Study week commenced with Western Australia Day.

It’s Week 15 of my first semester and it’s dedicated for study week. This is a perfect week for students to get prepared for their final examinations on the following week. There would be no longer any classes for the semester. It’s extra beautiful for me as I have no exams to sit on for this semester. Yes, architecture course seldom comes with examinations. This is something good for architecture course but it is still stressful with many heavy assignments. For now, it’s good for me as I have no thick books to study on.

Since I have completed all the major assignments by the end of last week, I’m starting to get free from now onward till the official end of my semester and the start of the one-month holiday. What’s pending for me now is only an oral presentation for my urban design studio this Friday and two portfolios which are due by next week. That’s all. Hence, I’m still fine with me getting lazy recently. I have never felt like that for quite some time already and I think I deserve it after many weeks of attending classes and completing assignments. Now, I have time to watch more movies and series and also from now on, I have the time to clean up my room.

Then, I came to realize that today is a public holiday here in Perth (also in whole Western Australia state) as today marks the Western Australia Day (previously known as Foundation Day after I did a quick online research of what this day is about). This particular occasion falls on first Monday of June every year. I think I have to get myself familiar with the calendar and the public holidays here in Australia. If not, I would be in a condition when I would be shocked seeing all those shops closed on the day without knowing the reason.

Back in Malaysia (or in other Muslim countries too), the Muslims will begin fasting today for a month which will ends with Raya celebration. Their Raya festival is getting nearer every year. Happy Ramadan to them! It’s a month before their biggest ever festival, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It means nothing for me, but for this year, that would be the time when my parents will be coming over to Perth for a vacation and also to meet me since we have not met each other for over 4 months by then.



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