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Wedding of the year: Lee Chong Wei with Wong Mew Choo on 9th and 10th November 2012

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Lee Chong Wei, the world number one men single badminton player and national icon was finally tying the knot with his girlfriend, Wong Mew Choo early this month. A big congratulation to both of them! Lee Chong Wei first announced few months earlier that he had planned to marry soon probably by next year. However, the wedding is brought earlier as one of Wong Mew Choo’s relatives had passed away recently and she had to marry within 100 days or wait three more years. Not to waste anymore time while not breaking the Chinese tradition, both of them then decided to tie the knot in November.


(Image source:

They first met in 2001 when they were not popular and only perform as the back up national badminton team. Then, Lee Chong Wei rise to occasion after winning multiple titles and then ranked world number one player. Mew Choo on the other hand, manage to perform quite well too, particularly winning the China Open in a year. Then, she retired from badminton, but still remains by the side of Lee Chong Wei, giving him support no matter where he is competing at. Both of them had gone through a long 11 years in ups and downs, with even report of them breaking up in 2009. But fate reunited them together, and the bond between them grew stronger ever since then.

Lee Chong Wei reached 30 years of age and it’s certainly time for him to start his own family after enjoying many years of success in badminton. However, he will not stop on his career, but would continue on his pursuit for more titles, particularly eyeing on World Championships, Asian Games, and Olympic Games that he had never won before. It is reported that he will be back on court on upcoming Hong Kong Open and Macau Open in the end of this month. Hence, he mentioned that he would spend his honeymoon with his newly wed wife later.

The wedding of the year, is held in two days on November 9th and 10th, 2012. The wedding is of course organized in a very grand and spectacular scale as Chong Wei is the national icon and the two-days events would also be broadcast live to all Malaysians who are excited to watch a bit of their wedding despite not included in guest list. The first day of wedding dinner at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre saw the presence of the King and Queen, the Prime Minister and his deputy, as well as many other officials, ministers and corporates. Wow…so you see how high profile Chong Wei is. Today’s dinner which is at the same venue, would then be dedicated to the family members, relatives and close friends.


(Image source:

Earlier, both of them have taken lovely wedding images at Sepang Gold Coast Golden Palm Tree Resort. And this is my first time seeing pictures of Chong Wei in formal attire and he certainly looks good on it. On the other hand, Mew Choo looks impressive with her gown on and the picturesque background certainly enhances the images. Anyway, congratulation again to Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo on their marriage. Their wedding is no doubt the nation’s wedding of the year.


A wonderful poon choy dinner to end the first week of Chinese New Year

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It’s Sunday and tomorrow, people are returning back to school or work after a week-long of Chinese New Year holiday. Many have returned from their hometown, back to the city to resume their urban life. For me, I have just returned to Malaysia from an interesting and memorable India trip. Today is the last day of the holiday, and is already the 7th day of Chinese New Year.

Me, together with my family, including my grandma who would turn 87 years old this year and my uncle had a great dinner just now at Chef Rasa Sayang Sharkfins Restaurant at Jalan Imbi in Kuala Lumpur. I don’t even realize that my grandma is turning 87 this year, which the age is so hard to achieve for most of us. I’m glad that my grandma is still staying here with us, but I can see her health, movement and brain condition is deteriorating. Hope everything went well for her.

Back to the dinner we had just now. It’s a grand dinner, with us given a room, a dinner that costs even more than the reunion dinner we had days ago before the Chinese New Year. This time, we had ‘poon choy’ which is a big bowl feast consisting of many ingredients served on a basin. The one that attracted me the most is definitely the abalone. The abalone is small, and we only get one each…can’t even go for one more. Seriously not enough. The other accompanying ingredients in the metal basin are prawns, mushrooms, beancurd, and some others.

Besides than eating poon choi, we also ordered some other dishes that costs quite a lot too; vegetables, codfish (I love codfish), and sharkfins. I like the sharkfins; it tastes very great, and the price also very great (RM42++ per person). Overall, the dinner costs over RM1300, while the ‘poon choy’ alone already costs almost RM450, not yet including the heavy service charges and government tax.


Eduardo is Pritzker Prize 2011’s winner…President Obama once wanted to be an architect!

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Yes, in Barack Obama’s latest speech on a dinner in honour of Pritzker Prize winner for year 2011, Eduardo Souto de Moura, the President of the United States admitted that he once wanted to become an architect. This is a fantastic news…

As you might not know, Pritzker Prize is the prize of highest honour to architect, which can be known as the Nobel Prize in architectural field. Around two months ago, a Portuguese architect, named Eduardo Souto de Moura is awarded the prize for his great contribution to the world of architecture. I do not who he is because he isn’t as famous as some other architects whom had also won the prize before like Richard Meier, Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Peter Zumthor, etc.

After I have seen some of his astonishing works, I found out that his works are rather monumental, simplicity with unique ability to convey seemingly conflicting characteristics — power and modesty, bravado and subtlety, bold public authority and a sense of intimacy at the same time. Anyway, I’m still do not know much on his architectural style or principle, hence I can’t get to understand on what he is trying to achieve from his works in architecture.

Back to the point stressed from the title of this post…yes, President Barack Obama attended the dinner in honor of this successful living architect. There are also press mentioning that Obama turned to politics because he thought that his creativity is not as good as he expected to become a successful architect. On his speech, he praised Eduardo’s simple shapes and clean lines that fit seamlessly to the surroundings. The president also took time to highlight on the architect’s work of Braga Stadium (picture above) which he commended for making the games accessible even to those who couldn’t afford a ticket, just like his beloved Wrigley Field. His other notable work is Paula Rego Museum which is seen as a bulky structure for me (picture above).

Now, I realized there are so many famous stars (like Brad Pitt whom is now a Hollywood star, or even in Asia like Raymond Lam whom is now excelling on his acting and singing career) now whom had a wish in their past to become architects. Why do they give up their dream? Probably because of the heavy workload encountered and number of sleepless nights going to be faced, so they are scared of it already and willing to go on other direction, and yet they turned successful too. Should I? No…this is already my last year…it would be too late and very regretful if I’m giving up now….have to stay on and tough to face ARCHITECTURE! Then, who knows, I might be the future recipient of this Pritzker Prize….(okay, started dreaming already…)

CNY Eve already…

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Honestly, I have written this post few days earlier, as I will be starting my busy trip to Italy today, this early morning. I will be having morning flight from KLIA to Dubai before finally settled on Rome, Italy for my annual CNY oversea trip. The first day of the trip, which is today, is nothing much to us, it’s all just matters in airports and checking-in to hotel in Rome. No scheduled visit today…okay, a good rest before busy trip schedules ahead…

Ahh…it’s Chinese New Year Eve, and of course, there would be nothing at all of such Chinese New Year atmosphere in Italy…I’m not in Malaysia, or China, so it will be very quiet in Italy…I have had my reunion dinner with my family on the previous Sunday, to replace today’s official one which is totally impossible, as we are already at the other part of the world.

Reunion dinner tonight is very important for all the Chinese no matter where you are. If it’s impossible like my case, then organize the dinner earlier like me, or later, go have yee sang, it’s a must for Chinese New Year’s meal… Have a family gathering, that would be priceless…your elders (grandma and grandpa) would love to see you guys pretty much…

Have the day with your family, like last minute CNY preparation, house cleaning and playing games like mahjong (favourite for the Chinese), poker cards, firecrackers (eventhough it is illegal in Malaysia), etc. Have fun with your family on this CNY Eve! It’s just once a year!

Celebration party: Always in Wonderland

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The amazing 12 shows of Always in Wonderland by Berjaya Group has came to an end today. Today’s show at 3pm is the last, and I remembered watching the show precisely a week ago on Sunday’s matinee. Everyone is excited and anticipating for this celebration dinner held at a bungalow.

It’s a buffet. The best thing about buffet is that you can choose whatever food that you like and ignore the ones that you dislike. Eventhough the number of food offered is limited, but all looks yummy, with some unknown type of food served there too. Just eat. It’s a good environment of having meal there, in a peaceful yard in the house, decorated with plants, pond, gazebo, etc.

The silent night does not last long. With more and more people coming, the casts and the crews, the atmosphere is lifted up to a party-like situation. Everyone is chatting around, one group here, one group there, and finally all were concentrating towards the group in singing and playing piano…love the tunes, love the music played, it’s so lovely and comfortable listening to it.

Of course, there must be time for photographing. Only at last minute, that I remembered to bring my camera. Others have their cameras on hands too. Had taken photographs with Nell, the director of the event, Rina, famous in 8TV and also T P Lim, the famous emcee of annual Astro Chinese Golden Melody Singing Competition who is involved in this event too. Ahh, before that, time for a short walk around the house, from the yard, to the ground floor, and finally up the grand rotating staircase to the first and second floor. It’s a nice house. The event’s booklets are everywhere, for people to sign on.

Peter, Alizakri and Nell (the ones that formed PAN Production) delivered their message of appreciation to the casts and crews in making the event a success. What I heard from Facebook event page, is that many of the shows are going to state of full house. That’s a great news. Well done to all, especially to the brilliant performers! Eventhough the event officially came to an end, but there must be sometime in future that we will meet again, probably on next, more musical show!

Dinner at Nippon-Tei at KLCC, extra: sightseeing and photo-taking

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Yesterday’s night, usual Saturday’s night would be thought as usual night with common dinner at common place nearby. It’s time to change to new place for special dinner yesterday’s night, eventhough there Is no special occasion to celebrate on.

Let’s go try Japanese food, yes…and finally we went to Suria KLCC, the mall below the famous and beautiful world tallest twin buildings, Petronas Twin Towers. There is a chance for me to take night photos of the twin towers too. Yeah…Yeah…

The beautiful flooring mimicking the logo of Suria KLCC representing the cosmos:

The beautiful and fascinating modern chandelier on the main entrance:

KL people usually didn’t go to KLCC, seems very new to that place, hardly been there, so when I was there, I was like a foreign tourist more than a local people, who stays in KL also….haha….wondering around, looking up to buildings around that area, overwhelmed by the night scenes of it.

Can you spot the moon in the middle of the sky?

Dinner came first, we went to Nippon Tei, famous Japanese restaurant in KLCC, and this is the first time I tried Toro Sashimi, raw toro fish’s meat. Not adapted or used to it, because it is the first time trying, but quite nice actually. Wait a minute….5 small slices of it cost RM80…wao….one slice costs RM 16 in one small bite with little wasabi applied.

My set will be the unique mix grill set, which is of beef, tempura (prawn) and with other side dishes like salad, soup, fruit, etc. My set costs RM31. Quite worthy actually because it really taste good and delicious as well as in large amount, which is enough to make you full.

Time to walk to KLCC Park, the large recreational park right behind the twin towers. From here, many people are enjoying views, windy atmosphere and beautiful fountain display. And bravo…it’s time for me to take pictures, from this angle, from that perspective, from that location, from that point of view…had taken quite a lot, especially of the twin towers….

I noticed there are a lot of newly-built modern-style serviced apartments built around the area. One unit must be costing a large sum of money. Only the rich one can afford. Not me, of course….haha…dreamed to have one, since it offers good view towards the twin towers. Many construction of highrises are seen too, around the area, like the Felda Tower (50 storeys), Naza Tower (50 storeys), Troika Tower (50 storeys), Charigali Tower(over 58 storeys) (Lot C of KLCC), Four Seasons Centre (over 70 storeys), etc.

If you give me one full day till night, I can stand or walk around that area just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful skyline of Kuala Lumpur seen from that area. I can sketch on site too, if I’m given the opportunity. I love to see all these things, especially skyscrapers, which are my all-time favourite. Their height and scale overwhelmed me from all directions. Love KL!

KL Tower spotted…

Last picture of the night:

First time trying Korean meal yesterday…

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It’s been boring throughout the holiday. Since we have finalized our decision to go to Korea for our Chinese New Year 2010 family trip, it’s time we should learn something related to Korea.

First of all, is tested yesterday, the usual Korean meal. Other than the famous shabu-shabu which is some kind of steamboat of fresh vegetable, pork, beef, chicken and seafood, accompanied by sidedishes like kimchi. Everybody knows kimchi is Korea’s main dish. Huh, we choose the other set, which does not have beef, the set is only on seafood, which we liked the most, but the price of course more expensive.

When we entered the restaurant, called as Korean BBQ Seoul Garden located at Kuchai Lama, right above the visited 2369 cafe. It is on first floor. We thought that we will be their only customers on that period of time, but as we entered, there are few more tables occupied. We are sitting right beside a table of Korean people, talking non-stop until even when we almost finished our dinner. The boss and another guy are Koreans, other workers are from other countries. They greeted us so well when we came, and even when we leaved.

We felt surprised by the thingy above each table, which helps in cooking/heating the boiling food. Of course, we have never seen this kind of thing before. All the dishes shown in the menu are weird to us, all Korean-style. We dare not to choose other weird dishes, hence we choose only one set costs RM220 on seafood steamboat accompanied by over 5 other main dishes and 10 sidedishes. I ordered the orange juice which would be normal for me, but it turns out to be different kind of orange juice, kinda mixed with other ingredients. They knew that we are the first time trying Korean food, hence they helped us a lot. Their service are good, and they charged 10% which is like over RM20. They even offered a free large bottle of imported Korean orange juice to us as the gift as first-time customer.

So many sauces for every individual, all different tastes:

So many sidedishes, they need a lot of small bowls like this:

The bowl of boiling spicy steamboat of seafood, very hot in there:

The other unfinished main dishes, notice the fu-yong egg there, it’s the most normal dish out of all, very delicious and special too:

This the thingy I mentioned earlier, hang above each table used to cook the steamboat, but they cooked it on other place, since our table has no more empty area and near to the air-conditioner:

Still can’t adapt to the Korean food. Now, I’m worried whether I can stay on eating this kind of food for seven continuous days during our Korea trip. Scared of stomachache, vomitting, those kind of problems. Must buy instant noodles there as a replacement. Anyway, Korean food is worth a try, maybe you will like it, who knows?

Different places have different people, and so different cultures, and with their different style of living, different faces, different atmosphere, and of course, different food.