There would be a ‘Jurassic Park 4’ soon…

Yes! It’s true. No hoax or false news anymore. Jurassic Park 4 is coming soon. I’m very happy and looking forward to it. Jurassic Park’s franchise is one of my all-time favourite! The first two films, both directed by Steven Spielberg are the ones that brought the most memorable entertainment to me in my childhood years through films. When I was still a very young kid (before Jurassic Park 3 is released), I won’t get bored of ‘Jurassic Park’ eventhough I have watched it for over ten times. I remembered well that my uncle had a laser-disc (a very huge disc plate popular last time before CD is introduced) of Jurassic Park film and he would open it to let us (me and my sisters when we were still small) watch. I wonder where is that huge disc now? It should be an antique by now.



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Jurassic Park was a very successful film. Other Hollywood films that could reach that kind of critical success at that time aren’t much. I can only name a few; E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Titanic, The Lion King. And I believe Steven Spielberg’s career rise to extreme stardom after that. The first sequel; Jurassic Park 2 was also a commercial hit. After year 2000 (more than ten years ago), the second sequel; Jurassic Park 3 is released which appears to be much violent than the first two but with poorer reviews. But still I do enjoy that film which is not directed by Steven Spielberg anymore. It’s really awesome to have this kind of franchise in my generation! Those dinosaurs really looked so realistic in the films and that they are very exciting to watch. The score is beautiful and epic! I have also played its computer game before. Amazing one during my childhood years.

Now, Steven Spielberg had confirmed that there would be Jurassic Park 4. He would not direct this, but he will be the executive producer. Hence, I do think that this 4th instalment would be another great masterpiece with his involvement. Instead, a newcomer would directs this. He is Colin Trevorrow. Now he isn’t famous, but perhaps he would find fame after the release of Jurassic Park 4. I’m now really feeling anticipated for it, but it would only be released to cinema by mid-2014. That’s still far long from now. I believe right now the production is in filming and developing stage. Not much details are revealed yet. But at least we knew now that there would be Jurassic Park 4!

By the way, Jurassic Park (the first movie) would be released to the cinema this year again by April in 3D version to coincide with its 20th anniversary. (Yes, it was first released back in 1993, when I was only two years old). That was such a long time ago. Nowadays, old classical movies would tend to get a re-release in 3D version, a way to earn more money. So now, what would the story of Jurassic Park 4 be? Any guess? Are the former casts in the previous films would be reunited to film this latest instalment? Hmm…I think some will return (by now, many of them would be veterans already), while new cast members would be included. Can no longer wait for the release of Jurassic Park 4 by 13th June 2014. That would be the time dinosaurs ruled the world (the screen actually) once again!




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