Movie review: Spiders (2013)

It is very unusual for a film based on man-eating creatures to get to be released on theatres worldwide. Usually, these films (usually involving creatures like crocodiles, anacondas, sharks, octopus, etc) will go straight to home video or slightly better; broadcast through Sy-fy channel. Some make it to exception as they successfully appeal to larger audiences like the piranha movies. Surprisingly, this ‘Spiders 3D’ movie also make it to the big screen this year. But it’s a wrong decision made.


I am seriously disappointed by almost everything from this movie. The film started out quite well, with a bit of suspense building as we see the abandoned space station containing deadly mutant spiders in experiments crashed down to Manhattan. People went down to check the crash site, and I thought from there, things must be getting exciting along the way. But I was wrong. Things just get more plain and very expected. The spiders grow huge in number and size, and in the end, all got killed off except probably one. Predicted ending, but I’m still okay with that. The only interesting but weird thing I find from the movie is that the spiders can make terrible noise as though they have loud voices. Make no sense.

The worst thing is on its CGI quality. It is obvious that not much effort is put on to make the spiders in the movie to looks more realistic. I also expect those huge spiders especially the queen spider to do some serious damage to the city. They should wreak havoc to the city. I wish to see something like that. But it turned out nothing exciting is going on. The clash with the spiders set in quarantined area already. There is no place to display good visual effects which is such a waste for movie like this except for some gory and disgusting human remains (nothing much) seen. Hence, things that should build up the tension failed to engage the audiences because everything is too fake. The casts have also not performed their best (except for the main male lead that did fairly well) that lead to the characters being seen too shallow and unnatural.


It can be a bit more successful like the piranha movies but the lack of effort by the production crew pulls everything down. Now, I’m still wondering how this movie could make the cut to the cinemas worldwide. It had a promising start, but story just progresses plainly all the way and poorly developed with no intense-building elements for me including its ending. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Spiders’ a total of 5.7. Still a reasonable movie if you feels boring and have nothing else to do in one hour and thirty minutes. I believe the spiders should ‘get back to the space station’.

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  1. I agree with the preceding comment.

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