Movie review: Princess and Seven Kungfu Masters (2013)

A Cantonese movie directed by Wong Jing (popular for producing slapstick comedy) and starred a great number of highly popular Hong Kong casts (Sandra Ng, Wong Cho Lam, Ronald Cheng, Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, Eric Tsang, etc). This is a must-watch for me. After failing to watch it last weekend (it’s our first choice but there are no more seats left, so we picked ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’), we finally made it this time after purchasing the movie tickets four hours earlier.


Wong Jing’s production is always a comedy with ‘mo-lei-tau’ (illogical, mindless) style. Some might not like it, but for most who came for entertainment and pure fun, ‘Princess and Seven Kungfu Masters’ is a right pick. I enjoyed the movie a lot, mainly because it is seriously funny. The collaborations between all the very famous casts are very good, and it’s hard to see so many talented comedy stars in a single film. Their great chemistry added with extremely funny scripts and many hilarious moments really made my day. It gives me a great entertainment and is indeed the most hilarious kungfu blockbuster. Something like kungfu should be serious, but in this one it’s given a comedic touch. Good one!


The film tells the story of a peaceful town called as Lucky Town, home to seven kungfu masters whom wanted to enjoy their ordinary life in that place. However, the intrusion of Japanese invaders and a group of traitor gang by first attacking the General (warlord) has lead to the seven kungfu masters to come up and fight against them. A beautiful princess (daughter of the general) appears and one of the seven masters felt in love with her. So, it’s some kind of a Snow White fairy tale mixed with Chinese kungfu and mindless comedy. And the combination works perfectly well in this movie.

I can assure you that you wouldn’t find any part boring from this film. The pace of the story goes fast, from the introduction of each characters and their developments (none of them are left out in screen time) to the arrival of the baddies. But I find the storyline to be quite predictable from movies like this one, and that nowadays, they always choose Japanese people to be on the villain side in their movies. Anyway, all that doesn’t matter as the main selling point of this movie is still the hilarious things it delivers. When I recall back some hilarious scenes from this film (the part Ronald hiding himself at the advertisement board wearing ‘colourfully’ like a girl, the part Yuen Wah and Cho Lam finding way to kill each other, and seriously many more), I can still laugh now. Sorry for that little spoiler.And one of the kungfu masters died in the end. Guess who is that?


I enjoyed the movie very much. Everyone did their roles very well and shown the best out of the characters. There should be no problem from them, since they are very experienced and talented in portraying comedic roles. I can say this is one of Wong Jing’s signature comedy films up to date. Some things are too over-the-top or not making any sense, but this is just for pure fun and laughter. So, I’m okay with all that. A great entertaining film. Out of 10 points, I rate this one 7.4. There are a lot of kungfu scenes too. Don’t forget to watch the NG scenes played when the credits start showing. It’s very funny!

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6 Responses to “Movie review: Princess and Seven Kungfu Masters (2013)”

  1. I just watched it last night and I had lots of fun, too. It was like an Asterix in China episode, with the inhabitants of the village sticking together to fight the great enemy.

    Jeff Lee

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