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Happy 55th Independence Day to Malaysia!

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Malaysia, Happy 55th Independence Day!

If you are not Malaysian, then let me tell you a bit over the history of my country, Malaysia. The country achieved independence from British back in 31st August 1957. By then, the nation was called as ‘Malaya’ until 1963 when it combined with Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore to form ‘Malaysia’. Not long after, Singapore withdrew due to certain unsolved reasons. Tunku Abdul Rahman who shouted ‘Merdeka’ seven times at Stadium Merdeka on 31st August 1957 marked the beginning of freedom to the newborn nation. He then became Malaysia’s first Prime Minister.

There’s a bit of history of independence of Malaysia that I briefly mentioned here. Of course there are many further issues revolving the process of gaining independence which I have studied back in my secondary school years. But then, I’m sure I forgot some parts of it. And of course, I won’t explain much here. If not, it will get you bored. So, after a simple calculation, Malaysia is now 55 years old. Happy Birthday to my beloved country!

As usual, there would be National Day parade in the morning of the Independence Day, which usually takes place at roads along the iconic Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) in Kuala Lumpur, capital of the country. Even the night before, on the eve, Malaysians as well as foreigners would gather on that square to watch performances and countdown events till midnight. So it is what happening just now. It was 12am and multiple fireworks explosion were heard. I myself have never participate on national day events. I admit I’m not that patriotic, but I do still love my country. Perhaps, there is certain ‘parties’ or ‘aspects’ that took my love towards the country away. I won’t elaborate more on that.

There is one extra planned celebration for this year’s Independence Day; Gathering at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at the night of 31st August. This brought me back to my memory five years ago when I did watch a mega-event called ‘Raksasa Merdeka’ to celebrate the country’s 50th year of independence at Stadium Merdeka. The show was quite massive and brilliantly organized. I think this gathering would be something similar to that. But of course, this time, I expected the gathering to be much of political-basis, and I hate that. Even by looking at this year’s theme for National Day celebration proved that. The theme is ‘Janji Ditepati’ (Promise Fulfilled). That is so politically-motivated, and yet the government denied that particular motive which is so obvious! What a ‘shit’ theme that ruined the actual meaning of the celebration. And bad-looking logo!

Hmm..forget about it. Still, as a Malaysian, I would like to wish again to my country, Malaysia, Happy 55th Independence Day! Let’s hope the country would strive forward in all areas of development, and on track to achieved ‘Wawasan 2020’ which is like only less than 8 years away. Time is running out. From my perspective, I still think the country is quite far from that vision. Too bad…. who to blame? Everyone knows the answer. By the way, ‘Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke-55 kepada Malaysia!’ (Wishing my country in national language, Malay Language). Satu Malaysia! (hmm…I felt bored over hearing this phrase used anywhere in no point again and again.) Hoho…who cares, what I’m happy over National Day is because it would be a public holiday and for this year, it’s on Friday! Cool!


No! Don’t vandalise the street art!

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Most Malaysians would know what I’m writing about just by looking at the title. It’s such a hit now in Malaysia. Even this morning’s issue raised by Malaysia’s No.1 Chinese radio station, MY FM is regarding this particular vandalism to the lovely street art in Georgetown, Penang. And this issue had also been highlighted on front cover of various Chinese newspapers recently.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, then you would still remember that I had previously written a post regarding public street art and that this interesting stuff isn’t going on over here in Malaysia actively. Finally, there is a hit on public street art in Malaysia, eventhough the one behind it is not a local, but a foreigner who shows keen interest on such art in the heritage city of Georgetown in Penang Island. He is Ernest Zacharevic. From the few masterpieces he produced at Georgetown that I saw from the virally-circulating images of those, I can see that he is such a talented person. His art complements very well to the old/dilapidated-looking wall backdrop, and thus very much engaging. The drawings are pretty simple, but ‘speaks’. Awesome!

(Two images above are from Ernest Zacharevic’s official Facebook page, the person who did all these awesome creative works!)

His arts attracted the public interest, and now the media attention as well. Huh….Some not from the state even went to Georgetown just to see how lovely those street arts he produces. But too bad, some of his creative works had been vandalised! Such a pity. To those who did such nonsense thing, what is your reason for doing that? You are such a dumb, or are you jealous of other’s creativity? You have no right to do such awful deed. People had put their effort on it, and people like it. Then you come to destroy it. Stupid people. Luckily, there are quite a number of people who helped to restore or recover Ernest’s works. Hmm..I really appreciate their help.

Ernest would be back to Georgetown next month. It appears that he likes the city very much, most probably of its rich heritage value and feel. I do like such environment too, away from those towering skyscrapers I always see in KL. Hmm…hope that he would continue to contribute his creativity to Georgetown’s hardscapes. Or to somewhere else, like in KL. KL needs such street art too. It would be very nice to have it here in the capital of Malaysia besides than graffiti which some are really awful! Let’s show our support to street art in whole Malaysia. Ernest Zacharevic started it, it’s time for some locals to contribute too. And no vandalism, please!

What an extremely boring weekend! But at least it’s better than weekdays.

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Hmm…weekend is supposed to be a very fun and enjoyable time for many people, especially youngsters when they would take this opportunity once every week to go out, hang around, or even to the extreme; clubbing. Even if there is no special events or outings organized, I can also make the best out of the time with my family. But for this weekend which is coming to an end in few hours time, all I can say is that it is a very boring weekend!

I spent these two days (Saturday and Sunday) at home, with most of my time in my bedroom of course, sitting right in front of my laptop. Once I wake up, my laptop would be turned on until to the time when I’m getting ready for sleep at night. So, my activity; online the whole day. Boring, isn’t it? There isn’t anything interesting going on, and all I do was just playing Cityville, reading some news from online portal, browsing webs, and of course Facebook-ing. That’s my life for this weekend that would concludes in two hours . But still, I would prefer weekend over weekdays. Everybody should know the reason. Well, at least, I don’t need to work on weekend, and thus don’t need to wake up early, facing traffic jams, and dealing with stressful works.

I myself prefer to stay indoor which gives me much comfortable environment in my perspective. My parent is out to Genting Highlands for concert and a night stay, and my eldest sister is as usual, busy to take care of her two kids. At first, I did plan to go to the carnival organized by MY FM at Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium Car Park yesterday in conjunction with its’ 14th anniversary celebration yesterday’s night. The place is nearby my home, but then I think that it must be very congested over there and I would hardly find any parking already at the time I decided to go. And in the end, I refused to go. It must be very hot out there also. And so, I just spent my time on Saturday’s night by watching TV, and at around 11pm, I heard multiple fireworks explosion. That must be from the gigantic-scale 14th anniversary celebration of MY FM, the number one Chinese radio station in Malaysia. It must be very fun and great night for those attending the show, but for me, it’s a boring and plain night.

Now, even Sunday is coming to an end very soon. But nevermind. I believe this week is going to end very fast too, since this coming Friday is a holiday here, due to National Day celebration on the last day of August every year for Malaysia. So, for this coming week, there is only four working days! Yeah…Yeah…then comes a three-days long break after that on which I would attempt to spend with interesting things to do. So, now I am hoping for this month to end quick. August hasn’t been a good or happy month for me after the end of London 2012 Olympic Games when I have no more exciting sports to catch for, the death of my grandma, cancellation of Vietnam trip, and then this boring weekend just made the month worse for me.

Goodbye Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the Moon.

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Many of us would have known his name; Neil Armstrong. We have probably get to know his name from History class as he is the first person on Earth to set foot on the Moon from Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969. That day had since became one of the most important days in history of the world which had proven that Man can finally reach that far and landed on another planet within our universe.

The famed US astronaut passed away yesterday following complications from cardiovascular surgery. He was 82.  “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” That are the first words upon stepping on the lunar surface which have since been etched in history. I personally like that statement very much, which is simple yet very strong and meaningful. The phrase indicates that mankind are striving for big achievements and that is one of it, and he was the one who represented mankind for that milestone!

(Image above from

An estimated 500 million people watched the grainy black and white broadcast that showed Armstrong, clad in a white space suit, climb down the lunar module’s ladder onto the Moon’s desolate surface. I was not born yet on the time of the landing, and so I couldn’t know the feeling at that time when someone successfully set foot on the Moon for the first time. It must be a very special feeling in everyone’s heart at that proudest time of mankind.

My parents were then only kids at the time of the history-making moment. But then, I had asked my dad for more details regarding the landing but then my dad think that it’s fake. Of course, he provided some very reasonable reasons and there are also many claims worldwide which mentioned that the particular landing on the Moon is a hoax. How come there isn’t any future project over landing on the Moon after that since it is proven that mankind is capable of doing so after Apollo 11 mission? There are also a lot of conspiracy theories regarding the landing which are proven through NASA photographs taken over the landing. So, it’s hard for me not to suspect that the landing is staged for certain political reasons.

(Image above from

But anyway, Neil Armstrong was still credited as a great American hero whom had helped to uplift the nation in space industry from the successful mission he lead on landing to the Moon back in 1969, over 43 years ago. “While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to young people around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves,” his family said in a statement. May you rest in peace, Neil Armstrong. You are a legend, a very important historical figure in history of mankind’s achievements.

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KL to host 127th IOC Session in 2015

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IOC (stands for International Olympic Committee, the organization that governs several international sporting events, including the Olympic Games) hold its session every year. The session comprises of meeting of  over hundred members of IOC and includes some decision-making over selection of future host cities or evaluation of certain systems of the committee or the contesting sports in the games.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia had previously bid to host Olympic Games in 2008 but failed to get shortlisted, and the bid eventually won by Beijing. Since then, Malaysia didn’t look that far for the goal of hosting Summer Olympic Games, the world largest sporting event. However, Kuala Lumpur continued its bid to host IOC session which is considered a first step to introduce the country to the committee that is responsible to choose future host cities for its large-scale games. KL once again failed on its bid for 125th IOC Session in 2013 which goes to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This time, it’s not a failure anymore to my home city, KL. In 124th IOC Session organized last month in London, the host city for the recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympic Games, KL won the bid to host 127th IOC Session to be held three years later in 2015. The highlight of the session would be the selection of host city for 2022 Winter Olympic Games. That session would be particularly important to Malaysia as it would gives first impression of its capital, KL to International Olympic Committee. If everything goes smooth and great from that session, then Malaysia would be equipped with better chance on future bid to host Summer Olympic Games, only if Malaysia wish to submit bid. It’s always a disappointment from government side.

Hosting Olympic Games had been one of  very notable ambitions from Olympic Council of Malaysia. The government cancelled the bid for 2020 Olympic Games due to cost issue, and that had contributed to deep frustration to most Malaysians as the games would coincide with Wawasan 2020, a vision for the nation to reach developed status by 2020. By having successfully won the bid to host 127th IOC Session which is near to the time of starting to select 2024 Summer Olympic Games’ host, Malaysia is now having a great potential for a strong bid to 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Who doesn’t want to bring Olympic Games to own country? It would make us all proud, and put Malaysia on the world map. Few months ago, the result of inspection over the venues proposed for the IOC session, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and Mandarin Oriental Hotel had been very satisfying. This lead to KL winning the bid to host 127th IOC Session after evaluation report, defeating Lima from Peru, a much weaker candidate city on bid. KL is very capable for this hosting task. So, the goal so far for Malaysia would be to successfully host the 2015 IOC Session, then to win first ever Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016, and then hopefully, to win the bid to host 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Now,  it is already a great start for all that to happen after KL is proven to have the capability to host IOC’s events.

Image above showing Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the venue for 127th IOC Session to be held in 2015, with Mandarin Oriental Hotel and iconic Petronas Twin Towers on the background. Image is from

Movie review: Total Recall (2012)

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It’s time for me to step into the cinema again after The Dark Knight Rises last month. It’s very necessary to go to cinema at least once this Hari Raya break, and so we did so today on my last day of break at TGV in Suria KLCC. Hmm…I don’t like TGV cinema. The price of snacks on sale is so expensive, the hall is too cold and that the seating and space in between are too narrow. The film I watched today is ‘Total Recall’.

This science-fiction action film revolves on a factory worker, Douglas Quaid whom begins to realize that he is a spy after visiting Rekall – a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led – goes wrong and he finds himself on the run. The story isn’t only about all that as it also touches on political and psychological themes. You would understand what I’m saying after watching it. I didn’t watch the 1990’s film of this title on which this 2012’s film is the remake of it, and so I judge this film without comparing it to the former.

For me, the story is quite engaging and most of all, interesting. The flow of the story able to get the audiences going with the development from the beginning till the end of the film. There isn’t any draggy or slow things going on in this film. Every scenes are essential to the plot, on which mostly are filled with action-packed sequences. It’s so exciting to watch ample of chasing and attacking scenes from this film. I can assure you that this would never get your bored even for a single second. Everything turns so intense as soon as the main character, Douglas started to question on who exactly he is, and finally finding out the answer and even helped to save the Colony in the end.

Besides than the story, another aspect that I wish to highlight is the visual effect. I believe most of the scenes involved extensive computer rendering for the background as the setting of the film is at the end of 21st century taking place on a whole new advanced urban city above our present built environment. There are huge robotic-like structures appeared to be floating, a number of connecting flyovers and lifts, etc. The visuals delivered are absolutely fantastic and realistic-looking. A lot of hard work must have been put to create such a great outcome.

The performance by the casts, is no doubt brilliant and amazingly done. Colin Farrell did a very impressive job as Douglas Quaid, the main character of the story. The two other leads are his wife, Lori (Kate Beckinsale) whom go against him and his love interest, Melina (Jessica Biel) who partnered with him on his mission later on. Without both of them, I couldn’t think the movie would perform this well. With the three of them, you could already witness a number of intense chasing and attacking sequences since the rest (those robotic armies) are actually quite meaningless.


So, expect a thrilling, enjoyable, entertaining and exciting moment when you watch this film. Definitely worth a go and you would be amazed with its story, its casts and its visual effects like I did. Things are also generally very advanced from the setting of the story. It appears like with only using a glass, many high-tech things can be done. Those kind of ‘over-modern’ stuff would get your attention as well while watching the film besides than just concentrating on the development of the story. Overall, out of 10 points, I would rate this film a total of 7.5.

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Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends!

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Here I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! May this Raya comes with full of love, peace and prosperity…

Balik kampung…oh,oh,oh…balik kampung…it’s a very famous tradition for majority of the Malays here in Malaysia to return to their hometown to celebrate this very big occasion together with their older family members back in village. It’s a good tradition. I believe it must be quite a good atmosphere having to celebrate Raya in ‘kampung’ (stands for village) environment which is much more friendly, happening and harmonious. But the journey back to hometown must be quite troublesome due to inevitable traffic congestion on highways caused as many people would be driving back also around the same time. May you have a pleasant and safe drive home.

Well, it’s also a good time to take a break from works and the busy city life, and to get ample of rest while enjoying the precious time with family, relatives and friends. For the other Malaysians not celebrating (like me, a Chinese), we would take this opportunity to send warmest greeting to our Muslim friends, visiting Raya bazaar or to attend open house if invited. If not, then we would still fill up this break with leisure activities, or even going for travel. Forget about work at this moment. Let’s give ourselves a rest! Even I can also feel the festive mood of this Raya celebration now as I heard multiple fireworks explosion everywhere from my home.

Muslims finally ended their fasting month and there arrived the first day of Hari Raya celebration for them today. May you enjoy this Raya festival to the max! Many would be taking a break this whole week long eventhough the public holidays only fall on Monday and Tuesday. Who doesn’t want to take this opportunity to take longer break right? But for me, I would be getting back to work this Wednesday. Hope that these few days wouldn’t pass quick. I believe most would think like mine too. Happy Holiday to everyone!

Last but not least, I wish to send my greeting once again to all Muslims around the world, particularly Malaysians; Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for the year 2012! Maaf Zahir Batin…

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