‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Exeter’ for this week.

Two new movies watched every week. That has become an unnoticed pattern for me in recent weeks. Had watched ‘Pixels’ and ‘Extinction’ on the first weekend of the month. Then, ‘The Gallows’ and ‘Dragon Blade’ for the second weekend. Here comes the third weekend, and the two new movies I watched are ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Exeter’. Well, this pattern won’t last long as there isn’t any more interesting films coming out in this season. I think I have been watching many movies this year, and I guess the figures would break my past records.

‘Fantastic Four’ is one of the three superhero films this year, and it is no doubt the most poorly reviewed and had lowest performance in box office among the three films of its genre. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ gained a massive USD 1.4 billion worldwide despite slightly lower ratings compared to its predecessor while a new entry of ‘Ant-Man’ is seen positive by critics. I enjoyed the first and second ‘Fantastic Four’ films that were released many years ago with Chris Evans as the Human Torch (well, he is now more famous as Captain America). I’m okay with people rebooting the film franchise but the whole film just didn’t work out well.




I’m fine with the story that sets on the Fantastic Four’s younger days when they first experimented on extra-dimensional travel. However, the story-telling is too long and it made over the first hour of the movie as if nothing is happening. Well, I thought they would reserve the last hour for some great actions but I was left hugely disappointed. The main villain, the mighty Dr. Doom suddenly turned evil and had hatred to all humans with no reason. Then, he is killed off quickly as the climax rushed too quickly to end the movie. What on Earth is that? The pace is so wrong. The actions are nothing impressive, as only the good visual effects that helps on not making it worst. The cast are not to be blamed but the whole direction just dragged their performances down. This movie is no where near ‘fantastic’ as it is supposed to be. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Fantastic Four’ a total of 6.6. Wondered why I still give quite a higher rating to this compared to only 8% it gained from Rotten Tomatoes? It’s because I think it’s bad but just seriously not that bad. Still watchable. I hope its sequel will improve.

Next movie is ‘Exeter’, also known as ‘Backmask’ or ‘The Asylum’. This horror film had so many names. This movie revolves on a group of teenagers that accidentally released an evil spirit which started to possess them one by one in an abandoned asylum. Same style of storyline but I still have that excitement to watch this kind of plot. This movie shown us more on possession and the violence the possessed victims do to his/her friends in a building. And…I don’t feel a thing about it. I don’t feel creepy, I don’t feel scared, and I’m not engaged to the story. I’m not even interested with the expected twist in the end.



Well, the movie delivered on some gory scenes (something like Wrong Turn) and some demon-possession scenes (like many past exorcism-themed movies) with nice effects. But that is not what I’m hoping to see from this movie. The sound is too loud and unnecessary for some scenes that appeared to be critical. But still, like I said earlier; I don’t feel a thing. Even the one or two jump scares in the film had no effect on me. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Exeter’ a total of 6.1 only. The teenagers in the movie are not at fault. It had a great setting and good effects but the story is not exciting.

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