Yesterday, 16th anniversary of Google. Today, 6th anniversary of my blog.

Yesterday marks the 16th anniversary of Google, the most used search engine online and also the most visited website in the world. Without Google, it would be disaster searching for specific information on the internet. Thanks to Google, research is done quicker and minimizes the need to even go to the library especially to students who depend mostly on it to score in their study. Besides than using it to search for something I wish to learn more, I also open Google home page everyday (already set as my home page once I opened my internet browser) to check out its interesting Google Doodle that is used to mark some special occasions or tribute to some world icons.

Okay…I’m done complimenting on Google. Focus shall be back to my blog as today, it is my blog’s 6th anniversary! Happy 6th birthday to my blog! It has been a wonderful six years of me updating this blog here with hundreds of posts from various categories; interesting stuff I encountered in specific days, some breaking news, outcomes or results, movie and drama reviews, beautiful places I visited, architectural views, etc. This blog has been like my online diary, noting down important parts of my life since September 28, 2008.

Here are some of the statistics of my blog as of today that I’m very happy of;

1) Obtained over 2.412 million views from online users across the world.

2) Accumulated over 2 000 comments (not including those annoying spams) that shows some of my blog posts are worthy of discussion with others interested in that particular topic.

3) Top 5 countries visiting my blog are (in order) since February 25, 2012: Malaysia (278 000), United States (248 000), India (78 000), United Kingdom (76 000), and Singapore (73 000).

4) Attracted 177 blog followers. Thanks for continuously supporting my blog in these years.

5) Average views to my blog per day is 1 000. Not bad. Didn’t expect to reach this figure when I first started this blog. So, it’s going global. (Okay..I’m thinking too much…haha).

Sixth Or 6th Birthday Celebrated With Fireworks Display

Time flies. 6 years already. There is one revelation I wish to make now. Before this blog, I had actually started a blog that is mainly focused on skyscrapers. I recalled that I wrote less than 10 posts in that blog. And those posts are simply done. After a while, I find everything isn’t looking good there and so I abandoned it. Totally not the case for this blog here of which I had been contributing my full effort on ‘growing’ it. Now, I couldn’t even trace that former blog of mine already. Perhaps, it has been deleted and if that’s the case, I’m happy of it. All my attention on this one, (here), my one and only.

Happy 6th birthday to my blog!



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