, my predicted winner, my preferred winner, and my opinions.


(Image source:


Best Leading Actor
Kenny Wong (“The Executioner”)
Raymond Wong (“K9 Cop”)
Wayne Lai (“Short End of the Stick”) *
Moses Chan (“Fashion War”)
Vincent Wong (“Over Run Over”) *
Kevin Cheng (“Blue Veins”)
Kent Cheng (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Lawrence Ng (“Presumed Accidents”)
Bobby Au Yeung (“House of Spirits”) *
Ben Wong (“Between Love & Desire”)
Johnson Lee (“Daddy Dearest”)
Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Ruco Chan (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Edwin Siu (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Kenneth Ma (“Inspector Gourmet”)
Alex Fong (“Law dis-Order”)
Liu Kai Chi (“Law dis-Order”)
Louis Cheung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Bosco Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Roger Kwok (“Dead Wrong”) *

My predicted winner: Roger Kwok (Dead Wrong)

My preferred winner: Ruco Chan (A Fist Within Four Walls)

Opinion: It’s quite an intense race for leading actor category with many that are on par to take this award this year. Besides than my top 5 actors chosen above, there are 3 more dark horses; Alex Fong and Liu Kai Chi from ‘Law Disorder’ and Bosco Wong from ‘Two Steps from Heaven’. It will probably end up with a neck-to-neck battle between Ruco Chan since he won Best Actor at both Singapore and Malaysia earlier and Roger Kwok who gave another exceptional performance in ‘Dead Wrong’, a series that didn’t get to compete at Singapore and Malaysia as it has not aired yet that time.

Best Leading Actress
Maggie Shiu (“The Executioner”) *
Kitty Yuen (“Love as a Predatory Affair”)
Samantha Ko (“Love as a Predatory Affair”)
Natalie Tong (“Speed of Life”)
Sisley Choi (“Speed of Life”)
Linda Chung (“K9 Cop”)
Tavia Yeung (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City”)
Teresa Mo (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”)
Grace Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Eliza Sam (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Alice Chan (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Selena Li (“Presumed Accidents”)
Sharon Chan (“Come with Me”)
Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Kristal Tin (“Brother’s Keeper II”) *
Ali Lee (“Law dis-Order”) *
Mandy Wong (“Law dis-Order”)
Priscilla Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Joey Meng (“Dead Wrong”) *

My predicted winner: Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls)

My preferred winner: Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls)

Opinion: On the other hand, this category is very weak this year. There is like almost no competition at all, paving way for Nancy Wu to take home best actress twice in a row. Well, she deserved it as I find her performance in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ much better than her role in ‘Ghost of Relativity’ last year that won her first Best Actress. She is also very hardworking this year with 4 series. Perhaps the only other competitor that could bring out the surprise is Kristal Tin who did well in ‘Brother’s Keeper II’. Luckily, TVB didn’t nominate her in ‘My Lover from Planet Meow’ which is an awful series and nobody did good there. 

Best Series
“Angel In-the-Making”
“The Executioner”
“Love as a Predatory Affair”
“Speed of Life”
“K9 Cop”
“Short End of the Stick”
“Fashion War”
“Over Run Over”
“The Last Healer in Forbidden City”
“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”
“Blue Veins”
“ICAC Investigators 2016”
“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”
“Presumed Accidents”
“Come with Me”
“House of Spirits” *
“Between Love & Desire”
“Daddy Dearest”
“A Fist Within Four Walls” *
“Brother’s Keeper II”
“Inspector Gourmet”
“Law dis-Order” *
“No Reserve”
“My Lover from the Planet Meow”
“Two Steps from Heaven” *
“Dead Wrong” *

My predicted winner: A Fist Within Four Walls

My preferred winner: A Fist Within Four Walls / House of Spirits.

Opinion: ‘Dead Wrong’ has not finished airing yet and so I couldn’t put that as my top preference first. But so far, it is good that it deserves a top 5 ranking. Hence, the top 2 in battle now are ‘House of Spirits’ and ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’. For me, both series are different but equally good. So, it’s very hard for me to decide. I’ll go with ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ since more people love to watch drama with more suspense and actions than a drama with light-hearted comedy and warm family values. 

Most Popular TV Male Character
Tony Hung (“Angel In-the-Making”)
Jason Chan (“Love as a Predatory Affair”)
Raymond Cho (“Short End of the Stick”)
Wayne Lai (“Short End of the Stick”) *
Him Law (“Fashion War”)
Vincent Wong (“Over Run Over”) *
Wong Kwong Leung (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Mat Yeung (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Eddie Cheung (“Come with Me”)
Bowie Wu (“House of Spirits”)
Bobby Au Yeung (“House of Spirits”) *
Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Ruco Chan (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Hugo Ng (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Louis Yuen (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Alex Fong (“Law dis-Order”)
Eddie Kwan (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)
Louis Cheung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Bosco Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”) *
Roger Kwok (“Dead Wrong”)

My predicted winner: Ruco Chan (A Fist Within Four Walls)

My preferred winner: Ruco Chan (A Fist Within Four Walls)

Opinion: I have a feeling that TVB doesn’t want to give Best Actor to Ruco yet. It’s not because TVB is biased but whenever he shown strong performance in a year, there must be suddenly another one or two better performances by others in that same year. His role is very popular and likable in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’, hence, there is no reason for him not to win this twice in a row.

Most Popular TV Female Character
Akina Hong (“The Executioner”)
Natalie Tong (“Speed of Life”)
Linda Chung (“K9 Cop”)
Lin Xia Wei (“Short End of the Stick”)
Tracy Chu (“Over Run Over”)
Angela Tong (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”)
Kay Tse (“Blue Veins”)
Eliza Sam (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Alice Chan (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”)
Joyce Tang (“House of Spirits”) *
Grace Wong (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Yuen Chau (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Kristal Tin (“Brother’s Keeper II”) *
Jacqueline Wong (“Inspector Gourmet”)
Ali Lee (“Law dis-Order”) *
Mandy Wong (“Law dis-Order”)
Priscilla Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Joey Meng (“Dead Wrong”)

My predicted winner: Joyce Tang (House of Spirits)

My preferred winner: Kristal Tin (Brother’s Keeper II) / Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls) / Joyce Tang (House of Spirits)

Opinion: I’m fine with either any of the three names I mentioned above to win. This category is a tough call and it’s very hard for me to decide. There are a number of very good and likable female characters this year. If Nancy win Best Actress, then there is much lesser chance for her to win this.

Most Popular Series Song
我們都受傷 (“Angel In-the-Making”) – Jinny Ng *
真我 (“Angel In-the-Making”) – Aaryn Cheung
相信明天 (“The Executioner”) – Hubert Wu
記住忘記我 (“Wu Xin the Monster Killer”) – Alfred Hui
愛情食物鏈 (“Love as a Predatory Affair”) – Stephanie Ho
同步 (“Speed of Life”) – Justin Lo
你懂我 (“K9 Cop”) – Linda Chung
聽海 (“K9 Cop”) – Vivian Koo
藍天白雲 (“Short End of the Stick”) – Edwin Siu
最真心一對 (“Over Run Over”) – Stephanie Ho
靈魂的痛 (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City”) – Hubert Wu
完美的生活 (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”) – Jinny Ng
諸神混亂 (“Blue Veins”) – Kay Tse
天地不容 (“Blue Veins”) – Hubert Wu
The Only One (“Blue Veins”) – Stephanie Ho
火線下 (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”) – Fred Cheng *
問天 (“Nirvana in Fire”) – Alfred Hui
可以背負更多 (“Nirvana in Fire”) – Jinny Ng
天地 (“Nirvana in Fire”) – Alfred Hui
命運的意外 (“Presumed Accidents”) – Hubert Wu
講 (“Come with Me”) – Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Grace Wong, Hoffman Cheng, Ronald Law & Stephanie Ho
愛的溫暖 (“House of Spirits”) – Edwin Siu *
最後一次分手 (“Between Love & Desire”) – Jinny Ng
爸爸 (“Daddy Dearest”) – Hubert Wu
圍城 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan
從未知道你最好 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu *
誰可改變 (“Brother’s Keeper II”) – Ruco Chan *
誘心人 (“Inspector Gourmet”) – Jinny Ng
我記不起 (“Inspector Gourmet”) – Linda Chung
公義的抉擇 (“Law dis-Order”) – Hubert Wu
Can You See (“Law dis-Order”) – Kayee Tam
夢裡花 (“The Imperial Doctress”) – Stephanie Ho
孤嶺花 (“No Reserve”) – Kay Tse
喵喵 ft. C Kwan & Moses Chan (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”) – Alvin Ng, Auston Lam & Penny Chan
得寵 (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”) – Kristal Tin & Nancy Wu
造王 (“Two Steps from Heaven”) – Hubert Wu
不可告人 (“Dead Wrong”) – Vincent Wong
愛需要勇氣 (“Dead Wrong”) – Stephanie Ho

My predicted winner: 從未知道你最好 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu 

My preferred winner: 從未知道你最好 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu 

Opinion: There is no competition at all. There is no other theme song more memorable than the one by Ruco and Nancy in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’. 

Most Popular Series Partnership
Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Power Chan (“Short End of the Stick”)
Vincent Wong & Tracy Chu (“Over Run Over”)
Jimmy Au & Kim Li (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”)
Bowie Wu & Helena Law (“House of Spirits”)
Joyce Tang & Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”)
Ruco Chan & Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Carat Cheung, Apple Chan, Chloe Nguyen & Doris Chow (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Alex Fong & Florence Kwok (“Law dis-Order”)
Eddie Kwan & Vivien Yeo (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)
Bosco Wong, Edwin Siu & Louis Cheung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)

My predicted winner: Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Power Chan (“Short End of the Stick”)

My preferred winner: Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Power Chan (“Short End of the Stick”)

Opinion: This is a new category. It’s not couple award, but partner award. Very new and strange. I will give this to the four males in ‘Short End of the Stick’. Their chemistry is very good and that can be seen in ‘The Confidant’ already, the unrelated predecessor of ‘Short End of the Stick’. It’s also a consolation prize to that drama that received very high rating this year but was released too early hence not getting any award buzz.


Best Supporting Actor
Law Lok Lam (“The Executioner”)
Oscar Leung (“K9 Cop”)
John Chiang (“Short End of the Stick”)
Wai Ka Hung (“Short End of the Stick”)
Raymond Cho (“Short End of the Stick”) *
Power Chan (“Short End of the Stick”) *
Pal Sinn (“Over Run Over”)
Joel Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Lai Lok Yi (“Presumed Accidents”)
Cheung Wing Hong (“House of Spirits”) *
Philip Ng (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Carlo Ng (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Oscar Li (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Jimmy Au (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Hugo Ng (“Brother’s Keeper II”) *
Mat Yeung (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Matthew Ho (“Law dis-Order”)
Ram Chiang (“Law dis-Order”)
Luk Wing (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Ku Ming Wah (“Dead Wrong”)

My predicted winner: Raymond Cho (Short End of the Stick)

My preferred winner: Raymond Cho (Short End of the Stick) 

Opinion: It’s not easy to portray a transvestite and it’s not easy to stood out among the rest of the male characters in the same drama. Raymond did that and he is long overdue for this award. 

Best Supporting Actress
Elaine Yiu (“The Executioner”) *
Akina Hong (“The Executioner”)
Rachel Kan (“Speed of Life”)
Lin Xia Wei (“Short End of the Stick”)
Yoyo Chen (“Short End of the Stick”)
Zoie Tam (“Over Run Over”)
Jeannie Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Elena Kong (“ICAC Investigators 2016”)
Kingdom Yuen (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”) *
Joyce Tang (“House of Spirits”) *
Helena Law (“House of Spirits”)
Roxanne Tong (“Between Love & Desire”)
Grace Wong (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Jade Leung (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Florence Kwok (“Law dis-Order”)
Vivien Yeo (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)
Moon Lau (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Katy Kung (“Two Steps from Heaven”) *
Rebecca Zhu (“Dead Wrong”)

My predicted winner: Joyce Tang (House of Spirits)

My preferred winner: Joyce Tang (House of Spirits)

Opinion: Joyce Tang is also another artist long overdue for an award. Her comeback performance in ‘House of Spirits’ is excellent and putting her into this supporting category is already something that I felt slightly uneasy already. 

Most Improved Male Artiste
James Ng (“Blue Veins”, “Jade Solid Gold”, “Organized Dining”, “Music Power”, “J.S.G. Selections 2016 (Part 1)”, Big Boys Summer)
Matthew Ho (“Brother’s Keeper II”, “Law dis-Order”, “No Reserve”) *
Hubert Wu (“Blue Veins”, “Taipei High Hi”, “Sermon by Sir Ben”)
Mark Ma (“Love as a Predatory Affair”, “Speed of Life”, “Short End of the Stick”, “Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”, “Presumed Accidents”, “Between Love & Desire”, “Inspector Gourmet”)
Bob Cheung (“Over Run Over”, “House of Spirits”, “Between Love & Desire”, “Daddy Dearest”, “Spirits on Vacation”) *
Cheung Wing Hong (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, “Spirits on Vacation”) *

My predicted winner: Cheung Wing Hong.

My preferred winner: Cheung Wing Hong.

Opinion: It has to be Cheung Wing Hong. He is the only one among the other nominees that stood out. He was involved in 3 series this year, and he nailed all the 3 roles given. I noticed him few years back in some of his earlier dramas but he went unnoticed. This should be the year for him. A breakthrough year for him.

Most Improved Female Artiste
Tracy Chu (“Speed of Life”, “K9 Cop”, “Over Run Over”)
Stephanie Ho (“Love as a Predatory Affair”, “Blue Veins”, “Dead Wrong”, “Jade Solid Gold”, “I Heart HK”)
Ali Lee (“Fashion War”, “Brother’s Keeper II”, “Law dis-Order”, “Sidewalk Scientist”, “Organized Dining”, “Anchors with Passport (Sr. 2)”) *
Mayanne Mak (“Sidewalk Scientist”, “Anchors with Passport (Sr. 2)”, “A Starry Homecoming”, “Community Chest Charity Show”, “TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2016”, “I Heart HK”, “Sermon by Sir Ben”, “天與地”)
Moon Lau (“Angel In-the-Making”, “Over Run Over”, “Blue Veins”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, “Birth of 8 Records”) *
Katy Kung (“The Executioner”, “Two Steps from Heaven”) *

My predicted winner: Katy Kung.

My preferred winner: Ali Lee / Moon Lau.

Opinion: Out of sudden, Katy Kung shot to fame with her crying scene in ‘Two Steps from Heaven’. It is a great timing for her since the awards presentation is just around the corner. I don’t think she will snatch supporting actress award from Joyce Tang, and hence, she has high chance for this category out of a sudden. This will be a major blow to the two other early hot favourites; Ali Lee and Moon Lau. Both of them gave fantastic performances this year too. 

Best Host(s)
Sammy Leung & Sharon Chan (“Sunday Stage Fight”) *
Benz Hui, Oscar Leung & King Kong (“Eat La Men”)
Carol Cheng & Fama (“Do Did Eat”) *
Tony Hung (“Not Far but Away (Sr. 2)”)
Maria Cordero & Luk Ho Ming (“Good Cheap Eats (Sr. 5)”)
Eric Tsang & Various Artistes (“I Heart HK”) *
Evergreen Mak, Elena Kong & Joyce Tang (“Bazaar Carnivals”)
Benjamin Au Yeung (“Sermon by Sir Ben”)
Alice Chan, Michael Wai, Steven Cheung & Tyson Chak (“Wai Gor’s Wok”)
King Kong & Kitty Yuen (“Neighborhood Gourmet (Sr. 4)”)
Helen To (“Kansai Raider (Sr. 2)”)

My predicted winner: Carol Cheng & Fama (Do Did Eat)

My preferred winner: Carol Cheng & Fama (Do Did Eat)

Opinion: Carol Cheng and Fama are going to host the awards ceremony as well. Hence, giving them this award would be a nice touch. Furthermore, they do did well in the ‘Do Did Eat’ programme despite the strange partnership formed. An unbelievable partnership that turned out to be good and fun.

Best Variety Programme
“Sunday Stage Fight” *
“Eat La Men”
“Do Did Eat” *
“A Starry Homecoming”
“Taipei High Hi”
“All Work No Pay Holidays – India”
“All Work No Pay Holidays – Northern Europe”
“The Magicians’ Game of Thrones”
“I Heart HK”
“Spirits on Vacation” *
“Neighborhood Gourmet (Sr. 4)”

My predicted winner: Sunday Stage Fight.

My preferred winner: Sunday Stage Fight.

Opinion: ‘Sunday Stage Fight’ is the programme that gave me the most laughter this year. It’s a very entertaining and hilarious show. ‘I Heart HK’ led by Eric Tsang and many other artists is no longer that much fun to watch as the show has very few games in it only. 

Best Enrichment Programme
“Sidewalk Scientist”
“Not Far but Away (Sr. 2)”
“Touring the Hood”
“My Handy Man”
“The Treadmill Runner”
“Good Cheap Eats (Sr. 5)”
“Bazaar Carnivals”
“Sermon by Sir Ben”
“5 Kids and a Bloke”
“Wai Gor’s Wok”
“Kansai Raider (Sr. 2)”

Opinion: No comment in this category as I have watched none of them.

Best Special Programme
“My Love, myTV SUPER”
“Community Chest Charity Show”
“Hong Kong Heroes”
“Mr. Hong Kong Contest 2016”
“Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016”
“Gala Spectacular 2016”
“A Time of Love 2”
“TVB Anniversary Gala”
“Tung Wah Charity Gala 2016”

Opinion: Also no comment for this category.

The awards ceremony will be held on the evening of 18th December 2016 (Sunday). The ceremony also marks the end of TVB station’s 49th anniversary celebration this year. By the way, their 49th Anniversary Gala held last month is super dull and boring. I watched it online, and I skipped most parts of it. No big stars to attend, no great performances, no funny segments, and no ‘party’ feel overall. TVB have to seriously work on it especially for next year when they are heading to the big 50th anniversary.

Entering the last month of the year with plenty of thoughts.

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It’s December! Really? Yup…one more month left before we bid farewell to another year. It’s year-end study break for the school kids, holiday season soon for the adults by the end of the month which is especially more festive for those who celebrate Christmas, and for me, I’m having my year-end semester break too that started mid of last November and will go on till end of February next year.

That length of holiday should be fun. Sometime I think it is, sometime I think is not. These 3 months of holiday will give me plenty of time to rest but at the same time persuading me to get lazier. I wish to find some work to do to earn some cash but no one would want to hire you for only 2 months plus. It means that I will end up rotting at home most of the time. How about going out? Well, that is a good idea but sometime I prefer to just stay indoor and going out is going to cost me money as I’m trying to not spend as much as I can.


Another year is ending soon and it’s about time for me to reflect on what has happened or things that I have encountered in 2016 that are memorable or at least valuable to my future endeavor. Well, I will leave that in a post near the end of December, something that I usually do every year of which my blog has become the only platform for me to share my thoughts or resolutions.

Since coming back to Malaysia from Australia mid of last November, I have been quite busy cleaning up and re-configuring my bedroom. My room looked more like a store room with plenty of stuff and dust, all in one tiny space before that. I find it very uncomfortable in there. After some adjustments (throwing out my old study desk, purchasing new simple study table, chair and bedside drawers from IKEA, and slightly re-arranging my room’s furniture layout), my room now looks much better and pleasant to see and stay inside. I have also bought some decorations and hung my previously built and framed puzzle to a wall right above my study table for a finishing touch.

For my blog header of the month, there is no other visual more suitable than a Christmas-themed imagery on the top of my blog site. Eventhough I’m not a Christian, but I do love the atmosphere for this celebration and I will join in the X’mas fun whenever possible. There is also no such thing as winter in Malaysia and hence putting the snow-filled image will give some impression of coldness to better match the X’mas environment in contrast to the soaring hot weather over here.


Full result of TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016

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The TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 was held successfully last evening in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. This annual awards presentation that honours the best of Hong Kong’s TVB series and programmes every year gives opportunity for Malaysians to vote for their most favourite choices. Public votes accounts for 70% while professional judges took the remaining 30% in deciding the winners for the evening. Over 20 Hong Kong celebrities (actors and actresses) attended the event. However, none of them are big names to my disappointment. Well, that is expected since those big names from TVB have either left the station or retired from acting.

The celebrities attending the show were Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin, Benjamin Yuen, Sisley Choi, Moon Lau, Philip Ng, Mat Yeung, Cheung Wing Hong, Bob Cheung, Grace Wong, Grace Chan, Mandy Wong, Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu, Eliza Sam, Natalie Tong, Ali Lee, Joyce Tang and Koni Lui. The hosts for the ceremony were Carol Cheng, C-Kwan, Luk Wing, Ashley Chu and Jarvis Chow. The first three in that host line-up also hosted TVB Starhub Awards in Singapore last month and they are expected to host for TVB Anniversary Awards back in Hong Kong next month. Invited award presenters from Hong Kong were Ha Yu and Kara Hui to present the most favourite leading actor and actress awards. The trophy design is a slight improvement from the previous years’ one but still looks bad and a bit too big. The ceremony started at 8.30pm and ended on 11.00pm on 26th November 2016. Here below is the full result of the awards presentation alongside with my brief opinions:


My Favourite TVB Drama Series
“A Fist Within Four Walls”

Opinion: Expected. This drama is considered the best of the year so far with its thrilling actions, fantastic acting and suspenseful plot. It has also sweep some other awards of the evening, making it the biggest winner. 

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role
Ruco Chan (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)

Opinion: Expected outcome too. Ruco delivered an amazing performance in that drama and most important, his character is very likable. However, he has huge competition from Roger Kwok in next month’s TVB Anniversary Awards as Roger delivered another award-worthy performance in the currently airing drama ‘Dead Wrong’ that isn’t competing in this Malaysia’s awards but in Hong Kong one next month. So, I think Ruco will end up getting My Favourite TV Male Character two times in a row for the Hong Kong one. Still a great accomplishment for this brilliant actor. 

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role
Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)

Opinion: There isn’t any strong competition for leading actress category this year. So, Nancy is the only stood out one with a great performance in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’. It has been a busy year as she appeared in four TVB dramas in this year alone. I think she is going to take home next month’s Best Actress again too. Well, she deserved it in the time when there is no more better actresses around. Both she and Ruco won favourite leading actor and actress awards last year and there they win them again this year. I have no objection for that.

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role
Mat Yeung (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)

Opinion: Mat Yeung has appeared in a lot of TVB series for many years. Finally, he gets some recognition with some good roles especially in this year. He usually portrayed very minor characters and finally he gained spotlight this year. He is a good actor but I think there is still a lot of space in between before he can step further to take on leading role. 

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role
Joyce Tang (“House of Spirits”)

Opinion: I’m very happy for Joyce Tang. I hardly see her anymore after her success in ‘Armed Reactions’ drama franchise many years ago. This year she has a great role in ‘House of Spirits’ and I’m rooting for her to win this from the very beginning. And yes, she won it. Her hard work paid off. 

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actor
Cheung Wing Hong (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”)

Opinion: I’m also glad that Cheung Wing Hong won this. He is the only nominee in this category that stood out among the rest and delivered some great performances not only in this year but also from the past few years too. I started to notice on his talent few years back when he is still a new actor. 

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actress
Moon Lau (“Angel In-the-Making”, “Over Run Over”, “Blue Veins”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”)

Opinion: Moon Lau is also a deserving winner. It’s a busy year for her too and yet she still present to us very natural and likable acting in all series she was involved in eventhough she is just a new actress with little experience. 

My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple
Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Vincent Wong & Tracy Chu (“Over Run Over”)

Opinion: Two winners again. This is something that I don’t like. The organizer should just stick to one winner. Ruco and Nancy is the more deserving pair. Handing out the award to Vincent and Tracy is like a consolation for them as they will be going home empty handed if they didn’t award this to them. Chemistry between Ruco and Nancy needs no further explanation. They, the currently highly rumored couple look great together.

My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
從未知道你最好 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu

Opinion: Expected. This song is nice to listen to and it immediately reminds me of that series. 

My Favourite Top 16 TVB Drama Characters
Ruco Chan (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Philip Ng (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Sisley Choi (“Presumed Accidents”)
Eliza Sam (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Wayne Lai (“Short End of the Stick”)
Mandy Wong (“Law dis-Order”)
Ali Lee (“Law dis-Order”)
Natalie Tong (“Speed of Life”)
Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Grace Wong (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Grace Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Bobby Au Yeung (“House of Spirits”)
Joyce Tang (“House of Spirits”)
Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”)
Kristal Tin (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)

Opinion: They should cut this down to 10 winners and not the other way round now, which is expanding it further to 16 winners so that almost everyone can get one. People not deserving to win in this category are Philip Ng, Grace Chan and Kristal Tin. There are some much more better actors or actresses to take this award. 

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme
“Sunday Stage Fight”

Opinion: Yup, a very entertaining and hilarious show. I remembered I laughed a lot watching this programme once every week last time. 

My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme
“Wellness on the Go 4 – Going Green and Sustainable Living”

Opinion: No opinion on this one because I didn’t watch it but I actually prefer ‘Do Did Eat’. ‘Do Did Eat’ is an interesting programme and I thought earlier it should win it since Carol Cheng is present in the ceremony alongside with C-Kwan and Luk Wing that hosted that particular programme. 

My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Programme
Mat Yeung & Benjamin Yuen (“All Work No Pay Holidays – India”)

Opinion: I think people voted for them because they are handsome. That’s it. That is not the true way of judging the quality of hosting actually. Carol, Luk Wing and C-Kwan are a bit more deserving to take this award. Now, they end up went home empty handed to my surprise. They came to Malaysia just for the ceremony hosting job. They did very well in their ‘Do Did Eat’ programme actually but didn’t win this. 

Online Most Beloved Artiste Award 2016
Grace Wong

Opinion: A new award this year. Well, her popularity suddenly soared due to her very interesting role in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ that makes her way more noticeable than ever. She is also very pretty and cool. So, there isn’t much doubt on her winning this. 


Video highlight of the awards presentation below:

Now, there is one more awards to go, and that is the last and the most prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards in Hong Kong to be held on 18th December 2016. I’m surprised that TVB hasn’t release the nomination list yet. They are so late this year.

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Shanghai Tower named CTBUH’s Best Tall Building Worldwide in 2016 and won Emporis Skyscraper Award 2015

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Shanghai Tower is a 632 metres tall skyscraper located in Shanghai, China and is currently the second tallest building in the world. Completed in 2015, it is also the tallest building in China, a country that has been actively building supertalls in recent decades. Designed by Gensler Architects, Shanghai Tower has 128 floors and is one of the three supertall buildings in the prime area in Pudong. The other two are the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 metres high) and Jin Mao Tower (421 metres high).


Recently, the tower is named Best Tall Building Worldwide in 2016 by Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Besides that, the tower has also won the Emporis Skyscraper Award 2015. It’s a double joy for the tower. Shanghai Tower has accomplished such level of recognition due to many reasons. Some of them are its elegant spiraling cylindrical form, energy-efficient performance of the building, extraordinary double-skin facade, world’s fastest elevator, etc.




Shanghai Tower prevailed over other winners in smaller categories in CTBUH Best Tall Buildings selection to take the top prize after winning the Best Tall Building Asia and Australasia. Best Tall Building Americas goes to VIA 57 West, Best Tall Building Europe goes to The White Walls and Best Tall Building Middle East and Africa goes to The Cube. As for the Emporis Skyscraper Award, Shanghai Tower topped the list of their 10 finalist selection. The other 9 in order from top to bottom are Evolution Tower in Russia (no.2), II Dritto in Italy (no.3), Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza in China (no.4), ABODE 318 in Australia (no.5), Icon Bay in United States of America (no.6), D1 Tower in United Arab Emirates (no.7), 432 Park Avenue in United States of America (no.8), Citygate in Austria (no.9) and ICE II in Canada (no.10).

I would love to visit Shanghai Tower and goes up to its observation deck to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and to purchase a replica model of the skyscraper. If you know me well, one of my hobbies is to collect replica models of famous buildings and towers around the world. This hobby is actually very costly, but what can I do since it’s my interest. I have not visited Shanghai before and I am looking forward for a trip to that city in near future. I think I would be very impressed not only by the supertalls in that city, but also by the overall magnificent skyline of the city.


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