Movie review for ‘Annabelle: Creation’ (2017), ‘It’ (2017) and a big news for ‘Despicable Me 3’ (2017).

Hmm…I’m up to some horror movies recently. Well, it is the Hungry Ghost Festival now and it further sets the mood to watch some scary movies in these weeks.

‘Annabelle: Creation’ is a supernatural horror film that acts as a prequel to 2014’s ‘Annabelle’ movie and is the fourth installment in ‘The Conjuring’ film series. Remember the freaky Annabelle doll from the first ‘The Conjuring’ movie? The real doll (by now, you should already know that there is really a true story behind the doll) actually looks much more friendlier but of course for a horror movie purpose, a new doll with scary features has to be created. And then, it became so popular that it has its own stand-alone movie. And that’s not enough. Now, we have a prequel to that stand-alone film that drives from another film. And after the success of ‘The Conjuring 2’ as well, we will have a new stand-alone movie for that creepy nun too, soon (next year).

Let’s get back to the movie. It tells the story of a family who has its one and only daughter killed in a freak traffic accident. After that, the couple experienced strange things in the house and they assumed it was their daughter. But it’s not; it’s a demon craving for some horror and manifest itself in a doll. Several years later, the couple welcomed a group of girls and a nun to their house and the demon resurfaces to haunt and possess the children. This movie is slightly better than 2014’s Annabelle. The doll itself is still very creepy eventhough I have seen it many times by now. However, I find that this film series now is showing more and more of the demon’s feature (a black figure with horns?) and that somehow didn’t quite make it that scary anymore for me. Too much have been shown. The intense horrific and heart-stopping atmosphere has been toned down in my personal opinion. However, I am still impressed by some scary scenes or old school tactics used in the movie. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Annabelle: Creation’ a total of 7.2. I also like that the ending of this movie links to the starting scene of 2014’s Annabelle for a sort of continuity.

Next horror movie I have just watched is ‘It’. What a name. Just ‘it’. That ‘it’ refers to a clown called Pennywise. It is a supernatural horror film based on a novel by Stephen King and tells the story of a group of 7 children in Derry who are terrorized by the eponymous being, mostly in the form of a clown. First of all, I have to say I hate clowns. There’s the irony. Clown is created to entertain kids, but they turned out scaring them, and that’s the point for this movie (and also for several other movies in the past too). The movie delivered an effective horror outcome but it didn’t quite scare me. But if a kid is watching this, I’m sure he or she will be very terrified. It just didn’t work out for adults.

However, I still have to compliment the movie for being very effective as said earlier. The story is straight to the point, fast-paced, and covered a lot on these characters of innocent kids. These kids gave a very good performance in this movie. Another extra point to the movie is for its emotional grasp. I do felt the friendship between these kids and the sadness of one of them for losing his younger brother and his dedication to find him. However, this movie also sends out a bad message; implying that fat boy will not get the girl while a handsome one will. You will know once you have watched this movie. There is also some unexpected funny scenes throughout the movie. The clown is creepy and without any background knowledge of this story, I would say that it is all just the fear in the mind of these kids (the clown isn’t real?). Out of 10 points, I rate ‘It’ a total of 7.8. Now, this is just Chapter One as revealed at the end of the movie and I’m looking forward to Chapter Two which is going to be set 27 years later when they all turned into adults (of course will have older cast to replace them for those characters). This movie is safe for adults. Warning: just don’t bring kids to watch this. It is going to be a hell for them.

Let’s not talk about the horror stuff anymore. There’s a good news, and it’s about ‘Despicable Me 3’, an animated movie released few months back. The movie became the 31st movie in the history to gross over US$ 1 billion in worldwide box office. The achievement is accomplished as this week ends. It is now the 6th highest grossing animated film of all time and also the 3rd highest grossing film in 2017. That’s impressive. It is a good news to this movie as it will be out of the worldwide theatres very soon and yet it managed to cross the milestone and join the 1-billion club.

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5 years since Michael Jackson’s demise.

Back on this day exactly five years ago, the whole world was in shock after learning from news of the death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. At first, many believed it was only another rumour or hoax, but then it turned out to be real. And that was a shocking and heartbreaking news to hear, particularly for the millions of fans of this legendary singer. Today eventually marks the fifth death anniversary of Michael Jackson, and I’m taking this opportunity to pay a little tribute to this megastar in this blog’s post.


Who would not have heard of the name ‘Michael Jackson’? If you really don’t know, you must be joking or living in a jungle the entire life and fully disconnected to the world. He is so successful in the entertainment industry, to the point that he had became a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. Yes, four decades. His successful career in singing, dancing, song-writing and even in acting began in 1970s (when he was still a teenager) and reached the peak in 1980s and 1990s. I can say nobody (any singers) on these days could match his fame and success.

Some of his songs that I like are ‘You Are Not Alone’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jeans’, ‘Beat It’, ‘We Are The World’, ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’, ‘Heal The World’, etc. I love both his slow romantic to fast rock-and-roll songs. There are many other interesting and meaningful songs from him too, but I forgot the titles. Once the melody is up, then we would recall. And also his popularity soared to an unbelievable level due to his amazing dancing skill. Who wouldn’t remember his iconic ‘moonwalk’ dance, ‘anti-gravity lean’ stunt, his quick robotic moves, and much more.


Just two weeks ago, I came across ‘Michael Jackson: This Is It’ film and I watched it. It is available for free viewing at YouTube. It is a documentary-concert film directed by Kenny Ortega that documents Michael Jackson’s rehearsals and preparation for his last comeback tour concert series which are scheduled to start on 13 July 2009, but cancelled due to his death 18 days prior on 25 June. A very wonderful (at least we got to see his great attitudes and perfectionism on his preparation for the concert tours) documentary about him. The sad thing is that we would be kept reminded that the scenes we saw in the film are the real footage of him only few days or weeks before his death. Nevertheless, I’m glad that this film was released, so that we can at least catch the last glimpse of this superstar, as his ‘This Is It’ concert series couldn’t be materialized.

Five years have gone since the demise of this global icon. Michael Jackson, you will be forever missed. Eventhough I’m not his fans or anything, but his immense contribution and influence to the world’s music is unquestionably legendary and will be forever appreciated, remembered and honored. Legend never dies.

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Movie review: The Monkey King (2014)

‘The Monkey King’ is one of the few Chinese New Year films from Hong Kong this year. The movie’s title is self explanatory that it is based on the highly popular Chinese literary classic named ‘Journey to the West’. The movie starred Donnie Yen (as the titular protagonist), Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun Fat, Joe Chen, Peter Ho, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, etc. ‘Journey to the West’ had been my childhood’s favourite, and there has been several film adaptations made in recent years based on this classic.


Last year, we saw the success of ‘Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons’ directed by Stephen Chow, and the movie was also released during the Chinese New Year. This year, we had another one, named ‘The Monkey King’ by different director. Comparing these two, I think this year’s one is slightly better in my opinion. At least ‘The Monkey King’ goes on a story (I’m okay with slight difference to original literature) and direction that everybody is familiar with once people mentioned ‘Sun Wukong’. ‘The Monkey King’ tells the story of how Sun Wukong grows to become the legendary Monkey King and later was used by the Bull Demon King to rebel against Jade Emperor at the Heaven.

The first thing on my mind that I want to comment about this film is on its visual effects. I believed most of the 80 million USD budget were allocated to the CGI effects. I couldn’t say it is a disappointing outcome but I think the production team overdo on the visuals. Over 90% of all the scenes in this film has to be heavily edited, and it is unnecessary. For legendary classic story like this, CGI is mandatory but should not be overly used. In the end, the result is unrealistic looking. But still I would give credit to the visual effect’s team. They put in immense effort.



BG_The Monkey King 2014 movie Still 4

For performance, Donnie Yen did a good job. I can see that he did put emotions and ‘life’ to the Sun Wukong’s character eventhough his face is mostly covered with furs. Aaron Kwok as the Bull Demon King and Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor were not bad too. No comment on the actresses as their roles were very minimal here. Kelly Chen only appeared in two brief scenes, one in the beginning and one at the end as the Goddess of Mercy. Great work on the costumes too. But I think Jade Emperor’s outfit is too simple.

The movie also delivered huge number of action-packed scenes and I am quite enjoyed, especially when Sun Wukong wreaks havoc at the Heaven and has to deal with Jade Emperor and finally battling it out with the Bull Demon King once he realized the latter fooled him. There are serious intense scenes but also there are light and humor-filled moments. Overall, this movie is interesting and entertaining. Better than ‘Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons’ last year in almost all aspects. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Monkey King’ a total of 7.2. The movie is now becoming one of the highest grossing Chinese films in history. I heard due to its success, they are planning to make a sequel. Okay.

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Official result and my analysis of TVB 45th Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮) 2012

Huh…I have to hold back and keep myself calm while writing this. The result turned up very satisfying in earlier categories presented, but then went on disastrously bad particularly on the last two heavyweight awards. If you don’t know, the prestigious annual TVB anniversary awards is held in December every year to honour artists and series presented along the respective year. The 2012’s TVB Anniversary Awards concluded just now, and I will list down the official result below along with my comments.


Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Wang.

Comment: This is the most prestigious award every year, honouring one who have serviced TVB for at least several decades and had been successfully contributing to Hong Kong entertainment industry. Liza Wang winning this is quite deserving since she made priceless effort on her 41 years of service in TVB. Congratulation to her for winning this, and I like her speech when she said that this award doesn’t mean an award for the old, as she would promise to continue to commit to this work.

Best Actor: (* is in top 5, bold is winner)

1. Wayne Lai in The Confidant*
2. Moses Chan in The Last Steep Ascent*
3. Kevin Cheng in Gloves Come Off
4. Kenneth Ma in The Hippocratic Crush*
5. Raymond Lam in Highs and Lows*
6. Bosco Wong in Witness Insceurity
7. Damian Lau in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles*
8. Roger Kwok in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
9. Joe Ma in Tiger Cubs
10. Raymond Wong in Gloves Come Off

Comment: This result is very unexpected and I’m seriously not satisfied with it. Since Kenneth Ma won the Most Favourite TV Male Character, he had lesser chance in this and that paves a bigger chance for Raymond Lam. He had a large fanbase and this one-person one-vote system is an advantage to him. He did exceptionally well in ‘Highs and Lows’ too with extreme emotion poured into the character. But in the end, unbelievably, he turned out empty handed. Many including I myself is predicting he would win. Wayne Lai contributed solid performance as always, but I find it’s already enough for him in winning TV king twice before. Unexpectedly, a lot of people vote for him and he won it again this year.

Best Actress: (* is in top 5, bold is winner)

1. Michelle Yim in The Confidant*
2. Charmaine Sheh in When Heaven Burns*
3. Myolie Wu in Ghetto Justice 2
4. Tavia Yeung in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles*
5. Fala Chen in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
6. Linda Chung in Wintess Insecurity*
7. Kate Tsui in Highs and Lows*
8. Aimee Chan in The Last Steep Ascent
9. Liza Wang in Divas in Distress
10. Niki Chow in Bottled Passion

Comment: This is fair and acceptable. Most of us have predicted that it’s the time for Tavia to be crowned TV Queen, and she finally did it. Congratulation to her! But then, I find her role in SSSS isn’t a breakthrough, and people picked her just because her time came, just like how it turns out to Myolie last year. Anyway, she still deserves to win. However, extra credit is given to Michelle as she delivered outstanding performance in ‘The Confidant’. Her eyes and facial expressions are brilliant and impacting in the drama. This is what acting is actually. But since she won it before back in 2008, having her in top 5 is a consolation already.

My Favorite TV Male Character: (bold is winner)

1. Kevin Cheng in Ghetto Justice 2
2. Moses Chan in The Last Steep Ascent
3. Wayne Lai in The Confidant
4. Raymond Lam in Highs and Lows
5. Kenneth Ma in The Hippocratic Crush
6. Bosco Wong in Witness Insecurity
7. Bobby Au Yeung in House of Harmony and Vengeance
8. Michael Miu in Highs and Lows
9. Raymond Wong in The Confidant
10. Damian Lau in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

Comment: I like this result the most. It’s the most right judgement of all. Kenneth Ma totally deserved this award. His character as ‘Cheung Yat Kin’ in ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ is very likeable. He did extremely well and his acting has been now on par with those of TV king’s standard. He had a very bright future ahead and soon it would be his turn for TV king. Raymond Lam as Happy Sir is also a nice character but still lacks a bit behind Yat Kin Tou. Really happy for Kenneth to win this. Congratulation!

My Favorite TV Female Character: (bold is winner)

1. Michelle Yim in The Confidant
2. Charmaine Sheh in When Heaven Burns
3. Myolie Wu in Ghetto Justice 2
4. Crystal Tin in King Maker
5. Tavia Yeung in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
6. Tavia Yeung in The Hippocratic Crush
7. Kate Tsui in Highs and Lows
8. Fala Chen in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
9. Eliza Sam in Divas in Distress
10. Niki Chow in Bottled Passion

Comment: Another good and satisfying outcome. Kate Tsui delivered an extreme breakthrough performance as a drug queen in ‘Highs and Lows’. There is a very high potential in such controversial character and Kate nailed it. She improved a lot in acting. Eventhough she is disliked by many people in her early years of acting, she finally gain some recognition and I’m happy with it. Once this award is given to Kate, I’m sure the best actress must be Tavia already.

Most Improved Male Character: (bold is winner)

1. Gam Kong
2. Him Law
3. Edwin Siu
4. Oscar Leung
5. Vincent Wong

Comment: A very good pick indeed. Oscar Leung had been in acting career for many years as far as I have known. However, there isn’t any great things or characters for him in earlier years, not until this year, when he is given so many interesting characters like in L’escargot, The Confidant, Tiger Cubs, etc. He totally deserved this award after so many years of contribution and with such a breakthrough year of 2012 for him.

Most Improved Female Character: (bold is winner)

1. Mandy Wong
2. Eliza Sam
3. Christine Kuo
4. Katy Kung
5. Cilla Kung

Comment: Another very much predicted and acceptable result. I find Mandy Wong’s performance to have excel so fast. Probably, she had a great talent on acting. Furthermore, she had been given so many potential characters to portray and that she did all amazingly well too. I would find it very weird and illogical if this award goes to one of the other four nominees on which I think is still far behind from this recognition.

Best Supporting Actor: (* is in top 2, bold is winner)

1. Power Chan in The Confidant*
2. Koo Ming Wah in Divas in Distress*
3. Oscar Leung in L’Escargot
4. Elliot Ngok in The Confidant
5. Vincent Wong in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
6. Alex Lam in Ghetto Justice 2
7. Kenny Wong in The Last Steep Ascent
8. Ram Tseung in Witness Insecurity
9. Him Law in The Hippocratic Crush
10. Edwin Siu in Daddy Good Deeds

Comment: Everyone knew top 2 would be Power Chan and Koo Ming Wah. And yes it is. Koo Ming Wah won it finally. I didn’t watch his performance as critically-acclaimed So Kei in ‘Divas in Distress’ but I heard a lot of good things about him from this drama. So, there must be something exceptionally fascinating from him. But I find that this result would be a big disappointment to Power Chan. He portrayed an eunuch in ‘The Confidant’ in a very interesting manner and his acting is well received. But then, his role gets diminished as the series progresses. Hence, the award still goes to Koo Ming Wah that made a bigger impact from his much earlier released drama. Fine, I’m still okay with this outcome. Really feel sorry for Power Chan. Power Chan, I think next year TVB would tries to give to you this award through another interesting character.

Best Supporting Actress: (* is in top two, bold is winner)

1. Mandy Wong in L’Escargot*
2. Rachel Kan in Master of Play
3. Mary Hon in Three Kingdoms RPG
4. Florence Kwok in King Maker
5. Law Lan in The Last Steep Ascent
6. Christine Kuo in Ghetto Justice 2
7. Nancy Wu in Gloves Come Off*
8. Elena Kong in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
9. Eliza Sam in Divas in Distress
10. Aimee Chan in The Confidant

Comment: I prefer Elena Kong and Nancy Wu to be in top two. I find Mandy in top two is a bit too fast for her. She is still not there yet eventhough her character is very much likeable too. Elena Kong delivered impressive performance in SSSS but is not emphasized in awards. Too bad. Okay, I’m still fine with Nancy Wu winning this since she had been in this industry for many years too and that her acting is no doubt good as well.

Best Series: (* is in top three, bold is winner)

  1. When Heaven Burns <天與地>*
  2. Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>
  3. Wish and Switch <換樂無窮>
  4. L’Escargot <缺宅男女>
  5. Let It Be Love <4 in Love>
  6. The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>*
  7. Queen of Hearts and Diamonds <東西宮略>
  8. Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>
  9. The Greatness of  Hero <盛世仁傑>
  10. Gloves Come Off <拳王>
  11. House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安>
  12. Come Home Love <愛.回家>
  13. Master of Play <心戰>
  14. No Good Either Way <衝呀!瘦薪兵團>
  15. Tiger Cubs <飛虎>
  16. Witness Insecurity <護花危情>
  17. Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
  18. Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>
  19. King Maker <造王者>
  20. Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>
  21. The Last Steep Ascent <天梯>
  22. Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>
  23. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>
  24. The Confidant <大太監>*

Comment: This is the result I had a shock when it is first announced. Are the Hong Kong audiences lack of serious and rational judgement when picking the most coveted best series award? Sorry for hurting. I had to be clear on this. I am 100% and totally opposed to this result. Many are rooting for ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ and ‘The Confidant’ (everyone knew only these two battle it all out), and in the end, ‘When Heaven Burns’ win this! I find this result to be very awkward and nonsense to the max. This is so unbelievable. Really a big disappointment and NO to me. I didn’t watch ‘When Heaven Burns’ as I find it so boring even in earlier episodes already. ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ or ‘The Confidant’ should have win this as they had good scripts, wonderful performance by the casts, and so many other good things surrounding them. This is unbelievable. Many earlier polls also show that ‘When Heaven Burns’ not even entering top 5, and now winning is a big mystery. ‘Something’ is behind the win. Ahh…sometimes, I find 100% voting by audiences isn’t truly reflective of who the artists or which the series deserves for the awards. ‘When Heaven Burns’ winning Best Drama is totally sick!


Huh…really unbelievable. In earlier part of the awards presentation when every result revealed is so satisfying, I thought that this year’s result would be the most fair and proper. In the end, it really turned out disastrous and terrible, and ignoring some other very good series (The Confidant only win one from Best Actor but lost out most others) and artists (Raymond Lam unexpectedly win nothing eventhough I have to say he did very well this year too and that 2012 is time for him already to get big award). I find there is something wrong to the last two awards (Best Actor and Best Series). Others are all okay and satisfying and correct according to most prediction.

And then, it’s quite low-class and a sign of disrespect when the crew keep on requesting people on stage to cut off their time to speak. Stop that stupid thing and keep the awards presentation longer next year onwards so that the winning people can voice out their full-of-emotion feeling a bit longer. And one more thing good about this awards presentation is that there are quite a few interesting and funny lines to keep us entertained throughout this two and a half hour show. And I’m so glad to see two heavyweight awards presenters attended this awards ceremony; Miriam Yeung for presenting best actress award and Deanie Ip for presenting best actor award. And last but not least, I also like the part when TVB decided to award several artists who have been contributing to many series for many years but given no recognition earlier. They (Chin Ka Lok, Benz Hui, Sunny Chan, Lee Sing Cheung & Carol Cheng) deserved the award. Anyway, congratulation to all the winners, eventhough some don’t deserve to get it in any point. That’s it.

‘King Maker’ (造王者), a wonderful and thrilling series.

I like to watch series involving scheming battles in palace during ancient China. I find series with such theme is very interesting and attention-grabbing in terms of its multi-layered and twisting plot. Previously, I admired series by Hong Kong’s TVB of this theme like ‘War and Beauty’ and ‘Beyond the Realm of Conscience’. The latest to be included in my favourite list would be the recently-concluded ‘King Maker’ drama released this year which is a historical-fiction series set in Southern Song dynasty. It’s like a spin-off to the ‘Greatness of a Hero’, a drama released few years earlier with two same main actors (Wayne and Kent) but with Wayne Lai being the main villain instead.

(Image above from

‘King Maker’ starred Wayne Lai and Kent Cheng as two respective chancellors with their intriguing struggles to have their favoured prince win control of the throne of Southern Song. Wayne Lai supported the eldest prince, Kwai-Sing (Pierro Ngo) while Kent Cheng is by the side of second prince, Kwai-Wo (Chris Lai). Of course, things aren’t that simple as there are numerous intertwining sub-plots that further adds depth and strengthen the power of the storyline as it goes through the 28-episodes long series. Those are like the threats from neighbouring dynasty, revelation of certain truths and involvement of other great villains to make things worse and more complicated. In the end, it’s Kent Cheng that turns out to be the main villain of the drama. The good thing is that some twists in the story are really unpredictable (hence giving surprise) and came out very well and not illogical as seen in many other TVB series earlier. There are also many other notable supporting characters to carve a path to such a solid story.

(Image above from

All that sum up to a very thrilling atmosphere in the palace, still centered on the two chancellors portrayed by the very experienced actors, Wayne Lai and Kent Cheng. At first, I didn’t expect that Kent Cheng would be the main villain in this series, and in the end, I can say that it’s quite a breakthrough and a good performance from him. However, I find that Kent forced himself to indulge into the evil character he portrayed until to the point that it seems so weird looking from his facial expression and gesture. Perhaps, he shouldn’t try to do anymore evil characters that doesn’t seems to suit him. It’s not his fault and he already did his very best, and anyway I like his character too. Without this main villain, the story wouldn’t be that interesting after all especially at the end part when he do so many bad things all together to make sure he is successful on his plans. The final confrontation between Wayne and Kent in the finale through words and tricks is impressive and intense but not epic enough.

(Image above from

Wayne Lai is still at his usual performance of a very strict-looking man while still very capable of delivering in emotion-led scenes. And I find his younger sister in the series whom later became the concubine of first prince, Natalie Tong is a bit noisy and slightly annoying especially when she is first introduced in the series. Yeung Chi-San (Joseph Lee) and Consort Wai (Florence Kwok), two senior casts did very impressive job in their villain characters as well. One more thing, Vivien Yeo portraying as the first concubine of eldest prince is still quite poor on her acting, and her Cantonese accent didn’t really improve much. But that is quite a minor character who did a bit of silly tricks in the end and then gets punished and vanished from the series as expected. Hmm..the series also tests on value of friendship, family bond and love in a very balanced proportion (without dragging on either aspects much).

(Image above from

So, there are not only battles between the two chancellors which only heightened in the final portion of the whole drama. There are also scheming between concubines (a little), cooperation between politician with eunuch, and even tricks between father and son or daughter.  I finished watching its two heart-stopping two final episodes just now, and I’m glad that the whole series didn’t disappoint. It’s indeed an exciting drama with good script and acting overall. The storyline is intense enough with very much of climax-reaching scenes. The drama is also filled with some touching moments especially when someone important had passed away mainly due to evil plots by the main villain portrayed by Kent Cheng. The ending for the characters as shown in the finale is quite satisfying. Overall, it’s a very solid drama with thrilling plots. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘King Maker’ a total of 7.5. Conclusion of the story in one simple phrase; ‘it’s hard to be the king maker’.

Movie review: The King’s Speech

Many people have given very positive feedbacks on this movie after I have seen some of the movie reviews of it. It is also considered to be one of the best films of 2010. I have written a post not long ago on the top 3 best films of 2010, and that doesn’t include The King’s Speech because I haven’t watch it.

Now, I have watched it, but I would still maintain the list I have proposed before in my previous post. The King’s Speech is a good movie, but for me, it’s still far behind from being included in top 3. Yes, it totally deserved to be in top 10 then.

The King’s Speech is a movie of great quality. The storyline is very interesting, and there is no way that people can have any words of improvement on it. It is about a man who became King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. Plagued by a dreaded stammer and considered unfit to be king, he received help from a speech therapist named Lionel Logue. As a result of unlikely friendship, the king is able to find his voice and boldly leads the country through war.

The pace and rhythm of the story is fantastic. Well, another point I wished to add is on the brilliant performances by the casts, especially the character of the king portrayed by Colin Firth.He must had hard time speaking out his lines in a terrible way as needed for the character. Good job. Both of the points above definitely on The King’s Speech left me speechless, but with only these two positive points, it is hard to climb into top 3 list.

Many parts of the movie, eventhough seems to be very essential for the development of the story, are created in a way that makes people bored. It seems to be a long 2-hours movie for me, wishing that it would ends much early. Nothing much more to comment on this movie. A good quality movie but not the best one. Out of 10 points, I give this one 7.5. Sorry for many people who loved this movie a lot, but it’s just my opinion.

TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards Nomination List is out! (main awards)


Part of the list of TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards (2009) are out, confirmed and official nomination list:

These are the few most important categories:

Bolded ones are my pick of top 5 and itallic one is my predicted winner.

Best Actor Nominees

Wayne Lai – Rosy Business (definitely he will win, no one doesn’t know his phrase of ‘one person has how many ten years’ in the series)
Ray Lui – Born Rich
Gallen Lo – Born Rich (comeback to act in series after a long break, fresh outcome, acts as the villain too)
Damian Lau – In the Chamber of Bliss
Bowie Lam – The Gem of Life
Kevin Cheng – Burning Flame III
Wong He – Burning Flame III
Bosco Wong – Burning Flame III
Moses Chan – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (he need to get fat to look more like an emperor in the series, his acting is always so real)
Dayo Wong – You’re Hired (first series after a long break, a fresh outcome too, acted pretty well)
Joe Ma – When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West
Michael Miu – E.U.
Steven Ma – Sweetness in the Salt
Roger Kwok – D.I.E. Again (unable to win last year in D.I.E. , this year will be expected to reach only top 5, his performance slack a bit this time)
Chin Ka Lok – A Bride for a Ride

Best Actress Nominations

Sheren Tang – Rosy Business (her acting as fourth wife in this series is awesome, might be winning too)
Anita Yuen – Born Rich
Kenix Kwok – Born Rich
Jamie Chik – Born Rich
Maggie Siu – The Gem of Life
Gigi Lai – The Gem of Life (her final series, TVB will appreciate her last appearance on series this time)
Ada Choi – The Gem of Life
Myole Wu – Burning Flame III
Charmaine Sheh – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (TV Queen, sure will get into Top 5)
Tavia Yeung – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (breakthrough for her, acting as main villain for the first time, facial and eye expression very amazing in the series, has put a lot of effort on this ancient series)
Teresa Mo – Off Pedder
Kathy Chow – E.U.
Liza Wang – When the Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West
Sonija Kwok – D.I.E. Again
Louise Lee – The Stew of Life (her acting is always good, on any series, rather than just Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance)

Best Supporting Actor Nominees

Michael Tse – E.U. (his acting as Laughing Gor in the series get praised from all parties, causing another movie production based on the character)
Joel Chan – E.U.
Elliot Yue – The Gem of Life (his acting is not only good in this series, but also mainly in Rosy Business too, as the strict,decision-making father)
Kenny Wong – The Gem of Life
Dominic Lam – In the Chamber of Bliss
Ngo Ka Nin – Rosy Business                                                                                                                                                                                    Ron Ng – Rosy Business
Raymond Wong – Sweetness in the Salt
Lee Kwok Lun – Beyond the Realm of Conscience ( he acted a lot in this hot series as the villain, the male villain of the series, good expression in character too)
Ram Tseung – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tsui Wing – Off Pedder
Stephen Au – Off Pedder
Kenneth Ma – Born Rich ( time for youngster like him to strive forward, in this grand production series)
Derek Kwok – D.I.E. Again (he acted very well in this series too, same with D.I.E.)
Evergreen Mak – The Stew of Life

Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Michelle Yim – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (last year best actress, this time sure will get into top 5, her acting is always good, especially as villain again)
Susanna Kwan – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (her acting in the series is good, any characters suit her, from evil to good one)
Mary Hon – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Susan Tse – Rosy Business (her face is fated for her to act as villain, her facial expression will scare people, her acting in Rosy Business as evil first wife and in Beyond the Realm of Conscience as the evil Grand Empress Dowager is absolutely fantastic)
Kara *** – Rosy Business
Kiki Sheung – Rosy Business
Nancy Wu – Rosy Business
Angela Tong – In the Chamber of Bliss
Linda Chung – The Gem of Life
Aimee Chan – Burning Flame III
Selena Li – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (a very hardworking actress, has acted on a lot of series, but is not appreciated much, time for some appreciation)
Fala Chen – The Stew of Life
Christine Ng – The Stew of Life (her acting is not bad, the character suits her style too, acted pretty real)
Joyce Tang – Just Love II
Elanne Kong – E.U.

Most Favourite TV Male Character Nominees

Wayne Lai – Rosy Business (if he can’t win Best Actor, he will definitely grab this award)
Michael Tse – E.U. (his performance is outstanding in the series as Laughing Gor)
Michael Miu – E.U.
Ray Lui – Born Rich (first comeback series, fresh outcome on a grand production series)
Gallen Lo – Born Rich
Bowie Lam – The Gem of Life
Moses Chan – The Gem of Life
Kenny Wong – The Gem of Life
Wong He – Burning Flame III (long time didn’t act on series, sees him as fireman again, but this time paralysed one, interesting character)
Kevin Cheng – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Dayo Wong – You’re Hired (he always act as funny person, full of comedy, this kind of character is always favourited)
Steven Ma – Sweetness in the Salt
Roger Kwok – D.I.E. Again
Chin Ka Lok – A Bride for a Ride
Kenneth Ma – Man in Charge

Most Favourite TV Female Character

Charmaine Sheh – Beyond the Realm of Conscience (her acting no one can debate, she forever acting as the kind person, which is favourited)
Tavia Yeung – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Charmaine Sheh – You’re Hired
Sheren Tang – Rosy Business (if she can’t win best actress, she will definitely grab this award)
Kathy Chow – E.U. (acting full of effort, still remember the scene she was being killed innocently by Michael Miu in the series)
Kenix Kwok – Born Rich (long time didn’t act in series, fresh outcome)
Anita Yuen – Born Rich
Jamie Chik – Born Rich
Ada Choi – The Gem of Life (also long time didn’t act in series, great outcome too)
Maggie Siu “The Gem of Life
Sonija Kwok – D.I.E. Again
Teresa Mo – Off Pedder
Louise Lee – The Stew of Life
Fala Chen – The Stew of Life
Christine Ng – The Stew of Life

Most Improved Actor

  • Johnson Lee (Just Love 2, The Stew of Life)
  • Pierre Ngo (Rosy Business, Sweetness in the Salt)
  • Raymond Wong (When Easterly Showers falls on Sunny West, Sweetness in the Salt) (he has acted on series long time ago, time for some recognition, he also acted on the A Great Way to Care which is warehoused)
  • Raymond Chiu (Off Pedar)
  • Jim Tang (Off Pedder)
  • Most Improved Actress

  • Queenie Chu (Gem of Life, Off Pedar, You’re Hired)
  • Koni Lui (You’re Hired)
  • Catherine Chau (Gem of Life, King of Snooker, Bride for a Ride)
  • Sharon Chan (Page of Treasures, Born Rich)
  • Aimee Chan (Off Pedar, E.U, Burning Flame 3) (she is a new talented actress found, quite good acting)
  • ———————

    20 series were aired before the anniversary awards which will be contested on the category of Best Series of the Year (2009):

    Knowing that no more sequel to the Heart of Greed (Best Series 2007) and Heart of Greed aka Moonlight Resonance (Best Series 2008), it’s time for fresh new series to get this award.

  • The Gem of Life
  • Off Pedder
  • When Easter Showers fall on the Sunny West
  • Pages of Treasure
  • E.U.
  • The Winter Melon Tale
  • The King of Snooker
  • Man in Charge
  • Rosy Business 
  • Just Love II
  • The Threshold of a Persona
  • Sweetness in the Salt
  • Burning Flame III
  • A Bride for a Ride
  • You’re Hired
  • D.I.E. Again
  • The Stew of Life
  • In the Chamber of Bliss
  • Beyond the Realm of Conscience
  • Born Rich
  • My prediction of Best Series nomination:

    Top 3:

    E.U. (a very memorable and exciting series, new actors and actresses seen, nice plot)

    Rosy Business (exciting, interesting, memorable, favourited, great plot especially on the evilness of first wife)

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience (almost everything is perfect, background, costumes, plot, actors, actresses, language, etc, nothing more to comment, perfectly done)

    (Born Rich and Off Pedder might be a dark horse in this category, but Beyond the Realm of Conscience will definitely win with some challenges from Rosy Business)


    The awards will be held on 4th of December 2009 (my birthday date).

    The list is official and the thoughts are mine, so may be different from yours, do not hesitate to leave your opinion too…who do you think will grab this year main awards?

    So fast one year has gone, still remember last time, very grateful that Michelle Yim and Ha Yu won TV Queen and King…this year who…who…who…???