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One almost done, one has half way to go, and one is still on ground. Updates on three supertall construction projects in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur is ranked among one of the best city skylines in the world. It gained such recognition due to its splendid array of clustered buildings topped with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. However, the city skyline is going to further transform, thanks to the many new skyscrapers currently being built in the city. They are going to immensely impact the city skyline due to their enormous heights. The city won’t look the same after every few years and I look forward to see more tall and nice-looking buildings being constructed in the city.

Here are the 3 supertall skyscraper projects in Kuala Lumpur that are receiving high attention and shown together are their latest construction images. Render is shown for each project below too. Supertall building refers to a building that exceeds 300 metres in height.

1.Four Seasons Place. 

It is a 65-storeys mixed use tower currently under construction besides the Petronas Twin Towers. Once completed, it will have a final height of 343 metres. It will contain a hotel, serviced residences and a shopping mall at the podium. After undergoing multiple delays and design changes in the past, the tower has now finally rising quickly. It has structurally topped out not long ago and the work on the building’s crown has started. It will top out architecturally before last quarter of the year and will open next year. Once completed, it will be the third tallest building in the country, right after the two twin towers that sat beside it. Now, it has already made the twin towers to look not as tall as in the past eventhough it is still shorter than them by a little over 100 metres.


This one is ALMOST DONE.

2. TRX Exchange 106 Tower. 

It is a 106-storeys office tower currently under construction at the Tun Razak Exchange site. Once completed, this new region will become the financial hub of the city. Once completed, the tower will have a final height of 452 metres. It surprisingly will have the same height as the Petronas Twin Towers. You may wonder that it should be taller than the twin towers since it almost has over 20 floors more than the twin towers? Nope. It’s because this TRX Tower has no spire to add up to its height. The construction for this tower is very fast and it has now already half way to its top. It has now already making a huge impact to the city’s skyline. The highlight of the tower will be its crystalline crown.


3. PNB118 Merdeka Tower.

It is a 118-storeys office tower currently under construction on the lot bordering the historical Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur. It is just right opposite my former secondary school, the Methodist Boys School KL. Once completed, it will be the tallest building in the country as well as among the top five tallest buildings in the world at a height of 644 metres. It will surpass the height of Shanghai Tower (632 metres), One World Trade Center (541 metres), Taipei 101 (508 metres) and many other skyscrapers across the world. However, its construction has been very slow and I read a news somewhere that it experienced problem with its foundation. I predict that it will be completed by 2020 or 2021. It will reach this immense height of over 600 metres due to its very long spire at the top.


This one is still not rising and is STILL ON GROUND WORK.

Hoping to see great progress from these skyscraper projects once I’m back to KL end of this year.

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TVB drama review: A Fist Within Four Walls (2016)

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‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ ( 城寨英雄 ) is a Hong Kong martial arts action television drama by TVB that has recently concluded airing with 28 episodes in total. The story of the series mainly takes place in Kowloon walled city during the early 1960s, when the city was ruled by Hong Kong triads. It revolves on two Bajiquan masters who formed an alliance together to protect the walled city from falling into the hands of ruthless gangs with other intertwining side stories. The series starred Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Benjamin Yuen, Philip Ng, Grace Wong, Moon Lau, Yuen Qiu, etc.


This series aired after the ending of ‘House of Spirits’, a series that has received critical acclaim. ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ continued with that momentum with highly positive reception as well and I understood why is that so. ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ is a highly engaging series with great storyline and characters’ development, awesome fight sequences, impressive acting by the cast, wonderful setting, and intense plot suspense and twists. It is now also one of the highest rated TVB dramas of the year.


Well, it isn’t going all perfect throughout the whole series. I find some fight scenes delivered in slow motion are exaggerated, unnecessary and distracting. I also find the series less appealing after the death of the three triad leaders before the final few episodes. The revelation of the ‘big boss’ isn’t made intense enough and by the time this part arrived, I only wanted this series to finish. The death of many characters in the last few episodes stands by TVB cliche again to get rid of excessive people and to make it tear-jerking.


Back to the positive side of the drama. As I mentioned earlier, the plot is intense and engaging with suspense present in almost every episodes, making the audiences wanted so badly to watch the next one. The martial arts segment is also delivered very well. Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu who are the main leads in this drama delivered outstanding performances. They both stand a strong chance to win Best Actor and Actress respectively at the end of this year. Nancy Wu’s work here is even better than her performance in ‘Ghost of Relativity’ last year that won her Best Actress at TVB Anniversary Award. Supporting cast also shined, particularly Grace Wong. She handled all her scenes exceptionally well to my surprise. She even nailed those tough emotional scenes that I think only very experienced actor/actress can do. KK Cheung and Carlo Ng also surprised me with their fantastic portrayal as the triad leaders. On the other hand, Philip Ng couldn’t really act in this drama while his frequent co-star, Moon Lau managed to save their scenes with natural performance. Ruco and Nancy’s pairing has a very a good chemistry and the same goes to Benjamin and Grace as a couple.


Overall, this series is a good one with only the last two to three episodes being a little letdown for me. It started off nice, and then proceeded strongly, but ended with a little disappointment in my personal opinion. The climax just fell down in the last few episodes as I had stressed on quite a few times in my review here earlier. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ a total of 8.0. Most of that points actually comes from the cast performances and the three triad leaders’ segment. The happy ending is also somehow predictable, but deep down in my heart, I actually wanted this series to conclude in the opposite direction (sad ending) so as to make it more memorable and touching.

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‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Exeter’ for this week.

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Two new movies watched every week. That has become an unnoticed pattern for me in recent weeks. Had watched ‘Pixels’ and ‘Extinction’ on the first weekend of the month. Then, ‘The Gallows’ and ‘Dragon Blade’ for the second weekend. Here comes the third weekend, and the two new movies I watched are ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Exeter’. Well, this pattern won’t last long as there isn’t any more interesting films coming out in this season. I think I have been watching many movies this year, and I guess the figures would break my past records.

‘Fantastic Four’ is one of the three superhero films this year, and it is no doubt the most poorly reviewed and had lowest performance in box office among the three films of its genre. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ gained a massive USD 1.4 billion worldwide despite slightly lower ratings compared to its predecessor while a new entry of ‘Ant-Man’ is seen positive by critics. I enjoyed the first and second ‘Fantastic Four’ films that were released many years ago with Chris Evans as the Human Torch (well, he is now more famous as Captain America). I’m okay with people rebooting the film franchise but the whole film just didn’t work out well.




I’m fine with the story that sets on the Fantastic Four’s younger days when they first experimented on extra-dimensional travel. However, the story-telling is too long and it made over the first hour of the movie as if nothing is happening. Well, I thought they would reserve the last hour for some great actions but I was left hugely disappointed. The main villain, the mighty Dr. Doom suddenly turned evil and had hatred to all humans with no reason. Then, he is killed off quickly as the climax rushed too quickly to end the movie. What on Earth is that? The pace is so wrong. The actions are nothing impressive, as only the good visual effects that helps on not making it worst. The cast are not to be blamed but the whole direction just dragged their performances down. This movie is no where near ‘fantastic’ as it is supposed to be. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Fantastic Four’ a total of 6.6. Wondered why I still give quite a higher rating to this compared to only 8% it gained from Rotten Tomatoes? It’s because I think it’s bad but just seriously not that bad. Still watchable. I hope its sequel will improve.

Next movie is ‘Exeter’, also known as ‘Backmask’ or ‘The Asylum’. This horror film had so many names. This movie revolves on a group of teenagers that accidentally released an evil spirit which started to possess them one by one in an abandoned asylum. Same style of storyline but I still have that excitement to watch this kind of plot. This movie shown us more on possession and the violence the possessed victims do to his/her friends in a building. And…I don’t feel a thing about it. I don’t feel creepy, I don’t feel scared, and I’m not engaged to the story. I’m not even interested with the expected twist in the end.



Well, the movie delivered on some gory scenes (something like Wrong Turn) and some demon-possession scenes (like many past exorcism-themed movies) with nice effects. But that is not what I’m hoping to see from this movie. The sound is too loud and unnecessary for some scenes that appeared to be critical. But still, like I said earlier; I don’t feel a thing. Even the one or two jump scares in the film had no effect on me. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Exeter’ a total of 6.1 only. The teenagers in the movie are not at fault. It had a great setting and good effects but the story is not exciting.

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The 4 Kings of Badminton.

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Badminton has been one of my favourite sports. I seldom play badminton but I love to watch badminton tournaments. There has been quite a lot of talks on this particular sport this month. The first is when Lee Chong Wei can get back to play in badminton tournaments beginning this month after he is banned for eight months from his doping case last year. Next was the prestigious Sudirman Cup 2015, a mixed team championship held this month too and won by the reigning champion and host nation, China as expected. And then, recently, YONEX organized a friendly exhibition match in China and invited the 4 great kings of badminton.

badminton1 (1)

Who are the 4 kings of badminton? They must possess impressive records in the sport, well known, have held world number one ranked player and considered as icon of badminton respectively. They are Lin Dan of China, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia and Peter Gade of Denmark. 4 men, 4 different countries, and they ruled the sport respectively (in men single event) from 2000s.

Lin Dan (China)


– Age 32 this year.

– Two-time Olympic champion (gold-medalist), five-time World champion, and five-time All England champion.

– By age of 28, he had won all nine major titles in badminton world; Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup (no more now), Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup, Super Series Masters Finals, All England Open, Asian Games and Asian Championships, becoming the first and only player in history to achieve that.

– 57 career titles to date.

– Currently in semi-retired position.

Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)


– Age 33 this year.

– Ranked first worldwide in men-single badminton player for the longest, for 298 weeks. Have been ranked first worldwide for a consecutive 199 weeks.

– Two-time Olympic silver-medalist, currently the most successful Malaysian Olympian in history, and earned him the title of Dato’. Also two-time Commonwealth Games gold-medalist. Won Malaysian Open for a record 10 times.

– 55 career titles to date.

– Currently still actively playing in tournaments.

Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia)


– Age 34 this year.

– Olympic champion (gold medalist), also champion in World Championships, Asian Championships, Asian Games, South East Asian Games, and Thomas Cup.

– Won Indonesian Open for a record 6 times.

– Over 27 career titles to date.

– Currently retired.

Peter Gade (Denmark)


– Age 39 this year.

– 5-time winner of European Championships, All England champion, World GrandPrix champion.

– Over 40 career titles to date.

– Currently retired.


Out of the 4 great men in badminton, Lin Dan is no doubt the most successful in the history of badminton. Nicknamed ‘Super Dan’, he is simply unbeatable in most of the major tournaments he participated in. No one can challenge his record. Also let us not forget the mighty presence of Lee Chong Wei. Despite not winning all the major titles, but his very active participation in almost all the badminton championships available and winning many of them helped him become the longest number one player in history. Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade are also awesome in this particular sport.


Right now, the number one player (in men single) is Chen Long from China. He is one strong badminton player to fear for right now.

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FIFA World Cup 2014: 4 more matches to go!

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Just about a month ago, everyone is very excited to wait for the arrival of the 64 football matches in the FIFA World Cup 2014. Now, the excitement is almost over as the tournament is ending soon. 60 matches had taken place, and now there are only four more before this edition of the World Cup held at Brazil concludes. Well, these last four matches would be the most intense, exciting and anticipating ones. Two semi-finals, one third-place match and lastly, the Grand Final.


So, if you didn’t watch the recent matches or didn’t catch up with the tournament’s latest news, people may say that you are left behind in the time when everyone is literally talking about it. No worry, as I’m here to post some highlights of the World Cup too. Eventhough till now, I didn’t watch all the past matches, but I do get myself updated with the progress and result of the tournament day by day.

All the four quarter final matches had ended not long ago and now, the last four standing in the World Cup 2014 are Germany, Brazil, Netherlands and Argentina. Four strong teams. The first three teams are the ones that I have predicted earlier that should have no problem on advancing to semi-final stage. One interesting fact  is that Germany is the only country getting into the semi-final in four consecutive World Cup (from 2002 till now, 2014) in the history of the tournament. Amazing statistic. They have been playing solid and steady all the time. Hence, I’m rooting for Germany to win this year’s World Cup. What about your choice?



I’m predicting that Germany will clash with Netherlands in the FINAL, which will take place at Rio de Janeiro on 13th July 2014. Netherlands had been very aggressive and outstanding recently. For me, this team is the ultimate dark horse. They are here to take revenge as they have lost to Spain in the previous World Cup (2010) in the Final. As for Brazil, I knew many are supporting this country. But I’m afraid that the stress of being also the host nation of the tournament will gives them mounting pressure. Hmm…Argentina, another strong team, but not seen as a favourite to lift the trophy.

Well, that’s my prediction. Since now the World Cup is entering the last few crucial matches, I think it shall be time for me to sleep early in some days and to take the effort to wake up early in the middle of the night to watch them. Countdown: 1 more week to the much anticipated FINAL MATCH, no matter which teams are playing. On the other hand, it’s also interesting to see that the Google celebrates and highlights this World Cup during the duration of the tournament with distinctive Google Doodle design everyday.

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What’s happening to the Four Seasons Place in KL?

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Right after I published my previous post regarding the newly-opened JW Marriott Marquis Dubai hotel that is now the world’s tallest hotel building, I was reminded back to a particular project back in my home city, Kuala Lumpur. Few years ago, it was announced that there would be a development by Four Seasons Hotel on a site besides the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin buildings. Well, that was several years ago when this proposal is called out.

At that time, there are already some renderings released which indicates how the development would looks like once built. It would be a complex of two towers (one higher that goes over 70 storeys and another one much shorter). That was the first proposal. Well, it is good since we are going to have new a supertall building in KL soon and that would be Malaysia’s tallest hotel. Time flies, and there is an amendment to the proposal not long after. The development is now limited to only a single tower of around 60 to 70 storeys and is to be called as Four Seasons Place, the first in South East Asia and third in the world.

Fine. I saw the site besides the Petronas Twin Towers was cleared quite long ago to make way for this construction. However, there seems to be no progress over at the site at all after so many months (or even years). What’s happening to it? On-hold or what? I hate when such an ambitious project gets on-hold and it’s just right besides our twin towers landmark. Then, today I checked upon its status. Luckily, it was now not on-hold. It is officially launched last month as Four Seasons Place, a 65-storeys building comprises of luxurious residences and hotel rooms as well as a huge shopping mall (I find there is too many shopping malls in KL alone). It would also have the highest swimming pool (at over 300 metres above ground) in Malaysia and South East Asia.




Once built, it would be the third tallest building in Malaysia (right behind its neighbour, the Petronas Twin Towers) and the tallest hotel residences building in Malaysia. Then, I checked on the renderings and I was surprised that the design looks almost completely changed. But this latest outcome is much better and more appealing to me than the previous design. But I don’t know who is the architect behind this…I’m looking forward to the completion of this project which is expected to be in year 2016 or 2017. Go..go..go..let’s build this thing fast. It’s already been delayed for several years. I’m looking forward to have this beautiful skyscraper in KL. It’s going to be over 320 metres tall too (around 10 metres taller than Telekom Tower). That is generally tall enough to offer great views over the surrounding city of KL. The site of the development shown below (the empty lot on the right side).

2323qu(All images and information in this post are from skyscrapercity forum.)


Movie review: Scream 4 (2011)

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I have just watched ‘Scream 1’, ‘Scream 2’ and ‘Scream 3’ not long ago…and now here it comes, ‘Scream 4’ which had been only released to the cinema recently. In the midst of interest in slasher films like what I have mentioned in my previous post, I would definitely watching this,…this time in the cinema to get a better feel of watching the latest installment in Scream series directed by Wes Craven, the master of suspense.

The previous trilogy of the ‘Scream’ series are very promising and had proven that this series is no typical slasher films. The first installment came out to be successful with its fresh brilliant idea of calling, stalking and killing people one by one with a mysterious ghostface-masked people. The second installment came out to develop the story further and deeper, which continues until the third which is expected to be the end. 10 years later,…now…Scream 4 is released.

The idea of killing is still the same with the same voice faked by the murderer. The original casts are back into this latest installment eventhough they are a bit old already. The GhostFace came back on screen. All these really refresh my memory of the first three installments and this latest one continued from there which is actually quite well done. It is not only only about gore and suspense, but the movie deals also with character development and playing with the audiences’ minds. Trailer for Scream 4 below from YouTube:

Throughout the movies, we are given quite a number of shocking scenes…scenes that suddenly popped out in front of your eyes which caused certain quick response from the audiences, including myself. I do somehow love and hate shocking moments because it’s kind of fun and at the same time scary too. This movie is definitely not for people with heart attack. So, get prepared to face such situation if you are watching the film.

Everything seems to be quite real for the movie…thanks to the brilliant performance by the casts. Their screaming look so real as though they are really being chased by the GhostFace. Throughout the movie, you do not only just sit there and be frightened,…you will ask yourself who is the real murderer among the appearing casts in the film? The movie purposely wanted the audiences to guess…and it turns out to be a surprising outcome and ending for the film…kind of unexpected too.That is good.

Whenever the GhostFace started the killing thing which usually begins with calling, everything gets to be very intense and exciting. GhostFace is given quite a lot of screen time in the movie to perform the killing job unlike the previous films that the GhostFace would quickly disappear after a murder is done. The intensity of gore and suspense are there and fantastic. Character and story developments are there and great. So, out of 10 points, I would rate this one 7.5. Usually, the continuing installment to films like this would go worst but definitely not for this one. It’s another great slasher film.