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Malaysia in Sudirman Cup 2015: Great start but luck didn’t last any longer.

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This year, the 14th Sudirman Cup is currently being held at Dongguan, China from 10th to 17th May 2015. It is a prestigious world mixed team badminton championship which takes place once every two years. There are five matches in every round: men and women’s singles, men and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The Cup is named after Dick Sudirman, a former Indonesian badminton player and the founder of the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI). There is no prize money in Sudirman Cup and only a trophy to be won; players play for their respective countries and to earn BWF world ranking points and national prestige.


Nations competing in Sudirman Cup 2015. Only teams in group 1 will have a chance to lift the trophy as the teams in other groups fight for promotion. The teams who finish last in the group will be relegated to the lower group, except the final group:


How is Malaysia performing in the history of this tournament? Not good. Malaysia has never win this championship before. The best our country did was back in 2009 when we advanced to the semi-final. Just that. Not even a single final appearance in the history of Sudirman Cup. At least we have better records at Thomas Cup. And just like Thomas and Uber Cup, China won the most. They are indeed one super strong nation in this particular sport currently.

I’m particularly interested about the result of this Sudirman Cup 2015 recently, particularly from our Malaysian team as this also marked the return of Lee Chong Wei, our most credible men-single player to the sport after he was banned from playing for eight months due to a doping case last year in World Championship. And as usual, he delivered on all the matches and shown to the world that after a long break, he is still one tough opponent to challenge (besides than Chen Long and Lin Dan of course).

Earlier in the group stage, Malaysia surprisingly knocked down another badminton giant, South Korea by 3-2. I did watched parts of the matches, and I’m quite impressed by my country’s performance. Hey…we stand a chance at least to go to semi-final! South Korea is also unbelievably poor this time and delivered many mistakes and obvious weaknesses. I’m quite shocked that we defeated them. Next was India and we won them too by 3-2. This win is quite predictable.

Then, Malaysia advanced to the quarterfinal. Wait…this is a good sign for Malaysia. Let’s hope that we will be drawn to play against weaker opponent in the quarterfinal like Germany or Chinese Taipei. But, luck is not on our side. Malaysia was drawn to meet South Korea again of which the latter defeated India to get into Top 8 standing too. And so, in yesterday’s quarterfinal, Malaysia lost by 1-3, without the need for final match (mixed-doubles). Luck felt short for our country in the time when it mattered the most. South Korea had a successful revenge on us. And actually, the system is a bit wrong. How can we deal with the same opponent again? Badminton World Federation (BWF) have to look seriously into this matter and improve the tournament’s system.

To be honest with you, after my observation in these recent matches, I find that our boys have the potential to excel to further improve their skills. They always delivered the points for us. But certainly not the girls. Sorry, this is not gender discrimination but a fact. We lost in all of our matches in women categories in the tournament (don’t count the mixed doubles). And yea…only the woman in that mixed-double has some hope. The girls have to really look into themselves and work hard quickly to achieve at least a not so embarassing outcome like this. Not to be harsh to them, but please, all have to improve and should not only depend on Lee Chong Wei to give an almost absolute winning point. Even if that is so, Lee Chong Wei is getting older and his strength and momentum on court is decreasing eventually.

Hmm…when can we go back to our country’s golden era in badminton?

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‘Fury’, another good film and with my brief review for it here…and in the other news, Malaysia did it again in TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Competition 2014.

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Just a day after watching a magnificent film about Stephen Hawking ‘The Theory of Everything’ (a movie review for it is in my previous post if you want to check it out), there’s another movie that lives up to my expectation too today. It’s ‘Fury’, an American war drama film that starred Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia Labeouf, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, etc. It tells the story of a sergeant and his four crewmen in command of a Sherman tank in a battle against Nazi in Germany during World War II.


Just like ‘The Theory of Everything’, the main praise to ‘Fury’ film also goes to the excellent performances by the main casts; Pitt, Lerman and Labeouf. They took on their respective roles (each with different type of characters or personalities) very well, as the film allows every three of them to shine in it respectively. Of course, I find that Logan Lerman’s character is being more heavily emphasized in this (he is the only one that survives in the end and his screen-time is even more than Brad Pitt) but Lerman nailed it. Previously, I always thought that he may not be able to handle this kind of army role but he did it fantastically here surprisingly.


The story is solid and is pretty intense. I like it. It’s a well-crafted war film that also deals perfectly good with the emotions and the true reality of the men involved in war unwillingly in the past. Of course, some parts of the film can be better. But currently, it is good enough for an interesting and engaging 2-hour movie experience. The action sequences are also cleverly made and climax-reaching especially in the final encounter with the Nazi group when the five men were left only with their limiting weapons and immovable tank.

That’s all I can comment on this film. Not the best, but definitely one of the appealing films this year for me. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Fury’ a total of 7.9.


On the other news, TVB held its annual International Chinese New Talent Singing Competition just now. And as usual, Malaysia sent in representatives (Uriah and Elaine, our champion and second runner-up from Astro Star Quest 2014 competition) to compete at Hong Kong. Many must be surprised why Sean (our first runner-up and having a very good voice) could not attend. It is believed that he has some health reason. That’s a pity. Anyway, I would still be in front of my TV to watch the competition live and support my country.


Since the other competitors aren’t outstanding or having impressive voice or skills this year, there should be not much resistance for our talented Malaysians in the competition. I didn’t watch the first 30 minutes of the show and so I didn’t realize that Elaine got kicked out of the race so early. But luckily, Uriah performed steadily well and in the end, he won this competition too with the selection of his mastered songs (previously used them and gained high marks in Astro Star Quest). He must be very excited now. We are also happy for him and that win made Malaysia very proud. The winner of TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Competition this year goes to Malaysian. Congratulation to Uriah!

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Japan won Thomas Cup for the first time. No luck for Malaysia this time.

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Ohh….that was the last word I shouted before we turned off the TV. That is sad. The FINAL match between Japan and Malaysia in Thomas Cup, world’s most premier international men team badminton championship had just concluded. And unfortunately, Japan won. My country, Malaysia lost. The match started at 5.30pm (3pm at India time as the event was held at New Delhi for this edition) and had just ended approximately on 11.30pm (took six long hours). Must be a five neck-to-neck matches in the FINAL. Yes it was.


As expected, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia overpowered Kenichi Tago of Japan (21-12, 21-16) easily in the first men single match, proving that he is someone very hard to be defeated in this sport eventhough he is now almost 32 years old. We were very confident of him and he secured the first point for our country. Fantastic. We were very happy as it is a good start for our national team. Next came our first men double pair; Hoon Thien How and Tan Boon Heong against Japan’s Kenichi Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Endo. Our pair won the first round, and we thought that we could win this match too. Then, everything should be safe and smooth for us.

However, we were disappointed in the end. The Japan’s pair fight back to win the second game before triumphing again on the deciding game. Our Malaysian pair contributed quite a fair performance and I can see that both of them fight very hard. However, luck is not on their side especially on the last few crucial points which were then awarded to the Japanese pair. The result of this match is 12-21, 21-17 and 21-19 in favor of Japan. Now, it’s 1-1 (draw).

Then, came the second men single match. Our team had Chong Wei Feng and Japan sent in Kento Momota. Chong appeared to have better statistics in early matches of this tournament, but now truly facing a great challenger. In the end, he lost out in two straight games (21-15, 21-17). Opps…not good, not good. The standing is now at 2 for Japan, and 1 for Malaysia. We had to depend on the second men double to save the day. And yes, fortunately, they successfully brought joy for Malaysia back as they won the match in three games (21-19, 17-21, 12-21). They delivered outstanding performance and put back the standing to a draw. Wonderful.

Now, all hope is on the last men single match to decide on the winner of this year’s Thomas Cup. We had Liew Daren and Japan brought forward Takuma Ueda. The high pressure mounted on the players of this match is inevitable. I find that Daren doesn’t have the spirit or energy to play in the first game, hence losing it easily to the Japanese. He also tend to make a lot of serious mistakes eventhough his opponent was showing quite poor skills on court too. That was bad. However, he fought back with much effort and won the second game. This eventually led to the final rubber game. Heartstopping moments then started. And….haaihh….we were all excited as their points were very close to each other but Japan permanently stood ahead two to three points. Accompanied with little luck only to the Malaysian, Japan won the last match (21-12. 18-21, 21-17). Hmmm…



(Uber Cup trophy on the left which was won by China after winning Japan yesterday and Thomas Cup trophy on the right. Uber Cup represents female team championship)

All our hope ended. So near yet so far. We couldn’t manage to bring back the prestigious Thomas Cup trophy back to Malaysian land. The last time we celebrated the win of this tournament was way back 22 years ago in 1992. This time, we lost again unfortunately. We can see obviously the looks of all Malaysians especially our local supporters over there in the stadium. Luck is not on our side. Year 2014 must have been a bad year for Malaysia. Anyway, both Japan and Malaysia had made this FINAL very intense and awesomely displayed some of the best badminton ‘shows’ I have ever seen in recent years.

A big congratulation to Japan on winning the Thomas Cup for the first time in history. Their performance now stunned and surprised me. They had seriously improved a lot until that they can even defeat China (always regarded as the badminton giant) back in the semi-final. They were proven to be a dark horse, and they successfully won it. Hope that our national team don’t give up, get up for further training on improvement, and fight back on the next Thomas Cup in 2016.

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China wins Sudirman Cup 2013, and it’s their ninth title

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Congratulation to China for winning the Sudirman Cup 2013! Sudirman Cup is the world mixed team badminton championship first started in Indonesia and which takes place once every two years. There are five matches in every round: men and women’s singles, men and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. This year, the championship was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for its 13th edition from 19 to 26 May 2013.



(Image source:

In the final battle between defending champion China and South Korea that concluded not long ago, China emerged to be the winner once again by winning 3 – 0 over its opponent. The Chinese shuttlers did not drop a single set in the final, which further proven themselves to remain the king of the sport. It’s their ninth title (previously China had won it in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011) overall. What a wonderful performance achieved by them in those years for almost two decades! South Korea had also won it three times (1991, 1993 and 2003) and Indonesia won it once (1989 when it is first started).

Where is Malaysia? Malaysia had never win Sudirman Cup before. In previous Sudirman Cup 2011, Malaysia successfully reached the semifinal stage (it’s our best achievement so far). Eventhough Malaysia failed to move on to the final, but it managed to be at least in top 4 standing. However, in this 2013’s Sudirman Cup on which Malaysia is the host nation, anticipation is high for the country to make it to the semifinal at least. In the end, everyone is hugely disappointed. The country couldn’t even make it to the quarterfinal! Malaysia is not even in top 8 this time. A bit embarrassing.

Malaysia found its luck when it is grouped with Chinese Taipei and Germany in early elimination rounds. To be honest, those are weaker nations in this sport. Malaysia should find no problem getting to the top in this group to get into quarterfinal. However, Malaysia lost 3 – 2 against Chinese Taipei and also produced the similar result against Germany. This is so unbelievable. What a shocking defeat. If we lost to South Korea, China, or Indonesia, then I understand. But now, losing to much weaker countries had shown that our performance had dropped significantly. This is serious! I am so disappointed!

Our standard had gone downfall to a point that everything need to be studied on where the weaknesses of our national badminton team are. Now, Malaysia is no where to be seen after only two days on courts. This is bad. This is bad. China is still so strong in this sport even after so many years. We should actually learn from them to further excel in this sport which is sometime considered our only hope for Olympic gold medal in the future. Forget about it. By the way, congratulation to China once again to have successfully defended their Sudirman Cup title. Malaysia, don’t give up, overcome the weaknesses and do your best in coming tournaments!

Spain won UEFA Euro 2012 in a lopsided final

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Hah, the live broadcast of the final match of UEFA Euro 2012 started in 2.45am at midnight over here in Malaysia. Luckily, I managed to wake up from a short nap to watch the match. If not, I’m going to miss an exciting match on which you would only see once in four years. It’s a good match eventhough the result is lopsided. I guess many have known the outcome of the final already; it’s Spain winning Italy by 4-0 to defend their title for the championship. I have missed the first twelve minutes of the match. Once I get to the TV, Spain scored its first goal a minute or two later. I guess my arrival to watch the match gave luck to Spain, and then they keep on scoring without the need of extra time or penalty shoot.

This gave Spain third win on three major football tournaments consecutively, from UEFA Euro 2008, to FIFA World Cup 2010, and lastly, this championship. This win had further strengthening the nation’s image as the best performing country in the sport in recent years. Last night’s final must be the one everyone is waiting for. In my previous post, I mentioned that I wish Italy to win since their team had shown great improvement and I want somebody else to put a stop to the reigning champion of Spain. Too bad, Italy couldn’t manage to score even a goal last night. Luck is not on their side probably.

By the way, after I have watched the final match last night, I am obviously admiring the top quality of performance delivered by Spain. The team truly deserves to win. Their strategy is really great, and with their strong defence particularly from the goalkeeper, it is almost impossible for their opponent to score a goal. Furthermore, they keep on moving forward in fast speed to have the ball at least near to the goal, which increases the probability of having few managed to score. At last, they scored not only one or two, but four goals, with two last goals at the very last ten-minute of the game.

It must be a very disappointing and frustrating night for Italy. I can see they did their best, but couldn’t even stand a chance when their opponent is none other than Spain. Nevermind, the team still performed very well, and there are still chances in future championships. What I dislike from them is the attitude of their players, particularly the no.9 player who helped Italy to win over Germany in semi-final. When the final match ended, the other Italian players felt moody and down, but definitely not acting like the no.9 player who pushed away a man trying to console him (shown in the broadcast) and went straight inside, not even care to bother his mates or anything else. This is a bad attitude.

Congratulation to Spain for winning UEFA Euro 2012. So now, Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships, and the first European international team to win three straight major tournament titles (UEFA Euro 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup). The team must be very joyful and excited over the win and the record of their achievement. The whole country of Spain would be so proud of them. FIFA World Cup 2014 up next for the all-conquering Spain.

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UEFA Euro 2012: It’s Spain vs. Italy for the very final match this Sunday!

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Time flies, 30 out of 31 matches of the popular football tournament, UEFA Euro 2012 are over, giving way to the last match, the final which is going to take place at Olympic Stadium, Kiev, Ukraine on this Sunday’s night (almost Monday’s morning over here in Malaysia). After almost a month, Spain and Italy successfully made it to the final match, and are going to battle all out for the championship tomorrow, 1st July 2012.

In the two semi-finals, Spain beats Portugal by 4-2 in penalty after both teams scored no goals even after the extra time is allocated while on the other hand, Italy beats Germany by 2-1 in the match. These four teams are expected to get into semi-finals, since their performance are always seen as the best of the best. Spain is seen as a hot favourite in the final for having recently being the champion of several major football tournaments, particularly winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2008 UEFA Euro, thus making it the current reigning World and European champions.

But anyway, do not look down on the other team getting its place into the final; Italy. It is quite unbelievable that Italy defeated Germany in the second semi-final. Germany is seen as a strong opponent in football matches (had won this championship three times, the most), but it seems that mistakes have taken their chance to get into the final away. Italy on the other hand appears to have greatly improve in the performance of their national football team.

So, on this upcoming and much anticipated final, it is going to be an exciting match to enjoy for the audiences and viewers around the world. Which team do you think or predict going to win the UEFA Euro 2012? Or which team do you support but you think the winner shall be the other team instead? I’m not experienced on analyzing all that, but if you ask me to pick one, I’m choosing Italy for the much potential winner of this year’s UEFA Euro. Why? Italy has greatly improve according to many analysts and that it has shown its strength on this sport on recent matches, particularly in the semi-final against the tough opponent, Germany. I also prefer Italy to win just to put a stop to the reigning champion title for the Spain. They took the title for several years. It’s time to give it out to the others.

Let see whether I am going to watch the FINAL or not. It’s going to be broadcast live over here on midnight, which is supposed to be my sleeping time for work on Monday. But this match is something not to be missed, I guess. Ahh…a lot of people would be going to watch the final, and I think I’m going to join in the excitement.

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All England 2012 Badminton Championship: Absolutely great men doubles match! Disappointing men single match!

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I watched the last two matches of the final of 102nd badminton championship of All England just now. All England is the oldest badminton tournament, and is credited to be one of the most prestigious with huge amount of prizes and fame. I skipped the women single, women doubles and mixed doubles, as the players gave me no interest, and China’s team would easily win all that.

Men doubles match came before the men single, which many Malaysians would be watching as our beloved Lee Chong Wei, the world number one is in the match up against Lin Dan of China. For men doubles, it’s truly a wonderful match from Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun from China against Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung from South Korea. Both pairs are the world best at the moment, and they truly delivered an absolutely fantastic match of three games for us to enjoy. I can feel the excitement watching them on court, with their strong performance in defence and smashing skills. Their games are intense, with both pairs at similar level of skills doing their best and trying so hard just to win a point.

To break China’s dominance in that final, South Korea’s team did their very best and finally won the men doubles final after a struggling three-games. Hah…actually, I also prefer South Korea to win, so that the China’s team would not be too proud and overconfident over their achievement. Next came the match that many of us are waiting for, despite it is already late midnight and people have to work or study tomorrow. A match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei must be the greatest and the most anticipated one, as both players are the best of the best in the men single match.

It is known that Lee Chong Wei has a minor injury over his right hand earlier. And yes, from the way he played in the final just now, many can see that his injury was limiting his movement and aggressiveness. He almost win the first match despite the condition, but then losing it to Lin Dan in 19-21 while his injury worsen in the first game. He had called the medical assistance several times, and finally in the second game while Lin Dan is leading in 6-2, Lee Chong Wei made a disappointing decision to quit the game and let Lin Dan win the championship. Ahh, it’s a bad day for him, but he already tried his best to deliver quite a good match.

It is very hard and sad for him, but it’s okay. The target is set now on the London 2012’s olympics, and Lee Chong Wei would have around four months to recover and for further training. Really hopes that his injury is minor and he would step up again with the best performance from him in the Olympics. Hopes to see both Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei again in the final of the Olympics in July.


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