Movie review: Elysium (2013)

‘Elysium’ is a science-fiction action-thriller film. Set in the year 2154, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station called ‘Elysium’ (thus the movie title) while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. When I first heard of this movie’s name, I was wondering; ‘what is elysium?…a strange name…’. Then, after watching its trailer few months back, I was quite interested on the idea of the film involving the two habitats; luxurious at the space and poor at the Earth.


A man named Max (Matt Damon) living on the ruined Earth was caught in an accident, and exposed to lethal radiation. This left him few more days of life. He then accepted a task to do something very serious involving Elysium (not to give spoiler here) in return of a chance to reach the outer space habitat for Med-Bay, a very advanced medical device that could cure people of any disease available in any houses up there. He then embarks on a thrilling action-packed adventure that in the end contributed significantly for the betterment of people living on badly-conditioned Earth. The story is obviously great. The idea is basically strong enough to make way for a solid movie.


Film with this brilliant concept can develop easily without the need of adding in a lot of unnecessary elements like romance, friendship, or plenty of dialogues. This is the advantage for this film that delivers to what it should be. No silly scenes, and everything straight to the point without turning around. At one moment, I wish to see more details shown like on how luxurious the lifestyle on Elysium would be, the political fight within Elysium authority, and who governs the people on Earth besides than the robotic polices? If these areas were elaborated in the movie, then it would be much more awesome. When the action came, it came tremendously well and exciting. Those action-packed sequences are thrilling eventhough I hope for more crazier stuff besides than some unexpected gory scenes. When the climax arrives, intensity do runs high and there are moments that I find it cool too. The ending is quite impressive and it brought the movie to an awesome and meaningful conclusion (despite a tragic event; Max died).


Matt Damon delivered an outstanding performance as Max, the main character of the film. This movie basically focuses all on him. On the other hand, Jodie Foster looked and acted great as the Secretary Delacout. The guy (who is he? I don’t know) portraying as the villain here also did a good job. He owned every scene he was present in creepiest way possible. Another thing I wish to compliment from this movie must be its visual effects. Fantastically well done. Generally, it’s a great science-fiction film but there are plenty of rooms to explore that the people in the production had left out. If not, it might be one of the best or epic movies of the year. The actions and the climax part almost at the end of the film are all bit too rush and quick which is a bit sad and disappointing. It would be much better if another thirty minutes is added. Nevertheless, ‘Elysium’ still gets positive feedback from me, and I award it 7.5 out of 10.

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One Response to “Movie review: Elysium (2013)”

  1. Had a good time with this one, even if its message was a bit obvious from the beginning. Nice review Vincent.

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