Week ends with a long wait to a studio’s presentation and ‘The Conjuring 2’ movie after that.

Today was the last session for my urban design studio class this semester before submission of portfolio next week. And we have to present verbally on our final detailed masterplan boards today to our lecturers for grading. Fortunately, everything went well and smooth for me, but I have to wait for over 7 hours until my turn to present. That was certainly a long wait as I do came early to pin up my works and I was already getting cold, nervous and tiring at the same time. My presentation went quick and well to my satisfaction and hopefully to my lecturers’ satisfactions as well. A quick look of where I have been stuck in for most of the day today in my campus’ architecture building waiting for my 10-minutes presentation:


After that, it’s time to relax myself after a stressful time of waiting and preparing to present the works and me and my classmates decided to watch the latest horror movie on the cinema right now; ‘The Conjuring 2’. I seldom watch horror movies right in the theatres because I’m a bit afraid and I’m not usually very attracted to this genre of movies. However, I like the first movie ‘The Conjuring’ and I do hear some early positive reviews about this sequel, and so I decided to watch it in cinema as soon as we finished presenting. It’s also good to support this particular movie as it is directed by a Malaysian-born director, James Wan (whom is now an Australian living in Perth, the same city I’m in now for my study).

Now, let’s talk about the movie. Eventhough it is not as good as the first one (as expected), but this sequel is still a great one to watch. Usually a sequel will be much worst compared to its predecessors but that is not the case for this one. James Wan still delivered on creating another effective horror movie based on the paranormal cases investigated by Ed and Loraine Warren in the past. This one is actually nears the quality for the first one and it is still an excellent movie. What’s interesting to this franchise is that its films didn’t only contain the horror elements, but also successfully engages us into the characters and their relationships and struggles with the demons or spirits in the movies, also enhanced with brilliant acting by the cast.



I like the cast especially Vera Farmiga whom portrayed Loraine Warren. The young girl that get possessed in this movie also did a very good job. They are all generally being very immersed into their roles and make this story enjoyable (actually horrifying) to watch. This movie also delivered on several very effective jump scares. Its early trailers had revealed some of them but it has a bit more to that. I do freak out in certain unexpected scenes. The demon in the form of a nun in this movie is really very creepy and the image still sticks in my mind right now. She looks extremely scary. The story development also went through well and I do like the beginning part more that focuses on the children experiencing strange happenings in their house. The ending is a bit too rushed and illogical but is still fine and climatic-reaching. Overall, this movie is certainly a wonderful and an excellent piece of horror movie and it has the similar strengths and tactics like the first one (except it uses a bit more CGI for this sequel). I would rate ‘The Conjuring 2’ a total of 8.0. I rate the first movie 8.0 too in the past (three years ago) but now, I would like increase that to 8.1. So, this sequel is only like 0.1 point behind. So you see, this one is really good too.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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