Ten more days to Earth Hour 2013

The Earth Hour 2013 will be held across the world on 23rd March 2013, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm in a duration of one hour as usual according to local time. This annual global event which was started by Sydney back in 2007 has now sees participation of over 100 countries and thousand of cities. The event this year is scheduled to be carried out a week earlier than its usual pick of date on the last Saturday of March as to avoid taking place before European Summer Time begins and also to avoid coinciding with Western Christianity Holy Saturday that falls on 3oth March 2013. So, the event is ten days apart from now. Are you ready for it? Just a simple action needed from each individual.


This is the year when the world’s first Earth Hour Forest began in Uganda. This is the first step to fight the 6000 hectares of deforestation that occur in the country every month. The WWF-Uganda team identified close to 2700 hectares of degraded land, and used the ‘I Will If You Will’ concept to challenge businesses, government officials and individuals to fill it with at least 500,000 trees during the year. I believe this is a very good step to raise awareness to people (particularly business corporates) on the importance of forests to the planet and to all of us. I myself live in a country full of tropical jungles. It is beautiful and forms the integral part of our surrounding nature. If can, we should prevent from cutting down more trees or clearing off forests to make way for developments. Yes, cities have to grow, but that should be done in a more environmental-friendly way. Agree?

Now, I believe Earth Hour event is not only about turning off lights for that particular one hour. It definitely means more than that. It is just a simple action of symbol that reminds all of us that we can do at least a bit of things to save the planet from further destruction by our own hands. It’s current global appeal should be further heightened so that everyone took that day (that hour) seriously as the first step on their life to think and care for our beloved Earth. A little effort can really make a very successful start on contributing to the benefit of the planet. Ten days later, be united, and turn off non essential lights for one hour. Told the others to do so. A symbol and power of unity can really brings a huge impact. Earth Hour made it. So, we will continue to participate on it every year.

For this month’s blog header, I am not designing it based on this global event; Earth Hour. Surprising, right? After some thoughts, I didn’t do so (unlike in previous years when I will definitely highlights this event on my blog’s header for that particular month of March) with my very own reason. There’s a hint. Something about Earth Hour will appears only in my blog’s header for the next month instead. Why? To be revealed later. It carries some kind of message that Earth Hour should be appreciated not only in this month of March as its objective and meaning is eternal and should be continued in months ahead too. I find Earth Hour should not be only emphasized in March. Our effort have to go beyond that. Remember to join the millions of people on 23rd March 2013 to participate in Earth Hour event from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.!


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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