New Year 2018 fireworks from across the world!

Happy New Year once again!

I went to KLCC yesterday to join in the countdown and watch the fireworks display at the stroke of midnight. As expected, the area is very crowded as KLCC is the biggest venue for new year countdown every year in Malaysia. I think there is around 300 000. Try to imagine that you are one of the 300 000 and you are surrounded by all the people, all the noises and all the chaos. Well, it is still a one great experience to be able to observe such happening atmosphere and celebrating the arrival of new year with so many people including both locals and the foreign tourists. While others were busy blowing the horns or cheering, I was concentrating on looking up to admire the beauty of the Petronas Twin Towers in the evening. I won’t be bored seeing the towers all these years.

Here’s the video that I captured during the countdown to usher in year 2018 and the fireworks display from the KLCC Park. It is about 10-minutes long.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It took almost an hour for most of the crowd to disperse and leave the area after the fireworks. Traffic congestion stayed for another two hours. That was insane. I was only able to reach home at around 2.30am and sleep at 3.00am. Although it was a cool experience, but I don’t think I will be joining countdown anytime soon again.

Alright, here comes the much more better new year 2018 fireworks displays from other parts of the world:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – there is no fireworks this year at the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building), and it is replaced with a spectacular light show instead.

Taipei, Taiwan – usual fireworks display from Taipei 101 with visual projection on the building.

Hong Kong, China – fireworks display from the Victoria Harbour with the breathtaking city skyline as the backdrop.

Sydney, Australia – one of the biggest new year events in the world with massive fireworks display from the Sydney Harbour and the bridge. The fireworks in Sydney never disappoints.

London, United Kingdom – fireworks display from the London Eye ferris wheel.

That’s it for the fireworks’ videos. Have an awesome year!

(All videos from this post are from YouTube and they are not of my possession except the first one)




New Year 2017 Fireworks!

Didn’t get to watch any new year fireworks live yesterday in KL since I’m at home with family on 12am last night. Well, I do not have the urge to watch the fireworks here in Malaysia eventhough I enjoy doing so because the displays here are simply too plain and boring every year.

So, I have to look up on new year fireworks display from other major cities across the world that were much more exciting to watch! YouTube is the best place for me to do so today after all cities across the globe has already celebrated the occasion from one time zone to another.

The best fireworks display goes to Sydney, Australia as usual. It is one of the largest new year’s fireworks display and its 12-minutes show was really overwhelming and beautiful. View of the massive fireworks shooting up from the Sydney Harbour and the iconic Harbour Bridge impressed me every year.

Here below are the other new year 2017 fireworks display in other cities that look great too:

London, UK – from the London Eye ferris wheel. Amazing and is always the second best.

Hong Kong, China – I like the idea of fireworks shooting from some buildings in the city but that only happened in the 10-seconds countdown to 2017 and not in the entire show which would make it much better.

Dubai, UAE – from the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa and its surrounding. I’m impressed by the LED projection screen all over the facade of Burj Khalifa during the fireworks show.

Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101, former world’s tallest building. Taipei 101 is the only stand-alone tall building in the city and so shooting fireworks from the tower itself in all angles is possible. And that is what makes their fireworks show every year spectacular. The inclusion of dramatic play of light of the building during the show is also great.

These fireworks shows above are way much better than our pyrotechnic show in KLCC. We couldn’t deliver intense and interesting display every year. It’s always the same one spot and same one style. It would be much better if our city presents a unified show by shooting fireworks from some major buildings in the city with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower as the main highlights.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – from the KLCC Park with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers as the backdrop.

That’s it. Happy New Year 2017 to everyone once again! Have a great year ahead!

(All videos in this post are from YouTube)

Less than a month left to Rio 2016.

The Olympics is returning soon. The world’s biggest sporting event, the Summer Olympic Games which is held once in every four years, will be back this year. The 31st Olympiad which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 5th to 21st of August 2016 is now less than a month away. The time to catch up to some great competitions in sports from world-class athletes will be returning soon. If you didn’t know, after this Rio 2016, the next Summer Olympics will be Tokyo 2020.


I can’t believe that London 2012 had already occurred four years ago. Time flies. I still remember I purposely woke up on midnight to watch the live broadcast of its opening ceremony alone in the living room. The ceremony was not as great as the one we saw in Beijing 2008 but was still memorable with some catchy scores and humors. Not many people like to watch this kind of ceremonies because many may find them boring and too long, but I do because I like to feel the excitement of an event that signal the beginning of an international games through breathtaking performances, impressive stadium and fireworks.

However, I didn’t have any high expectation towards the ceremonies for Rio 2016. It’s because the organizers had only allocated a shockingly little amount of money towards these ceremonies that will have over 1 billion audiences. They even stressed out that there wouldn’t be any costly presentation of technologies like light shows and they will only focus on the basics to present the Brazilian culture to the world. In the current time when technology is a must for shows, it will be a letdown seeing only ‘basics’ in opening ceremony especially for this world’s largest sporting event. But I will still want to try to watch the opening ceremony ‘live’ and I’m expecting the performances will be focusing more on highlighting Brazilian famous ‘carnivals’ with all the colourful dances. But I’m not that interested on this. Similarly to London 2012’s ceremonies which were below my expectation due to them being more of a musical shows than a real majestic ceremonies like what Beijing 2008 did, I think Rio 2016 will be more or less like London 2012. I think will be even worse than that. Beijing 2008’s ceremonies were still the best ever I had seen.


Brazil also didn’t have a smooth time in these 7 years of preparation for the Olympics with negative issues like delay in construction of new sport venues for the games, corruption, weakening economy, harsh treatment to move people away from the new Olympic zones, Zika virus, security instability, etc. I just hope that the games will just run smooth without any major letdown. I didn’t really wish for Rio de Janeiro to host the games from the very beginning. It’s a beautiful city but I think there is many other cities out there that are more outstanding than Rio to host Olympics.


Nevertheless, I wish all the best for Rio 2016 which will be now only less than a month away. I’m excited to watch some great competitions. I’m looking forward to support my Malaysian athletes especially in badminton. Let’s hope that our Dato Lee Chong Wei can finally win the country’s first ever gold medal this time after having won only two Olympic silver medals in the past. Also let’s put our hope on some other athletes to deliver. Hmm…it would be nice if the games is held earlier, for example like right now, as I have all the free time now to watch the games. By next month when the games started, my semester has also started.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016! It’s a wonderful new year!


There is nothing more important on this first blog post of the year than to wish everyone a wonderful new year from the bottom of my heart! It’s the first day of the year, and so it’s holiday for everyone no matter where you are. Happy Holiday to everyone too, and enjoy this coming weekend break too. Nice…it’s a 3 days of continuous break again! First thing first, have you changed your calendar yet? Your 2015 calendar should be in dustbin already, and your 2016 calendar should be placed nicely in front of you now.

One of the best thing for me to do for new year’s celebration is to watch new year fireworks display in major cities across the world. I love fireworks! Eventhough it’s polluting the air but it is a must-thing for a countdown event like this very happening new year celebration. If there is no fireworks (no loud noise, no beautiful colourful display on the sky), then there is no feel or excitement to mark a new year. Thanks to some people from around the world who were very quick on uploading clips of them recording fireworks display from their respective places for the new year celebration last night that enabled me to watch them this morning already. And here are some of the clips:

London, United Kingdom – from London Eye ferris wheel with shots of iconic Big Ben tower.

Sydney, Australia – from Harbour Bridge with shots of iconic Sydney Opera House.

Hong Kong, China – from the water body as well as from several buildings out of the picturesque city skyline.

Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101, former world’s tallest building.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – from Burj Khalifa, current world’s tallest building.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – from KLCC Park, in front of the Petronas Twin Towers, current world’s tallest twin buildings.

Beautiful fireworks, aren’t they? If you find the clips are too long (since the shows are that long), you can skip to the ending part where the climax would be when massive fireworks were put on to end it with loudest bang! These fireworks displays are so much better than the one from my own city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have beautiful landmarks like Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower, but our pyrotechnics are very poor in style and scale. I recommend for example, for the fireworks at KLCC, they should not only be released out from the park at the ground level but also from the twin towers itself. Then, it would be so much more nicer just like how Taipei 101 or Burj Khalifa did it in all these years. It’s much more beautiful if fireworks came out from tall buildings and I’m sure Petronas Twin Towers can certainly do that too. I also suggest to have a synchronized fireworks display from several buildings in the city region just like Hong Kong or even we can be better than that too. Right now, we have one spot over here shooting out fireworks in a few minutes and then another spot few kilometres away doing the same. Why not combine them and put that into one mega-scale fireworks show of the city to celebrate the new year? Look at how the other cities did that and I’m certain that KL can do that too. On the other hand, my blog’s header of the month would be also none other than a spectacular image of fireworks display too.

January 2016 Blog Header

Anyway, let’s forget about that. All the fireworks had already been released last night and it’s now a bright sunny morning on the first day of the year. We have for a moment thought of some major things that have happened to the world and to us personally in the past year, and now we shall look ahead and start setting goals for 2016 instead since this new year had already arrived. My goals would be to stay healthy and fit for the year, study hard and smart for my Master beginning this February at Australia, and also something else that I have not thought of right now just yet.


Happy New Year once again! Let’s wish for a great and a wonderful year ahead for everyone!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web while the videos are from Youtube)

Star of the month: Sammi Cheng. To watch her concert in Malaysia end of this month.

It’s now less than two weeks before the much-anticipated concert by Sammi Cheng on this coming end of April. I have been waiting several months and looking very much forward to it, and finally she will return to Malaysia to perform at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on 24th and 25th April 2015 (8.30pm onwards). The last time she is here was way back in 2011. That’s four years ago. I have attended her past two most recent concerts (both at Genting too), and of course, I will not miss out this one.


(Image source:

I’m glad that we bought the tickets much earlier as the Saturday’s show is now sold-out and there are only very limited seats available for Friday’s slot. She is my childhood idol. Even till now, I still enjoyed listening to her songs (like mostly on her classics and slow love songs). It is hard not to admire this lovely great singer. She needs no further introduction if you are a Chinese. If you are not, then I’m telling you that Sammi Cheng is a Hong Kong singer, and is regarded as Cantopop Queen (or diva). She enjoyed her success in music career since mid 1990s and went on to win many annual singing awards and had been known as one of the most famous singers in Asia Pacific.

Besides than singing, she is also involved in many past films of which most performed very well in box office, hence people started calling her also the ‘box office queen’. She is popular in mostly romance comedy genre in films and had starred opposite megastars like Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Louis Koo, etc. Her highest recognition in films is awarded best actress by Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award over a decade ago, and once nominated in Venice International Film Festival for the same category (not to mention nominated many times in Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards). I also enjoyed her films. So, basically, her songs are great, her dance are awesome, and her films are entertaining. She nailed fashion all the time too. Perfect icon for a superstar. How can you not like her?

The only little imperfection she has now is that she is too skinny currently. She needs to add up a bit of weight, but anyway, she doesn’t mind known for being that and ‘flat’ too. Her singing skill is not the greatest but considered good from her in this age (now already in 40s), and I hope that she will perform longer than 2 hours in her coming concert at Genting. And if not, we would all be not satisfied. I’m there for her (now can be called Mrs. Hui since her marriage to long-time partner, Andy Hui is confirmed recently) on the Saturday’s show. In film, I hope she will take on more challenging and out-of-her-comfort roles that will let her acting shines so that she will one day be crowned best actress. She deserved it after all the years.

I find that the blog header of this month that highlighted the GST issue one (very viral in Malaysia) is a bit not nice and isn’t suitable for my blog. Hence, I kept that for first half of the month only, and the last half will be dedicated to highlight Sammi and some shots (images from different sources throughout the world wide web) of her performances (in different outfits) in her recent Touch Mi concert tours at Hong Kong (end 2014 – early 2015). Beautiful, isn’t it? I considered myself one of her fans (not the crazy one), and so, I put up the blog header specially for her.

April 2015 second half blog header

Now, I’m just waiting, day by day, for next week’s Saturday to arrive. That’s the second and last day of her Touch Mi World Tour in Malaysia, and the day I will be seeing her.

Year 2015 started with new year fireworks across the world.

Happy New Year! Here is it I present to you clips of new year 2015 fireworks display from major cities in the world.

Taipei, Taiwan (From Taipei 101, former world tallest building)

Sydney, Australia (From the Harbour Bridge, and along its waterfront, always the best and the most massive every year)

London, United Kingdom (From London’s Eye ferris wheel and along its waterfront, second best behind Sydney)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (From Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and from its surrounding, new this year is the tower illuminated with animated LED lights for exceptional display)

Hong Kong, China (From its waterfront with the beautiful city skyline as the backdrop)

Singapore (From its city waterfront with Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop)

(All clips in this post are from Youtube)

My country, Malaysia does has fireworks too, from KLCC Park with iconic Petronas Twin Towers as the backdrop but the pyrotechnics display here is never spectacular and I find it not worthy for even to be shared here.

Best image shot of new year 2015 fireworks should be this one from Sydney, Australia. (Image from BBC) Wow!!!


Again, Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Let us have a great and awesome year ahead! Time to dispose off your 2014 calendar. (Source of image below:


New Year 2014 Fireworks from around the world

I was on the flyover at Kampung Pandan on 12am yesterday. Since the road is elevated quite high and it offers beautiful view of KL’s skyline, the place is a great spot to watch new year’s fireworks from the city. Many cars parked by the road (illegally, but who cares, and we were one of them) and people went out to enjoy the night breeze and also the fireworks of course, from Bukit Bintang and KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers). It wasn’t that interesting as usual every year, and I even heard that the fireworks were called off at Dataran Merdeka due to a protest. By the way, here below is a picture I taken yesterday.


Why not next time have fireworks shooting out from several buildings in the city simultaneously to create a more dazzling and synchronised (all-in-one) pyrotechnics performance? I also suggest fireworks display from KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers itself as these two are the icons and the tallest in the city. Now, it just went bad and boring.

Here below are some of the best new year 2014 fireworks in major cities across the world that I have watched from YouTube, and I find interesting to share here.

Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101 building, once the tallest building in the world.

Singapore – from Marina Bay, the center of the city.

Dubai, UAE – from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and its surrounding.

London, UK – from London Eye ferris wheel.

Sydney, Australia – from Harbour Bridge.

Hong Kong, China – from Victoria Harbour.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – from Copacabana Beach.

These are what we called awesome fireworks display! Unlike what we have seen in KL. Last but not least, Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! Have a great year ahead! Time to change your calendar.