Happy Halloween….(*,.*)

It’s the end of October, and it’s of course, Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all people, especially to those who are celebrating it at the West and even at the East (mainly in Hong Kong region). It’s pretty quiet here for this celebration in Malaysia. Nothing spectacular, nothing atmospheric to mark this annual occasion. I don’t even see any decorations set up in the city of Kuala Lumpur for this Halloween…it’s too boring down here!

Of course there are some cafes offering specialities for the occasion, some small parties organized for the night, with events like trick-or-treat, costumes design, etc. All these are not much attended or celebrated here in Malaysia. It shows that Malaysians are not much westernized. Something good and something bad….haha

Sorry for late updating my blog here. Very very busy with assignments again, and again…it’s end of Week 13, 2 more weeks to go before semester ends…I have to stay strong for last two weeks before my Year 3 (final) study on 2011. Have been having sleepless nights for almost everyday. Hence, I don’t need to make up also can frightened people with my tiring and gloomy look…haha…now, it’s weekend, it’s getting better already….but still needs a lot of rest, let’s wait till holiday, the thing that I wished for a long time!

Anyway, wishing everyone again, Happy Halloween! And not to forget to welcome the new month, November!


Twister in Malaysia!

Is it true that the world is going to end? Is the fact of 2012 real? Is the judgement day really coming soon, or very soon?

Disasters are something everyone would not want to see, hear, or of course, experience. However, disasters often occur currently in every continents around the world. It is more frequent than the number of meals I took per day! Everyday, there must be news of number of people dead or missing after a serious tragedy like flood, landslide, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, typhoon, etc. To speak the truth, such things never happened so frequently in the past.

Back to Malaysia, on the last Thursday evening, a twister is formed at Mata Air, Jejawi, Perlis due to unusual cloud formation before thunderstorm and heavy rain. Eventhough the twister is small, but twister is stranger to Malaysia, because the usual weather in Malaysia does not permit for formation of twister. This comes along with flash floods, thunderstorms, rough seas and strong winds of up to 60kph. This weather pattern is caused by low pressure area currently brewing in South China Sea.

Can’t imagine and believe that twister can be formed in Malaysia! Soon, Malaysia will be exposed to another new disaster, tornado which is a larger version of twister and is more deadly. Even now, the weather pattern changes unusually not only in Malaysia but also around the whole world.

Possible design of Warisan Merdeka Tower?!

There had been news I have heard around a year ago that PNB had bought a large piece of land nearby the Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara for a mega-scale development projects. Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) needs a new office building to replace its old one at Jalan Tun Razak, while also giving opportunity for others to invest and work together into this giant project. The whole development is estimated to cost around RM 5 billion, while the tower itself costs around 2.5 to 3 billion already.

Now, the project is confirmed and recently, this is included in the Budget 2011 speech by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that receives many compliments as well as objections, especially from opposition parties that worries the unnecessity of such tall building in Kuala Lumpur anymore. and the negative effects from it such as massive traffic jams would occured at the area full of schools and stadiums. The Prime Minister stood and voice out the benefits from this project that would symbolise Malaysia as a developed nation.

(The site for Warisan Merdeka Tower, very near to my former secondary school, Methodist Boys Secondary School Kuala Lumpur)

So, PNB is planning to build a 100-storeys tower just right beside the historical Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara. It seems weird that a sudden supertall building rises up from that area which is mainly flat and plain. It would look awkward and definitely does not fit that place, as well as does not fit the overall skyline of KL. KL skyline is already beautiful with KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers, but with addition of this one at the old town area of KL, the placement seems to be wrong that would definitely affects the skyline badly.

Actually, around ten years ago, there is another mega-scale project designed by Hijjaz Kasturi and Associates to build a 80-storeys tower called Plaza Rakyat (People’s Square), that would be around the height similar to Empire State Building (around 380m) which is quite tall enough. However, due to financial problems, the construction is abandoned and the site is now awaiting for new developer to take over, which until now, no good news have been heard about it. The site is just very near to this Warisan Merdeka site. If both projects goes on at this time, then it would be cool, that two supertalls are going up nearby at same time.


(Abandoned mega project of Plaza Rakyat besides PuduRaya)

Wait a minute, where is the design of Warisan Merdeka Tower? Has it been released to the public yet? I just browsed through the internet and I found out a design for it, probably the selected one after some internal decisions. Honestly, I do not particularly like this design. It is just a typical office building design with no distinctive outlook like Petronas Twin Towers, and it has a weird pop – out roof structure. What is going on there? Hopefully the design would change, and would be better that can symbolise Malaysia as a developed and modern nation with progressive people.

(Probable design for Warisan Merdeka Tower found from internet, not confirmed yet)

I checked out the news that PNB is currently finalizing its design and many details. It is a 10-years project, which means the whole development would be completed on the right time by 2020 to mark Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020) to put Malaysia as a developed country in the world. The 100-storeys tower would be completed earlier, the fastest is by 2015 as the construction would begins by 2011. The height is estimated to be around 525m to 550m, taller than Taipei 101 (508m), the current second tallest building behind the unbeatable Burj Khalifa (828m). By the time of its completion, the tower would be among the top 5 or top 10. (other buildings would be Burj Khalifa (2009) , Pingan International Finance Center (2015), Shanghai Center (2014), Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel (2011), One World Trade Center (2013). Now, I’m wondering can the tower be so fast completed in just four to five years? Construction breakthrough, probably…

Now, I need to know more details of the finalized design with the meanings behind it? Why not create an international design competition for it and invites famous architects to join like Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, I.M.Pei, Kohn Pederson Fox, Skidmore, Owings and Merill, etc? Then it would be interesting. This building would definitely impacts the whole skyline of KL which currently ranked number 8 in the world (good ranking), hence need to be properly considered in every aspects. It would also steal the show by Petronas Twin Towers which had been stand proudly for over 12 years.

Another TVB series completely watched; The Comeback Clan

This TVB series, not everyone might know it. This is the series before the famous ‘No Regrets’ which is on aired now every weekdays at 8.30pm. This series is not made in big budget, not in grand production, not much in advertisement, hence it is not really favourite to any people and not famous at all. But the weird thing is that I do not know why I keep watching this series, from the beginning, till the end, completely despite in the time of plenty of assignments.

This series, starred by Ha Yu, Sammul Chan, Natalie Tong, Shirley Yeung, etc is basically a very light-based drama with plots focusing on how the main cast rise and fall in his life, accompanied by his daughter who had problems in work and love. Very similar to typical Hong Kong modern drama focusing in family with no intense scenes like those in Heart of Greed or Moonlight Resonance. This series is actually quite boring in many parts but overall, there are still some funny scenes in it that worth-watching when I am in stress for my assignment.

Now, ‘No Regrets’ is out, and I will definitely get addicted to it. Been catching it everyday, excited for it! This series, everyone must have known it! It is so famous! The first few episodes seem already promising, exciting and interesting. There are already a number of intense scenes, with many focusing on Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, and one more to mention, Pierre Ngo who performed very well as an innocent boy in this series, totally different with his character in Rosy Business. Thumbs up to these casts!

The model we have made for Architecture Techniques 202!

This is the final model we have made for one of the module for the semester, called as Architecture Techniques 202 which we in a group of two, need to present a modern building through dossier presentation, explorative and final models and digital portfolio.


After days of hard works completing this model, the model of the famous icon of modern architecture by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, Barcelona Pavilion has finally been completed, without the site. Felt very lazy to do the site for it after tiring days of cutting, pasting, measuring, etc. But still have to do it also before final submission next Thursday, but definitely not now. Time to update my blog already…haha

The design of the pavilion is very simple, similar to the famous quote by the architect, ‘Less is more’. We had a lot of hard time doing this one, eventhough it looks simple overall. There are many beauty behind it, some can be even captured through photographs, specifically on perspective views of the interior.


The model is in scale 1:100, and yet it still looks so big and long due to its rectangular shape. It is a sectional model, cutting through two glass walls and one marble wall. Even the sculpture of Dawn in the Barcelona Pavilion is recreated in the approximate scale, moulded and placed at the smaller pool there. Everything looks much similar to the building itself as we referred to a scaled working drawing when doing this modelling.

I’m so happy about it, until I’m in desperate to write a bit about it here…too excited to finally see the form coming out. Previously, what we have done are all in pieces, mess up and thrown everywhere. Now, everything is assembled on the right place. The model is now waiting only for the site as well as submission of course. Hoping for a good grade for this one! May God bless….Time for quick rest before night class later, tonight have to catch up back on my design!

Movie review: The Child’s Eye (3D)

Despite the current situation being very busy with overloading assignments, today we, in the same group of classmates took some time for little entertainment at IOI Mall. And it’s time to watch the horror film of Hong Kong by Pang Brothers entitled ‘The Child’s Eye’. It is the first Chinese horror film shoot in 3D format. The casts includes Rainie Yang, Shawn Yue, etc.


And of course this is the first time I’m watching a horror film in 3D. Really breakthrough….everything we see looks so real and more terrifying. Some scenes in the movie are really scaring people out of their seats including me. Despite the story is similar with typical horror film plots (which all the secrets will be finally revealed at the end at a hidden or mysterious place), but the visual and sound effects of the film are very well created, which makes this film worth watching.

Eventhough it is only PG-13 rated, but I think it is more suitable for people above 18 years of age as there are really some scary scenes, that will shock you in sudden. Hence, be well prepared especially those with weak heart. Beautiful 3D effects created from the film too, showcasing how technology plays it role in even horror film. A little praise to the Taiwanese artist, Rainie Yang that performed well in the movie as the main character. There are quite a number of plotholes for this movie which created some doubts. There is even a suspense-filled ending for this film (sorry for little spoiler here). Out of 10 points, I rate this one 7.3.  This is definitely the movie that will not makes you bored eventhough you are very sleepy (my condition which I did not sleep last night due to design project, hence watching this film to activate me for the whole day is working)

What’s happened…; Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Sorry for late posting. I’m kinda busy with assignments for last weekend.

The  annual nine days festival of Nine Emperor Gods based on Taoism had just ended. It falls from 1st day till the 9th day of the 9th month of Chinese lunar calendar. Every year, as usual, I will attend the festival at Ampang’s Nan Tian Kong Temple for worshipping and celebrating the festival together with my family.

This year, is the same. However, this is the first time I’m going there by night. It’s more lively and happening at night. The street leading to the temple are lined with hawker stalls selling chow tau foo, fried stuff, fried cashew, drinks, etc. It is crowded with people, more compared to morning, and it looks more like a night market.

This is also the only year I did not attend the night parade which the gods are invited and celebrated with processions and parade of dragon and lion dances, etc. The reason is that the parade is held much earlier, that many don’t even know that, due to commemoration of the opening of the reconstructed temple. I heard that the parade for this year is more grand with addition of even fireworks!

Back to the worshipping thing, the only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the crowded situation in the temple where all the people put their burning joss sticks. The whole space is full of smoke…and yes, smoke and even heat detectors are not recommended here…lol…but I can see some beautiful Chinese architecture in there, and even on the outlook of the building with two pagodas at the side.

I have to quickly rushed in, burned the candles, placed them on the right place, burned the joss sticks which are quite a lot in numbers, placed them on wherever place dedicated for the gods, and even having some time to snap some qick photos. After that, my whole shirt is full of those ashes from the joss sticks, tears dropped from my painful eyes, redness on my hand after being in contact with hot dropping ashes. It’s complicated and mess up in there. I would not be going in if I’m not doing the worshipping thing.

Anyway, it’s an annual thing, not a monthly or daily thing…hence, still okay to it…I can see something interesting from it too…I can see different type of activities, I can see the setting of the Ampang New Village, I can see architecture of the temple, I can experience the culture of Taoism….hence, it gave quite a lot of advantages too….why not going for it?! However, it’s over now….have to wait for next year.