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One week left before I’m back to Malaysia, and movie review for ‘The Mummy’ (2017)

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I have one submission today and a final submission of the semester this Friday which is the design studio’s portfolio. The deadline for the folio is actually on next week but I have to hand it in this week as I will be flying back to Malaysia on next Monday already. So yeah…I have one week left in Perth before returning to my home for the mid-year break which is going to take about a month. After that, I’m coming back to Perth for my final semester before the graduation.

The disadvantage is that I have one week lesser than everyone else to work on my folio. Hence, I don’t have the time to add more newer or revised drawings to be included into the folio which is going to take up quite a lot of percentage of the unit’s grading this semester. I also have to work on a physical model that is also can be divided into two halves for lecturers’ pleasure. It’s hard work. Usually, workload for a semester is supposed to diminish after the final presentation of the design studio. That is not the case this time as our lecturers intend to prolong our suffering by still giving us plenty of works to do after the final presentation. I will just work on it as much as I can till this Friday. I have to leave my coming weekend to pack up my stuff, clean my room and has a last chilling moment before flying back.

Yesterday, I watched a new movie. I think it will be my last movie here in Perth before going back. Price for a movie ticket here is extremely expensive. With one entry ticket here, I can watch movie in cinema back in Malaysia for four times from the same amount of price. Okay…back to the movie, not the price. I watched ‘The Mummy’ which is like a reboot to the trilogy in the past that starred Brendan Fraser. This time, it starred Tom Cruise and all the other cast who I don’t know. I noticed that this movie received mostly negative reviews, and after I watched it, I don’t think it is that bad. It is still an enjoyable ‘mummy’ monster movie with some thrilling scenes.

Of course, I obviously saw that most parts of the movie are recycled, but there are still some originality to it. I don’t mind that. I’m only disappointed that the havoc scene in London isn’t really intense enough and almost all of that is already shown in the trailer. So, expect nothing more from that in the movie after you have watched the trailer. There are some scary moments (of course there will be since it’s about a resurrected mummy) and also some funny scenes too. There are also some parts that I don’t really get it and the plot isn’t strong enough. This is an average way to launch the ‘Dark Universe’ film franchise. ‘Godzilla’ did much better on launching their ‘Monster Universe’ back in 2014. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Mummy’ a total of 7.0. I prefer Hollywood to actually continue from the previous trilogy that has Brendan Fraser in it than starting it again. That one appears more convincing and felt more ‘mythical’ to me than this one.

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Movies and series to fill up my holiday.

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It’s very seldom for me to search for some unknown movies to watch. I only did that when I’m really very free, lazy and has nothing else more important to do. There are many movies out there that didn’t actually get any wide release (usually those low-budget productions) but some of them are still worth my time to watch especially the ones that dealt with subject matter that I’m interested in like slasher, disaster, or thriller categories. But I’m not going to explain more on that. In the same time, I have also watched some past Hong Kong movies that I left out last time when I was busy.

I have just came back from watching ‘Ghostbusters’ in cinema today. I enjoyed this movie. Before I’m heading to this movie, I’m a little bit concerned by the very low rating it obtained currently in IMDB website. However, it still gets quite a positive response from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritics. I’m also frustrated by the declining qualities of many recently-released Hollywood movies. This ‘Ghostbusters’ is not very great, but it still manages to deliver beyond my expectation (maybe I have low expectation to it then). This reboot of the very popular classic hit movie of the same name first released in 1984 (Oh my God, the first movie was already here 32 years ago!) works out fine, but still not as good as the original one.  This latest film stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, etc.


This reboot basically tells about the same thing; a group of scientists going on ghost-hunting in New York City with help of many weird machines they invented. What’s different for this supernatural comedy-themed reboot is that the main characters (those scientists) are now females. There is a whole new level or different kind of comedy in these four women and the cast did well on that. However, I find that the script is not that good and that some funny scenes are a bit forced. The visuals and the editing are average. Some scenes are also a bit unnecessarily too loud and just like many others in the same theatre with me just now, I didn’t expect some jump scares in this movie. It shocked some old ladies seriously.


I’m fine with Hollywood recycling some of the great movies of the past but I find that they did it too much recently. They tried so hard to gain box office money by playing with our nostalgia with not much new ideas in mind. I’m like most others, are now getting pretty tired with the same recycling of movies all over again with those sequels and reboots keep coming in uncontrollably. ‘Ghostbusters’ is one of them, but fortunately, this one didn’t really ruin the classic fun and greatness of the original film but being a nice and welcoming reboot to this franchise that will also have appeal to current young generation. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016) a total of 7.5. I also enjoyed seeing most of the main cast from the first movie returning for cameo appearances in this reboot. Before ending this, I also would like to compliment the effort in this reboot in making links and references to the first movie. Opps…and I missed the end-credit scene in the theatre just now. Shit…should have stay until the very end.

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Besides than movies, I also dedicate part of my time on Hong Kong’s TVB series as usual. Recently, I have been very excited on catching up to latest episodes of ‘House of Spirits’. This is a supernatural comedy drama as well. It’s really funny and at the same time, intense and meaningful as well. TVB did a great job on producing this drama. Once I finished writing this post, I will be waiting for the release of its latest episode tonight to watch. So far, everything has been excellent and very entertaining in it (it’s the best for the year so far) and once this drama ends by end of this month, I’m going to write a review for it. Stay tuned for it.


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‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Exeter’ for this week.

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Two new movies watched every week. That has become an unnoticed pattern for me in recent weeks. Had watched ‘Pixels’ and ‘Extinction’ on the first weekend of the month. Then, ‘The Gallows’ and ‘Dragon Blade’ for the second weekend. Here comes the third weekend, and the two new movies I watched are ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Exeter’. Well, this pattern won’t last long as there isn’t any more interesting films coming out in this season. I think I have been watching many movies this year, and I guess the figures would break my past records.

‘Fantastic Four’ is one of the three superhero films this year, and it is no doubt the most poorly reviewed and had lowest performance in box office among the three films of its genre. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ gained a massive USD 1.4 billion worldwide despite slightly lower ratings compared to its predecessor while a new entry of ‘Ant-Man’ is seen positive by critics. I enjoyed the first and second ‘Fantastic Four’ films that were released many years ago with Chris Evans as the Human Torch (well, he is now more famous as Captain America). I’m okay with people rebooting the film franchise but the whole film just didn’t work out well.




I’m fine with the story that sets on the Fantastic Four’s younger days when they first experimented on extra-dimensional travel. However, the story-telling is too long and it made over the first hour of the movie as if nothing is happening. Well, I thought they would reserve the last hour for some great actions but I was left hugely disappointed. The main villain, the mighty Dr. Doom suddenly turned evil and had hatred to all humans with no reason. Then, he is killed off quickly as the climax rushed too quickly to end the movie. What on Earth is that? The pace is so wrong. The actions are nothing impressive, as only the good visual effects that helps on not making it worst. The cast are not to be blamed but the whole direction just dragged their performances down. This movie is no where near ‘fantastic’ as it is supposed to be. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Fantastic Four’ a total of 6.6. Wondered why I still give quite a higher rating to this compared to only 8% it gained from Rotten Tomatoes? It’s because I think it’s bad but just seriously not that bad. Still watchable. I hope its sequel will improve.

Next movie is ‘Exeter’, also known as ‘Backmask’ or ‘The Asylum’. This horror film had so many names. This movie revolves on a group of teenagers that accidentally released an evil spirit which started to possess them one by one in an abandoned asylum. Same style of storyline but I still have that excitement to watch this kind of plot. This movie shown us more on possession and the violence the possessed victims do to his/her friends in a building. And…I don’t feel a thing about it. I don’t feel creepy, I don’t feel scared, and I’m not engaged to the story. I’m not even interested with the expected twist in the end.



Well, the movie delivered on some gory scenes (something like Wrong Turn) and some demon-possession scenes (like many past exorcism-themed movies) with nice effects. But that is not what I’m hoping to see from this movie. The sound is too loud and unnecessary for some scenes that appeared to be critical. But still, like I said earlier; I don’t feel a thing. Even the one or two jump scares in the film had no effect on me. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Exeter’ a total of 6.1 only. The teenagers in the movie are not at fault. It had a great setting and good effects but the story is not exciting.

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Movie review: Robocop (2014)

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Robocop = Robot + Cop. The idea of combining a human cop with machine first started in original ‘Robocop’ film in 1987. It then spawned two lesser successful sequels, and then the franchise ended. Now, in 2014, ‘Robocop’ received a reboot with a new film that starred Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, etc. Set in 2028 at Detroit, it tells a story of a loving husband, father and cop, Alex Murphy whom is critically injured in the line of duty, hence giving the chance to Omnicorp, a company in realization of a part-human, part-robot officer.


There are many critics out there comparing this to the original 1987’s film. I didn’t see the first one, and hence I will review based on this film alone, on which I think would be more fair to it as it is. This film had a very solid plot. I’m very happy that the storyline is quite engaging and things didn’t get dragged as the plot progresses. We do see a number of action-packed scenes, but I was actually hoping for more or at least much longer shooting spree from this kind of big-budget production. I’m also glad that the robo-suit design is updated with more black and cool feel, rather than sticking to outdated 1987’s design.

What I like the most from this film is the emotional element put into Alex’s character as the Robocop. The film combined both human touch and technology brilliantly. I’m very satisfied that it manages to put ‘soul’ into the story development rather than just focusing how great the robot works. In the story, he successfully overrides the programming installed to his brain and do what he is supposed to do as a human with just help from the attached technologically-advanced machine.


Well, for acting wise, it’s hard to see from Joel Kinnaman, as he appeared in the robosuit most of the time in the film. Extra credit to Gary Oldman as the scientist that created Robocop. Good visual effect. It is as though I’m watching a shooting simulator game in the movie when Robocop is in battle, looked from his machine-controlled eye view. His quick attacking speed is awesome, but the disadvantage is that it made those climatic actions end fast too.

Overall, I find that this is one of the more successful reboot we have seen nowadays. It is an excellent and intelligent science-fiction film that also didn’t lose itself, thanks to the presence of human touch in it. Generally entertaining and should be pleasing to majority of movie-goers of current generation, I rate ‘Robocop’ a total of 7.8. This film appeals and had a thumbs up from me, and it ends up higher than my expectation of a reboot. Great work.

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