Here comes the last quarter of the year.

Ehh….it’s October already! Three months left before we are going to say goodbye to another year. Can’t wait for the end of the year to come as I’m looking forward to the year-end sale (I didn’t shop for clothes in quite some time already), festive X’mas mood and holiday, celebrate my upcoming 23rd birthday (in December) and to watch some epic year-end movies (The Hobbit, Hunger Games, Night at the Museum 3, etc). Who doesn’t like all that? Well, still have to wait for all that to come. Now, it is just October.


The 17th Asian Games, Incheon 2014 is still on-going and will end this Saturday. Our Malaysian athletes in the games are making headlines in our local newspapers under sport section everyday. But that isn’t something I am really proud of as so far, our country had only won four gold medals. I thought we had a great start in the games as we clinched Asiad first gold medal in the first day itself from a Malaysian girl in wushu. After that, things just didn’t go right for most of our athletes as they failed to deliver for more gold medals to Malaysia. We depended mostly on squash (which isn’t even an Olympic sport) for medals.


Our second hope is on badminton, and our athletes in that particular sport deliver only 4 bronzes. All of them couldn’t proceed further from the semi-final stage including Lee Chong Wei who lost again to Lin Dan of China in the men single semi final (I watched that and I have to say Chong Wei’s performance is worsening, but we couldn’t blame him anymore as he is getting old and tired). Then, we switched to diving. As China is also very strong in diving, the most we could only hope for are silver and bronze. Let’s hope that our other Malaysian athletes could give us a surprise in other sports, as we are far from the 8 gold medal target set earlier. Don’t forget that the games is already going to end this Saturday.  Let’s still wish the best of luck to our Malaysian athletes in Incheon 2014.

The blog header for this month is not going to be featuring some cities or some games anymore. I have done revealing the four best city skylines in the world (in the past months) and also there isn’t any more major global sporting event to focus on in the remaining portion of the year. No more of all that. For this month, my blog header would shows something rather soft and peaceful….with the theme of ‘night’. Just that. A visual of a moon and stars that appear like magically falling from the sky. Since most of us in this generation typically spend the night indoor facing the computer or smartphone rather than taking the time to enjoy the beautiful night sky, I took this opportunity to have my blog header to look just like a pleasant night sky so that you could also see it in front of your computer. But after seeing mine, you have to get out and enjoy watching the real thing, man!


October is going to be another month full of workload for me. I think that is going to continue till the end of the year. No pressure, please!…Hoping that everything would be fine, smooth and well for me and to whoever reading this out there. Have a nice October!

 (Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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