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No losing city in this year’s bid for 2024 Summer Olympic Games

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The voting for the host city of 2024 Summer Olympic Games will take place on this coming September. Only two cities are remaining in the bid; Paris and Los Angeles. In an extraordinary International Olympic Committee Session held yesterday, the committee approved a decision to award the games to both cities, one in 2024 and another one in 2028.

So, there wouldn’t be any losing city in this year’s bid for the games. If a city receives lesser number of votes in the voting, it will still host the games, but that would be the next edition (4 years later) than originally intended. That’s certainly good news for both Paris and Los Angeles. I have to admit both cities are more than capable to host this world’s largest international multi-sport event.

Which city do you think will get the 2024 games? My personal choice would be Paris. If I’m not mistaken, Paris has submitted bid a number of times in the last few editions of the games but lost every time. I remembered the city lost to London for 2012 games by only a few votes. The last time that Paris has hosted the games was in 1924. If Paris win the right to host 2024 games, it will be coincidentally marking 100th anniversary since the last Olympics in the city. I also like the simplicity of its logo showing the number ’24’ that also designed to resemble their iconic Eiffel Tower.

Check out their bidding’s presentation clips below:

Paris 2024

Los Angeles 2024

So my choice is Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. This means that those cities which intend to bid for 2028 games has to drop out their plan and bid for 2032 games instead. I think this move will make the bidding for 2032 games to be more intense and exciting as more cities are expected to join the race by then. A joint bid by Malaysia and Singapore is explored and is possible for the 2032 games’ bid. I would love to see that but I think our chance is pretty low. It will be hard to resolve on many issues when more than one country is involved in a single games. Malaysia and Singapore have not even hosted Asian Games before (although Malaysia has hosted Commonwealth Games and Singapore has hosted Youth Olympic Games). I can only elaborate further on our chance if the joint bid is confirmed, and that is long way to go.


Movie review: World Invasion; Battle Los Angeles (2011)

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Another extra-terrestrial movie after ‘Skyline’? Yes…but this time, this movie is more specifically on the war against the aliens with mainly those shooting actions. I wonder why everytime a movie is on extra-terrestrials or the end of the world, the setting would be definitely at New York or Los Angeles. The title of this movie itself tells the location already. Comparing this with ‘Skyline’, I think that ‘Skyline’ is a better movie, unlike many others who prefer this over ‘Skyline’.

Battle Los Angeles is about a group of military men as well as a female on duty to save civilians while fighting against the violent extra-terrestrials. I expected a lot of shooting, firing and explosion scenes from this movie, but I think it’s a bit too much, driving the movie into a merely war film rather than dealing with issue like the end of the world. I personally dislike war-based film except Pearl Harbour. So, I kinda get bored throughout this movie too eventhough there are quite a lot of action-packed scenes. The plot seems to be very much expected, especially the ending when human would finally prevail to dominate back the land while the enemies retreat (not fully dead).

This is just an ordinary movie that fills up my Sunday’s afternoon. Not very exciting, not very interesting and also not very touching eventhough there are some scenes of people crying over death of their family members or friends while being consulted by the main character. It goes all out to achieve all the aspects it wanted too but finally it turns out to be isn’t that good or successful. Luckily, some other aspects still reached satisfactory level like the visual and sound effects as well as the performance by the casts eventhough they are not famous (I don’t recognize any one of them). Out of 10 points, I would rate this one 6.7.

Countdown to Oscars: 1 day!

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Yes, 24 hours later, the biggest and most prestigious annual awards presentation in film industry will begin,…the 83rd Academy Awards or commonly known as just Oscars. By the time the ceremony is held, it’s early morning in Malaysia and I have to get prepared to go for classes in the morning and the afternoon, so I’m not able to watch it live (streaming online).

The ceremony would be held in Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles where it is the permanent venue for this star-studded night in America. Many stars would be coming, including those not nominated. I won’t be listing out all the attending stars as it would be extremely long. Even some singers would attend the ceremony, including A.R. Rahman and Celine Dion. Even the hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway would be performing too to light up the atmosphere besides than just hosting it.

I believed many predictions made by many people of different backgrounds earlier would meet with satisfying results to be released during the show tomorrow. However, I also believed that Oscars would give us some surprises, like; maybe The King’s Speech would not win Best Picture? Maybe Annette Bening would win over Natalie Portman in Best Actress? Maybe the Academy members prefer nerd (Jesse in The Social Network) over monarch (Colin in The King’s Speech) for Best Actor? Who knows?

This year, Oscar is already giving us surprises by having the younger stars, James and Anne to be the hosts. Usually, the job would be given to those over 40 years old. Oscar is probably starting to think that it’s time for the young ones to shine as they have longer and possibly brighter future to achieve. So, by tomorrow, surprise is awaiting us on those awards’ winners. Of course, I still wish that the awards go to those who are deserving.

Besides than the awards ceremony, there are actually many other events coming in between, like the dinner, celebration party, interviews and of course the red carpet which we will be given chances to look at how beautiful/handsome the artists are with their splendid outfits. It is their night, so they will bring the best by dressing good and cool. Since I will be in campus on that period of time, I will be only posting the much anticipated result few hours later, with some descriptions of the show too…I’m definitely going to watch the show later…

What a shocking news! MJ died….

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The King of Pop or supposingly the King of Music that no one will forget, Michael Jackson just passed away this early morning (Friday – Malaysian time) meaning Thursday evening (USA time).


He dies at the age of 50+, leaving behind three children and has married twice. His death is a surprise since he didn’t show any symptoms lately on his health.

It is believed that he suffered heart failure in his home at Los Angeles and was sent to hospital with no breathing in ambulance. The hospital he was admitted which is UCLA Medical Centre is now fully packed with people and media.

He is a super famous singer that no one in this world (probably) will not recognize him. He reached his super famous period during 1980s. However, he is faced wth several scandals cases and side effects from plastic surgeries he undergoes.

He planned to have a world tour began from London to Asia, possibly including my home city too, Kuala Lumpur, beginning next month which we will never see again. Miss his song…long time didn’t hear his pop songs anymore…

Now, many people all around the world are expressing condolences to this pop star that will be never forgotten…This post is specially for him and for me to express condolences to him and his family. May you rest in peace, your music will never dies from our hearts…