16th anniversary of 911 and new iPhone X release!

Two days ago, 11th September 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the tragic 911 terrorist attacks in the United States. A news that had the world stunned and in shock. The image of the World Trade Center twin towers collapsing after being hit by passenger planes still haunts the minds of millions of people especially the Americans. 16 years have passed, and all shall move on. There is a small tribute ceremony held to mark this particular anniversary on the Ground Zero site, now redeveloped into a Memorial Park with the finished new 1 WTC tower. Some have commented to only organize such memorial ceremony once in every five years, rather than once a year as a sign for people to move on from this sorrow memory.


I disagree in my personal opinion. You can have 364 days a year to ‘move on’ but why not just take a single day in a year to look back to the past and remember this tragedy and the lives lost from it. It’s not a big request. A simple tribute ceremony as a gesture of respect once a year is still reasonable. At the end of the day, we do not wish to see any more terrorist attacks happening in this world. Attacks of such proportion in September 2001 on the US is terribly wrong. Every time I re-watch the clips of the news coverage or videos taken by the public during the twin towers’ attack and collapse, I’m deeply saddened. These terrorists are inhuman for doing such nasty things.

And, the day after (yesterday) is also a big day in US. Apple has just announced its latest release of the new iPhone X (and iPhone 8 and 8Plus, Apple Watch Series 3) yesterday to the public in a grand product launch event. It is also the first grand event that is held on the Apple’s new campus that is shaped like a ring (or a huge alien ship) that reportedly costs US$ 5 billion dollar to construct. What an expensive building. I contributed some for it too since I am an iPhone user. I’m a bit excited for its new iPhone X (X means 10 in romans to mark the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone release back in 2007). It has glass on the phone’s back for wireless charging ability, facial-recognition feature to unlock phone, absence of home button, screen filling up the whole front of the phone, latest operating software (IOS 11), better camera technology, etc. All these new features may have been done by the other smartphone brands earlier but hey, now it’s Apple’s turn. Due to its branding, hence all of its products are super expensive.

But I’m still attracted to it somehow. Will I buy? No. My previous iPhone 5 died last year. I can no longer wait for this new phone and so I bought the iPhone 7 in October last year. Now, even my iPhone 7 is considered out-dated even it is just one-year old. If my previous iPhone 5 can survive for another year (last until now), then I will certainly go for this new iPhone X. But it costs a whopping US$ 999 at least. Crazy…On the other hand, nobody really wants to talk much about the other products; iPhone 8 and 8 Plus which is just a slight upgrade from iPhone 7. As for the new Apple Watch Series 3, its new features are the ability to make and receive calls and surf internet. A very small gadget but with multiple advanced functions. Will I buy it? No. I don’t think I need it. Fancy and cool stuff but not necessary. I’m fine with just the smartphone. And on top of that, it’s very costly!

There are more and more great smartphones out there by other brands. Hence, I think Apple do really need to further step up their game in their future products. This new iPhone X may looks awesome but still there is nothing really ‘breakthrough’ or very ‘wow’ from it.

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TVB drama review for ‘Lord of Shanghai’ (2015).

‘Lord of Shanghai’ (梟雄) is a 2015 Hong Kong television pre-modern period drama by TVB, and it is the last of the four anniversary series marking the 48th birthday of the television station this year. It is also a grand production featuring heavyweight casts that include Anthony Wong (film king), Kent Tong (one of five ‘tigers’ of TVB in 1980s), Wayne Lai (triple TV king) taking on main roles accompanied by many supporting roles portrayed by Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Alice Chan, Louis So, Jade Leung, Eddie Kwan, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Lau Kong, etc. The drama with a total of 32 episodes is set in 1930’s divided Shanghai when many troubles hit and tells the story of three powerful business tycoons who are friends and also enemies within themselves. The story is loosely based on real people (the 3 tycoons) and events in Shanghai around that particular decade.


When I first heard of the development of this drama about a year ago, I was very excited because Anthony Wong is in it. He had won multiple best actor and supporting actor nods in past film awards and it would be refreshing and cool to see him in small screen now (television). This is also Kent Tong’s first drama in 30 years. The storyline of the drama which is revealed not long ago also further put me in a position to anticipate desperately for it. Time flies. The series has now ended with the broadcast of its final episode just now. Maybe I came in with high expectation, and so in the end, I think the series is just good overall with nothing truly breathtaking as expected earlier. Even the ending is a bit ordinary but still a good conclusion to this drama.


Before the drama began few weeks ago, this drama somehow reminds me of ‘Rosy Business’ and its unrelated sequel ‘No Regrets’, the two highly successful series few years back. However, ‘Lord of Shanghai’ failed to live up to the quality found in that two mentioned dramas despite having a huge cast of professional actors and actresses. The storyline is good but I’m slightly disappointed that there aren’t much climax-reaching parts in this drama. I remembered I enjoyed watching ‘Rosy Business’ very much because it has intense scenes in almost every episodes and I don’t find it here in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ to my surprise. I felt emotionless watching the series besides than enjoying the great performances by the cast. I’m only slightly more interested on the major flashback scenes depicting Kiu Ngo-tin in his younger days and how he eventually chosen the path to be a mean tycoon.


Yes…the cast helped a lot on the series. Everyone from the major to minor characters contributed very well to the drama. Anthony Wong delivered subtle expressions and is very convincing as the main lead of the drama. His expressions are very minimal but displayed a lot of emotions. The only thing I’m not fine of him is his usage of Shanghai accent sometimes in his dialogues while no one else do the same. Wayne Lai on the other hand used exaggerated approach to convey his role as the main villain of the story. Some people disliked his overly done expressions but I think that is what best for his role and he nailed it. Kent Tong’s character is a bit overshadowed by Anthony and Wayne. Alice Chan who resembles the late Anita Mui is also very good as Sister Kwai Sang. This is my first time seeing her and she is already that good. As for Kenneth Ma, first I was annoyed by the dubbing of his voice by other actor (why not use his original voice?) but his exceptional acting as the young Kiu Ngo-tin had me forgetting the voice. Ron Ng is given an ordinary role that turned evil out of sudden in the last one and a half episode that means nothing to me.


The theme song named ‘Regretless’ by Alfred Hui is a good song to listen to and the score matches quite well to the series. In this drama, we also get to see many scenes depicting Shanghai back in 1930s and it do bring us back to that particular era, getting us more engaged to the setting of the story. Expected since it is a grand production. Overall, the series is still interesting to watch with top-notch acting performances and solid plot. However, in my personal opinion, ‘Captain of Destiny’ is still the best series in 2015 while ‘Lord of Shanghai’ is only my no.2 this year as the former surprised me in many ways while the latter ended up being just good and nothing spectacular. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Lord of Shanghai’ a total of 7.8. I still think this series is going to be the biggest competitor alongside with ‘Captain of Destiny’ for Best Series award in TVB Anniversary Awards next month. Let’s see which one will win…’Captain of Destiny’ had already won in Singapore and Malaysia. I guess Hong Kong one will be for ‘Lord of Shanghai’. What’s your thought on this? You can share it in the comment section below.

Lord of Shanghai_17

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‘Captain of Destiny’, the best TVB series of the year so far.

‘Captain of Destiny’ (張保仔, literally as Cheung Po Tsai) is a 2015 Hong Kong historical fiction sci-fi television drama of 32 episodes by TVB. The drama is a retelling of the story of 19th century Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai and his conflict with the Qing imperial army, meanwhile encountering a time-travelling police constable from the 21st century. The drama starred Ruco Chan, Tony Hung, Grace Chan, Ram Cheung, Elaine Yiu, Maggie Shiu, Joel Chan, Mandy Wong, Susan Tse, Lau Kong, etc. It is a grand production and is one of the four anniversary series of 2015 to mark 48th anniversary of TVB.


This series which concluded just now with its final episode also won the Most Favourite TVB Drama at the Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards 2015 yesterday. Despite receiving average points in viewership rating at Hong Kong, the drama is being very well received and I’m one of them who have more praise to this series compared to all the other dramas released this year. It is just so good and always kept me intensely catching up to latest episode of the series every night. In the first few episodes, I came to watch the series with less expectation but then I’m surprised by the great quality of storyline and characters the series present to TV audiences as the drama develops. I still enjoyed the time-travel concept eventhough TVB had used this idea many times before in the past.

First, we were shown in the present setting of Hong Kong when a female police constable (Grace Chan) accidentally traveled back in time to Qing dynasty from a waterspout when she is on a mission to catch a criminal named Bandit King (Ruco Chan). Once back to 200 years earlier, she met the famous pirate Cheung Po Tsai (Tony Hung) and his gang. Here the story goes between the pirates’ life and the life in the palace emphasizing the 11th prince (Ruco Chan again) who is a hardworking prince in mission to eliminate pirates. Many events followed between these main characters and the story development went very well in a good pacing mixed with light fun moments as well as serious and intense situations.


Ruco Chan delivered yet another impressive performance as the 11th prince. His character here is very diverse, requiring him to deliver multitude of varying emotions and he nailed it. He conquered all the scenes he is in with powerful strength and expressions. Eventhough he is not in the titular role, but he shines over the rest in this drama. No wonder he won Most Favourite TVB Actor in Singapore last night too for his performance here. Very well deserved and I do hope his winning continues to TVB Star Awards Malaysia next month as well as the Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards in December. It’s time for him to be rewarded. Tony Hung portrayed the titular role and I’m fine with it. However, I find it weird that his character is not being given much attention throughout the series eventhough his name makes the series’ title. That has to be case when you have another lead role, the 11th prince of which I have said earlier that stood out better than the rest including this titular character of Cheung Po Tsai.

Grace Chan is a newbie artist and she should not be promoted too quickly by the TVB station by taking up this first female lead role here. The outcome is you get a performance that is poor and heavily criticized by many people. It’s not her fault mostly but I do cannot stand the overly exaggerated expressions and voice she shown in this drama. On the other hand, I also cannot stand anymore on the cute acts by the 11th prince’s lady servant, portrayed by Kelly Fu. However, her acting is far more natural than Grace. It is the veteran actors and actresses that back the series a lot too. Villains like Lee Shin Cheung (as admiral), Elaine Yiu (as concubine), and Lau Kong (as emperor) and others like Susan Tse (as concubine), Elliot Ngok (as imperial eunuch), Maggie Shiu (head pirate’s wife), and Ram Cheung (pirate’s strategist) did very well. Joel Chan and Mandy Wong also contributed very convincing performances in their respective supporting role too.



Besides that, I’m also surprised by the effort put on the visual effects of this series. The visual effects especially during the war between the imperial army and the pirates are exceptionally good if measured by TVB standard. I’m stunned and amazed by that battle scene. It looks very cool, technically brilliant, intense and exciting. However, I am actually hoping for like two or more of those battle scene to further expand the storyline on the strained relationship between the pirates and the government. So actually, I don’t mind the series to be 40 episodes long.  The effort put on production design, costume and make-up design, and editing should also be complimented for this drama. The drama’s opening theme song by Fred Cheng, closing theme song by Ruco Chan and episode’s plug song by Linda Chung are all very nice to listen to and suits well to this drama’s heart.

maxresdefault (1)

As for its ending just now, I’m very happy of how this series came to such a thought-provoking conclusion. It is an ending made with a lot of thoughts (and a nice twist) and I like that. I’m tired of typical non-moving yet happy ending made to most of TVB series in recent years. I’m also surprised to see Raymond Wong making a cameo appearance in the end as a pirate. Why him? It’s because he is originally cast to portray Cheung Po Tsai and not Tony Hung. So letting him to appear in the very last minute of the series’ ending would be quite interesting. In general, this drama is definitely the best TVB series of the year so far and if the next series ‘Lord of Shanghai’ isn’t as good as it is expected, then I see no problem for ‘Captain of Destiny’ to take home Most Favourite TVB Drama in both TVB Star Awards Malaysia and also in Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards. It is really very good and delivered beyond my expectation. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Captain of Destiny’ a total of 8.2. That’s the highest rating for a series I have given this year. Even Grace Chan’s bad acting here couldn’t pull the series down to below 8 points from me.

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3 movies in a week! ‘Under The Skin’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and lastly, ‘Birdman’

It’s now less than 2 weeks before the Oscars and it’s the perfect time for me to watch some remaining Oscars-nominated films this year before the awards presentation which is scheduled to take place on 22nd February 2015. ‘Under The Skin’ is the first one I watched this week. Eventhough it is not nominated in the Academy Awards, but it gained largely positive reviews and was named one of the best films in 2014 by over 100 publications. So, I will give it a go.


In the end, I am very annoyed. The movie had just wasted my time. The movie starred Scarlett Johansson as an alien seductress who preys on men in Scotland and with subsequent event that lead her to begin a process of self-discovery. Looking from this kind of plot, it should be exciting or intense at some points. But not at all. It is more of an artistic film that never suits me. It is very plain and boring. I’m not into this type of movie. The plot betrayed me. I am expecting that this may be a good or exciting science fiction thriller film, but it’s not. Things are creepily dull and silently ‘dead’ in this film. I can’t really appreciate the ‘values’ or the ‘meanings’ from this film. Out of 10 points, I can only rate it 6.0.


Next, is ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. This film won Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical in Golden Globe Awards and received five awards from the British Academy Film Awards. It also secured 9 nominations in the upcoming Academy Awards, being the film with most nominations together with ‘Birdman’. Those achievements above encouraged me to try this one. And fortunately, I did. The film is strangely beautiful! It starred Ralph Fiennes as a concierge who teams up with one of his employees to prove his innocence after he is framed for murder. The storytelling is interesting and engaging. Ralph Fiennes’ performance in the film is also notably excellent. When I hear his voice, this would always come into my mind automatically; ‘Voldemort’ is back. Haha…The best thing of the film is from its wonderful and creative production designs. Extremely distinctive, fresh and the arts here worked for me. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ a total of 7.8.


Lastly, it’s time for ‘Birdman’ or ‘The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance’. The story tells on Riggan (Keaton), a faded Hollywood actor famous for his superhero role struggling to mount a Broadway adaptation of a Raymond Carver story. I watched this for the main purpose of checking out Michael Keaton’s performance here that won rave reviews and he is then considered a hot favourite to take home Best Actor in the coming Oscars. For me, I don’t think so. I still prefer Eddie Redmayne in ‘The Theory of Everything’ after seeing both of their performances. Michael Keaton is great in ‘Birdman’. This movie is there to propel Keaton into stardom again. This is his great comeback! But his role here is nothing that challenging compared to that Redmayne’s take on Stephen Hawking role.

Besides than Keaton, Edward Norton and Emma Stone also delivered brilliantly in ‘Birdman’ as supporting casts. Now, everyone is saying that if JK Simmons and Patricia Arquette aren’t in the awards season this year, then it shall be Norton and Stone’s victories in best supporting actor and actress categories. And I agreed on that. Naomi Watts is also great in this movie. Another compliment to the film is on its technique of shooting that appears as a continuous long take throughout most of the whole movie. That is interesting as the director said ‘we live our lives with no editing’. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Birdman’ a total of 7.9. ‘Birdman’ isn’t only a film; there lies a lot of mystery or uncertain meanings behind the story that makes the movie exceptional.

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Astro Star Quest 2013 Final.

Astro Star Quest is an annual Chinese singing competition in Malaysia for people ranging from 18 to 24 years old. It has been on the run annually for over 15 years. The competition for the year 2013 started out with registration of thousand of contestants early this year. Then, there are several elimination stages that will ends up finally with 20 contestants. The 20 finalists will then compete through preliminary rounds and semi-finals before gaining the top 5 tickets to the grand final concluded an hour ago.

The final was held on 13th July 2013 at Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Center (SPICE), a huge indoor arena at Penang Island that can hold up to 10 000 audiences. The final took three hours and is divided into four stages. I didn’t pay much attention to this singing competition in early rounds because there is too many people (early was in top 20) and some are not really that good. When it comes to semi-finals, I started to look out for who had great voice, or who had the biggest potential to be in final. And the 5 finalists are Gean, Amy, Esther, Justin and Rax (first three are girls, last two are boys).


In the first round, Gean and Amy had equal score each, which is also the lowest one. Both of them are maximising the sexiness in them to enhance their performance as their voices are generally normal only (sorry to their supporters, but it’s true). That isn’t enough to stay longer on this stage, and so Gean turned out to be the fourth runner-up, while Amy is the third runner-up. This is announced right after the second round concluded. Nevertheless, they still won prizes and to be credited for their wonderful performances that see the maximum of their effort. Now, what’s left is the top three; Rax, Justin and Esther for the third round.

Rax’s performance isn’t as captivating as Justin in the third round that saw Justin’s score jumped tremendously high in sudden. Justin is no doubt has a young and good look, and he is the contestant with most number of supporters in the arena. I thought he would be in top two, but I was wrong, unexpectedly. Rax went into top 2 successfully with score only a little higher than Justin that eventually became the second runner-up. Nevertheless, Justin won a prize too for becoming the most popular finalist in the competition by gaining most votes from Malaysians all over the country. Where is Esther? Well, she is forever on her top position even from the early rounds of this competition already. Hence, there shouldn’t be problem for her at all. Now, left Rax and Esther in the final (fourth) round on which each of them has to sing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’.

As predicted, Esther’s powerful and striking vocal together with her beautiful and unique voice contributed to her success in this competition by becoming the champion. Very much expected. Rax is good…he had quite a lovely voice and good control of his tone, but Esther is just too strong. Hence, Rax is the first runner-up and Esther is crowned the winner with wonderful prizes. The champion won also a Toyota car. Wow…There are five judges, and one of them from Taiwan had highlighted that this year, looking from the performance from the top three finalists, he mentioned that he worried for his home country’s Chinese Million Star singing competition. Our contestants here will surely give a very tough fight to future contestants in the popular Taiwan’s singing show.


Congratulation to all the five finalists as each of you have done impressive job for the final which appears more like a concert than a competition. I can see that they are enjoying the stage. A big congratulation to the winners! I look forward to their performance (I see big potential on them especially Esther) on Taiwan’s Chinese Million Star competition and also on the Hong Kong TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship. Let’s show to the Chinese regions that we have great singers here from Malaysia, born out from this annual Astro Star Quest competition. Anyway, I had a great time watching the final show just now. It was great. Awesome. The Final was held very successfully just now eventhough without any special guest. But at least, we have a section with the former champions at this singing competition from the past. Well, now, we have to wait for another year, for the next edition; Astro Star Quest 2014.

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Malaysia swept four out of five titles in Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold 2012, but I’m not really proud of that

Yesterday on the final of Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold held in Johor, the national shuttlers swept four out of five titles, making it as the biggest win to Malaysia in a single badminton tournament in history. Malaysia have never won that much of titles in an open tournament before, and that the previous biggest win for the nation is on 2009 Super Series Masters Finals in Sabah. Well, I am not too proud of that achievement due to several reasons.

1. The Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament does not rewards big title, benefits or fame to winners. It is a much smaller tournament compared to Malaysian Open held in January every year. Hence, winning many titles from this is not something to be proud of. Even many people didn’t even take the time to watch this tournament. Many of us don’t really care how great Malaysia can win from this tournament. I myself didn’t watch this tournament and I almost forget even on its presence. I just realized it once I read the news today.

2. The tournament did not involves participation of most of the talented and good players especially those from China. Well, if there are not much international players playing, and when there is no China, Malaysia could easily win in almost all the five matches (and still ends up losing one despite having such a good opportunity). In the final, it is like the Malaysia came in unchallenged with poorer quality observed from the other many unknown oversea players, along with huge turnouts of local shuttlers participating which contributed higher chance of our local players winning. So, there is nothing to fuss about when Malaysia won four out of five titles yesterday.

3. All eyes are on the upcoming larger badminton tournaments, particularly Thomas Cup and the London 2012 Olympic Games. Many would have just forgotten the existence of smaller tournaments like this one when bigger things are going to arrive soon. Other countries especially China is looking forward to maintain their position as defending champion in Thomas Cup while having intention to do their very best on London 2012 too. Same even goes to Malaysia who rely so much on Lee Chong Wei to get Malaysia the very first gold in Olympics. And so, there is not much attention paid towards this recent Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold. Even when Lee Chong Wei wins the men single title yesterday, I don’t think that would ensures he would have a good chance in Olympics as his opponents in this tournament are all of weaker ones. So, Lee Chong Wei, don’t be too happy with the win yesterday as that promises nothing when there is no great players up against you. Same goes to other Malaysian shuttlers who win yesterday.

It’s not that I want to look down on quality of local shuttlers. It is that there are still many oversea players that are much stronger than our Malaysian players, and that offers very slim chance of winning a gold in Olympics or even getting into semi-final of Thomas Cup soon. The players and the badminton association of Malaysia should see that, and realized the problem of lack of talented young players as the current players are all coming close to retirement already. So, yesterday’s great win to Malaysia is actually absolutely nothing, and shall not plays a part in restoring confidence of the Malaysian players who didn’t do very well lately in most of the previous tournaments, including Lee Chong Wei.

The Royal Wedding Day

Back early to home today from campus and is able to catch the live broadcast of the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, whom are now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The venues for the processions include Westminster Abbey, the church where the ceremony is held, Buckingham Palace, as well as Goring Hotel where Kate leaved from there.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, there were already thousand of people surrounding the area tight with security measures. The atmosphere is very good and the side of the guarded streets are very happening with people cheering and celebrating the royal wedding. Many people from different countries like Australia, Canada and France also joined in the celebration alongside with the people of United Kingdom where today is declared as public holiday for the nation.

Luxurious cars are seen fetching the VIPs; the princes and princesses, the family of the bride, and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II whom received the most cheer and applause besides than her grandson, Prince William whom is still the main character for the big day. Famous guests were seen in the church like the Australian Prime Minister, UK Prime Minister, David and Victoria Beckham, King and Queen of Malaysia (my country), and many others.

Finally, everyone is present in the church including the last one to arrive, Catherine Middleton herself from Goring Hotel with her dad and dressed with a beautiful gown which caught the most attention of the media as the design of it is not exposed till today. The processions in the beautiful long church go smoothly as planned and the couple is officially married as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince William now solidify his position of second in line of the throne, just behind his father, Prince Charles.

Then, here came the much anticipated carriages which brought the couple, the parents of the couple, brothers of the couple, as well as Queen Elizabeth with Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. The carriages is part of the important tradition for British royal family which received full attention from the people waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the VIPs. I saw a lot of cameras with huge and long lens, all ready to take as many photographs as possible.

The day is quite gloomy and luckily there is no rain halting the procession. All the VIPs eventually reached Buckingham Palace after the church procession is settled. The public is then allowed to get closer to the palace around the Victoria Memorial, a grand looking sculpture in front of the palace overlooking a long wide royal path. They are all waiting for the time to come, when Prince William and Catherine finally walked out of the balcony at the center, waved to the crowd and kissed romantically twice with loud applause and cheer from the uncountable crowd. The crowd is then thrilled by the flypass that marks the end of the broadcast.

It is now almost 12am in Malaysia, showing that the day is almost over here in Malaysia but not for England yet because it’s only 5pm afternoon there. There are still quite a lot of things to do for them like the wedding dinner later as well as wedding breakfast tomorrow’s morning which are of course will not be broadcast as these are merely private functions. For the show, I watched majority of it and it is definitely a perfect grand wedding, now commonly recognized as the wedding of the century. Many people are now talking about it everywhere especially on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There will be repeat of the show in a lot of channels too.

I’m not involved on this wedding but the scale and grandness as well as the media attention of it really influencing me a lot. So, I kind of enjoying the wedding too. Congratulation to William and Kate! Year 2011 has been brought lively back with such a grand celebration despite the year is full of tragedies like natural disasters and wars. In 2011, we saw a grand royal wedding celebration in UK, and by 2012, we will see the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. There is so much important events going on and soon for England.

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